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Computer Won't Boot Up - Continually Reboots

Suddenly, today my computer won't boot up. It gets to where it displays the Windows XP screen, then for an instant there is a screen with some printing, but it goes too fast to read because the computer shuts down and reboots. It does this continually. I can boot up in safe mode so I went to add/remove programs in control panel and found two entries that I didn't recognize. I tried to remove them but they would not remove. Their names were ANIO Service and ANIWZCS2 Service. Keep in mind I was in Safe mode and logged on to a personal account, not the administrator account. I then went to Windows Explorer and there I saw a folder with the name ANI. Within that folder there were two more folders with files in them as listed below:

ANIO ServiceANIOInst (Followed by this description: ANIO Service Installer Alpha Networks Inc CtrlSrv Followed by this description: CtrlSrv MFC Application Alpha Networks Inc. ANIWZCS2 ServiceANIWZCS2.dll (

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Laptop Continually Reboots After BSOD
HP laptop with XP pro continually reboots after a BSOD It starts to load the windows logo.It will not boot to safe mode or any other mode.Last known good does not work.
Hardware and disk test OK.I believe it is most likely a corrupted windows file or registry.I have the OEM restore disks.Q1. will the restore discs overwrite the data? I suspect they will.Q2. Can I get to the restore point if i can boot the machine to DOS?Q3. What other tactic other than restoring from scratch might work?

Posted: Dec 10, 2005

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Computer Continually Restarting
I did a registry edit, (I think I didn't reboot the computer before turning it off and packing it for the flight, but I'm not sure) and without ever restarting the computer, I went on a plane flight. Now I'm at my destination (on another computer atm) and when I boot my computer, the lights literally turn on for only ~3 seconds, then it reboots, it will just continually loop this once I turn on the power supply and press the power button (turning off the power supply is the only way I've found to stop it). I don't think it even sends a signal to the monitor to turn on. I have been googling it and trying to find out what it is, it seems like it might be the registry that's the issue? If this registry edit did cause my computer to go haywire (even though I kind of have a hard time seeing that considering the reboot is so fast.. but I'm sure you guys know more than me) then what would I do to fix it? Get a boot CD right for my OS? Does that entail buying a new Win XP CD? Or can I use to fix it? If I can get to Windows I can revert the registry change, no problem, if that is what's causing it.

Posted: Dec 18, 2007

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Computer Continually Restarts - Mouse/keyboard Donot Work
Hello, I am new to this website, and need some serious help. I have a Gateway GT 5028 that is about a year a half old. I came home today to turn it on, and the only thing that happens is the fans both work, the cd drive lights come on, the power button light comes on, and the orange cpu light comes on. After a few seconds the cd lights flash again, and they repeat this process. The screen, keyboard, and mouse do not work. The monitor stays black the whole time. It has windows xp on it. I got it at Best buy, but it is out of warranty. It seems as if the computer continually restarts?

Posted: Jul 30, 2007

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Disk Boot Failure: Pc Reboots During Uninstallation Process?
I was uninstalling Norton Antivirus 2005 and during the uninstallation process, the PC rebooted (without warning me) and then the computer sat at a black screen. The screen said "disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter". Can you please let me know what might be causing the problem? I haven't made any recent hardware or software changes to the computer (other than attempting to uninstall Norton Antivirus 2005).

Posted: Mar 25, 2010

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Cannot Start Windows / Reboots To Boot Selection Screen Each Time
I am trying to help out a neighbor today who has computer related problems. He boots up his computer, to go to the screen where it gives him 5 choices to start his computer: start windows normally, safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, last good known configuration, etc. No matter which one he chooses though, they all give him the same result. He sees the windows logo with the bars loading up XP but shortly after that he gets a Blue Screen of Death for about a second (not long enough for me to see the error), then it goes back to the Boot options I listed above. Not exactly sure where to go when I am trying to help him at the moment. Usually, I can get the BSOD error and go from there, but this time I'm stuck because I can't see the error in time. At the moment, I have limited computer specs. from him (pretty sure its a dell) but other than that, not much else.

