Split Audio To Two Separate Output Devices: HDMI & Desktop Speakers?

Apr 3, 2012

splitting audio to two separate output devices in windows 7 x64.I'm preparing my primary PC to act as a Media center. Ideally I'd like for someone to be able to watch netflix, or online videos on the TV with audio and video running through the HDMI cable while someone else can use the PC monitor & desktop speakers to game or do other tasks. The issue is both gaming applications and chrome (or other web browsers) only support audio playing through the default audio device in windows 7. As a result, i'm forced to pick whether i want all audio to play from the TV speakers or the desktop speakers.

Summary of Specs:

Asus M2N-Sli Deluxe mobo - rear port used for desktop speakers
Radeon HD 6870 - HDMI for TV sound
Athlon 64 x2 6000+
4 gigs ram

Doing some research I've learned this was a feature in win XP but was dropped in vista/7. On windows 7 support forums the Microsoft Support reply that it was an intentional omission win both windows 7 and vista.I know how to direct the audio from winamp, media player classic, and WMP to the output device of my choosing.I have tried three third party applications:Virtual Audio Cable: lets me play the same audio out both the HDMI connection and the desktop speakers.IndieVolume: shows promise as it lets me direct audio from applications to the output device i choose, but all attempts to get the software to change my web browser's output device haven't worked. I also think the software is not supported for windows 7 x64.J River - Media Center 17: media center software with an embedded web browser. Using this media center i can direct the audio from any media on my computer to the audio device of my choosing, but the embedded web browser plays out of windows default output device not the audio device i choose.

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Realtek HDMI Output ATI HDMI Audio - Not Plugged In

Oct 28, 2012

I'm trying to hook up my TV with my computer, and for the most part it's working. The video goes through and I get how to control it and everything. The only thing not working is the sound.

I'm using an HDMI to HDMI cable, and like I said the video is fine. Also, when the cable is plugged into my boyfriend's laptop, the sound comes out of the TV.

So this must mean the problem is with my computer specifically. Although, this computer is only a month old, so I wouldn't think anything is out of date.

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Split Audio Streams On 2 Outputs (Standard/HDMI)?

Aug 31, 2010

I have a Radeon HD5850 with a HDMI output that is plugged on my HDTV, I am using Win 7 and the last Catalyst drivers.The video is working just fine (extended desktop, I can play a movie on the TV while playing a game on my monitor on the other desktop) but I have a problem separating the audio streams.Is there a way (built in windows, ati driver or external program...) to send the audio stream of some applications (the movie basically) on the HDMI output, and the streams of other applications on my regular audio output at the same time?Usually on Win7 when you have 2 sound cards you can just set one as default, launch your program, then set the other one as default and launch the other programs and that will do the trick (the streams stay on the output that was the "default output" when they were launched). But with the HDMI of the Radeon, when I switch the default adapter, all the sound is switched..

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How To Play Different Audio From Two Separate Devices

Aug 23, 2012

I like to play different games, and stream movies or shows at the same time on my TV which is hooked up. I recently upgraded my comp to a full custom build (z77 sabertooth, i5-3570k, 16GB ram, Windows 7 Professional 64 bit) and can't figure out how to set my audio playback devices to play separately. On my previous comp, which had Windows Vista Home Premium, whenever I changed the default playback whatever audio was playing already would stay on the devices it was playing on and whatever new windows I opened would play on the new default device. I've looked and looked but can't find any options similar to this.

How can I set my comp so that I can play one audio through my tv and separate audio through speakers?

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Separate Audio From Speakers And Headphones?

Feb 7, 2013

I know there's similar topics to this here, but none of them have the same kind of problem. I have 3 jacks, so I can get audio output from 2 sources, and audio input from another. My problem is, when I plug in both my headphones and speakers, I get all the audio output from my computer from them both at the same time. I want to just get the audio from my Steam voice chat on the headphones and the audio from my game from my speakers, as I am fond of making videos with FRAPS and don't want the voice recorded. I know it is possible to split the audio, but when I go to my playback devices in my sound options, all that's there is speakers, no headphones. It would appear that my headphones and speakers both register as speakers at the same time. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.

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HDMI Audio Output - How To Get It To Work

May 1, 2012

I only have this problem with 7, so I know it is not a hardware related issue. I simply can not get any sound out of my graphics card (seemingly) through HDMI. I have my bios setup to play audio from it. I've followed what everyone else has done when using the search, I have zero success. It worked before using 7, so I am 100% confident that this is a 7 issue (because it still works on Ubuntu!).All drivers and software is up to date too.

Mobo: M3a79T Deluxe
CPU: Phenom II X6 1090T
GFX: GTX 275

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Audio Configuration No Audio Output Devices?

