My PC Screen Fades To A Snow White And Keeps Freezing Up

May 14, 2010

I went to load my computer last night and my computer wouldn't load. It said there was a problem and recommended a system repair. I did this and it then went to another screen saying it needed to check the c drive to make sure that it was consitent with the other drivers. When that was complete i could then enter my password and log in. When i did that i went to the internet then my screen started to fade to a snow white screen. My PC then froze. I switched it off and went throught the same process as above. This time i started to do a virus scan on my pc and halfway through the scan my pc froze again and couldn't complete the scan.


Sleep The Screen Fades To Black

Aug 5, 2008

I've only just noticed... Since my fresh install of Vista x64, it won't go to sleep anymore. I've tried the Fn shortcut, and clicking Sleep from the Start Menu. When I try to put it to sleep, the screen fades to black (as usual) then after a while, it pops back on to my logon/unlock screen (I have it set to require a password after resuming). It's as though the computer goes to sleep for no time at all, then wakes up almost instantly. It might be something to do with the one missing driver that I can't seem to get hold of (Toshiba don't do x64 for my computer ), the "Firmware Linkage Driver" or something.

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White Screen Comes Up

Jun 11, 2009

For some reason when i am using my computer a white screen comes up and can not figure out why its diong that it just started diong this very confused. i always have to go down to the bottom and right click to show desk top but then when i go in to anything the white screen comes back its wierd

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Blank White Screen After Log In

Dec 4, 2009

I recently updated my Vista, using the normal windows update. This made my WHOLE operating system go completely retarded, but once I used safe mode a couple of times it sorted out. I recently installed Ubuntu, so I can dual-boot my laptop. Now, all of a sudden after the Ubuntu install, my windows vista is broken!! I get to the log in screen, and i log in as normal, and then i get to my desktop - which is just a blank white screen with my curser on it. I can press CTRL-ALT-DEL, and i can log off and shut down, but I can not use task manager, and it gives me an error message saying something like 'it can not run' or something.

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White Screen Constant Freeze

Nov 16, 2008

i have found over the past few weeks my system has been locking up in the first 10 minutes or so. All i get is a whit screen and a constant freeze out that is not resolved by ctrl alt del. I have taken the following actions

1. took side off case and removed any dust which was minimal
2. cleaned down heatsink
3. removed plug in Graphics card as i noticed it was very hot (GF8400GS)
4. reinstalled Vista ultimate from scratch
5. left the system running with the side off

alas it is still crashing in the first few minutes or wehn i try to install anything. The system is currently clean with just the install software given it crashes as soon as i try to do anything. It is 8 months old and in very good condition. I am at an absolute loss as to what could be. As stated before i cannot run for more than a few minutes so am struggling to do anything with the system....

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Blank Screen With White Arrow Curser

Sep 14, 2009

when I try to start up my computer (hp - with vista), it goes straight to a black screen with a white arrow curser (which I can move around). The screen saver will come on after a few minutes, but when I touch a key, I get back to the same blank screen. Alt-Ctrl-Del does nothing. I have tried rebooting in safe mode, and I still end up with the blank screen. I do not have have the Windows CD (pre-installed when I bought it), and my CD drive is not working anyways (been broken for a few weeks).

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Update: Blue Screen With White Letters

Jan 16, 2009

When I update and require restart. When the laptop turns on and I just saw blue screen with white letters. I had to reformatted and everything is fine. This morning, I had problem again. I can't type anything. When I press "F" and the program is open. When I press "M" and the internet is minimize, ETC.

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Blue Screen Of Death Except Now It's White, Windows Could Not Restart

Apr 27, 2009

I bought an Asus G50-VT with Vista pre-installed. There was some sort of glitch while I was overnighting the download of a long file. Anyway I wound up at what I can only say was the blue screen of death except now it's white. It told me that Windows could not restart and I should insert my installation disk to repair a busted file which it also named. Looked and I had no installation disk, indeed I did not have any Windows disks at all included with the machine. I called Asus Tech Support. They told me that Microsoft no longer lets OEMs ship the windows disks. Although there were two disks called "recovery disks" the TS person said my only option was to hold down f9 to rebootr and WIPE THE DISK AND REINSTALL WINDOWS! So I lost all my data and have spent all morning recovering.

