System Restore Wont Work: "System Restore Encountered A Problem And Has To Close"?

Mar 10, 2005

Installed Norton Internet Security 2005 and now, whenever I try and do a system restore it says "System restore encountered a problem and has to close". It does this all the time, even in safe mode. Symantec has mentioned that I should turn off NIS2005 and try system restore. If it then works it is a Microsoft issue. I have been onto the Microsoft websites and they do not mention how to repair or reinstall system restore

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System Restore Wont Work: Previous Saved Points Unable To Restore?

Jul 29, 2005

I recently downloaded some drivers as I was trying to install a new printer who's software would'nt load. This did'nt solve the problem. I decided to get a printer that I had had before, Brother DCP-110C as I knew this had worked well. I tried to install yesterday (28th July) but could'nt and my PC keeps switching itself off near the end of the installation. I then thought I would use System restore to go back to a happier time when I had the first Brother printer. previous saved point wont let me to restore

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System Restore Wont Work: Unable To Get Restore Points?

Feb 13, 2005

I am unable to acess any of my or XP's restore points. When I went to restore to an earlier date. All appeared to be going as it should. However, when I got to my profile a message window came up that said unable to restore to (chosen date/time) etc. I chose 3 other restore points over the last month, thinking it might be some recent problem, still a no go. Any help would be greatly appreciated? Is there a utility to use to check and see if there is something corrupted?

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System Restore Wont Work: Unable To Use Restore Points?

Apr 8, 2005

I'm trying to do a system restore without success. It goes through the motions but after it restarts always say "cannot use restore point, no changes have been made to your system". I'm trying to correct a font setting change that happened without my knowledge.

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System Restore Wont Work To Any Of The Restore Points?

Nov 26, 2006

My system restore is enabled but no matter what bold restoration point I choose I am told system can't be restored to that date, choose another restoration point. I do, the system shuts down and restarts and I get the same message.

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Encountered Error: Mshtmled.dll (Internet Explorer, System Restore, User Groups)?

Feb 21, 2007

When starting programs IE 6.0, 'help and support' and trying to use 'user groups' and 'system restore' the applications all encounter a problem. All of the error reports refer to "ModName: mshtnl.dll". This problem first began after using system restore to go back to earlier settings. After going back to earlier setting all was okay until windows installed automatic updates and automatically reset the computer and thats when mshtml.dll errors began.ERROR: "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"[I]AppName: iexplore.exe, AppVer: 6.0.2900.2180, ModName: mshtmled.dll, ModVer:6.0.2900.3059, Offset: 00061e69

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System Restore Wont Work: Wont Restore To Earlier Points?

Sep 18, 2005

Was having a problem with the computer, doing weird things so I thought that I might go back and do a restore from an earlier point to see if it solved the problem. Anyway, went to earlier point, restored sort of, after it did everything, it told me it could not restore to that point and that nothing was done. I went to another restore point further back, same message, was not installed at the restore point, current settings are intact. Did this 2 more times, same results. I have made restore points along with the ones the systme makes. None of them works.

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System Restore Wont Work: System Reboots Every Time?

Jun 8, 2006

I am trying to use the system restore function on windows XP, but every time i select a restore point and the system reboots, it says that the restoration was incomplete and "no changes have been made." I have tried multiple restore points. suggested that i verify that the task manager, WMI, and system restore services were running, and they are. I also tried disabling my antivirus program, but the same thing happens.

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System Won't Shut Down Normally / System Restore Wont Work?

Sep 25, 2008

Over the last two weeks, my XP started to take longer and longer to shut down. Now, it doesn't and I have to manually press the startup/shut down button.
XP is 2002 version; SP ;, 2.3 GHz CPU; 2.29 GHz and 0.99 GB RAM.My virus/security suite is Zone Alarm.I tried to use System Restore and though it does shut and restart the computer, system restore tells me it could not restore the computer.

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System Wont Work After System Restore?

Jul 24, 2005

I have developed a very strange problem on my PC, everytime I have to press the reset button on my case, or there's a power cut when Windows reboots, it will boot to the desktop fine and I can move my mouse but no windows, no programs or anything will open.

