How To Copy File To System32 Folder

Jun 28, 2009

today i wanted paste a file to system32 directory in win 7 but i must have some kind of permission. What kind, how to enable it?. On Win xp i get communicate of access denied.

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Minimizing Folder Is Showing As File Copy Folder In Taskbar?

Mar 3, 2012

During multiple file coping(file transferring) from one folders to other folders while minimizing all the folder at the time, check the status in taskbar, it showing all folder as file coping folder. is it expected in aero themas or its issue.

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Cannot Copy A File To Folder

Aug 2, 2012

I can not copy a file to either the Program Files or Program Files(x36) folders.My account is suppose to be administrator. How do I set up sharing so I can use my computer and not be told I can not do certain things. I am on a home group what ever that is. When I try to share the folders I am told I do not have permission to share that folder. And I do not have permission to share or stop sharing the folder.

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Copy The Windows File Folder From SSD To HDD?

Jul 9, 2012

I'm trying to back up everything on my SSD to my HDD and wondering if that will have any negative repercussions.

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Can't Find The Folder Name System32 In Windows Folder

Aug 14, 2011

I try to fix the problem in C:Windows/System32 but, I can't find the folder name System32 in my Windows folder.So, how to find it? where?

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Make An Older Program Run / Have To Copy A Stack Of Dll / Ocx Files Into System32

Jul 20, 2011

In order to make an older program run, I have to copy a stack of dll/ocx files into System32, and then register them. Yes, it's crappy design, but it's a game editor for an older game, and I'm evidently the last tech-savvy admin. That, or a sucker.I copied them onto the desktop, and am trying to copy them from there into the system32 directory. I hit the UAC prompt, and select continue. Then it tells me I need to provide permission for it. I am a local admin (as well as a domain admin).

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Search Multiple Files, Copy+paste To New Folder (batch File Software)?

May 3, 2012

I have a folder with around 2000 files in it. I want to be able to copy certain files from this folder (normally around 40) and place them in a brand new folder, I want to be able to do this with nothing more than a txt file that has all the file names I need copying in it with every file name on a separate line.I receive around 10 new txt files each day so you can imagine how tedious it is searching through 2000 files, picking out the 40 I need, times a day everyday.To make things even more complicated, the txt files I receive don't always have the correct file names in them, maybe there's a misspelling or a word or two missing for some of the names. That's ok when I'm going through picking out the files I need to copy myself because I can normally tell which file is being requested, but I can't see it being so easy for a program or whatever to do, I'm guessing it'll need to have a search feature where it picks out the most likely file.I'd like it to be as automated as possible. I receive the txt file, make sure each file name is on a separate line then a program or script or whatever goes out and picks out the files (or most likely files for the name's that aren't exact matches) and copies them into a brand new folder (which I'd like to be the same name as the text file it's using to choose the files).

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Write To System32 Folder?

Oct 6, 2010

I am trying to write to this folder as I need to replace 2 drivers with more updated versions. I am running as Admin and I have the UAC set to Never Notify. I right click on the folder and uncheck read only. Then I go to the Security tab and attempt to edit the permissions. However even as Admin the buttons to add and edit permissions are "Ghosted Out

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OptionalFeatures.exe Is Non-existent In System32 Folder?

Nov 2, 2012

As the title says, there is no OptionalFeatures.exe in my System32 folder. I recently let a friend of mine install 7 on my laptop (I have been on XP since its launch). I need to run networking from this machine to the other computers in the house (1 Mac and one on XP) to share files between, but I can't as there is no medium to do so.Is there any way to obtain a fresh copy of OptionalFeatures.exe without having to do a complete reinstall of the OS?

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Windows 7 System32 Folder Download?

Aug 16, 2012

Windows 7 system32 folder download?

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Editing A System32 File?

