It Is Showing 70 To 80% Memory Is Used

Jun 3, 2012

On windows 7 I have the CPU usage plug in, added when I became convinced that more was happening than I thought. Although nothing is set in shedule processes, the 4 cores of the CPU are often going mad, with 70-80% of the 3 GB memory being used... Is there a program which tells me what the bl..... machine is doing. Perhaps a permanant window on the bottom of the screen? It is so frustrating as it slows down internet explorer and generally seems to be more interested in its own thing than my requests.

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Half Of Memory Is Not Showing

Aug 23, 2012

For some unkown reason half my memory is no longer working i have 8gb of ram on my computer yet it says only 4gb is available and if i go onto resource moniter it says that half of my memory is reserved for hardware? also im not great at computer.

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Memory Showing In Windows 7?

Aug 3, 2012

all my computer motherboard has a max memory of 8gb. i install 12gb when i boot into windows 7 64bit it says 12gb. will the computer used all 12gb or only 8gb

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Memory Card Cannot Showing

Feb 26, 2012

Memory card did not showing

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Not Showing Exact Graphics Memory?

Jun 16, 2011

My problem is when i select gpu id software it shows everything normal and it shows you have ati radeon 5770 and shows u have 1gb but when i check my system online with or even i open dxdiag through the windows run panel in the display settings i got approx 701mb memory of gpu memory. I don't what is that and also my windows experience score down a little bit. I hv already done a clean installation of windows 7 ultimate but nothing happen. and also i have 8gb ram ddr3

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Memory Monitor Gadget Showing More And More Usage Of Ram

Nov 10, 2009

i have just finished a remote assist with Microsoft to try to resolve a problem i am having with my win 7 os. It appears from my trolling the forums that it is not an uncommon scenario. As i use my machine i see the memory monitor gadget showing more and more usaage of ram until finally i get a "not enough resources to run application" prompt.

The guy from microsoft cleared my cookies, my prefetch files, google toolbar etc without effect. He suggested that some of my optimising utilities could be the problem until i explained that i had installed the to try to CURE the problem. He finally cleared off without saying anymore and i was left a link if i wanted to resume the chat support. This link didn't work. Any comments would be great.

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Memory Card Reader Not Showing Drives?

Oct 10, 2012

I have a Dell XPS M1710 laptop. I recently installed windows 7 home premium 64bit. I can't seem to get my built in Ricoh 5 in 1 memory card reader to work. I installed the recommended driver using the dell drivers on their website. None of the drives are appearing under my computer, and nothing happens when I insert a memory card. I have tried several 1 and 2gb cards. Both high speed and regular with no success. I went to folder options and unchecked the box to hide empty drives in my computer. I am unable to locate anything under device manager for the Ricoh card reader.A - I want it to display the empty drives in my computer
B - I want it to read my darn memory cards

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USB Stick & Memory Card Not Showing In Computer?

Nov 14, 2009

When i connect the first USB Stick (1 GB Kingston) everything it's ok, it shows up in Explorer, but when i try to connect the other one (i have two) it wont show up, but i can access it if i just type the drive letter in the address bar (J:).Also if i try to connect my phone as a USB device or any other memory stick, same problem...not showing up in Computer window.

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Memory Stick Showing Folder Empty In Windows 7 Explorer?

Nov 11, 2011

We have just bought new PC with Windows 7 after old PC died. Have tried to transfer files from a memory stick (mainly word / excel) onto new pc but Windows exploer says memory stick folder is empty. When put stick into laptop (running I think on XP) it clearly shows files are present. Have tried copying files onto different stick but get the same problem.

New PC has Kapersky and it scanned the stick when 1st put it in and found no problems with it.

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While Formatting Memory Card Showing Windows 7 Was Unable To Format?

Oct 2, 2011

when i click on format button it shows that windows was unable to complete format

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Computer Showing Blue-screen And Telling Mini Dump Or Dumping Out Of Memory?

Jan 6, 2012

my computer showing blue screen and telling mini dump or dumping out of memory ?

ram-4gb ddr3
mb-intel processor i3 core

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Toolbar On Taskbar Should Only Be Showing An Arrow But Is Showing Icon?

