Computer Wont Show Anything After System Restore?

Sep 6, 2005

last night i ran a system restore (to two day prior), i had left the computer, awhile later came back, logged in and waited for windows to start up, the wallpaper of my desktop came up but nothing else, i waited about 20 minutes before leaving again for awhile, returning to the computer in about a half hour. after waiting an hour+ with the computer doing nothing

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System Restore Does Not Show Calendar

Jun 18, 2010

System Restore does not show calendar. Therefore no indication is available of restore dates. I cannot use system restore without calendar showing.

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System Restore Point Doesn't Show Up

Mar 31, 2006

I just tried to do a system restore using the built in windows tool. However, everytime I go to the screen, the area where the little calender that has all your restore points, is gone and blank. I have tried restarting; nothing. I have tried making a new restore point and it doesn't show up. Refer to the screen shot I took to describe what I mean.

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Restarting After System Restore: Only Wallpaper Show Up/no Icon/no Toolbar?

Mar 11, 2005

and after a few days of my computer not allowing me to open certain programs, I thought that a virus may have slipped through Norton. So I did a System Restore to the first of the month. But when my computer restarted, Windows opens but only my wallpaper will show icons, no toobar and it won't allow me to click on anything or open any further

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System Restore Not Able To Protect Computer

Oct 2, 2005

I get the following message when I try to do a System Restore: System Restore is not able to protect your computer. Please restart your computer, and the run System Restore again. I tried that but restarting did not correct the problem.

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Computer Reboot During System Restore

Aug 24, 2005

My grandfather has given me his computer to fix. The only problem is, he doesn't want to lose everything, though I think he's going to have to (or already has). He was doing a system restore (unnecessarily, may I add) and switched off the computer because it was taking too long (!). Now, Windows XP Home will not boot. The XP loading screen is displayed, then a blue screen for a split second, then it reboots. Safe mode does the same, and last known good configuration does not go past about 1/6 of the white loading bar at the bottom of the screen.So I thought I'd reinstall XP over the top. The problem is that the partition is now 'unknown', according to the Windows XP Setup, so it would appear the partition data is messed up. Thus, I cannot install XP without formatting.

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Restore Hide / Show Icons Button

Aug 12, 2002

Sometimes you may find the left/right chevron on your notification tray disapears and your icons will no longer hide.To restore the hiding function, just do the following.1. Right click on an empty part of the Taskbar2. From the popup menu select 'Properties'3. The 'Taskbar and Start Menu Properties' window will open.4. Now click the 'Customize...' button5. The 'Customize Notifications' window will open.6. In the column 'Behavior' set each one to 'Always hide' (you only need to do this for the Current Items not the Past Items)7. Now click 'OK'8. The window will close, all your icons will be hidden, and the chevron button will appear again.9. Now click 'Customize' again and restore all your icon settings to what they were before, or whatever you prefer.10. Click 'OK' again to close the window.11. Click 'OK' to close the last window.Your icons will all be hidden until you start using them again. They will then appear as they did before, until Windows looses them again.

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Windowsystem32/config/system/ Restore My Computer

Nov 2, 2008

every time i log in in my father computer i have this error message popping up on my screan, they suggest that i use the restore cd, i have an emashine computer, with xp, i do not have anythink else, i would like not to loose my files if possible, if i will restore my computer

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System Restore Is Unable To Protect Computer

Mar 29, 2007

I clicked on system restore and got the message " system restore is unable to protect your computer . Please restart and try again" I rebooted several times and got the same message .I then accessed system restore with view of switching it off and on again.i checked the on / off box then clicked on apply changes and got the following message"System restore encountered a problem trying to enable/disable one or more drives. Please restart your machine and try again later"I then thought that if i slide the disc space bar down to zero it may clear out system restore but i got the same message as when i tried turning it off .i went into safe mode and searched for the wininit.ini file with the view of renaming it but this isn't the problem.

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Turn On System Restore - Updating Computer

Jan 7, 2007

Before updating anying thing on your PC I would set a turn on system restore and set a restore point saved my butt many times.

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System Restore Boots Up - Turn On Computer

May 1, 2005

every time I start my computer, system restore boots up. That is, the system restore page appears and thus I have to close it before I can do anything on my computer. So, my question is.. how can I get it to stop booting up as soon as I turn on my computer?

