Java For IE8 Vista 32 Bit Os

Oct 23, 2009

Trying to use the web without Java is like trying to swim with a anchor.I have some problems with getting to use pogo games (I've checked their site for help...refer to anchor comment above) and nothing. I've gone to Java site and same results. I've done a web search and same results. Here is problem. I can log into pogo ok and then select game and get the "you need java" msg.I have java. Version 6 update 16. I have IE8 on a vista 32bit os. Java says to make sure java is enabled for internet explorer in java control panel.I go to java control panel, advanced tab, default for java browsers and the entry for microsoft internet explorer is greyed out, but box does show a check mark.This doesn't seem normal to me. I should beable to check and uncheck that box. I think that java control panel is not seeing IE8, therefore, nada on the pogo. see attached screen shot.


Java SE Runtime Environment Vista Sp1

Oct 20, 2008

I want to know that what's the final and last version of Java SE Runtime Environment for Vista SP1 32bit please? And send me a download link if u know it ?!!!

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Java And No Java 32bit And 64bit

Aug 24, 2009

I installed java for the 64 bits version of vista on vista home premium 64 bits.

No problem so it seems.

But the 32 bit ie is complaining about no java installed.

Should I install 32 bits java as well.

Some applications are complaining about no java if I by accident browse with ie8 32 bits iso 64 bits.

64 bits version is installed and working fine.

But for some sites you need flash and java.

Flash seems not to be available yet for 64 bits and so I have to turn to 32 bits.

But 2 java versions on one machine?

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Java (JRE) 6 Update 15 Available

Jul 28, 2009

The Java SE Runtime Environment 6 update 15 from Sun Microsystems is now available.

Choose Windows for 32bit, and Windowsx64 for 64 bit from the drop down list. You can install both if you like.

You don't need to use that Sun Download manager. Just click on the link here, choose offline installation, close your browsers, Uninstall your old Java versions, Unblock the new setup and run it.

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Java SE (JRE) 6 Update 16 Available

Aug 11, 2009

Java SE (JRE) 6 update 16. Quote: This release is Windows 7 support-ready and includes support for Internet Explorer 8, Windows Server 2008 SP2, and Windows Vista SP2. New features include the G1 garbage collector, plus performance and security enhancements. You don't need to use that Sun Download manager. Just click on the link here, choose offline installation, close your browsers, Uninstall your old Java versions, Unblock the new setup and run it. (Windows) x86,(Windows x64) x64

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Java Update?

Oct 21, 2009

This popped up on my computer this morning: I was wondering if anyone has come across this and if it's legit. I haven't heard anything through any of my normal forums but then I am not very good with computers..

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Java Update V6-13

Mar 25, 2009

Sun Microsystems Java has been updated to v6 Update 13. Java SE Downloads - Sun Developer Network (SDN)

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New Java Not Installaled

Jul 10, 2008

This morning, the Java Updater showed the Version 6 Update 7 is available. I tried to install it on-line through Firefox 3. The installer got to the point where it stated "Extracting Installer," whereupon it basically stopped doing anything. I let it run for perhaps fifteen minutes to no avail. Process Explorer showed that zipper.exe was running, Comodo Firewall had asked for permissions for zipper.exe to do things, which I allowed, but nothing was installed, other than the files which the Java installer downloaded. I killed the zipper.exe process, downloaded the off-line Java installer, had the same problem as with the on-line version.

Following Java's on-line instructions, I turned off the firewall (after turning off the modem), killed Avast!, removed all immunizations in Spybot, turned off SuperAntiSpyware, reran the off-line installer, same problem. Java said to remove older versions and try again; removed Update 6; all that did was to leave me with no Java, as 7 still would not install. Per Java's instructions, ran the MS Windows Installer Cleanup program; Java not listed there, nor does it show in Control Panel.....................

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Necessary To Have Java Update?

Mar 6, 2009

I don't know is this the right place to ask..Question is isit necessary to have my Java update? What is the purpose of Java actually?

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Can Uninstall Java?

Mar 5, 2009

I've read a bit about Java on the web, but I don't really understand it. I have java installed on my Vista, but do I need it ? I keep getting prompted to install the latest version. Can I uninstall Java?

