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Slow Startup, No Icons At First, Only Taskbar And Wallpaper?

So I just bought new parts for my PC (i7 3770 and 8gb of ram), and everything was running fine at first, but now my pc starts up pretty slow. The desktop comes up but the only thing I see is the wallpaper and the taskbar. The icons come like a minute later coupled with the windows startup sound. I don't have much startup programs as this is a pretty new install.

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PC Only Opens Wallpaper - No Icons Or Taskbar?
My husbands PC is not opening properly - he is only getting the wallpaper. No icons or taskbar and Ctrl Alt Delete just makes the whole screen go black. Right clicking mouse brings up menu but they mostly don't work.I see from searching this used to be a problem with xp/vista but not seen it mentioned for Windows 7. Have tried a system restore but that has not solved it.

Posted: Oct 23, 2011

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No Icons Just Wallpaper Displaying On Windows 7 Startup
From time to time when my PC boots it displays just the wallpaper and no icons. I am there stuck at I have to switch off and bootup via Safe Mode. What is causing this problem and how to stop it happening.

Posted: Jul 22, 2010

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Desktop Icons Disappear Leaving Only Wallpaper
Over the past several days my HP Windows 7, 64 bit, Home Premium PC has developed a freeze problem! After rebooting by pushing the button, it functions quite normally for anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. Then, without warning, one of several things happens, each resulting in a freeze. And in all cases I have to reboot by pushing the button.

* The desktop icons disappear, leaving only the wallpaper.
* The cursor disappears or freezes in place and nothing can be done.
* I will be working in a browser or in a MS Word document and it will grow faint and when I click I get the prompt that the program is not responding, then I am unable to do anything even though the cursor works. I can't close anything, open anything or reboot.

I have researched the issue, but it is so broad a problem, I don't have a clue where to go to research it.I have checked that no sleep mode is on. I have turned off all screen savers.I have disabled a good number of startup programs, including uninstalling several potential offenders.I have run cleanup programs such as CCleaner, etc. I have defragged.I ran scannow on my command prompt. No system errors were detected.I have run several spyware programs, but the problem persists.My hunch is that there is some program conflict or perhaps the browser is the problem. [code]

Posted: Apr 13, 2012

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TaskBar Icons Constantly Changing Icons For Chrome?
I created a few shortcuts from chrome and added them to my Taskbar for ease of use. I created one for each of my multiple Gmail accounts etc and I changed their icons to something so I can identify which was which. The shortcut's took the icon and worked fine for a short period than I noticed every time I click on the icon after changing the default icon to my new one It would change the icon back to Gmails default one.

Posted: Oct 4, 2010

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Slow Boot Time Slow Startup And Hangs?
I bought this Fujitsu laptop for less than a year. Its only for my school work. It takes forever to bootup, startup and it sometime hangs when I open up a program or typing.For the bootup, it takes very long time on the window logo, after that the black screen, followed by the welcome page with the loading cursor. Each of this process take a long time. For startup, its not so long but its still quite lag. For the opening up of program and typing, everytime I open up my visual studio, it will take a long time to show up and even if it showed up, it will be "not responding".So I will have to open it a second time before I can start using itWhen I am typing my codes, it will randomly hang and show that the program is not responding. I am still able to move my cursor though.

Posted: Nov 18, 2011

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All Icons On Taskbar Are Gone
Today, all the icons on my taskbar are gone. No pinned programs, even when I open programs, there are no icons on the taskbar, only the start button, and the notification area are in the taskbar.I have tried rebuilt IconCache.db. And I also tried booting into safe mode, but there are no icons on the taskbar in safe mode neither

Posted: Mar 2, 2012

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Icons On Taskbar Not Highlighting?
When I start up my desktop and click on an application (or anything else) it will open, however the icons on the taskbar do not highlight. Consequently, whenever I want to access the app, I have to use winkey+tab. It's not serious, but very annoying. Honestly, it's lead me to use my laptop more than my desktop.

Posted: Apr 14, 2011

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Can't Change Taskbar Icons

So I found a cool theme and icons to go with it. I understand how to change icons and such but I am having trouble with some. (the official Microsoft icons)

Here's my situation.

So I found in the tutorials how to change the icons. I was able to change the libraries icon assuming that when had it on the taskbar, it would change the icon as well.