Posted: Dec 24, 2006

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My Computer Reboots Itself Over And Over?
i recently made a changeto my boot.ini file as i was advised to do so by another person in another forum as it was corrupted my omputer wont start,it loads up the white text then at the screen where it should load the windows bar thing,its just black and then it reboots,worse still i cnt press f8 or anything because that doesnt work on start up,nothing does,pressing delete to setup,no,doesnt work,nothing happens.also i tried to insert windows disk but that wont even boot,it doesnt even notice it in the drive.can anybody help me,there must be some way round it

Posted: Feb 2, 2009

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Computer Reboots Then And There
I booted her up and all is good. after doing something it froze. so i rebooted. it came to the screen that asks 4 safe mode etc I clicked the BEST PREVIOUS Settings thing. then it starts scanning for the scan disk. after its done it loads for a few sec then the pc just reboots then and there. I tried all other safe mode and normal etc options too.i tried skipping scan disk but no help Whats wrong? i don't wanna reinstall XP.

Posted: May 30, 2005

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Computer Boots Once Only Then Reboots?
ASUS laptop P3, 386MB RAM; XP2 - after scrubbing the drive of spyware and a virus - there was still one remaining - worm/spybot which included these 3 files: explore.exe, svshost.exe and windowsupdate.exe all of which are bogus files. I deleted these manually but did not find any registry entries (run once) that typically is associated with one of these files. Everything looked great until I rebooted because then XP starts, right after the logo screen things go black and the machine reboots forcing you to go to safe mode. You can go to safe mode once then reboot and come up into standard mode ok. Next time you reboot the reboot thing happens and you are stuck in this loop.

Posted: Oct 31, 2006

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Computer Reboots Itself On The Old Memory
I recently just built this computer so its still all pretty much brand new. Im not really sure what is making it reboot but it seems like im always playing a game when it decides to do it. After somone else suggesting it was the ram i decided to check my ram with memtest86+ and during the scan my computer rebooted itself pointing that it was prolly the ram. So now i am using my old ram while the other 2 gigs is bein sent back for return and the computer rebooted itself on my old memory so now im pretty sure its not the ram. I understand that it could be numerous things such as a loose wire,drivers,crack in motherboard but it would be nice if the problem could be determined or atleast narrowed down.

Posted: Oct 22, 2007

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Computer Reboots When Use Scroll
I am using XP sp3 on an Intel P4, having MS corded mouse, was also using Logitech optical mouse. When I open any web page and when I start to scroll down or up, computer reboots.

Posted: Jun 12, 2010

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Turn Off Computer-reboots
When I click on the "Start" button, then on "Turn Off Computer" then "Turn Off", it doesn't turn off it reboots.

Posted: Feb 5, 2005

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Computer Randomly Reboots
My problem as it stands is: My computer randomly reboots when utilizing graphics intensive programs. For example: games such as EverQuest, Final Fantasy XI, Quake III and programs such as Adobe ImageReady CS. I can't seem to establish any patterns between the crashes aside from they all seem to happen in graphics intensive programs (although ImageReady CS doesn't seem to be too graphically intensive to me). For a while, after a random restart, I would get an error saying my system has recovered from a serious error. Now I don't even get that. I just hang up on the "Welcome" screen in XP and have to ctrl+alt+del.When I first had a problem, I also had a problem that seems to be pretty common on the internet - My HD kep crashing and getting write errors to $Mft. So, I took the HD back (before I read about the problem) and it happened on the new hard drive. So, I called my friend and asked to borrow his XP SP1 CD to see if it might have some better effect on the situation than mine (my other friend suggested that it might have some problems copying certain files). When I reformatted and reinstalled with my friends version of XP SP1, I seemed to have no problems at all. No $Mft. Nothing. I upraded my motherboard drivers (including IDE bus/onboard sound/AGP driver), video drivers, directx. Still no problems. Then about 2 weeks after this, I started crashing randomly. I've scanned my computer multiple times for adaware/virus' and nothing has come up, so it's not that.