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Computer Can't Able For Multi Task - System Restore

Nov 23, 2006

Out of no where my computer ceases to be able to multi-task. For example. I am playing a game while listening to music. When I hold down a button in the game to walk the music becomes choppy. I have also noticed that when I am using one program something the CPU usage is usually 88-95% usage on the program which makes it impossible to do anything else while using the program. This all started happening about 2 days after I re-installed my OS.

Also system restore doesn't seem to work. It always says "System restore failed: nothing on your hard drive was changed." but I know that the restore point is different from what I have on my computer right now.

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Unable To Perform System Restore On An HP Computer?

Mar 27, 2010

I've had my HP computer for quite some time (5 years at least), still runs great and all. But here recently my harddrive crashed when trying to do something (still using that harddrive), when I tried to use the system restore feature from HP,it wouldn't let me, so I had to get a WindowsXP disc from someone. Using their copy of windows won't let me update windows or anything, so I decided I would just system restore using HP's system restore. (Format and reinstall my windows), but when I hit the F10 at bootup, it does nothing

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In The Middle Of System Restore Computer Rebooted On Its Own

Jan 14, 2008

In the middle of system restore the computer rebooted on its own. It didnt finish. And now my laptop is a paper weight. ymtoms are Comp will boot , show the debug status bar, then flash to the windows xp status bar, a few sec. will pass then it reboots back to SONY, and the cycle goes on and on and on. The CD drive is on the docking station , and it wont work untill windows starts. so now I will have to figure out how to use the Network Boot option.

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System Restore To My Computer / My Usb Ports Are Not Responding

May 4, 2010

I'm pretty decent with software but this one has completely bemused me. I did a system restore to my computer and all of my usb ports are not responding to anything, at first I thought it was the stuff I already used i.e. mouse and keyboard, but nothing works within the usbs. Tht meant that i couldn't log back on after my system restore because I couldn't type my password in. Then, for some stupid reason I went to change the voltage setting which is random and stupid, and now the computer won't even turn on. Please help as I don't want to have to fork out for a new computer.

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Computer Running Extremely Slow - Done System Restore

Jun 7, 2010

it takes forever to do anything. It's like it can only do one thing at a time its so slow. When I turn it on and log into my profile, it takes about 5 mins for it to load the desktop and about another 5 mins to load the antivirus software (Norton Security Suite 2010). The same goes for everything I do on this computer, it takes a while for the internet browser (IE 8 and FireFox), opening any program on this computer takes a while to load up. I have run Norton and it doesn't come up with anything. I have done a system restore a couple of times but it doesn't seem to help any

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Performed System Restore: Computer B Wont Recognize A?

Sep 8, 2005

I have two almost identical (one of them has only 40Gb drive) Dell 8400 computers that worked very well together networked till yesterday. Both of them have same OS version including updates.I had to do a PC restore on computer A and since then Computer B doesn't recognize computer A. I went through Network Wizard, made sure the computer names are unique and the workgroup name is identical on both machines. Computer B doesn't even show local shared directories anymore.Computer A finds computer B without any problems.BTW, Computer B works fine otherwise; I can access Internet, a network drive without any problems. I did hardware ping test and board test and they all pass.

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System Restore - Uses System Restore - Point Prior To Running Virus

Jul 6, 2005

If someone downloads and runs a trojan and then uses system restore to back
to a system restore point prior to running the virus, is that computer still

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Computer Won't Get Out Of Safe Mode / System Restore Wont Work?

Sep 15, 2007

I bought a new cpu awhile ago. When I moved my old cpu to my other desk and restarted it, it would only let me start in safe mode. It was working fine prior to this. I tried system restore to many differnt days, but nothing would work. I think I probably need to reinstall windows, but before I do, I was wondering if there is anything else I can try.

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Computer Freezing Randomly / System Restore Wont Work?

Jun 24, 2005

PC Freezing up. Restored to two weeks ago whenh didn't have the prob but still frezing. Usually after 5-30 mins of use.Started after BBand installed. Wonder if its an overheating prob.CPU variesd fromm 65-82C when idle and fan sticks at 2163 revs and doesn't change.

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System Restore Wont Work: "System Restore Encountered A Problem And Has To Close"?