I was able to change the libraries icon to what I want. I created a library shortcut. then when i pinned it to the taskbar, it changed back to the default, but only on the taskbar

Also, when i try to change the wmplayer.exe and explorer.exe icon through the properties, explorer.exe crashes as soon as I apply.

Posted: Mar 20, 2011

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Icons Duplicating On Taskbar
I have just I am running Windows 7 64-bit and I have just installed the latest itunes on to my computer as it alerted me that I had an old version. My problem is that I have pinned iTunes to my taksbar and when I click on the icon the start the application, windows creates a new icon at the end of my taskbar for iTunes instead of simply "highlighting" the orginal icon that is pinned. iTunes icon duplication | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Posted: Aug 14, 2010

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Taskbar - Center Icons
How to Center the Taskbar Icons in Windows 7 ?

Posted: Aug 28, 2009

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Corrupt Icons In Taskbar?
I just built a new system and installed a couple of games. I then Pinned them to my windows 7 taskbar and delete the shortcuts from the desktop. I just restarted my computer and now the icons in my taskbar are corrupt or something. Instead of the game icons they are just a default white piece of paper icon looking thing.

Posted: Sep 25, 2011

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Printer Taskbar Icons Gone?
A friend re-booted my pc & he made a lot of changes to my screen. What I need most is, print icon in task bar. It is no longer there. Could it be some where else that I'm not looking? I need the print icon for printing off the internet for school work. I'm unable to print from the internet.

Posted: Jan 12, 2012

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Programs Have No Icons On Taskbar
Used the universal theme patcher, to use themes from Deviantart etc. Got it working fine but some of my programs have no icons o_O, Ventrilo has none, GPU-Z, Battlefield 3, etc. They all show up with that icon that windows uses when it doesnt have one, Any way I can fix this?

Posted: Jul 29, 2012

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Windows Taskbar Is Too Big And Icons Are Too Small?
Windows 7. Dell Latitude D610. I made changes in Properties (Appearance/Advanced), and somehow the task bar got huge and my icons are tiny. I've tried everything and nothing seems to work. Is there (1) some way to get my computer back to default status? (2) Which selection controls the task bar and the icons on the task bar?

Posted: Aug 28, 2011

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[64-bit] Multiple Icons In Taskbar For ITunes?
I just changed all the drivers in my computer and updated my old xp os to windows 7. I am having a problem, I've pinned iTunes to my task bar, and unlike the other programs, when the short cut is highlighted when it is open, but with iTunes, another icon is created.

Posted: Jul 21, 2011

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Separating And Locking Taskbar Icons?
Is it possible to separate icons on that taskbar, for example Internet apps be sperated from other apps and locked so I don't change the order)? From what I gathered from another post, Stardock Corporation - Software - ObjectDock Plus - Product Information, would accomplish this? However, ideally I'd rather not use a 3rd party app.

Posted: Dec 24, 2011

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Lock Desktop Icons In Taskbar?
I have many shortcuts on my desktop, which are successfully locked in position (They don't auto-arrange.), and I have the desktop showing as a tooolbar on my taskbar. The desktop icons showing in my taskbar stayed in place as arranged until last week. (Our IT guy cleaned my computer after a Trojan alert, and he says he only added a single icon to always show on the taskbar, but made no other changes.) Now the desktop icons in the taskbar autoarrange everytime windows explorer is turned off (or here lately, stops working for a moment). After manually arranging these desktop icons in the taskbar, how can I once again lock them in place so they won't auto-arrange?

Posted: Jun 13, 2012

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Way To Either Re-size Or Remove Icons From Taskbar
I'm looking for a way to either resize or remove the icons from the taskbar, here is a screenshot just to be clear: (red box around them)The reason I want to resize or remove them is because I've got my taskbar set very small (as you can see in the picture) and the icons are too big to fit properly on the taskbar.I've tried fooling around in the WindowMetrics registry key, but I couldn't find anything useful.

Posted: Jun 30, 2012

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Make Taskbar Icons On The Right Side?
By default the icons for programs I'm using in the taskbar (firefox, fl studio, etc.) are on the left, right next to the start menu button. How can I make them on the right, next to the notification area icons?

Posted: Oct 18, 2012

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How To Make The Taskbar Icons Bigger
how I could make the icons on the taskbar bigger.. the only option under 'right click' -> 'properties' is to make them smaller.. the other option under "Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Display" makes everything big..