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Unable To Update Java

Nov 10, 2009

Want to update to Java 6 17 but when I try to install in 32 bit IE or firefox (which i use the most) I run into a problem because the old version of Java can't be found! On control panel and remove program utility I can see the update 6 11 but when I try to uninstall then a box pops up telling me that it can't proceed as the source file can't be located (jre 1.6.0_11-c-l.msi). I think this is why the later version won't install because it looks for the older version first? I have tried to run microsoft utility cleaner but I get a error code 800A0046 and Microsoft VBScript runtime error. Also tried Revo uninstaller but this could not get past the same pop up box seen when using remove a program via control panel!

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Can Not Load Java Applications

Dec 21, 2008

I just did a fresh install on my family PC and now when I try to load a java app nothing happens. No little java icon appears or anything. My Firefox and java are up to date and I do have java enabled. I've reinstalled several times and the program appears to be installed properly.

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Uninstall Old Java Updates

Aug 31, 2009

When I run appwiz.cpl and look at the list, I see Java Update 7 and Java Update 13, can I uninstall Java Update 7? IIRC old Java updates are supposed to be uninstalled for security purposes but I'm not sure...

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Java Wasn't Working

Oct 29, 2009

I noticed that Java applets were not displaying when I visited a website. I checked the test on the Java website and that didn't work. Java said that my version was out of date. It said I had version 6 update 15 and should update to 16. I did that and tried the test again still didn't work. I looked in my installed programs list and saw that as well as update 16 I had SE Runtime Environment 6 installed. I uninstalled update 16, revisited Java which said I had 1.0.6 installed and the test worked. Hooray! I installed update 16 again and it worked! Double hooray! I went to bed happy. Next day applets wren't working again. Visited Java,test wasn't working. Tried uninstalling both Javas and deleting the Java directory and installed update 16. Now any site with Java causes IE8 to display ''Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website", Firefox just closes. I did a system restore to before I uninstalled both Javas in the hope that at least the browser wouldn't crash on encountering Java, but no luck.

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Java JRE 1.6.11_b03 Makes IE7+DEP Crash

Dec 19, 2008

If you're interested in solving a severe Java bug that makes IE7 crash when its DEP feature is enabled (as Admin, only to enable it: Tools>Internet

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Sun Java JRE Version 6 Update 10 On X64 Ultimate

Oct 28, 2008

I have problem with this version of java on Internet Explorer 7. I am using Vista x64 Ultimte version. Problem is that on java sites eg my online banking, the applets or whatever doesn't load.

But on my firefox or opera browser, it load the same site correctly with the java applets.

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Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE 6 Update 17)

Nov 3, 2009

Information Java SE JRE 6 Update 17 is now available. Release Notes..

For 32 bit, select Windows

For 64 bit, select Windowsx64

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Sun Java Installation Doesn't Support

Mar 9, 2009

A Dell Tech told me I had to reformat my computer to correct a problem I was having with my computer After i formated I tried to install the newest version of sun java I was told that version doesn't support my operating system. This is funny because I had the newest upate on my computer before I had to reformat.

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Java Wont Load For Runescape

May 14, 2010

i cant get java to load when i try logging into runescape, it stopds trying to load and in the top left corner says error, click for details. when i click it tells me java cant connect to my internet and to check my internet connection. i have tried to reinstal java to see if it would fix the problem, but when i try to reinstal it tells me it failed because once again it cant connect to mmy internet connection. I dont know what to do now. i use a wireless aircard for my internet connection. i was able to play runescape a couple of months ago but now i cant.

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Java Update Message No Rights

Apr 20, 2010

A message popped up stating a Java update is available. Fine, trying to install the update but... getting a message I have no rights. What's this bogus?? I am the bl**dy administrator! What "rights" are they talking about this time??

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Is It Safe To Uninstall Previous Updates Of Java 6?

Feb 9, 2009

Is it safe to uninstall previous updates of Java 6?

Uncertainty leads to this question, but is it safe to uninstall the highlighted previous updates for Java 6?

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So All Sudden Java Changes Aero Back To Basic

May 17, 2008

I don't quite know when this happened but everytime my browsers (either IE or Firefox) hit a web page with a java plug in Vista turns to Vista basic. When I leave the page Aero returns. I presume this is a Java issue. anybody else with a similar issue?

