Internet Explorer Stops Responding

Jul 27, 2007

hello i got xp with all updates latest java and flash player but i got problems with some pages especially Internet i think its a memory or java script problem but dont know.
ie works for a while then dies no freeze or error doesn't help opening a new window i have to restart new hardware and reinstalled xp but the problem is still there have tried ie7 and firefox but its the same.

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Internet Explorer Stops Responding

Oct 9, 2007

I think i have IE 6 but when i open up a drive or folder maybe like on a spare partition where i work with movies and music. I get a message saying Internet Eplorer has encountered a problem and must close so it closest out my whole "My Computer". Why is it doing that too me? How can i fix the problem? Should i downgrade to an earlier version then 6 or should i upgrade? What my computer have to do with IE? I appericate if someone can reply back ASAP and help me troubleshoot.

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Explorer.exe Stops Responding ASAP

Jul 1, 2005

I have been having this problam for a while but I just ignored it until now, because it is pissing me off. If I open a folder(any) some times it wont open, explorer.exe just closes and opens by itself. Some times I have to go to Task nager>Processes>explorer.exe right click on it and End Process Tree and then I have to go and open it using "New Task.." in Task Manager. Then it lets me open a folder but if I don't use the folder for a while and then start using it or close it and then wait and open another folder the same thing happens.

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Explorer - Stops Responding On Computer

Sep 11, 2007

I'm getting quite annoyed at the problems that I think Explorer is causing.Things generally run fine until I open Explorer if I need to copy files etc.Most times, but not all the time, it will stop repsonding and i need to end the task in task manager. The rest of the system works without problem.I have attached a Hijack This log file. Even when the log file opened (txt format) it stopped resoponding and I had to use Task Manager to close the log file.

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IE Not Responding - Update Internet Explorer Has Been Freezing

Aug 17, 2006

My computer runs Windows XP SP2.. I Know there was a recent update at the beginning of this week my computer automatically downloaded and installed. Since this update my Internet Explorer has been freezing, than a box pops up saying it's not repsonding and it automatically closes out. It does this after using it for less than a minute so it's rather annoyning. I've ran several malware/adware programs as well as my virus program (AVG).. what else can I do to fix this irritating problem?

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Not Responding - Internet Explorer And All Other Applications / Programs?

Sep 16, 2006

I am running on windows XP SP2 integrated. I realised that whenever I start my PC,windows does not respond(i.e. when I click on my internet explorer and all other applications / programs,they do not respond).I have to wait for at least 10-15 mins or restart 2 to 3 times,then windows can respond.I really do not know what is going on.I have scanned my PC with noadware but found nothing.Should I reformat my PC or perform a system restore? I am currenting using Intel Pentium III processor with 801 MHz,256MB of RAM.

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Not Responding Internet Explorer While Loading Homepage

Aug 8, 2005

When I use Juno on my HP it stops responding while loading its homepage. I can end the program now. Click on Internet Explorer and continue in the Internet. But then come the problem. About a half hour after I close the Internet Explorer. My machine freezes. I pull the plug plug it back in and it boots up like nothing happens. I have a dual boot on this machine. Just put in Linspire about two weeks ago because of this
problem. Juno works fine under Linspire. So I know it is not Juno nor HP so it has to be with Windows XP.

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Home SP2 Stops Responding

Jun 27, 2005

If I am in a browser (IE or Firefox) periodically XP Home SP2 stops responding. To fix I have to reset the CPU and power it back on. I am current on Window Updates and Anti-Virus scan shows nothing.

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Computer Stops Responding

Dec 5, 2004

This computer has begun to need re-booting many times per day. There are numerous problems commencing with startup, so I'll begin there.I run Ad-aware 6, Spybot S&D and HijackThis frequently in order to try to prevent intrusions, but something seems to have failed!Upon startup, there is (recently) always a ZoneAlarm message saying that "explorer.exe is trying to access the internet" Although I have clicked the box for my (Deny) response to be remembered, the message has appeared at each startup for the last month or so, and I'm tired of that.Likewise, ZoneAlarm asks for permission to allow Firefox to access the internet shows up each time I start that even though I've told ZA to remember it.

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Stops Responding When Logging Off

Sep 18, 2005

My problem is related to the one below: [...] -us;872789 I am basically after the hotfix if anyone has it or knows where I can get
it, to get rid of this rather annoying bug?

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My Notebook Stops Responding

Jul 19, 2006

I have got DELL Inspiron 6000 notebook, 1.6 GHz 590MHz FSB Intel Pentium Processor and 1GB RAM with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 2 installed.Since couple of weeks my notebook stops responding for 4-5seconds like it stops responding to my keystrokes and mouse movements and clicks. Even the music stops playing during that time.

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Support Stops Responding

May 15, 2007

I have 10 Dell GX60's running windows XP Pro all connected to a network. Whenever i try to run the 'Help and Support' feature on any of the machines it always stops responding.
I have found a page on the microsoft knowledge base and i was wondering if anybody new where i could get the hotfix from? or if there is a different way to fix it or a work around?

