Ethernet Controller Yellow Question Mark

Aug 12, 2008

I had to reformat my hard drive, under the device manager the Ethernet controller has a yellow question mark, now my DSL would not connect, also I thought should be network setting under that, didn't see any. I have windows xp sp2. under PC express controller port one I have the Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5750 Gigabit Ethernet Controller)

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Question Mark Next To The Ethernet Controller

Apr 11, 2006

When I go into Device Manager, under Network Adaptors, there is a question mark next to the Ethernet Controller. What do I need to do to get this up and running

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Little Yellow Triangle With An Exclamation Mark

Dec 4, 2006

I recently noticed that I have this little yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on it. It says that I have PSW.X-VIR Trojan.

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Device Manager Yellow - Mark

May 30, 2008

his is my first post so excuse me if its in the wrong place.Device manager/other devicesAudio device on high defenition audio bus Ethernet network controller ?
Video controller These all have the yellow ? markMy mother board is a Gigabyte technology m61p-s3.I have been to the Gigabyte website but dont have a clue what to download.

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Error In Status Bar- Mark In A Yellow Triangle

Oct 27, 2006

On some websites I get an error message which shows up in the status is an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle. When this happens, I can't access the website. I have tried several suggestions from Microsoft, but I just seem to trade one problem for another. This first showed up when I "upgraded" to SP2.

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Device Manager With Yellow Question Mark

Aug 29, 2005

I reformated the hdd on my notebook and reinstalled XP. I tried to play media player but it did not detect the sound card, it said:error id = 0x80040256 remedy id = 0x00000000 I went into device manager and in 'other devices' there was a yellow question mark and then all those devices (ethernet, multimedia, pci, sm bus control, serial bus control, video control) had yellow question marks next to them.

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Yellow Question Mark In Device Manager

Feb 18, 2006

I just did a complete reinstall of my win XP pro O.S. Computer is working fine. Only one minor problem, I have a yellow question mark in Device Manager under Other devices, Ethernet Controller. Under Network Adapters, I have my USB Cable Modem. Also, under start/control panel/network connections/local area connections - USB Cable Modem. In the past, when I did a complete reinstall of the O.S., I have installed the Broadcom 4401 Integrated NIC driver that came with my Dell resource CD. I would not have a yellow question mark. But then when I installed the USB Cable Modem, I would then disable the Broadcom, since I didnt need it anyway. At this stage I would not have any yellow question marks. This time, since I wasnt using the Broadcom, I did not install it and only installed the USB cable modem. But now I have the yellow question mark. Since the computer is working fine, do I just ignore this yellow question mark issue or is there another workaround. Dell Dimension model 2350.

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RAID Controllers Shows A Yellow Question Mark

Nov 4, 2009

In Device Manager, RAID Controllers shows a yellow question mark. Not sure what a RAID Controller is.

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Code 19 - USB Ports Not Working - Yellow Exclamation Mark

Apr 11, 2005

I have a Dell 4600 running XP Home and all my USB ports have suddenly stopped working. When I go to the device manager and expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers, each of the Intel(R) 8280 1EB VBB Universal Host Controller has a yellow exclamation mark beside them. When I check their status this is the message: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19). I was not in the registry prior to this, so I don't know how it got damaged
I tried this: Click Uninstall, and then click Scan for hardware changes to load a usable driver ? no effect.

I tried this: Restart the computer in Safe Mode, and then select Last Known Good Configuration,which rolls back to the most recent successful registry configuration ? didn't fix the problem. Microsoft says that as a last resort, you can edit the registry directly ? but I not sure where and what to edit in the registry. If anyone can tell me what keys to edit in the registry I would very appreciative. I will do anything to avoid reinstall windows from scratch. I unfortuately didn't have system restore going so I cannot use that.

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Can't Delete Temp Files - Yellow Exclamation Mark

Jan 14, 2005

i am trying to delete the temp files in the windows/temp directory but they won't delete. It says a program is using them but even when i try and get rid of them in safe mode they won't delete, how can i get rid of them? Also when i try to run a panda online virus scan i click on the scan my computer icon and it does nothing but there is a little yellow exclamation mark on the bottom left of the window, is that why it isn't doing anything and if so, how can i fix it?