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Fix Java Apps That Disable Aero Glass

Aug 19, 2007

Do you need to run a Java application and hate how every time you run it the Aero Glass interface reverts to the non-glass look? This is caused by the way the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) communicates with the display adapter. In short, it does not want to share the 3D surface the desktop is painted on so Windows has to revert to the old method of painting the desktop and turn of Aero Glass.
The only way to fix this is to fix the JRE and Sun has done just that.  Java users need to upgrade their JRE to release 6 update 2....

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Download Java From Sun Micro-systems But Each Time It Says It Failed

Mar 9, 2009

I have tried a few times to download Java from Sun Micro-systems but each time it says it failed. Anywhere else i can get it? Also at the right hand side of my vista by the clock there is a place you can enlarge your web page. I have to put it on 150 each new web site i go to. Is there anyway it can be put on 150 always? I know about the ease of access center and set that one right.

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Java Update Icon Appears In Task Tray

Mar 30, 2008

Shortly after installing Vista Service Pack 1, I discovered an icon in my task tray that urges me to update Java. I am a user only. Don't even know or care what Java is unless it's needed on my pc. I don't do games or other resource-intense stuff like music. I do do a lot of photos, Word docs, and financial things. Do I need this update, and if not, how the blazes do I get it off my task tray?

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Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working: After Updation WinPatrol, RoboForm, Java 6

Apr 14, 2009

I am running Vista Home Premium. BitDefender Internet Security 2009. I installed a small program called SUMo tonight. Other than that, I updated my WinPatrol, RoboForm, and I updated Java 6 update 11 to update 13. I keep getting a pop up that Windows Explorer has stopped working, then looking for a solution, then it says it's restarting but then when I try to open my control panel the same thing happens all over again. I restarted and so far it hasn't happened since my last restart, but I have restarted several times tonight due to this problem.

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Java JRE6, Update 10, Downloaded And Installed The Update

Oct 22, 2008

As far as I can determine, this update (released 22Oct08) does not work, at least not with Windows Vista Home Premium. I had update 7 running, and got an update notification for Release 10 earlier today. Downloaded and installed the update, tried the Java test page, Firefox (both 3.0.3 and today's Minefield beta-test for Firefox 3.1) hung. Tried the update in IE7, that, too, hung.

Went to Control Panel, clicked on the Java icon, had some problems opening it; when it did finally open, I went into Advanced and found that Update 10 was not recognizing IE. Opened IE, redownloaded the off-line update, to see if that worked; answer is, no, it still did not recognize IE. Back to Java, found the off-line installed for Update 7, removed 10, reinstalled 7; Java works once again. In the midst of this aggravation, trying to figure out what the problem was, I did find one link to an article that said Update 10 had been delayed due to some unspecified problem. Seems to me that, at least for Vista Home Premium, there is still at least one unspecified problem with Update 10.

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The Vista Scores Cannot Be Taken As A True Benchmark Unless You Use A Benchmarking Utility Written Specifically For Vista

Mar 29, 2008

The biggest factor that explains why your scores between XP and Vista are so radically different is because the benchmark program you are using (you never said which) is likely written specifically for XP. The Vista scores cannot be taken as a true benchmark unless you use a benchmarking utility written specifically for Vista, such as PCMark Vantage. You can then compare scores between yours and other Vista installations. But unless you find a utility that can correctly test and recognize the differences between both XP and Vista, you cannot accurately compare scores.

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Upgrade From Vista Basic To Vista Premium But The Activation Key Didn't Work

Mar 26, 2008

I recently tried to upgrade from Vista Basic to Vista Premium but the activation key didn't work. So I recovered Vista Basic from the windows.old file but there is still a corrupt version of Vista Premium on my hard disk. how to remove it?

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Is The Vista Ultimate User Account Passwords Located In A Different Place As Compared To Other Versions Of Vista

May 27, 2010

A friend of mine has been locked out of his Dell laptop and cannot find the password for the single account that it has. The laptop has Vista Ultimate installed on it and I am unable to activate the hidden administrator's account to get into Vista. Other investigations using other software shows only 2 accounts, Administrator and Guest but not the actual user single account that shows up onto the login screen. ( I have managed to blank out the Administrator and Guest passwords ) I have a standard Vista Recovery Disk , but I am unable to either repair or re-install Vista from the Dell hidden partition , and the only alternative is to install a unused retail version of Vista Home Premium that my friend has been given awhile ago. I have 2 questions

1) Is the Vista Ultimate user account passwords located in a different place as compared to other versions of Vista?

