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Can Not Uninstall Driver For RAS Async Adapter

I have serious doubts that reason of appearance of NetBT Error message 4311 in my Error Event Viewer is in connection with Ras Async Adapter .In Device Manager of my XP SP3 , I have yellow exclamation sign on RAS Async Adapter.When try to uninstall this driver ,received :Failed to uninstall the device.The device may be required to boot up the computer, Seems this diver is in certain way protected by the system.Strange why this happened.Normaly any driver should be free to uninstall and reinstall it, or I am wrong.

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Network Driver Needed - RAS Async Adapter
I need a driver for my network card - a RAS Async Adapter. Can't seem to find a proper download anywhere on the net! Not even on Windows Update.

Posted: Oct 2, 2008

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Cannot Uninstall Network Adapter
Following overactive uninstallation of an ip filtering utility, my network adapter has stopped functioning. (Broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller, XP pro sp1)
I strongly suspect serious registry damage, but none of the three highly rated registry utilities I have used have been able to fix the problem. In Device Manager -> properties, the message is : 'device not configured properly (code 1), reinstall the driver.' Attempting to reinstall the driver gives the following error message: 'An error occurred during installation of the device The system cannot find the file specified'.

Posted: Feb 18, 2005

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Unable To Uninstall Network Adapter (Code 31)
I have an Intel Network card in a fairly modern computer running Windows XP SP1. Unitil I uninstalled a VPN client I have had no trouble with it. However, after the uninstall, Win XP displays a yellow icon with an exclamation mark for the network card in the device manager and the info says "Code 31 Could not load the drivers for this device".I have tried uninstalling the network adapter (in order to be able to re-install it) but Win XP tells me that it "Failed to uninstall the device. The device may be required to boot up the computer".I have also tried upgrading the drivers for the adapter but the problem prevails.My guess is that the registry somewhere links my network card with a virtual driver that the VPN client used.

Posted: Apr 20, 2004

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Ethernet Adapter Driver
I'm writing this from my work computer, because I've totally messed up my Dell Dimension 8250 running XP Pro).I combined my dual OS computer into only one large partition and Fdisked(wiped out my OS(s) on my primary hard drive, in an attempt to reinstall on XP OS for my computer.To make a long story as short as I can, I removed(Fdisk) and "clean installed" my XP Pro OS from Dell's XP installation disk on my unpartitioned primary hard drive, But I can NOT connect to my ISP or the internet because I lost the driver CD and can't connect to the internet to download and install then.

Posted: Mar 21, 2006

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Net Adapter Driver
Well, over the pas few weeks i have tried installing backtrack and ubuntu which are both linux distros and did not have any luck connecting to the internet wireless or through a cable.I reformatted the computer and reinstalled windows and still nothing.I have went to device manager and tried uninstalling and rebooting, hoping that it would fix it. Didnt work. Also i have multiple other devices with yellow question marks as there icon.

Posted: Jan 8, 2009

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MN-520 Wireless Adapter Driver?
where to find MN-520 Wireless Adapter Driver?

Posted: Sep 23, 2010

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IDE To USB Adapter - Need Driver
IDE to USB Adapter - need driver, I purchased a Vantec CB-IUSB20 so I could hookup a slave drive temporarily.However, I am unable to "see" the drive and the mini disk that they gave me only shows "card reader" drivers.I'm running it on a WinXP machine.I used it originally a month or so ago on another machine but no luck on this one, I've tried a Maxtor 30GB and a Seagate 200 GB.

Posted: Feb 28, 2007

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USB Driver For Infrared Adapter
I have bought an infrared adapter to connect to my mobile phone (MA620 USB), but unfortunately I could not install it to my computer....I know it should be Straight forward and I have followed the instructions step by step ...but all I kept getting is a massage saying that the driver for the device could not be found (even on the disk that came with the device). Iam using XP home edition sp2, and the driver on the disk is for use with xp. I have even downloaded the latest driver from the company home page .....but still got the same result.

Posted: Jul 25, 2005

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Driver For Hp Net Adapter 1394
I want drive for net adapter device.