Posted: Nov 14, 2009

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'hidden Icons' In The Taskbar And/or On The Desktop?
What are the 'hidden icons' in the Taskbar and/or on the Desktop? How can I make them visible?

Posted: Aug 2, 2010

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3 Icons On Taskbar Are Suddenly 'generic'?
I'm running a fully patch Windows 7-64. I've got Adobe's After Effects pinned to my task bar. Until a week or so ago, it would show an AE icon, but now - it's showing a generic icon. I've tried to set the icon by hand, but it won't set. I've tried removing it and pinning it again (the icon shows up ok in Explorer), but with no success. This has happened to two other icons from different programs

Posted: Sep 25, 2010

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Taskbar Notification Icons (customizing) - BUG?
Click on 'Show more Icons' on the Taskbar, then click 'Customize...'Now at the bottom of the Dialog click the link 1. 'Turn system icons on or off' then in the following Dialog (at the bottom again) click the link 2. 'Customize notification icons' again, - now just keep repeating doing steps 1 and 2 for a couple of times, THEN try clicking the 'Cancel' Button - and see how many times it takes to close the Dialogs? On the first time you click The 'Cancel Button' it should close the Dialog - right?But instead it takes a couple of 'Cancels'?

Posted: Mar 6, 2011

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How To Re-size Icons On Desktop And Taskbar
Yesterday, I upgraded my Vostro 1500 laptp from WinXP to Windows 7 without any problem except for icon size. Correct grahpic driver (GEForce 8400M GS) for Windows 7 was also updated. I like the smaller icons size on desktop and taskbar in WinXP with native screen resolution of 1280 x 800. After converting to Windows 7, the screen size was also restored to 1280 x 800 too. But the icons size on both desktop and taskbar is rather bigger in Windows 7. (Text size is just fine). I could not resize the same icon size as in Win XP. I tried to change but 9 point Segoe UI at 96pixels per inch is default in Windows 7. The scale to the percentage of normal size is 100% or above, not less than 100%.

Posted: Jun 15, 2011

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Icons For Certain Programs Are Getting Replaced With Others In Taskbar?
Dunno why this is happening but for some reason the programs Quicktime and Adobe Reader are taking on the icon of some other random program in my task bar. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling both but it didn't seem to work.

Posted: Jul 29, 2011

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Missing Desktop Icons And Taskbar
Yesterday a user complained that there laptop had slowed down in recent days. I went ahead and ran msconfig the I deleted most of the programs that were running on startup. I also stopped some services. The PC speed improved but when the user restarted the laptop there were no icons or taskbar.

I pressed ctrl-alt-del and started task manager. I started explorer.exe and my computer showed up with the drives on the machine. I also ran sfc /scannow and it did give any errors, i created another profile and it has the same results. When I right click on the desktop nothing shows up. I booted into safe mode and there are no restore points to recover to.

I suspect the problem is registry related and was caused by me deleting the startup programs. I am not sure how I can restore the laptop without reinstalling it.

Posted: Aug 26, 2011

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There Are No Icons Or Taskbar On Desktop In Windows 7?
When I start Windows 7 only the wallpaper shows up, there are no icons or task bar. This is a newer HP desktop computer, only 4 months old and has very little use and almost nothing loaded on it.The problem is intermittent. Somethings it boots normally with full icons and taskbar (but the problem returns in a day or two, or the next time I restart the computer).I have seen on other posts to check whether "explorer.exe" is running. Have checked Task Manager and it is.Antivirus Programs (all up to date and run several times with no issues (in safe mode))

1. Microsoft Security Essentials

2. AVG 2012

3. Malwarebytes

4. CCleaner

Have run System Restore 10 to 15 times (sometimes will restore to normal for a day or two, then problem returns, most times still no icons or taskbar).Have run

1. System Restore

2. Check Disk

Posted: May 5, 2012

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Taskbar And Desktop Icons Not Displaying
Taskbar and desktop icons not displaying. For some reason I've lost all my desktop icons and my taskbar, all the displays is my normal desktop background.

Posted: Nov 16, 2012

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Deskspace Hide Icons From Taskbar?
I have just downloaded the trial version of DeskSpace which shows multiple what happened here i have so many programs opened and were displaying on taskbar.But i dont know suddenly what happened and my programs get disappeared.Those program are showing in the Task manager 's process tab. those are running but icons anr missing in the task manager.

Posted: Feb 8, 2012

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