Was Asus right? You do not get install disks anymore even though a system message tells you to insert it? I only have a few days in which I could return this computer. Do other manufacturers like Sony or Hewlett Packard supply Windows Vista installtion disks with their machines? Or is Asus right? If it is just Asus that does not do this I feel I need to return this right away.

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Computer Showing White Screen, Re-installed Vista

May 10, 2008

my computer showing white screen. I maybe turn it on and a few minutes later it's completely white. Sometimes it showes first stripes, black and white. I've googled it but not found much so I went here to ask. For about 2 months ago I had problem with BSOD but re-installed Vista and it was OK. My computer is Packard Bell SB87 (something like that, not sure) and with Vista Home Premium.

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Screen Freezes With A Yellow And White Checkard Effect

Jun 1, 2008

I have new computer, but about two week after purchase this problem started. The screen freezes with a Yellow and white checkard effect, then goes black. The computer is still running but not the screen. The only thing to do it hold the on off button on the tower and reboot. This happened a few times, and I was going to contact my supplier. Then it stopped for about two weeks. But it has just happened again?

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Install Sp1 For Vista Ulitmate 64 Bit I Allways Get A White Or Black Screen When It Reaches Installing Stage 2 Of 3

Nov 10, 2008

Everytime i try and install sp1 for vista ulitmate 64 bit i allways get a white or black screen when it reaches installing stage 2 of 3.

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Blue Screen Freezing

Jun 17, 2008

At times i get a blue scree, this is after my pc locks up, i then get the blue screen. I only get the blue screen after it freezes, i can leave pc unattended for maybe 5 min. sometimes 20 before it freezes. No program running other than IE, Webroot & Trend A/V. I then have to reboot pc, i do have limwire installed, i've been told that could be the cause, i thought about a restore before i installed limewire but if so don't i have to d/l, install all Windows updates?

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Insert Cd's And Dvd's: Blue Screen And Freezing

Dec 13, 2008

when i insert cd's and dvd's i get freezing and blue screen even on blank cd's hear are the 2 messages i recived

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033................................

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Freezing On 1st Boot Desktop Screen

Mar 26, 2008

I have vista home premium The first time i turn on my comp each day vista freezes on desktop screen. I reboot and it fine. I looked in event viewer and the error which is happening when it freezes is to do with ACPI

Error message:IRQARB: ACPI BIOS does not contain an IRQ for the device in PCI slot 7, function 0. Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance. IRQARB: ACPI BIOS does not contain an IRQ for the device in PCI slot 6, function 0.

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Fades & Not Responding,

Aug 4, 2009

Also not too good with technical things (typical woman I know)
I'm using Vista home premium and when using my computer if regularly stops responding and the screen fades can't do anything until it 'wakes' would anyone be able to tell me what the problem could be

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Realtek Audio Fades In & Out.

Mar 20, 2009

firstly, apologies for not so great english and especially for not being very computer savvy. my issue is that the audio fades in and out of hp pavilion a6010n desktop pc, windows vista home premium, sp1, 32-bit os. i always use headphones plugged directly into the front of the tower, and my lcd monitor has built-in panel speakers. this problem has been constant since i purchased the pc in august of 2007, but will resolve itself periodically sometimes for a few weeks or even a few months.

i have noticed that it most often happens upon start up and even often affects the boot up windows noises. then, if i open windows media player or anything else with audio (Internet videos, yahoo! news videos, etc.) the sound in my headphones will fade in and out from one ear to the other - usually (but not always) it is the left ear that loses audio, but lately both have done this. this will happen immediately after starting up, then usually reslove itself after anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour - then all will work well again...........

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Long Blackouts / Screen Freezing While Starting A Game Or Minimizing It.