May 18, 2012

I have a toolbar on my taskbar titled "Programs". It has about eight folders in it. I made another toolbar, and placed it directly adjacent to the Programs toolbar, to obscure the eight folders and force it to be a dropdown menu.Trouble is, as soon as I lock my taskbar, right next to the arrow that displays the eight items of my Programs toolbar in menu-form, one of the eight items is showing up as an icon, as if the other toolbar isn't close enough to the Programs toolbar in order to completely obscure the eight items.

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Convert A Shared Video Memory Into Dedicated Video Memory And System Video Memory?

Aug 12, 2011

how to convert a shared video memory into dedicated video memory and system video memory? me and my friend have the same specs computers but the same game runs slow in my computer but it runs smoothly in his computer?

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Troubleshooting Excessive Memory Use (Memory Leak) After Playing Video

Oct 6, 2012

i am having a problem with my memory getting tied up / used up and not being able to access it again until i reboot.

machine: dell xps studio 8100
os: win 7,
processor: i7 2.8
ram: 16gb (max it will take)
video: ati radeon 5700 (running 3 monitors)

versions: as far as i know i am running current versions of everything, including video drivers, flash, chrome, etc. (i've tried running chrome with both the build in version of flash and the system version -haven't seen a difference)

browser: i nearly exclusively run chrome / canary with auto-updates so am at the latest builds.what seems to cause me to use up / run out of memory is after i play videos (Internet, netflix, etc.), the memory seems to get used, but is not returned to the system, even if the browser is closed and re-opened.right now for example things are working fine; i rebooted my system a couple hours ago (but have not played any videos). i have adobe lightroom running, picasa, chrome and canary (currently 4 web browser windows open with 52 tabs open). task manager currently shows me using 8.20gb of ram, that seems pretty reasonable to me.

normally my system will keep running properly (if a program is closed, memory is freed up) right up until i start to play any videos (Internet, netflix, etc.) then it will start using up more memory. (of course i expect it to use more memory during playback) however, even if i restart the browser, the memory does not get freed back up. for example, just prior to the reboot, with everything closed, i was using right around 8gb of ram. once i rebooted, i was using 1.something gb of ram prior to opening any programs.however, once i start playing some videos, i never seem to be able to get my ram freed back up again unless i reboot the whole system. this is not just a problem with how much memory the system shows as being available, i frequently actually run out of memory. (task manager will show me as using around 15gb and then everything starts swapping out like crazy).

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Chkdsk High Memory Usage / Memory Leak?

Jun 1, 2009

I find that if I run chkdsk and watch the memory usage in task manager it jumps by about 50MB every 2 seconds or so until it either finishes or hits around 3.2GB at which point my physical memory shows 99% used (I'm running 4GB), and the system of course slows to a crawl.f you just run a quick chkdsk on your boot drive you may not notice it, but try running something longer like chkdsk /r on a flash drive or chkdsk /f on a bigger internal drive (but not your OS drive as this would require a reboot) and watch the memory usage climb. I have duplicated this on both systems I have running Windows 7. My XP machine (checking the same USB flash drive) uses a much more normal amount of memory for chkdsk (20 - 30 MB).

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Pendrive Is 4gb Showing 3.75 Gb Data But Showing 576 Kb Only?

Jul 14, 2012

i protected password for my pendrive it is kingston 4gb then it showing 3.75b, but in properties it has been showing 576 kb how to get my original size (3.75gb)

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Memory Usage Goes Up Gradually (Memory Leak)

May 22, 2010

Memory Usage Goes Up Gradually (Memory Leak)When I starting the Windows (in the first few hours) everything is normal But after 1 day or 2 (sooner or later) the amount of available memory gradually goes down and the physical memory usage increasing. This increasing, continues until the memory usage reaches near the 88% and at that point , there isn't any memory available to operate any software . Also when memory reaches that point, I can't access any drive in the HDD; because everytime I want to open any folder, the following error appears :c: is not accessible.Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service At this point, I even can't shutdown or restart Windows normally; I must restart windows manually by pressing the restart button.after restart, everything goes to normal again; but this problem appears again and again ...

