Msconfig Keeps Opening After Startup, Having Disabled Startup Items

Jun 10, 2010

Try making my laptop less slow and not freeze all the time when doing the simplest of tasks.

However, my problem happens after trying to disable the Startup Items from the MSconfig dialogue.

-After I have unchecked the boxes I don't want, I click OK or Apply;

-It then tells me I have to restart for the changes to take place, so I do this;

-Then after completing its restart a message says that "The System Configuration Utility is in Diagnostic or Selective Startup mode, causing this message to be displayed and the utility to run every time Windows starts up."

-it then opens the MSconfig dialogue box again.

If I just close the utility or click ok, sure enough it keeps on opening every time I startup. Or else, what it's trying to convince me to do is to start up in Normal Mode. But I won't do this because then all the Startup Items I'd disabled become enabled again and the whole lengthy task was a waist of time!

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Startup Problem, Already Disabled All Unnecessary Startup Items...

May 8, 2010

My startup time went up drastically.
I have disabled all but two of the automatic startup items using msconfig. My system used to start in less than two minutes, easily. Now it takes a more than a minute or two longer than that.
I know what the problem is; the only three items that show in the system tray after startup are:
1) The AVG Antivirus icon .
2) The Spybot SD Resident icon.
3) Local Area Connection (This is the icon which shows two computer monitors with screens that light up and go dark periodically)

Now, after the problem started, the last item, the Local Area Connection icon is the one that doesn't load, for VERY long. So it may be something to do with that. Also, just before the icon finally shows up(after which point the computer is fine to use) I've notice that a Windows security notification icon flashes, for just a second, and then is replaced by the Local Area Connection icon. For the record, these are the two icons I'm talking about:

I have had my automatic updates disabled for a while now, so you might think that that's the reason the notification is showing up but I've already disabled that notification using Windows Security Center.

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Can't Delete Msconfig Startup Items

Jan 18, 2008

In my WinXPSP2 In msconfig, I have several items ticked and several items unticked. These unticked items don't load at startup, but I'm guessing the system still spends time checking that they DON'T need to be loaded. The system takes long time to start up. (Dont need to check hijack this & viruses, we've been through all of that on here already).

Nomally, in the Windows Current Version registry key there is an entry "Run" for those items ticked to start up and a key "Run -" where the non-starting up items are listed. However I don't have the Run - key, therefore I can't delete these items.

I suspect that previously when there were some items I wished to delete, I might have deleted the whole key rather than the individual items in it.

I thought this key would automatically be regenerated - but obviously not.
Can anyone help me - I'm not sure whether it's Run- or Run - with a space - and should it be in the local machine set, the local user set or both? Do I just type it back in & will these unticked items then appear in it? Or would only newly unticked items appear in it? How else can I delete these items that are unticked in msconfig which I wish to remove?

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Clean Up Startup Items In Msconfig

Aug 12, 2002

Do you ever uninstall programs and they are still listed under startup items in msconfig? Personally, I found myself with 30 such items from old installs. Microsoft leaves you no way to clean up this list, but have no fear, I have figured it out for you.1. Open MSconfig and click on the startup items tab2. Open Regedit and navigate to HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Sharedtools/MSconfig3. Compare the list of registry keys under startupfolder and startupreg with their counterparts in msconfig.4. Delete the keys which are no longer valid.5. You've cleaned up msconfig. they always tell you to back up your registry before doing stuff so I suppose I should say the same, although I assume most of you are somewhat proficient in windows xp it never hurts to be safe.

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MSConfig - Startup Items - Which Ones Can Be Un-Checked

Jul 11, 2007

Need Suggestions on Which Applications Can be Un-Checked (as listed by: MsConfig.exe application) for Windows - XP Pro

I installed Windows XP Professional on my unit and then ran the MsConfig.exe file, to check which processes / applications got loaded at Start-Up. The list is too big and quite difficult to figure out as to which items are good and which are useless.

I have created a WordPad file, wherein image files of Screens have been pasted. The two files are

MSConfig (Start-up items), Win 98 Pro, File 1.rtf 5,689,450

MSConfig (Start-up items), Win 98 Pro, File 2.rtf 4,734,281 ....

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How To Know Which Items In MSCONFIG Startup To Keep Or Kill

May 27, 2010

I have a long list of codes that appear under Start-up in MSCONFIG, and suspect they're slowing up my computer. Examples are CFSServ, ctfmon, and quttask. I used to know a website that lists such codes as things to keep or things to remove, but can't find it. Can someone tell me the name of sites that will do this for me?

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Msconfig Not Showing Startup Items

Dec 29, 2006

My OS: WinXP Home/SP2. How can I disable the following from loading at startup and appearing in my system tray: 'Vinyl Deck/S3tray plus utility/Windows Messenger' . Also how to disable 'Safely remove hardware' from startup. Msconfig does not show these items in Startup.

