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Modem Card Replaced With Ethernet Card - Wont Boot Properly

Firstly I have a pc which I installed Win XP Prof onto. All worked great. Then took out modem card and replaced with ethernet card. Again no problem. However, when I went to boot the compute up a week or so later it went through the boot process and then just before I would expect to see the Windows logo with blue sky background appear I "sometimes" get a blue screen flash up with a message which you cant read unless you can slow down time and then the PC restarts and goes through the whole procedure again.
I did manage to start in Boot logging mode and watch to see where the problem was. It seemed to be something to do with the Display adaptor. I found the appropriate solution on the web and although I now get further on into the boot, it still restarts. When i try to run the logging thing (!) it does not want to play any more and just boots in the normal fashion. I have tried defaulting the BIOS, checking the file system for damaged sectors etc all to no avail.

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Ethernet Card: Dial Up Connection Is Getting In The Way Of Ethernet Card?
ok, i recently ordered verizon online dsl the first area of concern is the fact that the brand new installation cd is scatched beyon the point of working. so i call the number and tell me we are going to it manually. OK that is fine by me. well then they tell that my dial up connection is getting in the way of my ethernet card. how i can check and see if my ethernet card is properlly installed?

Posted: Apr 22, 2006

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Drivers For Ethernet Card: Make Or Model Of Card?
laptop has got the ZLOB virus and I am trying to get rid of it but I cannot connect to the internet because the drivers for the ethernet card are missing. There is no id on the laptop apart from the COA for XP and Z600 on a sticker underneath it. How can I find out what make it is so I can find the drivers. I don't mind paying for the drivers or a virus remover as long as they work.

Posted: Sep 1, 2009

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Ethernet Card Disabled On Boot - Enable By Default?
A friend's Acer laptop, running XP, has a Broadcom Ethernet card which is disabled at boot. I'm told it started this a few weeks back, so I don't know if it's related to a M$ patch. Although I can turn the driver on in the device manager it doesn't want to remember the driver state when rebooted. Last time, when I thought I'd fixed it by disabling unneeded startup programs, I'd stumbled over a program advertising ability to set drivers to be enabled at boot but I don't want to buy a program to solve a simple problem. atm there are just Kaspersky and the Windoh$ firewall plus a few Acer and normal startup programs obvious. How do I set the Ethernet's driver to enabled from boot?..and is it clear what might have triggered this?

Posted: Jul 20, 2008

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Generic Video Card Video Card Not Working Properly
i recently have done a reinstall of windows xp but the system cannot seem to be able to find the systems video card drivers and i have checked on the properties under adapters and the whole list says n/a so i have no way of find out what drivers i need to download. I have an emachines 5250 if that is any use.

Posted: Aug 16, 2008

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Ethernet Card To Buy For Xp Pro?
I bought a NC100U-WM Network card from Walmart and got everything working I think, except that while the box says that it is compatible with XP, the floppy doesn't have anything on it that would correspond to XP ... anyway, it looks like its working ok, all the lights light up - but the connection won't go anywhere except the centurytel diagnostics page.

I hooked earthlink back up and googled this card and seems like there is a lot of trouble with the drivers not being compatible with XP pro.... does anyone know a workaround - or should I take this back to Walmart ... and if so, what do I buy to work with DSL for century-tel - my computer didn't have an ethernet card on it

Posted: Sep 17, 2005

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Ethernet Card: Have Any 10/100 Ethernet Card?
Am in the process of applying for Predator DSL service in place of my dialup service. One of the questions that is asked is "Does your computer have a
10/100 Ethernet card?" I can't answer that question because I really don't know. I checked for this info on the computer but can't find any info referring to an Ethernet card.

Posted: Sep 12, 2005

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Binding Port 80 To An Ethernet Card?
i have 2 Ethernet cards. here is the config desktop:eth0-router-modem-internet eth1-router-self contained network, laptop: wireless-wireless router-router-modem-internet eth1-router-self contained network now how do i tell windows not to use port 80 (or the internet ports at all) on eth1

Posted: Aug 26, 2009

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Will Not Load Drivers For Ethernet Card
compaq 4000 seris computer.celeron 1.4 256 of pc 133 ram. 20gig harddrive.Its running windows xp and they use the aol dial up service 8.0 ( they dont like 9.0).Now they said they had some spyware or something on the machine. i told them to run adaware and see if that would do it. Little did i know that they had aboutblank hack. well i *with some help from the nice guys at the boreds here* fixed that but now her aol internet wiill not work. So to fix some of the other things wrong with her pc i was ganna bring it to my house and use my charter broadband internet to use on the machine. Well the eithernet card the pc allready had installed is a SMZ EZ Card 10/100 pci (SMC1211TX).