my system :
OS : Windows 7 x86
Cpu : Intel P4 3.0GH
Vga : nVidia 6600
MB : Gigabyte GA-8I915G Duo
PSU : Corsair 750W
RAM : 2GB DDR-400 Transcend
(I have these memories for 2 years)
Physical Memory: 2000 mb
Paging File: 2000 mb
Virtual Memory: 6000 mb

0- using some optimizing and freeing softwares like (Memory Booster Gold - RAM Saver Pro - CleanMem)

1- Scanning my computer with antivirus and antispywares

2- Changing antivirus software

3- Updating windows with all updates available via Windows Update

4- Updating drivers of all hardwares

5- Downloading and installing the following hotfixes that are related to memory leak : The memory of the nonpaged pool may leak when you enable IPsec on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 A memory leak issue occurs in the Windows Management Instrumentation service on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 FIX: A memory leak may occur when you use the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Library in Windows Vista, in Windows 7, in Windows Server 2008, or in Windows Server 2008 R2 A memory leak occurs when an ADO Recordset object calls the UpdateBatch method A nonpaged pool memory leak occurs when you use a WFP callout driver in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, or in Windows Server 2008 R2

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Increased Memory Usage With Added Memory?

Nov 5, 2011

I just built a new computer and started with 8GB of memory. A few weeks down the line I purchased another set of the same memory because it was on such a good deal and had great reviews (newegg). It also was working well for me, so I figured maybe more could be better.

I haven't noticed any decrease/increase in system performance except Alt-Tabbing has recently got slower. Also, Windows 7 was sitting tight on 1.3gb to 2gb of memory usage prior to the extra 8 (now 16) being added. Even when gaming, it went up to like 3gb. Now that I've added the extra it's going up to 4.5gb or better. Also, is it possible to speed up my alt-tabbing? It seems to have a good 3-4 second pause in it instead of being immediate like it was.

Computer specs:
Windows 7 HP 64-bit
gSkill 16gb 1866 memory (BIOS shows it at 1866, too)
Intel i5-2500k Sandy Bridge (OC'd 4.6 with factory Overclock presets)
ASRock z68 Extreme4 mobo

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Memory Says It Has 3.0 GB Of Ram And Runs Until Start Actually Using To New Memory?

Feb 28, 2012

I recently bought 2x1GB Ram Sticks for a Dell DimensionE510It has a Pentium4 2.80Gh Processorand factory 1 GB RAMIt's currently running Windows 7 x64hen I put the new RAM sticks in the system recognizes the new memory says it has 3.0 GB of ram and runs until I start actually using to new memory, as in start running more programs simultaneously and it crashes and I get two BSOD*. As far as I know the sticks match the motherboard, as in that's what I was told.*"Memory Management" and "PFN List Corrupt"As far as I understand it is a driver issue, but I honestly am not sure.

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Windows 7 Explorer.exe Running At Total Memory After A Few Minutes "memory Leak"

Oct 28, 2012

To start, I have Windows 7, on Sony Vaio laptop. I have been working on the issues with the malware removal team, but now machine looks clean, I am still having issues. When starting the computer and going to the task manager, I can watch explorer.exe start at about 18K memory usage and then grow constantly until it is running with almost all of the computer's physical memory after about seven min. I cannot get the context menu to show up after a few min by right clicking on anything. I had been experiencing "freezing" while playing Eden Eternal (an online role playing game) before that, which made me consider malware and seek help here at BleepingComputer. The freezing has ended, last time I played on that machine at least, but now there seems to be some issue with the explorer.exe taking all of the memory. I haven't been using the machine since I don't trust that there's not something running in the background that shouldn't be. In resource monitor there were "connections" that had "-" for both the name and the PID, but I don't know if that was the malware of if that's normal somehow? Issue with explorer.exe seems to be limited to only one user account, and not the other one. That is to say that if I log on one of the other accounts explorer.exe behaves normally, as far as memory usage.

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"Out Of Memory" Error, All Apps Continually Increase Memory Usage

Sep 20, 2011

I have windows 7 64 bit and also running a ssd. Just a few days ago I've started to have an issue where after my computer is running for a couple hours all processes continually increase the amount of memory they are using until I get an out of memory error. Here is a pic of it around 75%. I have 8 gigs of ram (kingston) that before this never went above 4gigs of use, so not sure what is causing this suddenly.

