MS Word 2007 Freezing On Opening

Oct 14, 2011

I am running MS Office 2007 (student edition)When opening a word document it has started freezing on the word splash screen. I then get the error "There was a problem sending the command to the programme".The only way to get rid of the splash screen is through task manager and kill the process.I have unistalled office and re-installed then updated with SP1 and 2 for it.I am still getting the same error. All other office applications are working fine.

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Word 2007 Not Opening On Double Click?

Jul 20, 2012

I have a recent installation of Windows 7 Professional 3 weeks ago.The past 2 days, Word 2007 will not open when i double click a .docx document from Explorer.For a couple of seconds a 'spinning wheel' is displayed...and then nothing.I went to Control Panel, Defaults, and checked the Application for .docx and it is Word.The strange thing is that sometimes it does work.I am clicking very fast And Windows 7 does display the spinning wheel for a second or two.

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Have Installed Microsoft Office 2007 But Its Not Opening Word Doc?

Jul 27, 2012

i have installed microsot office 2007 but its not opening word doc, before myn was windows vista, now i updated windows 7, i cant open word file after downloading from internet, my resume, etc.

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Word 2007 Only Opening Old Files, Not Open Revised Files?

May 16, 2012

My wife has Windows 7 home premium x64 on her laptop and is using Word 2007. The problem she is having is she will open a word file, change it up, save it, then re-open it later and its the old file not the new one. Where as I can open the edited file on my desktop running the same OS but with Word 2010 and the file that opens for me is the newest version.

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Word 2010 Is Opening Word 2003 Attachments?

Feb 20, 2012

I normally use Word 2003 for documents, although I use Outlook 2010. This morning I opened a Word 2010 document and after quite a while of some sort of an installation, I was able to open the Word 2010 document. I did not think too much of it, except that later I was sending an e-mail and attached a Word 2003 document and when I went to check it (i.e. open it up) it opened in Word 2010. How do I disable Word 2010 as my default program to open Word documents. I do not want to uninstall the program, but at this point I am not ready to learn how to use Word 2010.

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The Word Document Is Opening In Windows Xp Why Not Opening Properly In Windows 7

Jun 29, 2012

The word document is opening in Windows xp why not opening properly in windows 7

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.exe Files Keep Opening In MS Word?

Dec 20, 2012

I'm currently running Windows 7 Home Premium and whenever I try to click on a setup exe file, it would open in ms word. I've searched this forum and tried the MS Fix it patch but it didn't work. I can't even upgrade registry optimizer since it opens in word.

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All Desktop Shortcuts Opening MS Word?

Feb 5, 2012

All of a sudden when I click a shortcut icon on my desktop it automatically opens microsoft word. How do I stop it from doing this.

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Document Attachments On Emails Not Opening In Word?

Mar 28, 2011

When I try to open a document attachment on emails, micromedia opens and I can't see the document. I don't know how to fix this. Why doesn't it open in word?

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Link In Received Email Opening In Word

Jan 18, 2011

Windows 7. This started happening about a week ago. When I receive an email that has a link or when I even click on something I want to open that has a link. It opens the link in WORD. In order to open the link I have to save as a favorite and then it will open.

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Word Crashes When Opening Doc File From Web Link

Nov 12, 2012

One of the schools we work in uses a resource called Primary Resources. It includes downloadable files that can be used for teaching. Here is a link:Primary Resources: English: Word Level: Spelling & PhonicsThe teaches are trying to download the .DOC files on the web page but they are getting a popup in IE to save saying the file may be corrupted. In the background word crashes and has a box saying "Word cannot close because there is an active dialog box open". You then have to end the process to be able to use word again.

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Word 2007 Sometimes Will Not Open

Jan 27, 2010

When I was using Word 2007 under XP I never had a problem with it not opening, or closing while in use. Now that I am using WIndow7 64-bit, I regularly have the problem that:

A. If I try to open Word directly, I often get a message that "There is a problem with Word. Windows is searching for a solution." (Paraphrased.) Invariably the result is that Word shuts down. The only recourse I have found is to restart the computer. Happens several times a day.

B. Sometimes even while working with a document, I get the same message and result. The error occurs more often if I have a document open and then try to open another one.

I don't recall the same problem with Excel 2007, and have only used Power Point 2007 once (no problem at that time). Is there a way to "repair" word 2007? Must I reinstall it? HP Pavilion p6247, Athlon CPU, 2.3 GHz, Windows 7 64-bit; Microsoft Office 2007 Pro.

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.exe Program Files Opening With Microsoft Word By Default?

Jul 15, 2010

I recently ran into an issue where this installation on Windows 7 Pro 32-bit is trying to open up all my programs in Word, they all have the MS word icon as well, so for instance, when I click on Nero, it will try to open it up in word and we get an error because it is not a word file. This is on all Program .exe files. There are no options to change the file association in the default programs in control panel. I have only seen a few fixes for this which involve the registry, I have checked these, however, all registry keys are correct. System restore fails as well, have tried multiple restore points to no avail. We have also ran norton, and malwarebytes on the system is it runs clean.