Posted: Sep 2, 2010

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Getting Online With Wireless Adapter Driver MA101
Just purchased a Netgear N Router. I have the router hooked up to a comcast - motorolla cable modem hardwire) , and thats working fine, but I am trying to get online with a netgear adapter - MA101, on another desktop. I purchased the adapter back in 2003, and have downloaded the up to date drivers for it on the pc, that I am not able to get online with. It is getting a very strong signal from the router, with my ntework name and everything. Been on the phone with netgear for hours, and they cannot resolve it either.

Posted: Jul 23, 2009

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USB Bluetooth Adapter Driver Software
I have a usb bluetooth adapter but i have no installation software. i only know the adapter no it is- ISSCBTA.

Posted: May 24, 2010

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Edisonsoft Usb Infrared Adapter Driver
I got an infrared adapter labeled es620, i can't install it on my win xp...anybody who can give me the driver for this?

Posted: Jun 25, 2006

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Finding Netword Adapter Driver For HP A1640n
I been trying to find the driver for my integrated network card for the computer HP a1640n. I just reformatted my pc and all I want to do is install my network driver for my pc to get back online.all I know it is an integrated network adapter and all I want is to get it working again.Again I'm using windows xp pro now. since I don't have Microsoft media center edition.

Posted: Apr 10, 2007

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My Network Adapter Cannot Be Recognized Even After Loading The Driver
I have a Dell D600 Latitude that was working fine, then i opened and email that i thought was from my sister and now my network adapter is not recognized and reflects the yellow!. I bought a Linksys USB ethernert adapter and get the same result. The drivers cannot load.I have no way of connecting this computer to the internet to run updated virus software or go to Dell to run diagnostics.

Posted: Nov 21, 2009

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1394 Net Adapter Driver Download
I had vista now i have changed XP but 1394 Net apater creating problem for me and it does not show any LAN signals.

Posted: Apr 3, 2010

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Driver For A Wireless Network Adapter Mn-720
The Driver for a wireless network adapter mn-720 needed.

Posted: May 21, 2010

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Netgear Wireless-G PCI Adapter Driver
I purchased a wireless PCI adapter as listed above for my Windows Media Center 2005. My computer has a 2.0 GHz dual core processor and 3 GIG of RAM, 256 MB RAM Video card.
Here is my problem, when I install the software for the wireless card, it changes my Windows Login and disables the Welcome Screen. There is no drop down for users to log onto the computer, I have to type the name to login. I tried to just install the driver and my computer did not like that, it locked up twice. So I am back to installing the whole program.where I can get just a driver for this card? I searched the NetGear website and it has an updated program but no individual drivers. I tried to use WinZip to extract the exe into individual files but no luck.

Posted: Feb 22, 2009

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Clean Install / CT Network Adapter And Can Not Find The Driver
I am going to install a new OS Windows XP , Home with sp2 on my computer , at least try. Now i remember that the network adaptor is one of the things i need to d/l drivers for , well i have already run into trouble i have a Intel Pro/1000 CT network adapter and can not find the driver for it.

Posted: Sep 4, 2007

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Ethernet 1394 Net Adapter Driver Issue
I can't seem to resolve. I've just reinstalled Windows XP. Everything seems to be fine except for when I try to install my cable which uses the ethernet adapter. Every time I try to install the driver for the ethernet adapter it says this:"The driver was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software""The drivers for this device is not installed"Can someone please help me with this? How can I get this ethernet card to work?

Posted: Feb 15, 2006

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Microsoft 1394 Net Adapter Driver Download
I dont have my 1394 net adapter installed? can someone show me were the driver is please?

Posted: Feb 13, 2010

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After Installing, Cant Find Compatible Driver For Display Adapter
I have this pentium 3 - 700 mhz computer which today I formatted and installed windows xp pro on it. The motherboard on the computer comes with a SIS 5598/6326 display adapter for which I been searching the internet for its WIN XP driver but havent found any except for the other versions of windows are available.What can I do if there is no WIN XP version of this driver?

