Unable To Delete Hidden Temporary Files?

Jul 24, 2005

For some reason,I have about 200 temporary files in the WindowsTemp folder that look a lot like registry entries.They are hidden files,and I have been unable to delete them. They all begin with CS, and have a time-stamp that coincides with bootup.Here is one:CS2F1A1E2B-3FE4-44EE-80E5-22C16FD91008.tmp I get an error message that the files are in use, but I can't figure out what is using them. I also tried to access them from Safe Mode command prompt. They don't show up there.

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Delete Temporary Internet Files

Oct 3, 2008

Windows XP SP2, and using TreeSize Free, i found out that i have so many gigs wasting away in my temporary internet files folder. it seems like every time i watched a video online, it was saving a copy in there? Is there a way to stop that from happening, so i don't have to delete all of it after it builds up?

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Delete Temporary Internet Files

Dec 16, 2007

Sometimes I want to delete my Temp Internet files and history. When I hit Internet Options I Get a pop up saying Restrictions. This operation has been canceled due to Restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact you system administrator.
I have since download foxfire and everything is working fine.

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Safely Delete Temporary Internet Files

Aug 17, 2008

I'm trying to clean up my hard drive. Having run up against some problems with registry 'cleans' (which needed professional fixing) I'm keen to be safe. In my user folders I have hundreds of megabytes of Temporary Internet Files within Local Settings folders. I often use CCleaner to tidy up but it seems to have missed them.Can I safely delete these Temp files?

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Can't Delete Files From Temporary Internet Files In Pro

May 22, 2010

There are many files listed in this folder. I am unable to delete them. When I go to this directory in safe mode command prompt there are no files. I even used dir /A:H to included hidden files and there are none. But I can still see them in Windows XP PRO. I have Norton 360 and it did not find any viruses. Went I try to delete them windows gives no errors. Some of the files even have the same name and extension. Is there a cache or a temp file I need to delete first?

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How Do You Delete Hidden Files?

May 14, 2007

how do you totally delete the history of internet explorer? hav been told tha windows also stores files on your hard drive that do not delete wen you delete everything in your temporary internet files? can any1 help? dan

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Delete Hidden Files From Loading Up On Boot

Jul 31, 2005

I used a program to delete hidden files from loading up on boot. Two were casino files that I had already deleted. I unchecked the boxes to prevent them from loading up. I then became creative and kept going. Apparently I uncchecked a file to load up win xp pro. Now I get the blank screen that says "invalid boot diskette, insert boot diskette in A:" I do but it is not reading the A: drive. I then tried to get into setup to change the boot sequence to cdrom first but the blank screen asks me to enter a password. I never needed a password to get into setup before. When I type my system passwore and hit enter all that appears is an X, after three times it kicks me back to the insert boot diskette page.

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Unable To See Hidden Files In The Pc?

Apr 15, 2008

I had my PC (athlon 2300, winXP sp2) set so I could see hidden files, just so I could know what was going on in my hard drive. As of yesterday I can't, and re-setting the see hidden files option doesn't work anymore. Last major change I made was uninstalling Norton SystemWorks, a.k.a. ResourceHog, which was giving me a huge headache, and have been using Activescan and Kaspersky online scanners and CureIt free antivirus.

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Unable To See Hidden Files?

Apr 21, 2006

Can someone fill me in on the files ( content.ie5 & history.ie5 ). There are more than one instance of these files scattered about Windows. The primary one I am wondering about is in ... /[current user]/local settings/Temporary Internet files/content.ie5. The 2 things are this. 1) It is soo well hidden, that if you don't know it's there you will never see it. One has to make use of the command window and address it directly. 2) This file grows constantly as you use IE. It also grows when one tells IE to clear all cache and history files. It becomes unusally large, over 2 to 3 gigs, or more. I am using XP PRO /SP2, but these files are in all windows from 98 up I think.

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Unable To See Hidden Files / No Option To Show These?