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Pro Stops Responding For 5 Mins

Mar 5, 2005

Upgraded my XP home PC (Athlon 64 3500) to XP Pro and added office 2003 pro. I now have a very irritating fault that I cannot find any info on. Basically on accessing the web using IE6 for the first time after a re boot the machine locks totally for approx 5 mins. During this time the Start button and Task manager dont respond. The only thing that seems to be still working is right clicking on the desktop brings up the properties screen. The computer does store the keypresses as 5 mins later several windows will pop up as per keys pressed and the machine will stay free of the problem until next re boot.

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System Stops Responding

Feb 10, 2007

When i open a web page ( any ) my computer just seems to stop responding.Sometimes I have to reboot and other times if I wait long enough 3-5 minutes the page will open. this also happens on opening mail.

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Mouse Hangs, Stops Responding

Jan 30, 2005

No one, even Compaq, can figure this problem out. Most times this happens when I am opening IEXPLORER or sometimes it just seems to happen after it's open. I will attempt to open IEXPLORER and my mouse will hang (stop responding) for about a second, then jump back into action. Say like opening up the web browser, and moving your mouse around in a circle, it stops even though you are still moving it. It also does this just when NOTHING is open on the desktop. Just stops for about a second, then springs back.

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Stops Responding When Left Idle

Aug 17, 2005

I recently added a usb2 pci card to my computer so that I can use it with my IPod. Since then, my computer freezes from time to time. I have no power saving features running, and I've disabled the screen saver.

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Computer Stops Responding On Startup

Sep 19, 2010

I was playing a game as I normal and the pc hanged momentarily (made a buzzing noise and the screen froze) then the pc restarted itself.As it restarted, it rebooted 2 times after seeing the bluescreem. NOW, when I turn the pc on, it comes to the advanced windows startup menu (safemode, previous setting etc), I press enter on any of the options and the pc just hangs there. It just freezes from the moment I press enter, the keyboard stops working aswell. I checked the hardware when it happens, the fans are still working. The only thing is, the red light in the front stops blinking. But overall, it seems like the system just turned itself off internally or something.

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Very Slow Freezes Stops Responding

Sep 25, 2010

Not sure whats up with it. very slow, freezes, stops responding, and when I change from one box to another. like from a title box to a message box I put in a few letters and then cursor stops and disappears. Some times I have to start completely over, some times I just have to left click. I can not watch any videos off the net like utube or any others.

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HP Pavilion A305w SP2 Stops Responding Randomly

Dec 20, 2004

PLEASE HELP!!!! HP Online TECH Support doesn't have a clue!! I have a HP Pavilion a305w. 2.7 Ghz Celeron, 256MB Ram, Onboard Intel Graphics, Onboard Sound, Windows XP Home SP2. I have Ad-aware SE and Norton Pro 2003. I run Ad-Aware SE regularly I have been unable to do a full system scan w/ Norton due to the problems I have been having. The PC usually shuts down before Norton can finish its scan. Here is the problem : The screen goes blank, the cd-rom comes on and runs continuosly, the hard drive comes on and runs continuosly and the blue HP power button goes dark even though the PC is still on. Also the caps lock and Num lock lights on the keyboard turn off. The PC does not respond to anything except holding the power button in to turn it off.

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Inordinately Long Boot Time - Stops Responding

Apr 17, 2007

My friends year old HP Pavilion laptop is taking an extremely long time to finish booting. It seems to boot fine until you select a user account and log on. The desktop and start-up apps seem to load in a timely fashion as well. However, if you try to launch any app (taskmgr, IE, Windows explorer, etc.) during the first 5-10 mins of operation, the entire computer stops responding for 5 min or so. The app will eventualy start, yet any other input will cause the computer to stop responding again. After 10 mins or so, everything starts to function normally.

When I have managed to get taskmgr open, the only activity seem to come from svchost, csrss and occasionally some of the Symantec and Spysweeper processes. She has run Norton Anti-virus and Spysweeper scans and found nothing. I have also scanned it with Trend Micros house call. Nothing looks amiss in the event viewer either. A couple months back her registry became corrupt and the computer would not boot period. I managed to manually restore the registry hives using the recovery console, and the computer had functioned perfectly until 2 weeks ago. Here is the hijachthis log file:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 6:27:03 PM, on 4/10/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16414)

Running processes:

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Media Center Automatic Reboot - System Stops Responding

Jun 24, 2006

Well I have had a Windows Media Center PC since the start of last year. I had some problems with the hard drive having a bad sector so had it changed. Now, this has happened 3 times. The first time I just downloaded a game and started it, the computer stopped responding and well I couldn't do anything but to press the restart button.I did this and then started the computer again and it got to the WinXP loading screen then rebooted, this carried on happening no matter which config (safe mode, last knwon... etc) I picked.
PS I also heard there is a patch to solve this.. but couldn't find it..