Oct 13, 2012

I first noticed this problem when I tried to open iTunes and it came up with the message 'iTunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration. Audio/video playback may not operate properly'. I also cannot listen to music or things online either.I have looked at my computer's device manager and can't find any catergory such as 'sound, video and game controllers', which one site suggested to try and check the sound card. I have also tried to update quicktime but that did nothing. I have also tried looking at 'sound' and under both the playback and recording columns it says that there are no audio devices installed. THis appears to be the common phrase along a problem with the audio configuration. This has not ever happened to my computer before and I have had it for about 3 years now. It is a toshiba laptop with windows 7 home premium.

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Switch Between Audio Output Devices?

Jul 4, 2012

Recently got a USB headset, and I have speakers plugged in as well. How do I switch between the two when I want audio to only come from speakers and vice versa? I took this screenshot [url]...

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Output Audio Through 2 Different Devices At The Same Time

Jan 20, 2013

I have an HDTV connected to my computer to serve as a monitor. I used an HDMI connection so therefore I get the computer's sound through the TV. I also have a 5.1 digital surround system that I use, connected through a Optical Digital Audio Cable.

Now my problem is, I can change between the 2 devices by going into "Playback Devices" (right clock the sound icon in the bottom right corner) and then setting either audio device as the "Default Device". However I want to play audio from both of them at once, that way I don't have to switch the settings everytime I decide to use surround sound.

Is there any simple way to do this? Or do I just have to resign myself to switching in between each time?

My specs are

Asus M5A97 motherboard

Asus Radeon HD 7850 graphics card with HDMI out (this is what my TV is connected to and gets Audio through)

Realtek HD Audio (onboard), I have both regular jacks and an Optical jack, I use the optical jack for my surround sound.

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Hdmi Audio / Std - Speakers Switching

Dec 29, 2009

ok to uncomplicated things ive read thru the forums and could not find anything concrete on this problem of mine..

i have a gigabyte mobo/amd cpu w/onboard hdmi

my issue is sound switching right now as it stands, i need to manually switch on my pc between the HDMI audio as my main device and my PC speakers as my main device... on my laptops this is not a problem, it can automatically detect if hdmi is plugged in and switch sound over..

the main reason is its a slight pain to keep going over after a movie and switch over, nor do i want to disconnect a hdmi cable every time..

any suggestions how to automate this problem???

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Sony Vaio Laptop Audio Output HDMI Not Working In Samsung Monitor T23A750

Dec 24, 2011

I've recently purchased a Samsung T23A750 monitor and to my disappointment when I try to watch a movie the built in speakers are not functioning. I have a Sony Vaio Z216GX connected via HDMI to the monitor (HDMI-DVI) port. I can definitely see the video, but no audio is playing from the speakers. The built in speakers are not at fault- I did a self-diagnosis of the monitor and the speakers seem to work fine. I also set the monitor as the default for the audio and even when Win 7 says its functioning properly, the speakers still don't work. Conversely, setting the default to my PC speakers work fine. I'm sure its not the HDMI cable- I used the same one to hook my pc to my tv with everything working fine.

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Audio Devices Undetected / Headphones Or Speakers Give No Sound

Oct 13, 2011

I recently went into my computer to install a Corsair H80 Water pump for the GPU. Anyhow, after i connected all the cables and turned on the computer again i did not have any sound. Even though im not an expert with computers, i'm pretty sure all the cables are connected right (but there is always a possibility i screwed up there).I do have sound devices, that is not the issue. After the first pc boot i had the Realtek digital output (realtek high definition audio) as the sound device. I went into the control panel and pressed sound. The previous audio device (that i had and was working) was there, but stated as "Not plugged in".So, my computer does not detect or react as i connect any headsets nor speakers. I also checked the audio in the mixer to see that it "plays sound" which i can confirm.I have searched the web for people with the same issues and tried a few "solutions" but none of them worked for me.They were:

1. Uninstall and reinstalling the drivers
2. Making sure i got the latest versions of the drivers
3. Turning on the front jack panel in the Realtek HD Audio Manager, which resulted with the speakers apparing to be connected and works according to the computer but still no sound.
4. Tried different speakers and headphones.

After trying several things im starting to believe it might be me who failed at connecting the computer. But if so i have no idea how to fix it, as it does not matter if i connect the audio cable instead of the HD audio cable or if i leave them unconnected.My os is Windows 7 Ultimate.I got an Intel motherbord DX58SO and my sound device/card is Realtek high definition audio?

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Make Mc7 Default Audio Output Separate From System Default?

