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Video Drivers For ATI FireGL V3350

I am looking for video drivers for my Windows 7 OS. I install the graphic card ATI FireGL V3350 256mb. I went to AMD website but they don't have it.

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Crashed While Playing AA 3.2 On A Brand New Dell V3350?
Just bought about a week ago a new Dell Vostro 3350, i7, 8gigs of ram. everything went well for a couple of days, worked on a 3D design software (SolidWorks), played some light internet games, etc. Then, after running Americas Army V3.2 for about 10 min. the computer just shut down! after restarting it i got a message saying that there is a problem with the ATI driver. i have tried to reinstall the catalist drivers but since then i cannot use the full resolution of the screen or open the catalist control center.

i have attached the BSOD report but got an error with the perfmon report.

Posted: Apr 15, 2012

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ATI FireGL V5200 Driver For Windows 7?
I have a HP Compaq NW8440 laptop with ATI FireGL V5200 video card, my problem is that when I try to install Windows 7 it doesn´t recognize my video card, I looked for it in, but there are no drivers for Windows 7, I had nothing in either.So...does anybody knows how to fix this problem or where can i get the ATI FireGl V5200 driver for Windows

Posted: Jul 17, 2010

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ATI FireGL V5200 Driver Install Problem
I just installed the W7RC, and have been trying to finish updating everything, and though windows reports that there is a win 7 driver for the FireGL V5200, every time I try to install it, I get an error code 80200053.

Has anyone else encountered this? I've been running 7 in various build stages for awhile, and I've never had a problem with drivers until now.

Posted: May 13, 2009

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ATI V7100 Video Drivers
i am looking for video driver for my windows 7 64bit machine

i am using the ATI firegl v7100 video card

Posted: Sep 11, 2009

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What Video Drivers For 7137
I have just installed 7137. while ms drivers are nice, I think I will get the nvidia one (better game support?). The official nvidia drivers are released May 6 (before 7137) , so is it wise to install those drivers or stay the the ms ones?

Posted: Jun 1, 2009

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ATI HD5770 Video Drivers
SAPPHIRE 100283L Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB - SAPPHIRE 100283L Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards

What I've Tried9.10 Drivers from 9.11 Beta Drivers 9.10 Drivers from Drivers from the CD


No driver installed, and all attempts crash the install program. Please help me, I just got this card and spent my last bit of free cash on it, and I need it to work.

Posted: Nov 6, 2009

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Copying Video Drivers From One HD To Another?
On my main SSD HD (Win 7) my new ATI drivers failed to install and subsequently I get the BSOD when it tries to boot windows. I've tried using the Win 7 DVD to repair it and tried to Safe Boot but both options have failed. But I've installed Win 7 on another drive I had kicking around and was able to successfully install the same ATI drivers.

Now is there a way I can just copy over the good drivers over onto the original drive

Posted: Aug 4, 2010

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How To Download Video Drivers
how can i down load video drivers

Posted: Nov 13, 2011

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Cannot Remove Video Drivers
I recently uninstalled my MSI HD6850 video drivers but after restarting my PC, it still seemed that some drivers were not uninstalled. I opened up System Information and to my surprise, I found that I had version 8.892 drivers installed which I do not recall even installing such old version. How can I get rid of these old drivers because I can't see them under Program and Features.

Posted: Nov 22, 2011

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Can't Download Video Drivers From Dell
After a clean install of Windows 7 i needed to install drivers for my graphics, the CD i got with my laptop won't install the Drivers and when I try and download them from Dell's driver site it will download around 5-10% before it suddenly stops and says its done. I've tried doing this on two other computers I own, in different browsers and they all do the same thing. The download size on the site says 155MB but the file size is only 46MB.

Posted: Dec 8, 2011

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Video Drivers Causing Certain Games To Not Run
I found out earlier that there are a few video drivers that are causing certain games to not run. I need to know how to uninstall them, but cant figure it out.

Posted: Jan 15, 2009

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Drivers For 9400GT Video Card
Ok I have installed windows 7 and went to install my Drivers for my 9400GT Video card (nv19045_Win7Vista32). It is telling me it can not find the drivers

"Could not find any compatible drivers for your hardware". What the heck does one do??

Posted: Oct 18, 2009

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Uninstalling Old Video Drivers Issue
I've been running video since the old voodoo 3 cards, though technically it's been longer but I got my own computer when the voodoo 3's were out. =P Anyways, I've been working with drivers since then, and I usually update every time a new update comes out and never uninstall. Heck, I don't even re-boot after installing!

From my understanding, drivers are the same as kernel modules (, or at least what we talk about in our linux world). And so shouldn't they just work after loading? I mean in linux. Well lets say in linux removing driver's is a lot more of a pain than windows and so I really want to know what all the fuss is about.