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DVD/CD-ROM Drives With A Yellow Shreik/exclamation Mark In Device Mana

Dec 9, 2009

I have two DVD drives connected to an XP desktop computer, however, they do not work. They appear in Device Manager under DVD/CD-ROM drives with a yellow shreik/exclamation mark preceding the listing The devices are also recognized in the BIOS setup. When I click on the device in Device Manager, I get the message"Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)". One of the devices previously worked correctly. In fact, I completed a clean install of XP using it. Just what does the error message mean Does it mean that the devices are faulty & need to be replaced

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Ethernet Controller OMG

May 10, 2007

I just formatted my comp and re-installed XP. I had vista for awhile but I discovered that it sucks. I am using a custum built computer and i cant figure out if its the driver or what

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Missing Ethernet Controller As Well As Others

Apr 21, 2008

Someone reinstalled Windows XP on my son's computer, and now it is not working properly, so I am trying to help get it fixed. I have limited experience with this sort of thing. The specs on the computer are as follows: Acer Aspire 5050-3371 AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology MK-36 (2.0 Ghz 512 KB L2 cache) It will not connect to the internet, and when you check the Device Manager, it gives a yellow question mark under "Other devices". The other devices that have question marks

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File For Ethernet Controller

Aug 11, 2005

required the reloading of Windows XP professional on my factory-loaded laptop. I didn't have the CD, so I went to a shop and they did it. Since then, I've been getting this "new hardware" balloon when I start up, and it asks for file "el90Xbc5.SYS on ECD541DP90X". It asks for dwinxplan to load it from. Being CD'less, I've just cancelled it before. Now I'd like to work out how to deal with it can I get this file from somewhere

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Ethernet Driver Controller

Mar 2, 2006

I Was wonering if any one could help me find a driver for a windows 2000pro. For some reason there is none there We are haveing trouble find the ethernet controller as shown here.If any one has any advic]e please let me know i cant seem to find it anywhere and i cant get onto the internet on that computer.

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Driver For An Ethernet Controller

Sep 22, 2008

I need a driver for an Ethernet Controller for an Asus system board numbered PTGD-VX in a sony Viao model # PCV-A11L Running windows XP Pro. Asus's site has been down for a few daya nd I cant seem to find it any where. I will keep looking but if some one could point me in a good direction I would be grateful.

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Driver Missing Ethernet Controller

Oct 18, 2008

I reinstalled windows xp. im missing my ethernet controller, multimedia audio controller, video controller (vga compatible). i'm using ASUS Motherboard model is P4 P800-VM. i lost my motherboadr cd. i have downloaded audio driver and VGA from ASUS site it works well. but i also tryed the LAN driver from ASUS site but it did not has setup files, so i dont have idea how to istall it. but i have downloaded different supposed drivers of Ethernet controller from various sites and installed in my PC but it did not work. As you can guess without my ethernet controller i have no internet acces plz help. Im using a Net cafe right now trying to fix my computer

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PC Wasn't Reading The Ethernet Controller

Aug 1, 2007

I recently was reinstalling windows xp pro . after the fresh install i tried to connect to the internet nothing happened. went to the device manager and apparently the the PC wasn't reading the ethernet controller. so i went home to the dell support to download the necessary drivers needed. i even called dell to make sure i was doing the right thing. needless to say it still does not work... i opened up the CPU to try and find the actual name of the ethernet card and could not. there was a small metal box where you put the ethernet cable into. i did not see a card, yet i know there is one. sorry if I'm confusing. its a dell 8300 with no service code or service tag on it. i check inside and out

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Ethernet Controller - HP Pavillion 522c

Dec 18, 2009

I have a HP Pavillion 522c and I just reformated it, everything went smoothly except I do not have the Ethernet Controller and the Multimedia Audio Controller. I went onto the HP site to try and find it but to no luck, maybe I wasn't looking in the right place.

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Computer Having Trouble Ethernet Controller

Sep 16, 2005

I was wondering if any one could help me i fnd a driver for a windows 2000pro. For some reason there is none there.We are having trouble find the ethernet controller as shown here.If any one has any advice please let me know i can't seem to find it anywhere and i can't get onto the internet on that computer.

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Hp Compaq Driver Ethernet Controller Hp D330

Feb 20, 2010

where i find driver of Hp compaq driver ethernet controller hp d330

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Ethernet Controller - How To Upgrade/install The Right Drivers?

