Computer Sound Skipping / Mouse Moving Choppy?

Aug 21, 2007

I have windows xp and I noticed that my whole computer is been running kinda choppy.anything that has audio will skip,including music,aim sounds,videos,video games,anything in general.also my mouse moves choppy.It will pause for a second and then start moving again with no problem and then pause again.The mouse mainly moves choppy when I load up certain programs.

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Computer Won't Wake Up On Moving The Mouse

Dec 1, 2006

All of a sudden without making any changes my computer won't wake up when I move the mouse. I restored the computer to before it happened but it didn't help. Anybody got any ideas as to what the problem might be.

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Computer Freezes - Moving Mouse Slow

Dec 25, 2004

My computer freezes up. No keyboard, mouse, ect. The mouse arrow disappears. I have to "power off" the computer to get things working. Now here is the strange thing, if i move the mouse around "quickly" the computer will work OK. This is on a new install of Windows XP + sp1. If I am moving the mouse slowing as in solitare the system will lock up in about 10 mn

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Sound Skipping - Cpu Spikes

Apr 20, 2007

which started by sound crackling and then followed by cpu used up to 50 percent on a core duo2 processor which also makes disables my ,mouse temporarily but if i move the mouse on a highlighted icon it registers the mouse bieng on the icon but no pointer apears to be present it will then come back after 5secs.this hapens when i use windows media player and firefox also it hapens often,how can i fix this?

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High Cpu Usage, Extremely Choppy Sound And Video

Dec 22, 2008

I have been having this problem for a couple of days now. I was listening to music which had been skipping for a while but not to bad and suddenly everything froze. i killed winamp and hit pulled up the task mgr. cpu usage was staying around 100% different processes popping up to the top. i downloaded process explorer and it has a file highlighted in dark red wmiprvse.exe i read this could be a virus but i verifed it was in the correct folder. im running win xp media center edition with sp3. while looking at processes in the task mgr the system idle process is usually at the top of the list. my computer pretty much freezes up every few seconds now for a second or 2 and whenever i open any program it freezes up for a good minute or 2. Anything else ya'll might need to know feel free to ask. is there a way i could check if it is a hardware problem? this is a Hp pavillion laptop amd turion 1.99ghz 2gb ram. i have also tweaked xp to run faster by removing the themes among other things. I think thats the only thing saving me right now.

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Mouse Moving But Unable To Click On Anything?

Jul 16, 2010

I start my computer in normal mode and it starts loading fine.when it gets to the desktop the mouse icon moves but it doesn't allow me to click on anything. No response from the keyboard.Ctrl – Alt-Del doesn't work.I think it gets hung up in the boot ( possibly loading drivers?)I have rebooted several times with the same results. Starting in Safe mode everything works OK. When starting in safe mode it lists various drivers as it progresses; I don't know how many there should be – or if this is any help because safe mode works OK.

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Keyboard And Mouse Not Working Anymore After Moving The Pc

Mar 5, 2008

I went to a LAN party so I unplugged all my cables from the pc. When arriving at the lan party I plugged everything back in and booted into Vista Ultimate. Everything was detected properly and I encountered no problems.But when I got home again I wanted to boot into Windows XP Pro and that's where the problems started.

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Mouse Freeze At Startup:keep Moving Make It Free?

Oct 10, 2010

my mouse freeze at startup. then restart,only if you keep moving the mouse , can the mouse be free.

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Msconfig Opens For A Short Time & Then Close After Moving Mouse?

Dec 1, 2005

Trying to go into msconfig and it is acting strange. I click start, run, msconfig, ok. The msconfig screen opens but as soon as I move my mouse the entire box just leaves the screen. Regedit is doing the same thing. Cannot find any information on this in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

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Computer Skipping Every Few Seconds

Aug 9, 2007

i recently just got this problem, umm the first thing i started to notice was my startup becoming extreamly slow, at that point i thought there was a problem, so when i finally got through the startup, i move my mouse around and like every few seconds it would skip, so basically you move it and then 3 seconds later it skips so you basically see a lag spike or something. it continues for awhile and then stops like maybe 10 min later. but then starts again everytime i open a program ex: counter strike, Azureus, microsoft word.

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Computer Is Fluttering / Skipping

Oct 16, 2006

I posted a little bit back with a question about reinstalling XP; it turned out to be a bad mainboard, so. Coming back with new mainboard and everything in fact, this used to be my dad's computer with my harddrive in place of his and I'm still having problems.Namely, this weird system flutter.When I'm playing music, it sort of stutters, when I'm typing, the cursor stops and the type stops appearing for a second. I've been keeping an eye on the CPU usage in Task Manager and as far as I can tell, it doesn't have anything to do with that, and I've tried turning off the music, but I think it's still happening.It's harder to tell without the music skipping but I'm pretty sure it's done it once while I was typing this.My dad is also infamous for screwing with CPU speeds and whatnot, so it could be something along those lines.