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Computer Administrator - Delete Some Startup Items Using Msconfig

Sep 20, 2008

I have XP Home and am trying to delete some startup items using msconfig. Even tho my user account is the administrator account, it will not let me make any changes. It says I am not the administrator. I don't have any idea why it is saying this. I have tried to do things like this before and always get the same answer.

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Wanting To Remove Unneeded Listed Items From The Msconfig Startup Tab

Mar 6, 2005

What I want to do is this:

When I go to START>RUN>"msconfig">startup tab I have many listed entries that I know are no longer needed on my computer, but have yet to find a way to delete them.

For example: My mom wanted me to download this TalkingBuddy program for my son, I did it, thought it was stupid so I uninstalled it. To me all components should be removed from the computer. However, when I go to START>RUN>"msconfig">startup tab I still see an entry for TalkingBuddy that can be checked to run at startup.

There are several other entries like this that I know I don't need and would like to know how to remove them. I also suspect that there might be some entries on there that look like they are needed but actually belong to other uninstalled or deleted programs.

Secondly, if anyone knows how to find and remove files that go to programs that linger around after you have uninstalled the program can you please tell me how to do that also. By this I mean for instance, that I have uninstalled Norton and now use Mcaffee, but there are still files that belong to symantec on my computer. I suspect that there are many other useless files from programs no longer on my computer that can also be deleted as well.

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Msconfig Normal Startup, Stop Running At Startup, And Change Back

May 16, 2007

I want a program to run at startup and I want to be able to change what I have done at any time.

There are a number of unchecked entries in msconfig and I have to use Selective Startup all the time.

If I want to revert to Normal Startup under the General tab instead of Selective Startup, the program's box automatically rechecks itself in Startup.

The Startup tab gives me a handy record of what I did and allows for an easy change of mind so long as I continue to use Selective Startup.

If I edit the Registry to stop programs running at startup, they won't show in msconfig and I lose the handy record of how it was and I may have to reinstall the program to go back to it running at startup.

I would like to accomplish this:

1. Use Normal Startup instead of Selective Startup.

2. Have some programs not run at startup, but be able to easily change back to having them run at startup.

3. Have a readily accessible list of those programs and the details as shown under the Startup tab as a reminder of how it was without having to manually enter it all into a text file or keep a notebook or reinstall.

Is there some way to use Normal Startup, stop programs running at startup, but retain or find a list of those programs (including the details under the headings Startup Item, Command, Location) that is shown when using Selective Startup with unchecked boxes under the Startup tab?

To put it another way, use Normal Startup but somehow retain the convenient flexibility of Selective Startup.

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Cleaning Up Startup: Msconfig Showing Startup Normal?

Feb 10, 2010

I think I might need to do this.It's now impossible to click or d/click on a programme or even an email and have it open I have to click 6-10 times before the little hourglass appears.I think I need to change my startup : what do you think? Msconfig shows my startup options to be -Normal Diagnostic Selective
Ought to to choose diag?Or Selective?because I can't decide which programmes I ought to remove and which to leave in, but I'm sure I have too many.

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Remove Common Startup Items From Startup List

Dec 25, 2005

How do you remove the "Common Startup" items from the startup list in msconfig for Windows XP? I did locate and remove the "Run" items that are located in HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionRun.

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Msconfig Won't Run- Trying Clean Startup

Jun 12, 2005

I am trying to clean up some startup items and when i go to run msconfig the hour glass comes up for a second and then it goes away but nothing happens

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Startup Changes Using Msconfig.exe And Services

May 9, 2007

Dell XPS T450, 576 MBWindows XP Pro OSI'm trying to make some startup changes using msconfig.exe and services.msc from the run command line. Despite running under an administrator login, I get a message to the effect that I don't have administrator privileges to run these commands.

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Getting Msconfig Error: While Trying To Run At Startup?

Nov 20, 2006

I open the System Configuration Utilility, go to the "Startup" tab, click on a program I no longer wish to run at startup and get an error message stating: "An access denied error was returned while attempting to change a service. You may need to log on using an Administrator Account to make the specified changes".I then click on OK to the error message and then the text box pops up stating the usual "You must restart your computer for some of the changes made by System Configuration to take effect". "Restart" - "Exit without Restart".

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Startup List On Msconfig

Jul 25, 2005

What do I need on startup list at msconfig What needs to be running It takes to long to load at startup

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Startup Menu In Msconfig

Apr 12, 2006

I have got windows xp.I don't seem to have all the necessary things in my startup menu. In fact I've only got 4 things in there and they are programmes I have installed. This I think has resulted in me having "no audio devices" in the control panel.

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Too Many Startup Items ...