Mar 6, 2012

My issue is that i would like to be able to have media center audio play only through my tv and not through my pc main speaker system, tv is hooked through hdmi output on graphics card, speaker system through 5.1 output on motherboard. I have tried the audiorenderupdater extender but all that does is set default audio out for entire system, so when itunes is used or game is played on computer audio goes through tv. I would like all system noises, media player, and game audio to run through pc speakers and simultaneously all media center audio (recorded/live tv) to go through tv audio, so i can watch sports center while playing mass effect and have audio from sportscenter on tv audio from mass effect on pc speakers.

Also is there a way to separate media player's actions from media center's. For example if you are laying music in media player and then open media center and play a tv show, music playback stops, not a big deal just like media player better than itunes and would like to be able to watch tv in media center while playing music in media player rather than itunes

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Audio Speakers Suddenly Show As "Not Plugged In" In The Playback Devices Dialog?

May 27, 2012

My computer's onboard audio recently stopped working. The Realtek High Definition Audio Speakers suddenly show as "Not plugged in" in the Playback devices dialog.oinciding with this, five new devices, all "Speakers," all showing as "Ready" or one of the defaults, have appeared: WsAudio_DeviceS(1) through WsAudio_DeviceS(5).None of these WsAudio_DeviceS produce any audio when tested; I have tried this with both my speakers and some headphones.The Realtek Digital Output still appears as "Ready," which isn't useful, given that I don't have any S/PDIF devicesI have tried connecting some wireless headphones with a Bluetooth dongle I had lying around, but I couldn't get them to work very well (nor could I back when my speakers were working). Recording with a USB microphone works fine, but I haven't tried it through the onboard audio Line In jack

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HDMI Does NOT Offer A "default" Selection But "speakers" And "Digital Audio (S/PDIF)" Do?

May 23, 2012

I have a PC (Windows 7 x64) with a ati radion 5750 graphics card.My computer and my cable are connected to an LG 42" flat panel hdtv through separate HDMI ports.If I'm using my computer and decide to switch to watching cable I simply hit a button on my remote.NOW... If I switch back to my computer (which is still on), the sound has been disabled.I have ALL current updates both with "Microsoft" and "ATI".If I go to "playback devices" the section HDMI does NOT offer a "default" selection but "speakers" and "Digital Audio (S/PDIF)" do.This issue started a month or so ago and I'm hoping someone can assist me with a remedy

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No Hdmi Output Windows 7

Jan 9, 2012

i've twice installed latest drivers GeForce 285.62 Driver , i've been into nvidia control panel and then setup multiple monitors & it only detects my other vga monitor not the hdmi one, i'm using a brand new hdmi cable & can confirm i've connected it to the correct hdmi connector on my monitor, it has 2 hdmi ports and i've tried both, when i go into device manager & display adapters there is only 1 adapter that says nvidia geforce gt 545, should there be another 1 for the hdmi? i'm out of options, i even work in i.t as a breakfix engineer coming across similar issues like this but i cannot deal with this & really need some help so i'm really hoping someone will help me out here i'm wondering if its anything to do with my other hardware such as the xeon cpu? (a longshot but i've only just built this pc & never built a xeon system before & would normally go for core i5 or core i7)

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Windows 7 Hdmi Output Is Only Available When It Is Off

May 25, 2012

i have a dell core 2 duo with 3gb of ram, and an ati hd4650, when i boot up, both outputs get the boot up screens, when it gets into windows, the hdmi output appears to be unplugged(not available for selection, just not there) it is worth noting that it worked fine under vista, anyways, when i switch the source on my receiver, or turn it off, as long as it is plugged in, it then gets detected, and i can modify resolution, and apparently it is outputting sound as well, i cannot verify this because the receiver is OFF, tried various versions of the catalyst drivers, and one of them worked, until i went into the catalyst center to change something and it went back to what it was doing i feel it is something wrong with the windows side or the driver, ive tried upgrading to the x64 version, ive tried different cables, different ports/plugs, it just wont work, i have no idea where to look in the registry to change when it is detected, but when i turn off the receiver or switch off of that source, the monitor flickers and the output is detected, this is frustrating because i wanted all of my home machines to be on 7, and i really dont want to go back to vista.

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Disable Sound Through HDMI Output?

Oct 24, 2011

When I connect my laptop to TV through HDMI cable, I get both video and audio from it to play on TV. And if I connect speakers to the headphones output I can't hear sound in speakers, the HDMI audio is still playing on TV. Is it possible somehow to disable the audio on HDMI so only the video will pass? Or maybe to make the sound from headphones output to play audio as well?

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Can't Get Sound To Work Through Hdmi Output Through Tv?

Feb 12, 2012

but there is on thing tht i want to add is tht i hav tried going into playback devices but for some reason it says nothing bout the hdmi. It just says "speakers" and "realtek digital output".