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Office 2010 SP1: Opening Word 2003 Documents?

Sep 15, 2011

since I installed SP1 for Office 2010 I have problems with opening some (not all!) older Word documents created with Word 2003 (*.doc). I get a message that Word can't read the document and it is probably corrupt.On a other client (same OS, Office 2010 without SP1) I can open the same document without difficulty.

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Computer Is Freezing When Opening Any Program?

Jan 18, 2013

recently my pc has been delaying on opening everything, when i open a program like chrome it takes about 5 minutes or so for it to open then when i try open a new tab, it takes about the same time.when i unlock my pc or when i have to press yes or no to open that program, the sound played for it like 2- 5 minutes later. when i eventually open up a game the audio is fine but when trying to watch a Internet video sometime i dont even hear audio until about 5 minutes after the video has started?

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How To Compare 2 Docs In Word 2007

Jun 16, 2011

Assume I have 2 docs and I want to find out the changes between them.The feature "Track changes" is not enabled and I don't want to enable it.I just want a one-shot comparison.In old Word 2003 there was a menu Tools->Compare and Merge Documents....Where EXACTLY is the corresponding menu in Word 2007?

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MS2010 Cannot Open Word 2007?

Jun 21, 2011

receive Word 2007 (doc) from other studens. I have MS office (word) (docx)2010,,,When I get it, it tries to open in adobe reader? I can't open other earlier programs of Word?, What am I doing wrong?

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Cannot Save Any Document In MS Word 2007?

Nov 26, 2012

Recently I have problem using "save" command in MS Word.Every time I want to save my doc, a message appears "Word can not complete the save due to a file permission error".Fyi, I can save my doc with "save as" command.

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Free Download Ms Word 2007?

Nov 9, 2011

Free download ms word 2007

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Word 2007 Download Free?

Mar 10, 2012

i want to download Microsoft office in easy way?

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Microsoft Word 2007 Keeps Crashing

Feb 13, 2010

Is Microsoft word 2007 compatible with windows 7 o/s. cos my Microsoft word keeps crashing intermittently. any info please?

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Microsoft Word 2007 Application?

Oct 17, 2012

is it possible to download with the product key

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Why Can't Download Microsoft Word 2007

Nov 11, 2012

I had microsoft word with my HP notebook G62 since i bought it in 2010 but a few months ago it would not allow me to use it anymore.i can't find a simple download that actually works?

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Set Documents As Default Folder When Opening Up Files In Excel, Word Etc

Apr 23, 2012

I would like to know how I can set my documents as my default folder when opening up files in Excel, Word etc

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Delay In Opening Microsoft Works Word File First Time Each Day

Oct 8, 2012

Each day, the first time I opening 'any' existing Microsoft Works Word Processor file that I have, such as ones I have for phone numbers, addresses, etc., I have to wait about 45 seconds for the file to open. And while I'm waiting, I can't do anything else on the computer. Any of those files I open the rest of the day, open immediately. It's just the first time each day.

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Word 2007 Stuck At Splash Screen

Mar 17, 2012

All other office programs work. I have already performed an uninstall and the reinstalled the software.I used the word 2007 startup troubleshooter fixit from microsoft. The fixit gets stuck at detecting default printers. When I try to open devices and printers, the window just searches endlessly.I have run sfc /scannow.I am thinking that the issue is caused by me not being able to open up devices and printers.

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Copy And Paste A Html To Word 2007?

Aug 31, 2012

I am trying to copy and paste a html to word 2007. My problem is part of the document is white letters on black back ground. I know how to change all the back ground. But only 3 paragraphs have a black back ground , the rest is white.

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Word 2007 Can't Connect And Publish To WordPress

Oct 22, 2012

I'd like to use MS Word 2007 as WordPress blogging client.

When I attempt to register the blogging domain within Word I get a "no" stating that Word can't connect.

I've selected the correct blog provider (WordPress), entered the correct username and password and entered the correct URL of the blog linking to the xmlrpc.php file.

In the WordPress Settings, under Publishing I've enabled the required service (protocol). Still, Word can't connect.

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Can't Get Word In Office 2007 To Work On Windows 7

May 3, 2011

can't get word in Office 2007 to work on Windows 7

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Installing Word 2007 Onto Laptop Windows 7?

May 18, 2011

I just bought a laptop Window 7, How can I install Microsoft office 2007. I should be able to install it to up to 3 computers, and have done it only once.

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Word 2007 Saves With Wrong Icon?

Nov 19, 2011

I have just installed office 2007 and my icons are missing (I get DOCX on them). I have tried telling them to open with Word but when I double click to open them i just get lads of written code but when i go into word and then say open... they open ok.

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