Aug 26, 2007

i am not able change the settings in My Folders options..Everytime i click on Show Hidden Files..nothing happens..and my radio buttons do not check any of the two options.i.e Show hidden files & do not show hidden files..also i have tried to change the value of CheckedValue in regedit to 1..but everytime its comes back to 2...i think there is some virus thats doing it.

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Unable To Make Hidden Files Shown?

Jan 5, 2008

I know some files in your documents can be hidden, how do you make them unhidden? this is on windows XP

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Unable To See Hidden Files After Making Changes To Folder Options?

Sep 22, 2009

Am using XP home ,as am unable to see hidden files in my pc after selecting show hidden files from tools tab

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Unable To See Hidden Files / Folder Options Wont Work?

Mar 10, 2010

i have window xp working fine but i have problem that i cant see the hiddien files that i have made that no one can have acess to them but now when i check the option that show hidden file but when i exit the folder option it remain same file remain hidden. if some one know is it virus or some other problem.

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Unable To View Hidden Files / Wont Make These Unhidden?

Feb 20, 2006

Okay, attached find two pics, explorer1 and explorer2. The first is taken from the 'save as' menu from an open word document, and clearly shows the file 'OLKBB' under the temp internet files, as well as the tree structure above it. Explorer2 shows the view, only as seen from Windows Explorer, and obviously that folder (and God Alone knows what else) isn't there. I've got 'show hidden files' unticked, plus 'hide protected os system files' unticked. Still can't figure out why this is.

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Installing Programs After Format: Hidden Files Are Not Hidden?

Dec 14, 2006

i had to reformat my computer and when i was reinstalling my programs suddenly my hidden files where not hidden anymore if i clicked properties it said hidden but they just appear translucent.

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Unable To Delete DLL Files

Dec 20, 2007

byxwuvv.dll is trying to install something on my computer and I am not able to delete the .ddl file.

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Unable To Delete Files?

Oct 4, 2007

They all look like this:
They are in the Windows directory, at the beginning. This is Win/xp sp2.
I think they are some sort of uninstall file for MS fixes. But I don't honestly know. I have several pages of these files. Does anyone know what they are??
Can I safely delete these files????

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Unable To Delete Files From Recycle Bin?

Oct 18, 2009

I want to know if there is a way to delete my files from the recycle bin as when I try to delete them it displays an error saying "Cannot delete file".If you have some idea how to delete these then please tell me ?

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Unable To Delete A Folder With 0 Files

Apr 3, 2005

I've been unable to delete a folder and subfolder that appeared out of nowhere in October of 2003. The folder is named C:502371470d48710f4f and contains a subfolder named sp2. The subfolder contains 0 files. Both folders are read-only. I go to Properties and uncheck the read-only attributes; however when I try to delete I then find that the attributes have returned to (grayed-out) read-only. Access, of course, is denied.

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Unable To Delete Unwanted Files

May 15, 2007

I am running a dell 4600 with windows xp 2pac. I have some things that i am trying to get rid of off my computer but they won't go. Most of it is google stuff that got loaded when my husband loaded a new program. I have gone through search and it brought it all up...but when i go to delete it, it gives me an alert and says that it can't be deleted to check the disc. I have no disc, it was downloaded from the interenet.how to get rid of these hidden files.

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Unable To Delete Files-Access Denied?

Aug 11, 2005

I've got a machine running Win XP Home SP 2. Ther is a folder containing files in the Program Files folder that I want to delete. When I attempt to delete any of them, either to the recycle bin not, I get an error "Access Denied - ...". I am the computer administrator. The only help I could find on Microsoft site tells me to have the administrator change my privileges or the permissions on the files. Well, since I am the administrator, it seems like I should be able to do it myself.

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Unable To Delete Temp CD Files After Buring CD

Oct 24, 2005

I burn files to a CD from my computer (XP). At the finish I can not delete them becasue of a message that says they are still in use. Help how can I remove these files. I tried removing the CD folder but that doesn't work either.

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Unable To Delete Weird Files On My Drive?