Jun 11, 2009

so on almost EVERY game I play, when I start it up, black screen, (Which isnt that much of a problem, i mean starting a game can take a long time.) and I enjoy it. I need to do something, check something, or do anything non game wise, I have to minimize. Well, here is where I get frustrated. I alt+tab, alt+delete, anything, even open up task manager, I get either a black screen, or a frozen screen (depending on the game) for about 30 seconds. Nothing I can do. After it is done pissing me off, my computer goes to desktop, or whatever, and then its fine. I go back to the game? Another freeze. I am running a Vista Home Premium x64 dell computer, with intel quad core, and nVidia Geforce 9800 GTX+ graphics card. (Im not exactly sure on how to fill out specs, so feel free to ask for anything you might need to know)

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Freezing: The Entire Screen Stops Moving, Cannot Move My Mouse, All Sound Stops Working

Aug 22, 2008

I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced these annoying freezes that occur randomly in Vista 64. It can happen while I'm playing a game, it can happen while I'm browsing firefox etc. I freeze up about 4 times a day and the only solution is a hard restart.

It is beyond me, I have the video card drivers up to snuff, all updates are installed, virus scanners/spyware scanners, video card isn't overheating, CPU idles at 33 loads at 42. I'll describe the problem a little better other than to just say it's freezing. When the freeze occurs, the entire screen stops moving, I cannot move my mouse, all sound stops working, and if there was a sound playing, it will get mutilated into a nasty buzz.

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SP1: White Icons On Top

Mar 21, 2009

I've recently installed an update for my computer - vista SP1, and after installing my icons (such as internet explorer, itunes, the sims) have been replaced with smaller white icons on top. (The icons which usually appear when a file cannot open - ie unrecognised). Is there a way to remove these smaller white icons? or should i just uninstalling vista SP1 altogether (will this be bad for the computer?)

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Cursor Becomes A Little White Circle

Mar 22, 2009

On any application, when I save for the first time, or save as, the window opens to select where to save (documents, usually) but the cursor becomes a little white circle and if I click in the window, it says not responding at the top. The only recourse it to stop it either from task manager or repeatedly clicking the close icon. Vista 64 Home Premium SP1 Intel Core duo E750, Nvidia Geforce 8800 4 gig ram.

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Picture Changes Into Black And White

Mar 23, 2008

I run Vista Ult. When printing Color pictures from Windows Live Photo Gallery folder using HP DeskJet 990cxi I can see picture in color fine, but when I click "Print" the picture changes into black&white - and I cannot get printed picture in color. Any idea what I could've done wrong?

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White Square On Upper Corner Of Desktop.

Jan 6, 2010

there's a really old thread about this already. But it didn't solve my problem. When I boot vista, a little white square appears in the upper left corner. It's not my wallpaper. On the old thread they have resolved the problem as being an ATI GPU Driver problem, and the update fixed it. But here's my problem, I don't have an ATI GPU. When I right click the little white sqaure I can open up its properties, and in the properties it has a name of some website. Shortly after I even read it a "close program" window comes up. I click on close and the sqaure dissapears until the next time I boot. Leaving the white square on just messes with whatever programs Im running. For example: If im watching a movie in full-screen, it will randomly just exit out of full screen. It doesnt do that once the white sqaure is off.

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Color Printer Only Prints In Black And White

Apr 22, 2009

I have a HP4650 that is connected to a PC running Windows XP-SP3. I am printing from a laptop running Windows Vista Business 64. I am using the "HP PCL5 Universal Print Driver" (I have the same results if I use the "HP PCL6 Universal Print Driver"). These are the drivers for Vista 64 from HP's website. The printer is connected to the Vista laptop as a
local printer, using a local port similar to '\officedellHP4650'(file://\officedellHP4650). (If I don't use the local port approach, printing is extremely slow... 3+ minutes to display the printer's Properties dialog)

When I print from any program on the Vista laptop, even the Test Page from Properties, the printing is in black and white (no color). When I print from the computer that is connected directly to the printer, or from any other computer on the network, the printout is in color. Note that the color option **is** enabled in the printer's Properties on the Vista computer. I have unloaded and reloaded the drivers repeatedly.

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HP Deskjet 935 C: Preview Shows In Black And White

Apr 15, 2010

I have a HP Deskjet 935C printer which has always worked fine in both Black and White print and in Color. Today I wanted to print a color document and it always shows in the preview as a black and white document (which it is not). It also prints it as Black and White. Yet , I checked all on the printer and it is set for Best quality Color and I just cannot figure out why the preview shows it always in black and white. I have a newer Epson and it shows and prints it fine in color. So the document is OK. It is something on the HP printer, but I cannot figure what.