Aug 13, 2005

When I log in to my computer It takes long time load up......the problem is that after everything is said and don I have aprox. 56 processes running. I do not have any programs in my startup folder. I know there is a way to stop all of these programs from starting up. So my questions are 1. How do i stop all these programs from loading? 2. What are the programs that have to run for windows to work?

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Unable To Change Msconfig Startup

Apr 28, 2007

I have a Windows XP Home installation and the main account is set as an administrator account.when we log into this account the command prompt window is displayed, but not with a c prompt and there is nothing we can do to exit it (i.e unable to type exit)

On looking at the startup options in msconfig, which is what's causing the command prompt window to open:

Startup Item: svchost

Command: C:windowssystem32driverssvchost.exe
Location: HKCUSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrenVersionRun

So using the account that is in the administrators group I tried to deselect it but when clicking Ok or Apply I get this message:

Error: An Access Denied error was returned while attempting to change the service. You man need to log on using and Administrator account the make the specified changes.

But I am using an Admin account...!?!?

So I tried rebooting into safe mode, then as the 'Official' Admin account to change it but when I login as the Administrator the svchost isn't in the start up options?

There are a couple of other accounts that are just standard accounts and they don't have the svchost on their startup.

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Found Startup Problem In Win.ini Using Msconfig?

Dec 20, 2005

I recently began having problems when restarting- 90% of desktop icons were gone,replaced with generic program icons then, after a few seconds, windows explorerwould crash. When starting in safe mode the icons reappeared , so I used msconfig /selective startup to quickly determine the cause. It's in a file called *[annie] with the item *'Frame Rate=666666' the apparent culprit.

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Leave Checked In Startup Tab When Run Msconfig?

Feb 29, 2008

If you have too many things checked on the startup menu when you run msconfig it will slow your computer down.While I can figure some of those things out, there are a lot of them I have no idea what they run. How can I find out what is neccessary or not?

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Getting Two Entries In Msconfig Startup In Different Language?

Jun 9, 2005

Two of the entries right before the unchecked items are in another language. It looks like japanese code to me. How do I get them back in english so I can see what they are.

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Startup: Warning Disk Write Cache Is Disabled?

May 19, 2006

why does it say warning disk write cache is disabled.but in device manager everything seems fine and are there any other things you recomend i do to get a faster bootup. everything performs great but there may be more i can do for a even faster bootup.

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McAfee Firewall Is Disabled On Startup For Upto 20 Secs.

Oct 17, 2005

Occasionally when I start up, The Icon in the system tray for McAfee turns to black and says firewall disabled. I have run a full virus scan, Spybot, Adaware and Spy doctor. nothing has been found that would suggest a problem. Any ideas as to why? It's not every time and only at start up. I am running XP Home, McAfee version 5. Once running no problems.

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Rundll32.exe Startup Items

Jul 27, 2005

I have a question about one of my startup items which is the rundll32.exe bthprops. I did a search but am still not sure whether I can uncheck this or not.

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Can I Uncheck These Startup Items

Dec 10, 2005

In my laptop (Thinkpad R50e), I have my windowsXP preinstalled by IBMThinkpad but I noted that its quite slow, so I decided to check which s/w is running and so I goto start/run msconfig/startup , and I see the following but I do not know what are they. Can members tell me which startup items appended below that I can uncheck in startup tabs

Adobe Gamma Loader
Digital Line Detect
Microsoft Office

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Duplicate Startup Items

Dec 5, 2006

Windows XP Home, SP2

In the startup folders of the start menu, if the items are in the user's startup folder, they don't start up. If the item is in the All Users startup folder, they open twice. This is evident as well when looking at startup items in msconfig. If the items are in the user's startup folders, they don't appear in msconfig, but when they are in the All Users folder, they appear twice, once as "Common Startup" and once as "Startup"

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Startup Items Not Starting Up

Sep 7, 2007

When I boot up my computer, my startup items are not always starting up. I have checked the settings in msconfig and the ones that are checked are still not starting up. Any ideas why and what can I do to remedy the problem. I am running XP Home sp2.

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How To Limit Startup Items

Sep 28, 2007

I try going to msconfig and uncheck some things but could not do that. How to do this with xp home???

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Remove Startup Items

May 22, 2008

I have some startup items that I want to remove on my computer. I have used the msconfig to uncheck the boxes for these startup processes, but I then get a message when I startup about running in diagnostic mode. How do I permantly disable these processes?

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Too May Items In My Startup Programs?

Oct 19, 2009

My 2005 hp pavillion is very slow. Slow to startup and slow internet connections.

I ran msinfo32 and looked at the Startup Program list in the Software Environment. There are too many things to list in this post (must be a couple of hundred items listed). Not sure how to determine if these items can be deleted or not. The list is too long to show here. Any suggestions? Thanks...

Here is a partial list .......

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