Bootable Drive - Make Simple Boot Option

Jan 19, 2007

I have 5 or 6 different bootable floppy drives, partition magic, norton ghost, etc. I want to make them all bootable off a single CD, thumbdrive, etc. with a simple multimenu in dos. I've created the bootable thumb drive, and I've messed with the [menu] commands and such, but I can't get it to work. Is there a way to make a simple boot option to say, use this config.sys and this autoexec.bat?

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How To Make A USB DRIVE Bootable For Ghost Image

Jul 5, 2010

make a USB DRIVE bootable for ghost image

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How To Make Bootable CD Of Hard Drive Copy

Jan 14, 2007

EASY way to copy my hard drive to a bootable CD? I think the HDD I have now is dying, and I would like to have a hard drive I can just pop in which has all the information I have now. I have heard horror stories about Norton Ghost, so I'm hesitant there. I also bought a product called Drivecopy...BEFORE I learned that it is not compatible with XP Pro. Ghost and Drivecopy are both PowerQuest products. I have been told that if you simply copy one drive to another it will not be bootable because of some hidden/missing files that Windows uses. I have also heard that most products which are SUPPOSED to do what I want will only work on drives the exact same size and will duplicate my smaller partition if I go to a larger drive. There MUST be an easy way, but I'm stumped.

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Make Sp3 Bootable Cd From A Sp2 Bootable?

Dec 24, 2008

i have a windows xp2 boot able cd.recently i downloaded an executable of sp3 from the windows site..
around 6 months friend told me a way to extract the boot file from the disc n copy it using nero to make a bootable sp3 cd. i had one but i lost it.and now i dont remember how to do it again.

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How To Make A Bootable CD Of OS?

Aug 24, 2006

I have set-up of Windows-2000 on my HArd disk. Pls tell me how to create a bootable cd of Win-2000 so that if in any case my OS goes corrupt I can install the same using Bootable CD.

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Make Bootable Usb From Iso Image

Feb 3, 2010

I would like to ask u a am i supposed to make my pendrive boot able?

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Make A Bootable Disk

Mar 6, 2005

My Pc is about 15 months Old and it does Not come with a Bootable XP Home, like they used to. The Recovery is in Partition D: and when I Re-Install XP, it will Restore Home XP and all these Unnecessary Expired stuff >> to Factory Standard. ( with all the "Add_Ons " >>> Norton , ISP, etc )How can I CREATE Bootable Disk with just Home XP on it?

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Best Way To Make Xp Bootable Disk With Diagnostic Tools

Sep 15, 2009

My hard disk is going to fail.I have collected data over 3 years.The first one created successfully but, i don't know how to copy the data from hard disk to pen or flash drive. The second one also created successfully but, windows not able to boot using this disk. It boots from hard disk as usual.

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How To Make Bootable Self Installing Backup Image?

Mar 11, 2009

I have been searching the internet for an answer to my question and unable to do so. What I want to do is make a bootable backup image that will self install without windows in case of an operating system failure where windows is unavailable. I want to image my C drive and make it so I can boot from CDR or DVDR and have it format the drive and reinstall my backup identical to the original. A long time ago I saw this done with Symantec Ghost on a job I was on but have no idea how to accomplish the task myself. I was wondering if there is perhaps a better software out there now for making a total self restoring image of your haed drive such as this.

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What Files Needed To Make Bootable Floppy Disk

Apr 8, 2008

I have a windows 2000 professional operating system and I need to boot from a floppy. I'm missing and my original windows 2000 cd does not work. What files do I need to make my floppy disk?

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Install Operating System In Flash & Make It Bootable

Dec 18, 2007

A 4gb flash drive and I was wondering if it would be wise to install WinXP on it. How do you make it bootable? Could you create a BartPE disk on it and use that?

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Unable To Make A Bootable Windows Xp Media Center Disc?

Oct 15, 2009

i would go know how to make a bootable disc for my windows xp media center. i have a acer, it is the aspire series.

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How To Make Computer Boot From CD And A Drive?

Sep 26, 2006

I just want to know how do I make my computer boot from my CD and A drive? Right now it will not boot from them so I cannot load in my new OS.

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Floppy Drive Is NOT Selected As Boot Option In Bios

Aug 23, 2005

Just got a new computer with Gigabyte GA-K8SNC-939 Motherboard. The problem is that on each boot , and shutdown, the floppy drive is accessed (i.e. motor runs ).The floppy drive is NOT selected as a boot option in the bios and the access on boot comes just after the 'Loading Personal Settings" screen. On shutdown it is just before the end , not immediately on shutdown.I seem to remember there was a Floppy Seek setting somewhere in Windows at one time, but I can't seem to find it in XP SP 2. As it happens well into the boot cycle, I don't think it's related to the motherboard.

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Configure For ONE User / Administrator Just A Simple Boot-up Without Password

Mar 16, 2006

I suppose the title of this post could be something like, "Why can't XP be more like Win98?"But seriously: I have in front of me a File View of My Computer. In Documents and Settings, it shows me that there are apparently four accounts: Administrator, All Users, Default User, and me In each one of these there is, in differing combinations, things like My Documents,My Music, Favorites.. And, in some there are what appear to be administrative privileges (Local Settings). The confusion this is causing while transferring documents and files from the old machine is getting up my nose! (This is a piecemeal exercise as the old PC is still working as the office - word processing, spreadsheets, etc.)

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Simple Boot CDUSB That Runs Batch File

Jun 13, 2008

So I have a few SP3 machine that give the lovely gdi32.dll blue screen on boot. I can solve it by booting an XP disk and going into recovery mode to copy a new gdi32.dll over the old one, but I was thinking since I am going to be seeing alot of SP3 updates, and a good deal have errored out already, it'd be cool to automate the fix just a little to save some time. Time adds up when you have to let the Windows CD boot up, and then type out the file paths for copying the file, etc.Is there a way to run a batch file from a bootable CD or USB drive? I want to boot up, run the bat, restart. Seems like it'd be a very fast and very easy solution. I just don't know how to do that.