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Cant Get Past Loading Screen - Songs Starting Skipping And Computer Freeze

Oct 28, 2009

I have a gateway laptop. about 6 months ago i was listening to music through my itunes and the songs starting skipping and the comp froze. I tried to do ctrl alt delte and couldnt so i had to shutdown by just holding the power button. The computer was also really hot when this happened. Since then I have not been able to get the computer to work. It will start about and give me the option of how i would like to start (in safe mode or regular) and no matter which option i pick it will go to the loading screen for windows xp and just sit there with the progress bar going for hours or until the comptuer dies. It never gets past this point or gives me any kind of errors.

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Moving From On Computer To Another

Apr 7, 2007

I have an Hp computer that is really old and is pretty much junk but I bought a Mac now and I need XP for a website for work. Is their a way to take the copy of XP on the HP computer and run it in parallels on my mac. I there is how do I do it.

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Moving Pro HD To New Computer

Nov 17, 2005

I moved my HD that has XP Pro installed on it to a new computer. XP boots but it comes up with a "must activate" screen. I select 'Yes' then afet a short delay it comes up with "windows already activated". I click 'OK' then 'logon screen' comes on. Click on my login icon and windows goes back to "must activate screen' again. It's vicious circle.

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Moving Favorites To New Computer

Mar 8, 2005

My daughter bought a new computer (DELL with WIN XP) She asked me to take the files from her old (hardly working) computer, which had WIN 98, and get them onto the new computer.This didn't prove as easy as it sounded. The floppy drive didn't work on the old one, and no CD burner.I zipped the folders and mailed them to her Yahoo email (which can be openned on my computer and her new one), then openned and unzipped them on MINE and burned them on a cd.This worked good, but the FAVORITES folder couldn't be burned on a cd, it kept saying the file names (urls) were too long and if burned it wouldn't work after.So, I left that unzipped in her email. Today, she unzipped it, and (as I suggested) copied and pasted the folders/url links from the old favorites folder into the new one. This works, they open in the folder (in MY DOCS) but they don't show on the desktop, like START>FAVORITES I think in XP there is a different way of showing this (I haven't looked at it much and have never used anything over 98SE, myself).Anyway, is there a way of getting the favorites (urls and those in folders) into the favorites on the new (XP) computer so they show up like the new ones she is putting in? I looked in google and one place said to export the old FAVORITES folder to a floppy (I couldn't do, it didn't work) and then IMPORT it in the new one.If it has to be imported (and not dragged, or copy/pasted) can't it be imported from the unzipped folder or somewhere else?

Is it too late to save on a floppy (from the unzipped folder on the new computer) and import it, if it has to be done that way? I have been thinking of it like fonts. you can install fonts, but you can also unzip them and drag them into the fonts folder and they seem to go in and work just as well.Can favorites (links) be dragged or copy/pasted into the FAVORITES folder on the new computer and have them show up in FAVORITES on the desktop? Maybe it has to be shut down and restarted first? Maybe I'm missing something. I've never done this before, but putting the old FAVORITES in the new FAVORITES folder seemed like it would work.The original files/folders have been deleted from the old computer. They are in Yahoo mail as a zip file and can be unzipped and are all there. Can they be exported to a floppy from there? Then imported into the Favorites folder, if it has to be done that way?

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Moving Files From Old Computer

Mar 13, 2005

I have recently recieved a new computer, and I need to transfer the files of off my old computer. I know windows XP has a file transfer wizzard, but I don't have the serial cable it needs. Is it possible to transfer files from another computer using a USB cable, because I do have one of those. Any help on how I can move my old files will be appreciated.I am also wanting to move a program from my old computer. Having bought my old computer second hand, it came installed with adobe photoshop. I really need photoshop on my new computer, because I deal with computer graphics frequently.

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Moving Files From Old Computer To New One

Apr 16, 2007

I will be receiving, shortly, a new Windows XP computer. I am currently using Windows XP SP2 on my old computer. How do I transfer files and settings from old to new? I realize that most applications will need to be re-installed from scratch but what abput their data, etc?

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Computer Moving Slow

Sep 1, 2007

I think I was on thiese forums a year or so ago with the same problem, and the solution worked. You guys had me run a scan and post a log report of all the processes and such that were slowing down the computer. The last few days the fan has been kicking on a lot, and I'll wake up in the morning occasionally and the computer will be locked up. Not sure if it's something I downloaded or something that just made its way to my computer. What's the program to run the scan? I'll post the log after I get the link.

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Moving Programs To New Computer

Oct 7, 2007

I want to move some programs (Micrisoft office, paint shop pro...) from my old computer that runs XP home, to my new computer that runs Vista.