Attached Files

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Monitors Speakers Output Separation?

Nov 22, 2011

i have built in speakers in my monitor when i play a moviepresantation all is well when i disconnect vga cable their's no sound from the built in speakers - although audio cable is connected to the monitor.how can i hear sound from built in speakers although vga is disconnected? i need it for another monitor.i didn't found something in vga properties or monitor properties.

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ATI 5770 HDMI Output Not Working Anymore

Mar 4, 2012

I bought new computer about 6 month ago. Hdmi worked fine with my tv and I don't know whats wrong now. I know its not the cable because I bought another one and the tv is certainly not because it has 2 hdmi. The computer as I said is almost new so a would be very happy if I wouldn't have to give it repairing.

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ATI HDMI Audio Via HD 3870 To HDMI TV No Sound?

Oct 31, 2011

how can i get sound from my computer to my tv

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How To Extend Single Dvi Output To Multiple Hdmi Monitors

Jan 1, 2013

How to extend dvi output to multiple hdmi monitors? Have Samsung Series 7 Slate tablet computer running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Nature of computer prevents swapping out graphics card/module.

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Have Realtek High Definition Sound But No Hdmi Output

Nov 20, 2009

I've upgraded from vista to 7 and I am getting no sound, I've searched, searched and tried alot of different things, I see alot of people on this forum with the same issues, but I've tried most of them. I've installed and unistalled all the different drivers from realtek, but no luck. I have realtek high definition sound but no hdmi output. In my device manager it says the sound driver is installed properly, but when I tried to test the sound it fails to test tone, I don't know if it has to deal with an audio codec. I have regular speaker that connect to a sound jack. At this point I am quite desperate. I've spent all night trying to figure this out.

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Connected Hdmi Cable From Laptop To Tv / But Get A No Signal Output

Apr 3, 2012

I connect my laptop to my Sanyo tv and keep getting no signal what should i do?

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Realtek HDMI Output To Yamaha Receiver - No Sound

Dec 31, 2012

I tried most of the sensible remedies but no results.

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No Sound Output To Speakers / Headphones - All Drivers Working

Feb 13, 2009

All the drivers are working and windows is detecting everything just fine, I can even look under the volume adjustments and see the sound being produced. But I am getting no output to my speakers! I've read through a lot of forums and tried both xp and vista drivers along with the recommended 7 drivers, all work but I am getting no output through my integrated speakers.

I am running a Toshiba u205-5002 with a ACPI x86 motherboard and soundmax it just not working for me. I am at a loss of what to do. I don't get any program sounds whatsoever, no startup, nothing. All device managers say the devices are working properly and it detects the speakers just fine. I am also not getting any output to my headphone jack either. I am using the 32 bit 7000 build...

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No Sound Output From Rear Speakers (Creative A500)

Sep 24, 2012

I recently bought Creative A500 5.1 surround sound speakers for my PC. I then bought an internal sound card as i only had 2 speaker inputs on my pc, but then found out that my motherboard has only 1 PCI slot. So i had to buy an external sound card for the surround sound to work (this one) I connected it all up, put the wires in the correct places, but the rear speakers do not play any sound. I know they work, as I put the rear jack into the front output to test them. If I go into sound, then try to configure it to 5.1 I don't have the option to select rear speakers. (picture of what i mean) I can't go into enhancements to select fill speakers either as the tab isn't showing up in properties. And also, as I'm using an external sound card (USB), nothing shows up in Realtek HD audio manager, so I'm not able to do it from there.

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No HDMI Output When Lid Closed - Sony Vaio Z2 With Intel HD 3000

Jan 6, 2012

I have setup extended monitors, and when I close laptop lid video on TV stop playing and shows me desktop from laptop. Tried "do nothing" when lid closed but that didn't do the trick.

My old Vaio VGN-Z (Nvidia Geforce 9300GS) had no issues when closing laptop lid.

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Audio Folders Split In Windows 7

Jan 15, 2013

All of my audio files from ripped CDs in my Music Library seem to be in two folders for each artist or CD(ex. Adele and Adele-copy). Each folder contains part of the whole CD(tracks1,3,5... and 2,4,6 etc.) with some overlap. This makes for complicated and difficult music management and transfer having 45 gigs of music files. I usually use the Zune software for ripping CDs and playing on Zune player. Now I want to transfer music to my phone, and I have twice as many folders as I should.

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Desktop Icons Are Being Split Into Two Blocks

Dec 19, 2010

I have many icons on my desktop but when I arrange them by name it arranges half of them A-Z and then lists the remaining half from A-Z again.How can I get them all to arrange as one set?

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