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How To Make Second Partition Bootable / Restore Hd Image When Partition Is Too Small?

Aug 16, 2005

How do I make the second partition, which includes all files from another hard drive, pretend that it is the main partition? I want to simulate the second partition being my main one for a while.


How do I resize system partitions?

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Wont Boot: Making A Bootable Cd To Boot The System?

Aug 7, 2008

I cannot boot windows, I think my boot file is corrupt and would like to know if I can use a boot cd instead of a floppy.I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what i need to do.

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Add Bootable File To Boot Loader

Nov 16, 2006

Is it possible to add a bootable file to the windows boot loader?I want to add a Dell Diagnostics utility. Currently, the only way to access it is with a dos floppy disc, or the windows cd. If so, how is it done?If the above isn't possible, how do I add DOS?

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Create Bootable Pen Drive

Nov 18, 2009

how to create bootable pen drive for Xp in windows 7. I am using Windows7 and want to create a bootable pen drive for XP in Windows7

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Dell Laptop Will Not Boot Up - No Bootable Devices

Aug 1, 2008

when I try to power on my Inspiron B120 laptop, it takes me to the System Administrator password. I enter that then it simply shows the text "no bootable devices, strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility" if I press F1 it simply repeats the same text Setup utility is no help.

I hit F12 once when first powering on the computer and went into the boot menu
I ran the "Pre-Boot Sytem Assesment Build 3020"
When it ran through that test everything 'passed' the tests, but in the 'DST status test' it failed and stated that no hard drive was detected.

I haven't downloaded anything maliscious, or dropped my computer. What happened to my hard drive? and is there anything I can do now to get it up and running again?

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Making Bootable CD To Format Drive C?

Feb 10, 2006

this might seem a lame question here but can someone please tell me how to make a Bootable CD so i can boot my computer from this bootable CD and reformat my C drive without using my windows cd.

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Unmountable Boot Volume - Chckdsk From Bootable Windows

Apr 28, 2007

I got a computer to repair. This is the problem 'Unmountable Boot Volume'. Unfortunatelly any chckdsk from bootable Windows not working. I mean stoped at 46% few hours. I also tryed connect to another computer and run some tools, but same result. I'am allowed to open all data on disk, but can't recover system.

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Remove Dual Boot & Leave NTFS Bootable?

May 24, 2006

A friend wanted to remove the FAT32 Win98 partition and leave his XP NTFS partition as the boot partition. He has used PM7 to delete the FAT32 partitin and move the NTFS t the front of the disk. However, it now does not boot. FIXMBR and FIXBOOT (from the Recovery console) looked as if they were fixing things but it still does not boot ("Invalid System Disk...").

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Making A Bootable Flash Drive Paragon?

Jun 15, 2010

I just made a backup of my HD with Paragon to an external drive. That went as advertised. FIne and dandy.I now say to myself "SELF"? what will I do if my PC becomes completely hosed and will not even boot.I know. I will have a nice doorstop.Now my question is can I make a bootable flash drive to restore my backup I see the option is there but I have seen more than once researching with Google that this will not work. Seems to me doing this with CDs would require a dozen in my case. My computer does not support DVD.

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Making A Hard Drive Bootable With NO CD - FLOPPY

Jan 8, 2009

I have this sony vaio laptop, and the good people at sony decided not to give this drive the ability to boot from a usb device (external dvd or floppy)Unfortunately the DVD drive that was built in BROKE, and I need to install windows on this laptop using a brand new hard drive.I can't boot from the windows dvd, I can't boot from a floppy, the drive is totally empty so I can't put anything on it.I CAN however, connect it to another computer and format it, I thought I could make it into a MSDOS bootable drive (like when you format a floppy) but windows does not allow it on a drive this size.

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New Hard Drive Not Working - No Bootable Devices

Sep 29, 2007

My Inspiron 6000 recently crashed and the dell tech support told me it was the hard drive. I ordered the new one and after putting it in, I still get the same message I got with the old one: "Internal HDD HARD error! No bootable devices--Strike F1 to try reboot, F2 to enter set-up utility"

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Boot.ini Boot Menu Loader: Left Off The NoExcute-Option?

Sep 25, 2006

when I edited my boot menu I left off the NoExcute=OptIn at the end of the boot menu line to load my system and was wondering if I can add this now without messing everything up ? I just found out what this option does and looks to me like a have to option. This is on XP Pro.

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Pro - Computer Doesnt Recognize Cd R Drive As Bootable Device

Dec 15, 2006

I tried to run a knoppix (live linux distro) cd and changed the boot order (F2 setup) to boot from cd. Ok... the cd still wouldnt boot, so I went into F2 again and made all devices non-bootable except the cd player. When I tried this method... I was informed that my cd drive isnt a bootable device. I checked a few settings but couldnt find anything in regards to this. Im just trying to boot from my cd player.

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Make A Copy Of My Drivers Onto A Slave Drive, When Upgrading Hard Drive?

Apr 1, 2010

When installing a larger main drive, how do I get the drivers copied onto the slave before I take out the main one I wonder is there a simple way of doing this, I am using Windows XP home edition, the PC is an oldish one and isn't any specific make, so I can't get any clever programs from the manufacturers site

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Win Cannot Boot In Normal Mode After Changing Boot Option

Feb 22, 2006

I changed my boot option using msconfig to safe mode. But I didn't realize I needed a local username/ password to login. So now I don't know a local username password and pressing F8 and specifying Normal mode still boots in safe mode.

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