Mar 10, 2005

Installed Norton Internet Security 2005 and now, whenever I try and do a system restore it says "System restore encountered a problem and has to close". It does this all the time, even in safe mode. Symantec has mentioned that I should turn off NIS2005 and try system restore. If it then works it is a Microsoft issue. I have been onto the Microsoft websites and they do not mention how to repair or reinstall system restore

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System Restore Wont Work: Previous Saved Points Unable To Restore?

Jul 29, 2005

I recently downloaded some drivers as I was trying to install a new printer who's software would'nt load. This did'nt solve the problem. I decided to get a printer that I had had before, Brother DCP-110C as I knew this had worked well. I tried to install yesterday (28th July) but could'nt and my PC keeps switching itself off near the end of the installation. I then thought I would use System restore to go back to a happier time when I had the first Brother printer. previous saved point wont let me to restore

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Restore System - Cannot Restore Your System To An Earlier Date

Dec 13, 2004

S/Restore system when operated comes up with "Cannot restore your system to an earlier date" Have checked for all spyware and viruses (Nil) Have tried disabling the system and also making new restore dates to no avail. Would kindly request any posssible solutions to the above also any other programme I could install to carry out the same or similiar functions to "Systems Restore

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Restore Registry Using System Restore? Blue Screen, PC Won't Boot?

Sep 15, 2006

I was messing around with CCleaner and deleted something to do with an old version of McAfee (which isn't even on my computer anymore) from the registry. Yes, it was stupid to mess with the registry I guess because I failed to make the backup and now my computer won't boot. I get the blue screen that says there was an error 0x0000008e, or something like that.

I have tried using F8 and choosing the last known good configuration but it doesn't work. Also, I can boot into safe mode and I tried running a system restore but after it finished and I rebooted, it said that I couldn't restore from that point.I haven't really tried another restore because I am a little afraid to do anything. I don't want to risk losing access in safe mode because I need to be able to back up some of my files if in case I have to do a reformat.

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System Restore Won't Restore: Blue Screen Error On Start-up

Nov 4, 2006

My computer had a turn yesterday and kept giving me the blue screen error on start-up, so using my windows disk I managed to run chkdsk. So I can get on now, but certain things won't run, like Media Centre, Firefox has forgotten my settings and also my iriver doesn't get acknowledged when I plug it into a USB port.So I am trying to run System restore to go back a couple of days.I can get into restore, and go through everything up to the point where you click 'next' in order to restore it.I click on next but nothing happens, it just stays there.

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System Restore Wont Work: Unable To Get Restore Points?

Feb 13, 2005

I am unable to acess any of my or XP's restore points. When I went to restore to an earlier date. All appeared to be going as it should. However, when I got to my profile a message window came up that said unable to restore to (chosen date/time) etc. I chose 3 other restore points over the last month, thinking it might be some recent problem, still a no go. Any help would be greatly appreciated? Is there a utility to use to check and see if there is something corrupted?

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System Restore Wont Work: Unable To Use Restore Points?

Apr 8, 2005

I'm trying to do a system restore without success. It goes through the motions but after it restarts always say "cannot use restore point, no changes have been made to your system". I'm trying to correct a font setting change that happened without my knowledge.

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Restore Shut Off: System Restore In Safe Mode?

Apr 26, 2006

i want to restore my laptop. had restore turned on until about 3 weeks ago shut it off. question:if you shut off restore does it still keep the last restore points? and is there a way to restore in safe mode (cant boot in reg mode) if restore is shut of. when i try and turn on sys restore in safe mode it say "i cant"

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System Restore Finding Manual Restore Points

Nov 10, 2007

My comp has been experiencing several problems and is running poorly. I bought an external HD, completely backed up everything important and was about to run a system restore as I had created a manual restore point following the resolution of previous problems. The link to the thread is found below. However, when I use the system restore wizard, I can only select November 8th, 9th, and 10th and today is the 10th. I created the manual restore point back in March 2006. I cannot change the month and I have no idea where to find manual points.

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System Restore Wont Work To Any Of The Restore Points?

Nov 26, 2006

My system restore is enabled but no matter what bold restoration point I choose I am told system can't be restored to that date, choose another restoration point. I do, the system shuts down and restarts and I get the same message.

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Full System Restore / Restore Factory Settings

Jul 25, 2005

How do I do a restore to factory settings? The only thing I have been able to find is a system restore to an earlier date, could someone help me please?

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