May 25, 2006

ethernet controller i dont know how to upgrade/install the right drivers, i know thatr my motherboard is the ASUS A7V8X ... but i'm having problems finding the right drivers

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Ethernet Controller Dell Dimension 2350

Apr 18, 2007

my computer Dell Dimension 2350 has been running at 100% cpu usage for a while now and it started occuring after the guy who came and installed the internet left. I ran tons of spyware, adware, and virus programs and came up with nothing, i wiped the computer clean and ran a fresh install but the trouble presisted. when i'm in safe mode none of this happens, the speed is fine In process explorer it says that the DPCs and Interrupts are pretty much hogging all of the system's resources. I did plenty of reading on the internet to find out it was probably a hardware or most likely in my case a driver problem. I got Driver Genius to update all of my drivers and now i see the only one that doesnt even have a driver and is saying there is an error for is my ethernet controller. It tells me that there is no driver installed for it yet it's still working. I'm not sure how i find what brand of controller i need the drivers too

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Fresh Install, Missing Ethernet Controller Driver

Dec 29, 2008

After installing Windows XP Home last night, I updated to SP3, installed drivers from However, installing the driver for Ethernet controller didn't work from Realtek ethernet is listed and working in device manager. This ethernet controller with yellow question mark maybe from the wireless card? The wireless xp utility is not in the system tray. I have an atheros internal wireless card. This is a Toshiba Satellite A25-s2792 laptop

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Ethernet Controller & Multimedia Device Details And Driver

Mar 26, 2010

I need to track down drivers for my Packard Bell Imedia 3082 XP Pro service pack 3 desktop. I have been to the packard bell support/drivers site and found 5 out of 7 missing drivers. I had tried the suggested site previously but when i clicked on download products i kept getting a "server not found message". Tried it yesterday again and it worked so thanks to the people who suggested that. Problem now is I am still missing my ethernet controller driver and my multimedia controller driver. I dont know the exact device details in order to download the two missing drivers. to tracking down the ethernet and multimedia controller. I have downloaded and installed the multimedia driver from the Pack Bell Imedia 3082 site but still it is yellow with exclamation mark. And i still cant connect to my Belkin router. So in brief: I need the device details to my ethernet controller and multimedia controller so that i can track down the drivers.

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Ethernet Controller - Running A Dell OptiPlex GX260

Jul 16, 2010

I have just re-installed Windows XP. After loading it I have opened the Device Manager and noticed that there is the dreaded "yellow questionmark" next to something called: Ethernet Controller. I am running a Dell OptiPlex GX260.

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Ethernet Controller - Compaq Presario 5301 Desktop

Feb 1, 2006

I have a Compaq Presario 5301 Desktop with Windows 2000 OS. When I installed the Belkin FSD6001 PCI Desktop Adapter onto the motherboard and reboot the pc, Windows prompted with a Found New Hardware Wizard window. It couldn't find the driver for the Ethernet Controller. It's an AMD K6 3D Processor. I tried going to HP/Compaq's site to find any available drivers to download, but couldn't find any

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Unable To Find Missing Drivers Of Ethernet Controller?

Sep 20, 2008

i just installed xp pro on my gatway 450rog all is working well but in the other device there are 5 things with yellow ? on them not the netork card that is fine but the ethernet controller,modem, how do i fix this i can not get it to conect to the internet to update thses

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No Sound On Dell 6400 Inspiron - Ethernet Controller

Sep 26, 2007

i got my laptop, Dell Inspiron 6400 about 2 weeks ago. Tried Vista, hated it.. formatted to my old XP Home. realised i had to download and install all the drivers myself as i dont have any cd's or manuals from Dell. so i did that. only problem is my 'Ethernet Controller' and 2 'PCI Devices# have yellow exclamation marks next to them, and i have no sound on the laptop. ive tried absolutely everything. hundreds of different drivers, tutorials, etc. i'm very desperate. i need my sound back.

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Ethernet Controller - Have A Gigabyte P35c-ds3r Mother Board

Jun 29, 2008

I reformated my pc yesterday and i got windows installed again, but i cant get online ...wen my pc starts it says Ethernet controller found, but wen it searches the pc for it it cant find i cant get online ...can someone help me on what i have to download to make it work.. i have a Gigabyte p35c-ds3r mother board, and a intel(r)core(tm)2 duo cpu e6850 proccessor..please someone help it sux without internt

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Http://www Tomshardware Com/forum/244803-45-compaq-driver-ethernet-controller-d3

Oct 8, 2010

I have no internet connection with the HP compaq, so need to download ethernet controller driver for hp d330 using my other computer

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