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System Restore - Uses System Restore - Point Prior To Running Virus

Jul 6, 2005

If someone downloads and runs a trojan and then uses system restore to back
to a system restore point prior to running the virus, is that computer still

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System Restore Will Not Work

Aug 19, 2005

Last Saturday was the last time that System Restore worked for me. Counterspy set a restore point before doing its thing. Since then I havn't been able to create a restore point all week. I'm running XP home edition.This is what pops up when I try to create a restore point. System Restore is unable to create a resore point. Please restart the
computer, and then run System Restore again. Restarting will not help

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System Restore Does Not Work

Nov 5, 2008

I reset my Windows after an apparent virus and now cannot get back to restore my system. The e-mail does not work and I would like to restore my files (its my last semester of school). System Restore does not work.

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System Restore Does Not Work

Apr 26, 2007

My system restore has not worked in XP for some time now and I have tried a XP repair and that did not do it A tech told me to remove the monitoring from the drives than reboot tehn put monitoring back on

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System Restore Doesnt Work

Apr 9, 2006

I found that i couldnt go to: start-"all programs" and have it work. when clicking all programs it does nothing. then, i remembered a dvd triedinstalling "hot llama" and it was stopped in the middle. I think that may be the issue, tried to do system restore and that wont restore to any date.

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System Restore Doesnt Work Ever

May 2, 2006

Literally every single time I try to use it it doesnt work. always says restortion incomplete. I have it set to use the max disk space. I even tried formatting the hd, reinstalling windows, and then the I tried using it and it didnt even work then.

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System Restore In Pro Doesnt Work

Aug 8, 2005

I cannot create a system restore point, nor is System Retore creating any automatically. I tried rebooting my system, using the check/uncheck box in system properties, using the "Run" line, and trying to run System Restore in Safe Mode. I also tried copying the "framedyn.dll" from the windowssystem32wbem directory to the Windowssystem 32 directory (I don't know if it's supposed to be there or not. The only option I have
left that I know of is to reinstall Windows XP.

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Couldn't Even Get System Restore To Work

Jul 28, 2007

My PC began looping from the Dell splash screen to the Windows start-up screen, then clicking off and repeating....over and over. I tried several things and couldn't even get System Restore to work. Finally, after several well-intended friends had me fooling with my command prompts (I'm sure that was a mistake), I decided to just reinstall Windows XP. Well, now it's reinstalled, but I can't connect to the internet, none of my drivers are recognized and nothing is showing up on my desktop, When I go into My Computer and look on my hard drive, all of my programs and files are still there....but the operating system doesn't seem to know where to find them. I have a desktop Dell Dimension 4600.

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Rying To Use System Restore / Does Not Work

Jul 29, 2007

I am trying to use system restore, but it does not work. I select a previous system restore point to restore to everything works fine until the computer reboots. Then its says system reboot did not work, nothing was changed and try another restore point.

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System Restore Does Not Work - OS Won't Boot

Oct 16, 2005

my pc (XP) will not boot or close up clean. The only way I can boot is using safe mode. Is there a better way to fix boot problems without doing a complete sys recovery? The instructions for complete sys recovery is pretty vague it seems to me.

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System Restore Does Not Work - OS Won't Boot

Mar 2, 2007

I am running an HP Pavilion a1624n with Win XP Media Center 2005, running on a wireless network with one other desktop and one laptop. I also use Firefox browser and have NAV 2007. I have had this PC for about two months and the first time or two that I tried System Restore, it worked OK, Now, (with System Restore turned ON),it has gone downhill and when I try to run it, it goes through the process but at the end I get the error message "your computer cannot be restored to 00/00/00. No changes have been made." It does not make the automatic 24 hour restore points, even though it does make restore points when new programs are installed and manual restore points can be made. It works fine in Safe Mode using the rstrui.exe command. This latest problem started yesterday.