I've tried reformatting a few times and the same thing ends up happening in the end.I somewhat think its a complication between my video card and my motherboard versus my version of windows XP, and this is why:The odd thing is, if I plug in my old Hard drive (which I used with my new SAPHIRE RADEON 9700 for a little while before replacing it with a new one), I have no problems whatsoever. My computer is completely stable asside from the fact that the hard drive is slow. I replaced my video card about 3 months ago when my old GeForce went out. I used it with that old hard drive for a while with no problem. Then I got a new hard drive to give my computer a new kick -- and now I have nothing but problems.

Posted: Feb 25, 2004

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Computer Reboots But Dont Go Into Windows
On my comp, I could not reboot. Anyway I went(boot in safe mode,Last known...) the comp would just reboot and not go into Windows. I took the System diskl that came with it originally(2 years ago) and rep0aired the windows with the repair option instead of reinstalling windows completely. It worked fine, but i found windows to be XP service pack 1. I now updated service pack 1 completely and then updated to service Pack 2. Heres the prioblem. When Installing SP2 i kept getting Application errors for numerous Application stated below. On anyone of the Applications, the message was: instruction @ "ox5a00671a" referenced memory @ "oxff3fb084". The memory can not be "read".

Posted: Jan 15, 2007

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Computer Reboots After Coming Out Of Hibernation
Have a relatively new J & N custom computer running Win XP-SP3. Has an Intel Core Duo E8400 CPU on an Intel mobo with onboard sound and video. 2GB RAM. Two weeks or so ago, after fooling around with some services (unchecking ones I didn't think I needed), the computer started doing something strange: When you bring it out of hibernation (not standby -- full hibernation), it comes back alive for maybe 20 seconds, looks and works normally.

Posted: Sep 17, 2008

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Computer Reboots Itself - No Warning Just Closes Down
My computer keeps rebooting itself, no warning just closes down and reboots. It only does this when it is first switched on for the day and usually within a couple of minutes of starting up, then upon reboot it will last a similar sort of time before shutting down again. Afterwards it will be fine for the rest of the time it is on. Sometimes it doesnt even do it at all.

Posted: Sep 3, 2008

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Computer Reboots Automatically At Certain Time
My computer automatically reboots itself at 12:20 PM ET every day.

How can i fix this?

Posted: Sep 13, 2005

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Computer Randomly Reboots - Locks Up
I bought new HP pavilion A6040N running Vista Home Premium. It randomly locked up or rebooted and I hated Vista so I installed a new copy of XP Pro. Everything has been running like a champ and all of the sudden it's doing it again. I have swapped ram, checked the CPU temps and had the PS tested and everything seems to be okay but It still happens from time to time and it can happen when you are just surfing the net or it can happen when burning a DVD or something

Posted: Dec 1, 2007

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Computer Reboots Itself Randomly When On Internet
When connected to the internet, the computer randomly reboots itself. It appears to dislike some sites more than others. I have tried running anti virus and anti spyware but this semms to just alleviate but not cure the problem. If a message is sent to Microsoft it claims that te Webstar has the solution, but this does not appear to work either.or I am not applying it correctly.I have an HP 200GB Pavilion with pentium 4 processor, XP, using blueyonder broadband.

Posted: Oct 24, 2006

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Computer Reboots Frequently In All Modes
My computer reboots every time it reaches the welcome screen. Sometimes it actually gets into windows but not long enough to do anything. I have tried everything except of reformatting or trying to refresh the os as I don’t have my xp disc. I tried safe mode and tried safe mode with networking but same problem. I tried VGA mode people seemed to have thought might be a video thing still reboots. I tried to disable auto restart to see if I could get any type of error message but still reboots.