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Slow Start Up, Internet Explorer Responding Extremely Slow?

Jul 23, 2007

Having trouble at start up, very slow and opening IE or any other program also slow.

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Why To Click Repair - Internet Stops

Feb 6, 2006

sometimes my internet stops, like the loading bar is still loading but extremely slow, and i often get kicked off AIM, i get the Recconecting message window, i have to go to Local Area Connection Status, and click Repair until the internet works again? any idea why this is happening?

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Drive Won't Show In Explorer - File System Stops

Oct 12, 2008

H i have an old 80gb drive that i wish to use for storage by use of a hard drive enclosure. It had an old xp installed on it which ino longer wish to use, but when i hook it up to the pc the drive doesn't show up, i mounted the drive on a linux(ubuntu) system and managed to delete everything except the windows folder, i believe the ntfs file system is stopping it from being deleted, my question is how can i delete the windows folder so that i can format and reuse the drive without putting it into the pc, any further info needed will be duly supplied

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Zone Alarm Pro TRUE VECTOR Stops IE Explorer

Aug 7, 2005

In january of this year, I bought zone labs, zone alarm pro, after using free zone alarm for over 1 year. It ran flawlessly until the 1st of August,2005.After the latest update,(from zone labs) I received an error message (every time I logged on to the internet)that IE 6.0 was encountering errors and would have to close.Then the program would not close due to its inability to respond. I had to use task manager to close it, and that did not always work. The next error message came on right after that and stated that True vector had shut down; as soon as that message displayed another came up asking if I would like to restart True Vector. I clicked 'yes' on this and thereafter my ISP's connection (earthlink) completly froze up. Task manager again used to log off of earthlink. I googled True vector, and found that it was something included in zone alarm pro. They said the problem had been fixed, but I do not think so.After using 'add remove programs' to rid myself of zone alarm pro,and editing my registry to the best of my ability, everything returned to normal: ISP loaded normally and ran correctly. Zone labs will not deal with my problem, (would not even allow me to contact them unless I used their expensive phone support).So, as of now, my system is up and running wonderfully, without zone alarm pro; but I do not feel that winxp, service pak 2's firewall is adequate. What to do?

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EXPLORER.EXE Not Responding

Jul 13, 2005

A few weeks ago it started and got worse now that Windows shows the message "EXPLORER.EXE is not responding" during logoff/shutdown after it has been up for a couple of hours. After 2 or 3 minutes showing this message (I resist to abort the program), heavy hard drive activity and a low CPU load of approx. 5-10%, mainly kernel time, it continues and shuts down fine. Task manager shows that nothing much is happening during this 2-3 minutes except for page faults of explorer.exe thus I
assume it must be some paging performance problem. Generally, after these 2-3 minutes explorer.exe has accumulated another 20000 page faults before the system continues which seems a little bit much for a 25MB process. Sometimes, the heavy swapping for 2-3 minutes also happens while the system is running.The computer got a fresh XP Prof. SP2 setup from CD about two months ago. 512 MB main memory from which there is according to task manager 1/3 still available and the total memory usage is still far from that, too.

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Explorer.exe Not Responding

Feb 18, 2005

I am running XP professional. When the computer is booting up it stops and comes up with an error message "explorer.exe is not responding" and will not let me into the desk top. What do I do to get past this error message and how do I fix it.

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Home SP1 Explorer.exe Not Responding

Feb 10, 2006

Windows XP Home SP1 Laptop, about 18 months old about 6 months ago, problem at shutdown / restart = explorer.exe not responding.I have been working on the PC, today, for spyware / virus issues. The owner mentioned this issue as well.I have searched on: "windows xp" "explorer.exe" shutdown "not responding" OR hangs Found this one I need to find out which optical drives Sony has used.It is not a USB issue; problem occurs with no USB devices connected. I'll run ram diags, just for grins.Nothing in event viewer nor in Windows error reporting.

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Internet Explorer Corrupted / Reinstalling New Copy Of Internet Explorer?

Apr 2, 2007

i have windows xp professional operating system my internet explorer has been corrupt it does not open i want to know that i how can i install internet explorer from my windows XP CD if it is possible

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My Optical Mouse Stops Working - Stops Very Often

Aug 18, 2009

Does anyone know why my optical mouse stops working? It stops very often and I have to reboot the machine to get it to work again

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PC Too Slow/internet Explorer Crashes Randomly/ Explorer Service Quits?

Sep 28, 2006

My pc is so slow that it takes ages to play a song in wmp11. Ive used tools like ad-aware and registry mechanic, tune up utilities. But still no improvement. It used to be just fine, until I installed some pay-for-viewing add program. I have uninstalled it since then, but the slowness remains. And the processor is hogged, at the highest level, even though i killed many a startup processes.

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