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Black & White Icons On Mouse Right-click

Jan 14, 2010

Not terribly important (I can liev with black & white icons), but annoyance indeed and only started recently. It does NOT affect WindowsExplorer/Filemanager icons for folders, files, etc. Those have been and are fine 100%. Just the mouse right-click, now shows weird black&white icons, icons themselves are OK, colors are not. Difficult to see quickly what to click as I used to know by color what is what. For example right-click on empty space in Windows Explorer and select "new text Document" - the icon for it is a very bleak, black & whit eone. Use to be vivid greenish/bluish.

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Photo Gallery Opend Display Black And White

May 23, 2009

The windows photo gallery in vista 32 has suddenly developed a weird problem. Thumbnails look exactly as expected but as soon as they're opened in the gallery viewer the main image displays in black and white with terrible vertical banding while the thumbnail in the upper right still shows perfect color. Properties show them as uncalibrated. This is happening on every image in my picture folder and sub folders. By the way the images look perfect in Photoshop elements 7 regardless of where they're seen, organizer, editor etc. This is only affecting the on screen larger view display in windows photo gallery.

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Icons Flash White Pieces Go Back Normal.

May 25, 2009

I noticed that the past few days that when I boot up my computer my icons appear and then all flash to white pieces of paper once then go back to normal. I was wondering what was causing this, and is it normal?

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Destop Icons Have White Boxes Infront Of The Icon

Mar 17, 2009

For some unknown reason, my desktop icons have white boxes infront of the Icons. I've searched and I havent found any fixes (or similar problems). The first pic is normal size, the second is with larger icons, so you can tell the Normal Icon is behind the white box.

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Shortcuts Of Desktop Turned White: After Security Update

Dec 20, 2008

It seems that all my desktop shortcuts have turned into white squares. It happened after the installation of last weeks security update.(at least I assume it was caused by the update.

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2 Monitors Hooked Up, Grahics Card Has The Regular VGA Cable And This White Port

Apr 6, 2009

My PC and graphics card have a hook-up and I have the cable to, that is white. What is this cord?? I cant use it, it just says no signal if its hooked up. What im trying to do is have 2 monitors hooked up, my grahics card has the regular VGA cable I guess, and this white port, which I dont understand and doesnt work anyway.

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File Icons Appear All White (blank) File Name Underneath

Apr 20, 2008

When I open a folder of files anywhere in Vista Ultimate, the file icons appear all white (blank) with the file name underneath. If I switch the View to medium or extra large file icons they appear normal and when I switch the view back to large, they again appear normal. However, after a few minutes, when I open the same folder, they are again all white (blank).

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BAM Freezing

Aug 26, 2008

I bought a new lappy recently and was dismayed that it had to come with vista and I was not allowed to dual boot or anything or else void my warente. However that is not what I am here to rant about, ok I got it a month ago, it worked fine for the first 2 weeks then BAM It began freezing, and I mean total system lock up hard restart etc etc . If I leave it for half an hour or so it eventually goes black and displays an error "Login process has failed to create the security options dialog" I've been looking at solutions and calling tech support and all I've gotten is

1) reformat everything and reinstall Vista. - Did not help 1 iota, the problem came back a week later.

2) uninstall Asus live updates - done and no effect

3) press Ctrl + Alt + Del and fix - Not going to work its freezing just after startup (or during) and nothing responds other then force restart.

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Keeps Freezing

Feb 15, 2010

About two years ago I bought a Vista HP laptop. Recently when I went on vacation with my children the snow storm holed us up in the hotel with nothing to do. So they used my laptop alot. After this, my laptop did not work properly. About 1 minute after I turn it on it will freeze completely. After about ten minutes it will unfreeze but proceed to execute all of the clicks I made during the time it was frozen. I am at about an intermediate stage when it comes to computers.

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Ultimate Keeps Freezing

Mar 9, 2010

I have an XPS 720 H2C that up until 2 nights ago, was running fine. Then all of a sudden, my OS (Vista Ultimate) started freezing after about 10 minutes. I am unable to do anything when this happens apart from press the power off button.