Posted: Mar 27, 2006

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Computer Crashes / Randomly Reboots
(World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike Source) as well as during startup and during desktop use, that my computer sometimes reboots itself automatically. Like pressing the restart button, or the screen freezes (occurs when playing Counter-Strike Source) and my audio emits a very high pitched stuttering sound and no commands work, and as such the computer must be manually restarted. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would be able to give me some clues as to what is wrong.I am currently using the latest free addtion of Zone Labs 'Zone Alarm' firewall and AVG free anti-virus + Ad-Aware SE Personal Spyware removal. These programs have not found any viruses on the computer, although sometimes during a virus scan with AVG the computer will automatically reboot half-way through the virus scan procedure.

Posted: Apr 10, 2006

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Computer Reboots: System Recovered From Serious Error?
my comp reboots for no reason an when its finished rebootin it say i had a serious error

Posted: Jul 25, 2009

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Computer Stands - Reboots Returning To State
I had a virus a few weeks ago that cheese helped me with. However, now whenever I start up, I get a problem. windows classifies it as a serious problem. Here are the error messages.Also, when the computer stands by, when you wake it up, it reboots instead of just returning to its state before it went to sleep. Any ideas why? here are the errors

Posted: May 29, 2006

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BSOD - Reboots System - Replaced Computer Cpu
Ive been getting a Windows XP Pro BSOD with the following technical information:
STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF495FED The computer resets before any more information is displayed.This error has been occurring for a few months, but it occurs occasionally, i usually just let the comp reboot and choose "Start Windows Normally" and it will boot fine. However, today i did that over 10 times and it kept giving me the bsod. Then i gave up, but tried again after 15 mins or so, it booted up.I only started getting the error after i replaced my comp's PSU (the old one died - i tested the old one on another comp) a few months ago. At the same time I decided to replace my graphics card (Leadtek Winfast A6600GT TDH replacing a Radeon 9200SE), and install a new sound card (SB Audigy 2 Value) and new hdd (Western Digital SATA 200G

Posted: Jul 12, 2005

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Computer Randomly Reboots - Services.exe Keeps Crashing
I use Windows 2K, my computer randomly reboots saying that SERVICES.EXE has been terminated and will restart the computer in 60 seconds. If you switch the time back, it says "will reboot in 365 day." I have a question, is this a virus, or is my computer just stupid?

Posted: Nov 16, 2006

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Computer Reboots / Task Manager Disabled
I started getting random popups and my start page had changed, so i ran Microsoft antispyware. When the scan is halfway through my computer reboots. I tried with norton and ad-aware, but they also reboot halfway through the scan. My task manager is also disabled, and my background has changed to a blue screen that says something along the lines of: "System Stopped. System has been stopped due to a serious malfunction. Spyware activity has been detected."

Posted: Jul 8, 2005

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Computer Reboots Itself After Getting Online: Solution Needed.
I have a AMD Sempron processor using Win XP. I have had it for quite some time now, but it is starting to reboot itself when I am online. I am on a website and it goes blank and reboots itself. Any suggestions as to how to fix this problem. I recently downloaded AVG 8.0.

Posted: Jul 17, 2008

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STOP 0x0000000A Message Reboots Computer Automatically
Recieved this error, STOP : 0x0000000A, 0xFEFD7000, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x804FA497,Memory tested fine with mem86.I am suspecting a defective Video Card?

Posted: Oct 9, 2007

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PC Freeze Continually - Run Spybot
Why does my IE freeze continually. I've run spybot

Posted: May 6, 2007

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Desktop Continually Reloads.
My son helpfully managed to get a trojan installed on my machine, a nasty piece of work called Puper-D. I nailed it ok, but then my desktop would continually reload, and freeze as Dr watson came up.I disabled the good doctor in the registry to see what the problem was, and it was an application error in explorer.exe. I reloaded windows XP pro as a repair install, assuming the trojan had damaged the OS, and now I'm not getting the error message, but the desktop continuously refreshes about every 12 to 15 seconds, and takes anything on it out.

Posted: Jul 19, 2005

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