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Kodak - Camera Says Memory Card Is Protected (reset Switch On Memory Card) ?

Nov 5, 2011

my camara says memory card is protected (reset switch on memory card) how do you do this the camara wont take photos untill this is dun

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The Instruction At 0x72f151d3 Referenced Memory At 0x72f151d3. The Memory Could Not Be Written

Feb 1, 2012

Win 7 x64, all updates. intel core 2 duo E8800. 8gb ram in 2 pairs. Nvidia 9800GT.2x HDD with lots of free space. ESET antivirus + Outpost firewall Every time I shut down the computer, I get an error like this:The instruction at 0x72f151d3 referenced memory at 0x72f151d3. The memory could not be written.Sometimes they will auto close, others I will have to force the shutdown.The thing that seems interesting is that there's a pattern to the memory addresses.When it's a software exe crashing, it's always 0x7xxx51d3.When it's explorer.exe crashing, it's always 0x7xxx87bc.

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Memory Question - 8GB Of Memory

Mar 17, 2009

So i have 32x Windows 7 I also have 8GB of memory.

My question is how much memory can this architecture actually see? its 32bit, so shouldn't it only see a max of 4? in the my computer properties, it tells me i have 8, but a bunch of programs tell me i have the 3.25.

Do i need to move to 64x? and what happens with the drivers for my custom built pc? will i be able to find them? (most of my disks wont install 32 bit drivers on Windows 7 beta) i cant really do the vista driver backup with driver max, because i use XP

any help? ideas? suggestions? Thoughts? Comments? Wize cracks?

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HP 620 DVD-RW Not Showing Up?

May 29, 2011

i have a problem with my dvd-rw drive it is not working now and i have tried to troubleshoot but the driver is still missing...

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Showing Far Less RAM Than Should Be

Oct 19, 2009

I have a RAM issue that a little baffling...

Now I know that the 32-bit OS wont show all of my 4GB as usable but its showing alot less than 4GB.... See pic

Any ideas what I can do?

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7 64-bit Showing 4GB RAM Instead Of 6GB

Nov 23, 2009

I recently installed 64-bit Windows 7 on my new computer I built a few days ago and I have no clue as to why it only shows my memory at 4GBs. My BIOS show the same thing, however CPU-Z says I have the appropriate 6GBs. The "Maximum Memory" option is unchecked in msconfig, by the way. Does anyone know what may be causing this issue?

System Specs:

ASUS Rampage ii Extreme
6(3x2)GB RAM Mushkin Redline DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
Sapphire 5870
i7-920 @ 2.6Ghz
1050w Enermax Revolution
WD 300GB Raptor

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Cd Rom Not Showing Up On My Pc

May 14, 2012

Got a cd rom that is not showing up on my pc i reseated it and it still not seeing it

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Hdd Not Showing Up?

Jan 2, 2013

i reinstalled 7 to my first hdd and the second is now not showing up in my computer but disk management and device manager say thing is all ok

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Ram Not Showing Up Even In Bios?

Feb 6, 2012

I have a Toshiba Satellite, A305 S6905 with a New Install of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.Bios was updated to latest 2.20 version. I put two new, matched 2 GB ram modules in it. It does not show but 2 GB installed even in the Bios. I checked both modules by putting each one seperately in the primary ram slot and both were showing up as good. I even put the old 2 GB and 1 GB modules I had before under Vista and it still only shows 2 GB installed.It only shows 2 GB installed and 1.87 useable..It boots OK and seems to run fairly smoothly but I have not put it to the test under some memory hog programs yet.

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Thumbnails Not Showing Up?

Jan 25, 2011

I previously had a computer with Vista on it. I purchased a new computer with Windows 7 and installed MS Office 2010. I transferred all my files from my old computer to my new computer and now when I go to insert pictures into my website, the pictures are not showing up as thumbnails so I can view all at the same time. They just show that little icon.I have went through a lot of the threads in response to this problem and have tried them all without any success. Could it be old settings that transferred over and are not compatible.

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