Posted: Dec 22, 2006

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USB Wireless G Adapter Won't Install Driver
The reason this is urgent for me is because I am leaving to move into my new apartment tomorrow morning, and once I am gone from my house, pretty much any technical problem will not get solved (I am sure many of you here are familiar with this position).My brother's computer was full of viruses so I reinstalled a fresh copy of windows, and everything is working great.But I go to install the Westell wireless G USB adapter for internet, and the driver will not install.I have installed the utility first - it then asks to connect the device which I did. The new hardware thing pops up, and since I don't have the installation CD (lost it, but downloaded the files from Westell's website), I browse to the folder of those files, and it searches and says it cannot find the driver.

Posted: Jun 14, 2008

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Uninstall Driver Scanner
I installed Uniblue Driver Scanner and paid for it on the advice of DivX. It reports 4 outdated drivers supposadly replaced them but upon rescan it reported that they still needed updating. There appears to be no uninstall.

Posted: Sep 23, 2010

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Broken Driver / Won't Uninstall
I have a Linksys WMP54GX Wireless-G PCI Adapter with SRX. It worked fine, but now the driver is broken, and I can't uninstall or reinstall it.I need to fully wipe it from my registry, harddrive, et al, in order to do a fresh install. I am somewhat computer literate, but still a bit wary of fiddling with the registry without knowing exactly what I am doing.Thought I should add that the bundled software uninstall doesn't work, nor does the Device Manager's. When I attempt to uninstall from the device manager, I get a message like "failed to uninstall, device may be required to boot". I need a manual removal.

Posted: Oct 5, 2006

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Ps2 Mouse Not Working / Uninstall Driver And Rebooted PC
I recently upgraded my motherboard but kept my hardrive as is except for changing the drivers provided with my Mb and registering xp again as xp stated that too many changes took place. my mouse not working I uninstall my mouse driver and rebooted xp where it did pick up my mouse but no movement I also tried installing the software provided with the mouse but no luck. I even took another hardrive and installed xp on there the mouse then work fine.

Posted: Jul 15, 2005

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RAS Connection To Connect To Servers Via IP
I use Windows RAS connections to connect to servers via IP. Recently, they have "stopped working" the first time I connect, then every other time after that. The modem connects, I can log in just fine, it assigns me an IP address, but I can't ping the server. If I hang up and do it again, I can then ping the server. If I hang up and do it a 3rd time, it doesn't work. 4th time it does, etc, etc...I have dozens of servers I connect to and they all do this and it didn't do it a few weeks ago, so I know it's not the equipment. I have XP Pro verson 2002 Service Pack 2 and I'm current on all Microsoft updates. I have automatic updates setup and I do recall that my computer had reset (which means it did an update) a few days before I noticed the problem. I know Microsoft has had RAS issues in the past.

Posted: Aug 2, 2007

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Unable To Find Display Adapter/Display Driver?
I am experiencing pixelization problems. At first it would only occur at boot up or reboot. Now it is happening all the time which can be help somewhat by refresh, changing the desktop picture, and/or logging off then on I have tried, disabling the 128MB DDR ATI Radeon 9800 Pro using device manager. At first it was OK but at low resolution (VGA I think), but when it asked if I wanted to let windows manage the graphics it got garbled again. I have reset resolutions down to 800 x 600 using the graphics card but that doesn't help.

Posted: Jun 1, 2006

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NIC Wireless Adapter And Bluetooth Adapter Disconnected
Have a dell xps m140, running win xp pro service pack 3. Based on your knowledge of windows xp system files and there function, i was wondering if you would know appropriate files that will need to copy. The scenario is a s follows

Got infect by a virus, virus was removed by Kaspersky. After virus removal both the 10/100 NIC and the wireless adapter, and the bluetooth have indicated that they are disconnected. However from device manager they show up as working properly, which they are not as I cannot connect to the internet and there is a red X on all three icons in the system tray. I am wondering if a system file related to network connectivity was afftected and subsequently deleted by kaspersky

Posted: Sep 27, 2009

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