2) if I install this retail version of Home Premium on the Dell laptop, will I have problems with the propriety hardware that is on the Dell laptop and would I need to find all the Dell drivers for the laptop?

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Crash Or Slow Down Vista It Usually Gets Documented In Vista's Error Logs

Jun 13, 2008

The often heard recurring theme spread by no nothing trolls and fanboys is if Vista isn't working right, it must be something you did rather than owning up to how badly Vista is designed once you start poking around and SEE how badly implemented it is. Much of the frustration with Vista comes from it's applets crashing or acting up for no apparent reason. Since these applets are INTERNAL and built-in as part of Vista's core the often heard excuse it's some third party driver, a hardware problem or other software you installed is proven to be bogus.

When something happens to either crash or slow down Vista it usually gets documented in Vista's Error Logs. However like most everything else Microsoft does, the logs are of little actual value other than pointing to how poorly designed and broken Vista really is.

To illustrate how broken Vista is, here's my experience this morning. As usual I started my day going to Google (my default home page) and clicking on News to see what the headlines were. Microsoft's browser hung. Waiting for it to respond, after 90 seconds I gave up and sure enough was treated to the usual BS asking if you want to wait longer or shut it down. I shut IE7 down. Next I went to Event Viewer......

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Created Another Partition On My Drive For Vista X64. (two Other Partitions Running Vista X86)

Mar 14, 2008

I'm new to Vista x64 (the op sys as well as this site). I have just endeavored to try out Vista 64 bit on one of my workstations. I run VMWare Workstation at work and can use the additional memory addressing of Vista 64 (I have 4 gigs of RAM). nyway, my problem is this.

1) I created another partition on my drive for Vista x64. (two other partitions running Vista x86).
2) I have been running dual boot with Vista for quite a while and it runs fine.
3) After creating the new partition and installing Vista x64 with SP1 (integrated service pack on install DVD), I get drive corruption problems all over the place.

I have 3 500 gigabyte Western Digital drives in this machine. The first is for operating system partitions and the second strictly for backup (using Acronis True Image) and the third for data. The data drive seems to have problems reading when I attempt to install additional drivers for the x64 bit environment (just downloaded from the web). Also, I soon will get errors afterwards on the C drive also.

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Dual Boot: Vista And Vista On 2 Hard Drives?

Jun 19, 2008

There are many articles on how to dual boot Vista and XP, but I want to dual boot Vista and Vista, with an existing installation, on 2 Hard Drives. Currently I switch these in the BIOS, but I'd much rather chose at a later stage, can this be done? Why? Because I keep one of the drives for random software that I rarely use.

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Upgrade Vista Home Basic To Vista Ultimate

Jun 30, 2008

CANNOT SIMPLY UPGRADE WITHIN VISTA??? FIRST TIME ISSUE EVER POSTED! I have a question that I cannot make sense of. I have Windows Vista Home Basic with SP1 installed on my computer. I have a copy of a legit retail version of Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade SP1 DVD-ROM. I want to upgrade my current Vista Home Basic to Vista Ultimate. Sounds simple enough. I have read everywhere on the web and it can upgrade easily as long as you upgrade within Windows Vista and not a reboot installation. Okay, but when I get to a point in the Vista grade process, I CANNOT! During the installation process, when I get to the screen that states, "Which type of installation do you want?" AFTER INPUTTING THE VISTA ULTIMATE KEY CODE ON A PREVIOUS SCREEN, the option should be "Upgrade" ONLY and NOT "Custom (Advanced)" since the key code is set for upgrade option only. I GET THE TOTAL OPPOSITE!!! I only get the option "Custom (Advanced)" and the "Upgrade" option is grayed out. WHAT??? NO "Upgrade" option??? I SHOULD BE GETTING THE "Upgrade" OPTION!!! This does not make any sense!!! It states at the reason at the bottom of this screen, "Upgrade has been disabled. - The upgrade option cannot be started, to upgrade, cancel the installation and then choose to upgrade to a version of Windows that is more recent than the version you are currently running." This does not make any sense, does it??? I should be able to only upgrade since I only have an upgrade disc. I am upgrading from a lower edition of Vista to a higher edition of Vista, therefore I should ALSO have this feature to upgrade enabled too when it knows my CD key is a higher ("upgrade") edition. I have spent several hours searching and read around the web and cannot find my same or similar case scenario. A first time! People who have upgraded between different editions of Vista with either the Windows Anytime Upgrade retail package or (mine) the Windows Vista Ultimate Retail Upgrade box (includes the Windows Anytime Upgrade anyways on it) say it is a breeze! What is going on with me??? I should not be having any problems what-so-ever!