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System Restore Not Properly Work

Jan 30, 2010

I recently have had problems with my computer slowing down after clicking on programs such as Firefox. It takes about 40 seconds for the hourglass to go away and then the program will finally load. Other programs also. I have been using some anti-virus and spyware programs thinking I had a virus or spyware , such as Spyware Begone. It found a spyware and deleted it. I tried to use System restore and it only showed one restore point in January (the 27th when I first tried Spyware Begone), but would not restore to that date. I could not get Restore to go back to December. System Restore is on and running. Any suggestions would be helpful. I also used System Restore in Safe Mode thinking that would help, but it would not restore to the 27th. System Restore works, but after completing it the message says "could not restore to the 27th).

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May Be A Virus Problem - System Restore Will Not Work

Sep 10, 2005

I have tried to restore my system to the first date available. xp always fails to load and I have to go back to "start windows from the last good configuration" – I started in safe mode, disconnected from the internet- scanned with NAV cleaned a bunch of junk off, scanned with Spybot S&D – cleaned some more junk off tried to restore to day one – same problem - go back to "start windows from the last good configuration"- several hours wasted and I am going crazy. This may be a virus problem

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System Restore, Defrag, Nor Format Work?

Sep 10, 2009

Recently I found System Restore not working. It would neither restore to an earlier time nor create a new restore point. I tried doing a virus scan using Avast, rebooting, checking that it is (supposed to be) running and safe mode.Disconnecting from the Internet and turning off antivirus and firewall also made no difference. I also turned it off and on again. I noticed that initially it said it was monitoring drives C, D & E but after turning on again it only showed drives C & D. These drives are all partitions on my HD.On checking E I found that it had no file system and was advised to format it. On attempting this I got Format did not complete successfully.I also attempted to Defrag and got Disk Defragmenter could not start.

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System Restore Wont Work - Blank

Jul 20, 2005

I have recently removed a piece of adware from my pc, only thing is i cant install any programs as nothing happens as you click on the installer icons, so i tryed to restore the system to an earlier time to see if this would work, but system restore won't work the window opens for it but its blank, what is wrong? also when i yahoo account internet explorer will only let me select a few of the buttons not all though, are these problems related? what can i do?

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System Restore Wont Work / Complete?

Dec 1, 2007

I tried to use the System Restore function on my HP and it runs, but gives a message that System Restore can't complete and doesn't work. I even manually set a Restore point and tried to go back and restore using it, but got same message?Do I have any options, such as reinstall Restore or is there something else I can do?

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System Restore Wont Work Correctly?

Feb 25, 2008

In the past I used to just copy my stuff and then when Windows went up, you know slows down, get's corrupted somewhere, etc. I would reinstall windows and then my drives, apps, programs, files, etc. Upon my studies I learned that the default Windows backup could do these things as well as recover system state. Well I started doing backups every so often on my home PC and my server at work.

The other day I actually needed to use it as my PC had this weird issue of clicking on icon executables and not ever running them. It would refuse to start programs from the executable in the folder under program files, under start menu, or command line. It wouldn't give an error it would just click and go away. it would do it once the computer was on for a while and for a week or two I just would reboot, but I mean come on, that's a little annoying.

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System Restore Wont Work: Restoration Could Not Be Completed?

Aug 14, 2005

I tried running system restore and after the computer restarted, I got a message saying the restoration could not be completed. There was no explanation why. In case it matters, I have about 2 GB harddrive space left.Also, system restore has worked in the past.

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System Restore Wont Work After Registry Backup?

Mar 20, 2006

I think i did something really wrong... i had a registry backup on my desktop and i wanted to move it to another area on my computer. I clicked on it and it said : are you sure you want to add the information in C: blah blah registry backup.reg to the registry? I dont know what i was thinking but i clicked on yes. And now i have several problems.... too many to mention but here's a few: anything windows site or microsoft site related cant get in.

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System Restore Wont Work For Any Of Earlier Points?

Mar 16, 2005

I've been havin trouble with my computer so I went to restore it and before it actually starts to restore it back to the date i choose,it doesn't do anything I click the date i wanted it to restore back to, click next,then it says the selected restore point blah blah blah,so i click next and it doesn't do anything It doesn't work for any of the dates.

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Favourites Lost : System Restore Wont Work?

Oct 3, 2008

I have lost my favourites list. I tried system restore to before it was lost but no joy .WindowsXP.

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