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Moving Info From Old To New Computer

Mar 28, 2008

After reading the threads concerning transferring all data, email addresses, favorites, documents, pictures, ITune library etc. from an old computer with XP to a new computer with Vista, I was completely over my head and understood very little of what was suggested. Is there a program to assist technically challenged people to move into a new computer. I really need a new computer but this process scares me completely. Should I just pay a professional to do it and stop worrying? Someone suggested Norton Ghost. Anyone know of this program and it's effectiveness in my situation?

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Moving Favorites To A New Computer

Apr 5, 2008

I have Windows XP on my computer, In a few days I am buying a new Windows computer. Can I export my Favorites to a floppy disk? If so, how exactly would I do it? Then on the new computer how exactly would I import my Favorites from the floppy disk to the Favorites in the new computer?

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Slow Moving Computer.

May 8, 2005

My computer is running really slow. I run win XP. I have AD Aware and norton systemworks with the most current virus defination updates. My windows XP is updated and my processer is brand new Celeron D. I have checked my MSCONFIG start up options and only a few programs are checked. I cannot figure out what is wrong. I think that it might be a virus but I don't know. I have installed some new programs recently like the GoGo Data toolbar and a bootleg version of Norton Systemworks that I got off of iMesh.

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Moving An Xp License From One Computer To Another

Jun 26, 2008

I have a question regarding a legal aspects of Windows XP.I have a machine running XP Pro. In the very near future, I am planning on getting rid it in favor of a new one. However, I would still like to keep the OS license.Am I allowed to reinstall XP Pro on the new PC using the same CD Key? Do I need to notify Microsoft in any way? Is there a special uninstallation process I need to apply to the old machine to 'release' the license?

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Computer Was Moving Slow / Possible Defrag

Aug 29, 2007

I'm really stumped. My computer was moving slow so I decided to do a possible defrag.When I clicked analyze I got the message that a disk check had been scheduled and to do that first. I had not scheduled a disk check. I went ahead an scheduled one and restarted my computer and then all.

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Moving Firefox Settings To New Computer

Apr 27, 2006

I am getting a new computer I and I would like to know which file or files I should move to keep the settings that I have now.

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Moving Hard Drive To Last Computer

Jun 15, 2004

I built a new computer w/ XP Pro. Its has a ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe MB w/ a 3.2 Mhz cpu. with a raptor hard drive. I set it up by installing the raptor alone, after xp was up and running I put the seagate 40gb in. It was running fine, when I took it out to put it back in the old system it was in it would not even start the check of IDE's. If I removed power from the HD it would say no IDE's found. I have award BIOS v4.51pg and when I hit delete I can't enter setup. (?) The only thing new to the old system is another video card (I put the old one in the new computer) I also removed the cd burner and dvd plyer and put it in the new computer, and a old dvd player was put back in the old computer. No setting were changed. I have tried to put the 40 gb back to the new comp and I get an error message w/ options to continue starting windows, start in safe, safe w/ com prompt, etc.

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Computer Moving Abnormally Slow

Jan 24, 2006

im back again and again I have a problem.. I am curently using my mothers computer and it is loading extremely slow? For instance, im re-downloading yahoo messenger and it normallly takes 7 minutes whereas now its taking up to an hour. Whats going on?

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Moving Program And Data To Another Computer

Aug 25, 2007

I'm new to this forum and new to what I'm trying to do. I need to know how to copy a program from one xp computer to another. The program has customer info in it.How do I transfer all the data from one computer to another without losing any information? I'm a beginner, so please explain in "English".

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Aunts Computer Moving Slow

Apr 20, 2010

When my Aunt found out how helpful you guys were she asked me to look at her system, talk about a snail..took me an hour in a half just to get the internet open and download HJT..All I can tell you is she's operating a Dell Dimension 2350 with a WD MyBook external HD at 1Tb conected..My cousin recomended she get as many of her photos off the internal HD.

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Moving To New Hard Drive On Same Computer

Aug 21, 2005

I have a Dell Dimension 8200 with a Pentium 4, 1.8 GHz. A while back, I installed a new ~75GB hard drive as the secondary drive (slave is the term, right?). Based on the fact that this is a newer drive, and on my own experience using the computer, I'm pretty sure the new drive is a lot faster than the original one. I'd like to make the best use of this additional speed, and was thinking about moving Windows and most of my program files to it. The older, 40GB drive could then be used for backup/archives.I've done some initial searches, both here and on MS's knowledge base, but couldn't find instructions for doing what I want to do. Also review, found the Move XP section, but still didn't seem like an exact match.

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Moving Modem Connections From One Computer To Another

Jan 5, 2007

I need to move my Modem Network connections (with all properties such as dialer numbers, password etc) from my older notebook to my new notebook. They both use the same OS (Win-XP/Pro-Sp2).Suffice to say I dont remember the details to recreate them one more time individually.

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