I haven't installed anything new.
I haven't updated anything.
I haven't done anything unusual.
I have Norton Antivirus running in the background etc

The system is a Quad Core 2.93ghz, 4g ram (although Vista only allows 3...bah) and it's a 32 bit OS. I have a Zotac 1gb GTX 285 Amp GFX card, a Blu-Ray drive and a Liteon DVD DL RW and a SoundBlaster X-Fi card. So no changes. Nothing. The system has crapped out on me. I have rolled back to 2 previous save points (first one made no difference) and I have also installed the latest updates to try and fix it. Nada. Still crashing. I now throw myself at your mercy and hope you don't tell me to get a Mac/Linux - tell me my OS is lame, that Dell is overpriced crap (I got my second hand dirt cheap).

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Is 1GB Of RAM Enough To Run Without It Freezing All The Time?

Mar 17, 2010

A few weeks ago my computer died whilst playing online poker. Got the BSOD followed by computer refusing to boot at all. In the end I got it to boot up from the cd drive to run memtest86 and windows memory diagnostic to check my 2gb RAM. Sure enough both of these scans found errors and so today I opened the machine up! Took out 1gb or stick of RAM, and left the other 1gb in the machine. I then ran both memory tests again and this time no errors were found! So in my mind I had removed the faulty RAM and maybe vista would start for the first time in weeks! It did start to my relief and it seemed to be running ok. Then all of a sudden while browsing the net, the computer just froze. Now it keeps freezing often and randomly, sometimes even just by moving the mouse!

One bit of good news is that it is JUST freezing and no longer giving me various BSODs. Does it keep freezing because 1gb of ram is not enough? Another interesting thing is that when the system died on me 2 weeks back I was playing online poker and was always wondering if this caused the problem. Then today I ran a virus scan and it was scanning fine until it came to scanning one file which froze the scan and computer. The file was the following - c:Program filesfull tilt pokergraphics... widget.Tournamentinfo.PNG. Obviously this file is from the same site I was playing poker on. Does that mean anything or am I reading too much into it? Main thing. Is 1gb of RAM enough to run Vista without freezing randomly all the time? I would have thought it was, but I'm not that clued up!

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My Computer Keeps Freezing

Jun 9, 2008

Ok, my computer is fairly new, about 2 1/2 weeks old. And past week or so, I been experiencing random and sudden freezing. The first time it happened was when I was playing BF2. Another time when it happened was when I was browsing the web and listen to iTunes. So far, my computer froze about 6 times. I know it froze because there is a repeating sound of either my game or the songs. And also the Num Lock light won't turn off or on and the mouse pointer is frozen. Hodling CTRL+ALT+Delete does not respond. Just now, while browsing this forum using the key "Page Down", it froze. It's like any sudden movement will freeze my computer.

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Ditto Freezing

Mar 23, 2008

I have tried all the recommended solutions, Restore to a time when it wasn't happening, got rid of McAfee Software, had Dell technicians remote in for several hours 2x, had a friend remote in to look for conflicting software and no one anywhere can find the problem. Ditto on freeze ups, opening e-mail, writing a word doc, editing a pic, anything thing, anytime. o time frames but it always happens once a session. I run Webroot virus/software, uninstalled it and still had freeze ups. Dell is confounded. Sometimes get blue screen, sometimes not.

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Keeps Freezing/Not Responding

May 10, 2009

I just recieved my new Dell with Vista 64-Bit Home Premium on Friday (the 8th) and since the initial start-up, I can be doing anything (web surfing, viewing task manager, any program) and without any warning the program just stops responding. In most cases I can't minimize or close the program and clicking Start - Restart even does not respond. The 'only' way to end this and restart the computer is by actually unplugging the power cable.

Viweing the Event Viewer I see that within 2 days, I have 83 Error messages listed under Windows Logs - Applications (These are the red buttons under the LEVEL column). All updates are installed. I have to write this quickly before the bugger freezes up again.