Windows will not load the driver for this card makeing the use of my net impossible... its the code 31, windows cannot load the drivers for this device. Ive tired everything from unistalling the driver, reinstalling, updateing everything. then when i looked at the driver details it is trying to use a realtek driver for the card? I need some serous help here guys and i really appreciate it. Ive tried all i can think of to get it to work so i dont have to bug you all.

Posted: Mar 14, 2005

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Remove Stuck IP From Ethernet Card
I'm having an Ethernet card to go online and I tried everything to connect my computer to the internet but they all failed. After several attempts with the internet support guy to connect my computer, he finally told me that the ip that shows up in my computer is a wireless router ip that I used somewhere sometime and it is stuck. So, it's preventing the new ip from taking its place. How can remove the stuck ip from my Ethernet card?

Posted: Aug 22, 2007

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Ethernet Card Model And Manufacturer Detection?
I recently had to install XP on a michine that came with an in built ethernet card. I need to find out what ethernet card it is, so that I can install the relevant drivers to get it to work. I've tried to do some detective work to find out what ethernet card I to find the corresponding drivers. All I can come up with is from the Packard Bell website (the company from which the machine came). The only details I could find for the ethernet connection are something that says: LAN 10/100 (marvell 88E8039)

Posted: Sep 21, 2007

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Install Second Ethernet Card To Work Both Simultaneously?
I am having one ethernet card in my WindowsXP server,how can I add one more ethernet card and configure it,so that in mean time both the cards should work simultaneous

Posted: Jul 23, 2006

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Reformatted System Now Not Recognizing Ethernet Card?
I just recently re-formatted my Dell Dimension 3000 at work. I didn't have the original system disks and just installed a vanilla copy of XP Home. For some reason it will not read the ethernet port, making it difficult for me to install any new programs, or the obvious (get on the internet).

Posted: Aug 31, 2006

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Install New Ethernet Card: Not Connecting To Internet?
installed dynex dx-pcigb gigabit pci adapter ethernet card in my emachines t1120 computer as it only had a 56k modum adapter.ran enclosed cd for new card. wont connect to internet using internet explorer. tried unplugging router for 3 mins. and retry no connection.tryed uninstalling drivers and the reinstalling still no connection,on bottom of taskbar on the right side it saysaquiring network address,but it never happens.

Posted: Feb 14, 2010

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Trying To Install Ethernet Card: Installation Need Windows Xp Cd?
I'm running windows xp pro...i'm trying to install an ethernet card and a box comes up asking for the windows cdrom to look for drivers it needs...problem is i don't have my copy of windows there a place on the computer that i can browse to find what it's looking for...i guess i'm asking if when windows xp pro is installed does it copy everything to the computer in a file somewhere. otherwise i don't know if it would be better just to buy another ethernet card or if i would have the same problem. i do have the floppy that came with the ethernet card but it says the file i need is not on the floppy...?

Posted: Oct 21, 2005

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Internet Goodbye - Computer's Ethernet Card
I just reformatted my comptuer/reinstalled windwos, and when I went to get online, I couldn't. Turns out the drivers to my computer's ethernet card were not installed. Kind of confused me a bit, since the card is exactly the same since we bough the computer about 3 years ago. I'm wondering were to get these drivers, since I cannot connect to the internet, none of the installation cd's drivers work, and the device manager is so vague about what specific hardware it is.

Posted: Sep 16, 2007

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Built In Ethernet Card Not Working/ Dsl Internet Not Connected?
I can't get my ethernet card working. it is a built in card to my mobo and it just will not let me get to it. I have updated the driver already. i can't connect ot the internet cause i have dsl and i have eveything connected thru a router my card is a Realtek RTL8139/810x Family fast ethernet nic

Posted: Mar 10, 2005

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Ethernet Card: Dont Have Drivers/ Model Not Recognized?
Installed an ethernet card in a pc running XP home . Don't have the drivers for it . How do I determine what make card it is and what drivers I need and where to get them ?

Posted: Mar 15, 2008

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Burning Out Ethernet Card Repeatedly/ Change Continuously ?
i am using Windows 2000.... Over the last two/three years i have experienced bad ethernet cards. Bright House (her ISP provider) has had to replace the ethernet card in her machine. What would cause this to keep happening?