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Can I Get A Refund On Vista, Or A Credit Toward Purchase Of XP Pro, Or Can I Resell Vista To Someone Else

Jun 20, 2008

I bought a new pc with Vista-64 ultimate OEM installed. But now I discovered that I cannot use it, because I need Cisco VPN IPSec Client to connect to work, and Cisco does not support Vista 64. So my question is. Can I get a refund on Vista, or a credit toward purchase of XP Pro, or can I resell Vista to someone else?

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Get OEM Vista You Are Not Alound To Update Your Hardware Unless You Buy Another Copy Of Vista

Jun 19, 2008

I want to update some of the hardware in my computer and my friend said that if you get OEM Vista you are not alound to update your hardware unless you buy another copy of vista... and that sounds insane

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Games Run Much Slower On Vista Is Because Vista Is A DirectX10 Supported OS

Mar 23, 2008

I've tried everything to get my games to run smoothly on Vista, and nothing seems to work very well. Its not so much as my computer sucks, cause when I downgraded to XP, just to try it out, my games were running perfectly smooth. And don't say, "Just stick with XP then!" cause I love Vista in its many other ways.

The only reason I can come up with as to why my games run much slower on Vista is because Vista is a DirectX10 supported OS, but has a DirectX9 "emulator". And since all my games, and video card are DX9 compatible, it runs in the emulated mode. Now we all know running emulators makes our computers run a bit slower, so thats the only solution I can come up with.

Well I know alot of others have had this problem, and Microsoft knows its a problem, so they have said, and I've been told that Vista SP1 would fix that. Well I downloaded SP1 RC Refresh, yet nothing seems to have changed at all...

So heres my questions - Do you guys feel that because its a DX10 supported OS, and im running DX9 software/hardware, that thats a reason why my games run slower? Also what do you guys think on Vista SP1 RC Refresh?

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Easy One Step Procedure To Fix Vista: Uninstall Vista.

Jul 5, 2008

Easy one step procedure to fix vista: uninstall vista.

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I Can Upgrade Notebook To Vista And The Video Drive Automatic Installed By Vista Is RADEON XPRESS 200M (WDDM), Version

Jun 13, 2008

I upgrade my notebook to Vista and the video drive automatic installed by Vista is RADEON XPRESS 200M (WDDM), version When I try to install the version 8.5 (from the ATI site) nothing happens. If I force to install the new drive, Vista Update still inform the best drive is the older, and the CCC (Catalyst control center) still not installed.

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Vista 64 & Vista 32 Dual Boot Issue

Mar 26, 2008

I had an Vista 32 bit version installed and which was used fine.

3 days before I had upgrade my PC's memory to 4G, then I find Vista 32 Bit version can not recognize all the memory.So I try to install an Vista 64 Bit version for the test to check if the 64 bit system is ok for me.

The problem is, Vista 32 was installed on to the 3rd partition of the harddisk,usually the drive letter will be E in Windows XP and previous version windows, although it in Vista it display as C drive. I tried to install the 64 Bit Vista in to the 4th partiton. After all the drivers and applications install completed,that seems so far so good. Then I find my previous F drive now names C. The Drive C in Vista 32 Bit names E now. When
I try to boot into Vista 32, the error message : winload.exe could not find.

I used bcdedit try to redirect the device and osdevice to E drive, Vista 32 still could not start normally, the system will hang up in the blue desktop background,seems can not load user profile or sth like that.

I have check the E drive, all the files of Vista 32 are still there.Anyone have any good idea about fix the Vista 32 bit boot and keep the Vista 64 bit also?

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