Oct 2, 2008

On my C Drive there's all these weird folders with just random names. Is it OK to delete them?
Also I just noticed now, there's a file on my C Drive titled "pagefile.sys" I saw it on WinRAR (It doesn't show on explorer) It's taking up about 2GB.What is it? Can I delete it? And if I can, how can I delete it?
Computer Specs:
* System:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3 * Computer:
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz 2.79 GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM

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Unable To Delete Files From A Previous Xp Installation?

Oct 10, 2010

I recently reinstalled XP but I didn't format the hard drive during the process. My hard drive is now almost full because the files and folders were not deleted...and they are nowhere to be found. I vaguely remember an option somewhere to delete files from a previous installation in xp but I can't seem to find it anywhere.I even tried Googling it but can't find it. Does anyone know how I can get rid of these old files.

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Delete Cookies / History / Temporary Internet Temp Folder

Jan 23, 2006

When I try to empty my temp folder (run/%temp%) I have 3 folders that wont be removed. Cookies/History/TemporaryInternet I have no clue how they got in there to begin with. I've tried to get rid of them from the temp but it wont let me

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Unable To Delete Files / Folders Due To Access Denied

Aug 23, 2005

I have two machines on my home net and both run XP-Pro.Problem 1 is that I have something like 30k files in the recyclers on my D Drive that I can't delete.Problem 2 is that I recently did a restore from a backup and even though user names, admin access etc are same I can't access open or even delete many of the unused folders. I have tried moving them to shared files folder, and using my admin privilege to take ownership and or change attributes but nothing so far works. Safe boot, safeboot command prompt all nada.
can any one help me out here ?

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Unable To Delete Or Remove And Rename Files And Folders?

Jun 17, 2005

Using XP SP2 and I can not move, rename or delete any folders.For example - I create a New Folder and try to rename it - it stays as New Folder. I try to move ANY folder and it does not move - stays where it is. Even when copying contents of a USB stick - folders will not move, be renamed or deleted. I CAN however, move files and rename and delete files - just not ANY folder!I can delete the folders from the command prompt though.

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Hidden Partition / How To Find And Delete It

Jan 30, 2007

A got a new HP d290 model computer, which came with Free DOS O/S (that is without the Windows XP operating system.It has a Samsung brand 80 GB HD. However on partitioning and formating this HD (using Win 98 / SE,FDISK.Exe file), the total space available is only 78,109,888 bytes (split in to 3 parts). On another computer, made by a different company and with almost similar configuration, I have a Maxtor brand 80 GB HD and on partitioning and formatting, it had 80, 009, 888 bytes available (that is 1.9 GB more)This HD also has 3 partitions.It seems the HP's Samsung HD has a hidden partition. I tried to find it with FDSIK.EXE and also with Partition Magic (version 8.2) and Partition Manager (version 5.5), but was unsuccessful.Is there any other Partition related software, which can show a hidden partition and also be able to delete the same (without damaging the C~ partition)?

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Finding Different Way To Delete Hidden Devices?

Aug 12, 2002

You can view and delete or modify hidden devices by:1. Openning Device Manager. (I usually right-click on My Computer, select Properties, select the Hardware tab, then select Device Manager.)2. Select View and check "Show hidden devices"3. Hidden devices will appear below with the others and can be modified.

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Cleaning Out Temp Files - Show Hidden Files - Folders

Aug 6, 2009

I was just wondering if it is a good idea to clean out the :WINDOWSTempC:Documents And Settings(Username)Local SettingsTemp foldersperiodically.I know i have to uncheck the show hidden files and folders, Do i select all in each folder afterwards and delete everything?

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Temporary Files On Computer?

Apr 8, 2005

I just need a clarification. Are there any temporary files on a computer that need to be kept. I remember doing research on the topic many years ago and I could have swore there are some applications that actually require a tmp file (most likely created by itself) to function. I'm just wondering because a TS guy told me that it was quite alright to issue the following command from a command prompt.

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