But I can't find it anywhere that says exactly why you should do it, and if it's even worth doing. I've always seen it as a waste of time, and all the old files should be overwritten or cleaned out. Idk, I've just never ran into errors from just installing, I've never seen any real evidence that proves uninstalling has any gains.

Posted: Nov 29, 2009

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Two Video Cards With Two Different Drivers Not Working
I have two different ATI cards installed in one system, each with their own 22" HP LCD. One is an ATI FireGL V5600 for my CAD applications and the other is an X1900XT for Left4Dead. When I ran Windows Update after I installed Windows 7, it immediately downloaded an updated driver for the V5600 (8.623, I think) but when it installed it, it disabled the X1900XT.

I went to the Device Manager, uninstalled the X1900XT, then Scanned for Hardware Changes, it finds the X1900XT, installs the driver and it works again. Unfortunately, it also reverts the driver for the V5600 back to which isn't even a valid driver for the V5600 as seen on this page.

I'm not sure why I can't have independent drivers for each card. I know for a fact that this is supported in XP as I have my system dual booting with XP and it work perfectly there (see photo 1 and photo 2 it's hard to tell, but both of those screenshots are from XP with each card having independent drivers). The downside is that my CAD apps don't recognize the V5600 with driver as the workstation card it is, and my graphics are severely crippled in those apps.

I would like to report this to Microsoft, but unlike in RC1 there is no way to report a bug.

Posted: Oct 28, 2009

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Video Drivers For Kodak Z3x Camera?
video drivers for Kodak Z3x camera which creates .MOV files. How can I edit them?

Posted: May 24, 2011

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Video Drivers For HP Compaq DC SFF 7100
Upgraded to windows 7 and now cannot get Video drivers for the board.

Posted: Feb 5, 2012

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Windows 7 Drivers Video Cam Express V2
Windows 7 Drivers Video Cam Express v2

Posted: May 16, 2012

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Windows 8 Video Drivers For Gigabyte G31?
I don't have windows 8 drivers for my system,which is having Gigabyte G31 motherboard download drivers for it.

Posted: Sep 14, 2012

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Windows 7 Video Drivers Gx520?
dell gx520 video drivers

Posted: Sep 15, 2012

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Video Card Drivers For Laptop?
i video card drivers for my laptop

Posted: Oct 21, 2012

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Compaq Video Card Drivers?
how can i find vga drivers for my pc compaq cq1030l model no. win. 7 starter?

Posted: Nov 7, 2012

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3650 Agp Video Card Drivers
I had just installed a clean copy not an upgrade copy windows 7, the "Ati Radoen hd 3650 agp video card" and the version 9.11 catalyst software that came with it. However when I rebooted the display was so distorted that I had to reinstall my original video card to make my comp usable.

I have spent the past few days searching for updated drives or a fix for windows 7 without any luck.
Does anyone know when and were the drives for this card will become available or a way to make it functional until there are.

Posted: Nov 26, 2009

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HP Pavilion DV6000 Nvidia Video Drivers
I have tried every version under the sun and even had an hour long live chat w/ HP. There suggestion "go back to the original OS that they had on the laptop" WHAT!

All the hype about Windows 7 and that's my answer!

Posted: Nov 19, 2009

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Proper Way To Remove/update Video Drivers?
Currently this is how I update my ATI drivers when there is an update. Is this still in today's day and age, still necessary?

1) Remove driver using add/remove programs

2) Reboot into safe mode

3) Use driver sweeper to remove left over ATI driver files

4) Reboot into regular mode

5) Install updated driver

Posted: Mar 30, 2011

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Latest NVIDIA ForceWare Video Drivers
This driver is identical to the 195.62 WHQL drivers except for the following: Several bug fixes to support the new Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta 2 release. Learn more here. Adds new SLI and multi-GPU profiles for Avatar Demo, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Demo, and Wings of Prey. Fixes 3D Vision display detection for CRT and DLP displays.

Posted: Nov 19, 2008

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Video Drivers Of Dell GX280 For Windows 7
How to get Video Drivers of dell GX280 for windows 7?

Posted: Jan 21, 2011

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Toshiba Tecra M2 Video Drivers For Windows 7
i want to toshiba tecra m2 video drivers for windows 7.please send me a this drivers.

Posted: Sep 24, 2011

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Video Drivers For Acer D250 Windows 7
Running Windows 7 Ultimate.When opening window it will fill the screen from top to bottom. The top is just fine, the bottom extends below the bottom of the screen and if there are buttons to click on you cannot see them.The only way I have been able to get around it is to change the screen resolution up to make everything smaller. This is ok but then circles turn into eggs, then it pops up screen is not set to optimal settings.
It came with Windows 7 starter all I did was upgrade to Ultimate so that should not be an issue.

Posted: Mar 30, 2012

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Download Universal Video Drivers For Windows 7?
i can't download universal video drivers for my windows 7?

Posted: Apr 2, 2012

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