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Freezing During IE7 Opperations

Jan 2, 2008

I recently purchased a new computer. It has been plagued by freezing and crashing ever since i bought it. (just froze) I also have unfrequently had the (just froze) "nvlddmkm display driver has stopped working and has recovered" message. Could that account for the frequent freezing. The thing is that it is not accompanied by a black or blue screen.

This freezing usually occurs during IE7 opperations, but also occurs while playing games and fiddling with gadgets. (just froze) I have 2gb and wondered if this could be the problem - i seem to remeber reading somewhere that when you have 2gb or + it frequently freezes.

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Freezing Up During Update

Feb 14, 2008

i have a compaq C700 laptop running vista home premium 32bit. While trying to install KB938371, my computer freezes when the bar is about 2/3 done in windows update. I am forced to turn my computer off, and do a system restore to get my laptop working normally again. what I can do to install this update successfully as it looks necessary for getting SP1 later.

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System Freezing:

Apr 11, 2010

For the past few days, I've been having problems with my laptop. It keeps freezing up, usually when it's idle (Which I can't afford because I download torrents while I sleep). This is my laptop: Toshiba Satellite L305-S5933 - P T3400 2.16 GHz - 15.4" TFT Laptop reviews - CNET Reviews I'm pretty experienced with computers, but I'm stumped on this one. Usually, I notice this:

1.It's usually happens when it's idle, and running uTorrent.

2.If uTorrent isn't open, it's when a lot of programs are open.

Nothing special happens, all that happens is that the computer freezes up, with no error message. The only way to restart it is to go and take out the battery.

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Neophyte: Freezing Up

May 21, 2009

I've been using Vista since 01/2008 without any issues. Now I have a melt down of sorts.
My computer is an HP Pavilion dv6775us laptop with Vista Home Edition 32bit. I was doing my standard evening email check when I clicked on a hyperlink to check UPS shipping on a recent online purchase and my mouse (PS/2 touchpad on laptop) froze up. Ctrl-alt-del doesn't work either. So I hard restart. Here is the sequence of events that followed:

Restart normal --> mouse won't work, ctrl-alt-del won't work. hard restart

Restart safe mode --> mouse works, everything seems normal. restart

Restart normal --> mouse won't work, ctrl-alt-del won't work, screen shifts to black with cursor. hard restart

Restart safe mode --> mouse works, system restore. restart

Restart normal --> mouse works for a minute or so. system locks up. shut down.

I tried to uninstall software, but Vista safe mode doesn't allow it. I tried accessing the internet via safe mode + networking, no love. The mouse and keyboard work fine in safe mode, but only 1-2 inputs in regular mode before freezing up. What are my options besides a Vista reinstall (can't as I'm working offsite on assignment, no Vista CD's).

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Internet Freezing

Dec 1, 2008

I am new to this forum and new to Vista. I am not a whizz so cannot open base and take things apart but being disabled,and quite ill, I spend most of my time on my computer. I play with graphics and animate. I also make jigsaws, and am doing my family tree so spend a lot of time on the internet.

My computer keeps freezing and it is driving me mad. Task manager has become my best friend!!! I use incredimail but I have the purchased version and the vista edition so i think it should be fine. It freezes on any jobs whether on the internet, opening folders, searching or emails. I run regular virus scan, spybot and ccleaner. I don't download games etc as I try to keep my computer as clean as possible.

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Applets Freezing WM Up

Apr 16, 2008

Don't mean to be redundant but I have read & re-read Richard Eagle's reply regarding applets freezing WM up. I am a Stationery maker (don't do applets though) & belong to an active Stationery Group. I am now in possession of 2 of these 'headaches' in my mail. I've read the article Richard referenced regarding the old Java. I have Sun Java on here & I am using Vista. I've had 20 yrs of experience with computers but for some reason I am not able to grasp Richard's explanation. First of all, I'd really like to get these 2 applet's out of WM & then, if Richard would, try explainng to me what he's stated before.

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Freezing On Re-install

Oct 18, 2009

Afte updating to SP2 my computer then stoppe dstarting up. I have tied booting in safe mode, and system restoring after startup repair....none work. So I'm going to reinstall vista and changed the bios to boot from cd , click install then choose te language but it get stick on the next screen of 'please wait.

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