Posted: Sep 20, 2007

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Ethernet Card Identification/ Located Where The Phone Line Goes?
I dont know where the ethernet card is is it the one where the phone line go's or not i have a dell

Posted: Jan 21, 2008

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Satellite A25-S307-no Drivers For Ethernet Or Wireless Card?
recently wiped Toshiba Satellite A25-S307 notebook and installed Windows XP Pro. Now we find that there are no drivers for the internet: no wireless card driver, no ethernet controller driver. Cannot even find out the names of some of the lost drivers! Here is the "Problem Devices" list: Base System Device Ethernet Controller Not Available (this is what it says in the list!)PCI Modem Video Controller

Here are some drivers we know we need but cannot find: realtek rtl8139/810x family fast ethernet NIC Trident Cyberblade XP2 AGP 4x The major issue is no internet connectivity means we cannot use one of the driver scanner software out there. Every utility I find requires me to be able to connect to the internet on the affected machine!

Posted: Jun 29, 2009

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Driver For 10/100 Ethernet Card Acer 5583/ Enable Wifi On Linux?
i recently formatted by acer 5583wxmi and unable to find Lan driver for it any where, able to go online thorugh wireless but not through lan as driver is not installed where can i find my lan driver for acer laptop. i have installed linux on one f the partition but unable to enable to the wifi its working fine under xp but nt in linux.

Posted: Jul 1, 2010

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Computer Not Running Properly With New Card.
so my Radeon Sapphire X1600 Pro (256MB) crapped out on me mainly the video feed. So I purchased a new one didn't really look at it very well but its a Geforce 7300GT 512MB and when I install the latest drivers and promptly restart the computer it freezes on the Windows is now loading screen.

Now I have 1 guess as towhy its doing this is insufficient RAM but I'm not sure.

Posted: Oct 26, 2008

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Monitor Or Video Card Not Working Properly
using windows xp with no problem til this morning. computer normal til shut down then returned a short while later. both edges have wavy lines with black showing plus screen is blurry. monitor is about 6-7 years old while computer about 3years. feel like been on all night drunk looking at screen with a drop of booze.

Posted: Aug 15, 2007

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Tv Tuner Card Doesn't Display Properly
I've recently install a tv tuner card in my pc running on windows xp sp2.while it recieves the cable signal properly but the screen is continuosly shaking and vibrating all the time.why this occures ,is it the problem of the tv tuner card or my pc?

Posted: Jul 13, 2005

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Program Association With Compact Flash Card - Media Card Reader
I have a PC with a built-in media card reader, and when I use the compact flash portion of that reader a certain program is always launched. I would imagine that initially I indicated which program to open. Is there any change to change that program?

Posted: Feb 16, 2006

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Computer Doesnot Works Properly After Installing Micro Sd Card

Posted: May 31, 2009

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Graphics Card - GeForce 8800 GT Super - 1GB Video Card.
Im not very computer smart...but i have AMD Athlon 64 processor 4000 NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE Graphics My guess is i have a good processor and a horrible graphics card...the games i play such as call of duty4 and ship sim 08 realy glitch on my computer so i was thinkin of getting this card called GeForce 8800 GT super+ 1GB video this what i should get..??it costs aobut 200$

Posted: Jun 2, 2008

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SD Card Locks OS - Reinstalled Card Reader Drivers
While I was deployed my wife inserted an Mini SD card in to the card reader built into the computer. When she removed the card windows locked up, as soon as she reinserted the card windows worked fine. She removed the mini SD card from the adapter to use in her phone, and windows still worked fine, but as soon as she removed the Mini SD adapter from the card reader windows locked up and the windows would hang during start-up with out the adapter. Reinserting the adapter cured the freeze and hang, but windows ran very slow.I removed and reinstalled the card reader drivers and was able to remove the adapter, but windows still hangs on start-up with out the adapter placed in the slot.

Posted: May 23, 2009

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Ethernet Card Shows Broadcast Address As Physical Address
I am running xp pro. I can not get an internet connection through my ethernet card. When I hook up my modem through usb it works fine but unable to utilize my full download speed capabilities. Hooked the modem up via ethernet to laptop and it worked just fine. The only thing I can find wrong that I don't know how to fix or what is causing it is the fact that the physical address of the card comes up as the broadcast address (FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF). Very strange.

Posted: Aug 14, 2008

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