Oct 10, 2011

Its pretty nice, except that when I get to the login page for windows, it shows a picture of a finger print instead of my user pic. i found out that the image for the fingerprint scanner is part of a file called "BioCredProv.dll" in the system32 folder. So I made a cop of it, edited the copy with a dll editor so that the bitmap image is that of my user account, but now I can't replace the file in the system 32 folder. I've tried deleting the original and replacing it with the edited one, I've added 1 to the end of the edited file's name so it is "BioCredProv1.dll" and then attempted to change the registry to use this new file (but it gives me an error saying "Cannot edit: Error writing the value's new contents." I know it can be changed as I've seen another forum where two people gave two ways to change it (one using an ubuntu linux system to change the system32 file which I don't know how to do, and the other by creating his own new registry file, which I once again don't know how to do.)

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Locked Files In System32 Folder And No Longer Have Admin Rights

Apr 10, 2011

I noticed my laptop being slow and so I checked the active processes. Found an unknown process dllhost.exe using a massive portion of CPU. A friend of mine managed to locate file and alter it so that it was restricted to only the admin of the machine (me), along with another file below it (dllhst3g) � was worried that this was some sort of infection that went unnoticed by my antivirus software which at the time was Stop Sign. Since locking files computer worked faster but have been unable to scan computer for infections as Stop Sign couldn�t be update for unknown reason. Since then have been infected with virus which stopped me getting to cmd tool, task manager and changed desktop background. Started laptop in Safe Mode with networking, got a copy of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware which managed to find the problem and delete it. Then was advised to use Avast anti-virus and had no problems since. My main problem is that the 2 files are still locked off and I am wondering how important those processes are? Also, my primary concern is the sudden inability to perform administrator tasks. I am the only user on my laptop and am an administrator according to profile on Control Panel, but when trying to perform Microsoft Windows Update receive pop-up message saying: You need to provide administrator permission To complete this task, you need to log in as an administrator or ask an administrator to complete the task for you. One of the updates to be downloaded is Windows 7 Service Pack. gain admin privileges again and let me know how important the dllhost and dllhst3g files are and/or how to unlock them?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6500 @ 2.10GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3039 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 466430 MB, Free - 195776 MB;
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO, N/A, N/A
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

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Why Shortcuts In Tasks Expanding Menu Opens System32 Folder

Jun 29, 2010

I just got my new laptop and I'm new to windows 7 and I noticed (in start menu) that all secondary shortcuts that shows in tasks expanding menu. Like if I press (getting started) it will work just fine but if I try to open (discover windows 7) or (personalize windows) it just open the system32 folder. And the same goes on with media player, messenger and sticky notes.

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When Try To Use The Backup Tool Get The System32 File?

Jul 29, 2012

i want to make a backup but i click "backup" and i get the "system32" file

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Computer Won't Start; System32 File Corrupted

Oct 10, 2012

Every time I try to start my computer, it says "windows is loading files," which it normally doesn't, and then Startup Repair pops up. I let it run for about an hour, and it finally finished, but it said it could not find the source of the problem. I looked in the log for the Startup Repair, and it said that everything ran smoothly, except for the file scan. it took over 100,000 ms for it to process, and it said the test failed, along with mentioning that the system32 file was corrupted. I don't know much about computers, not do I remember getting an installation disc. (The computer was a gift to me.)

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Context Menu - Add Copy To Folder And Move To Folder

Jun 16, 2009

How to Add COPY TO FOLDER and MOVE TO FOLDER to Windows 7 Context Menu ?

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How To Copy Startup Folder

Jul 4, 2011

I am trying to install a small app in Windows7. But in order to do this the app needs to be directly copied to the startup folder. how to do this.

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Sub Folder Missing After Copy?

Jul 1, 2012

I was preparing to re-install my OS by copying all my important files, installers, etc. into one folder. When I copied a folder from My Documents to this new folder on my desktop, one of the subfolders disappeared. I've been unable to locate the missing folder or files through either windows search or Pandora Recovery. locating it because it contains the source code for some tools I've written.

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Can't Copy Files From (x86) Folder

Jul 17, 2012

Im using Windows 7 64 ultimate . A program I use installed in tne (x86) folder runs OK and I can save and delete files from within the program but I cannot see these files from Windows Explorer to make a backup . The files display the infamous yellow lock icon (from within the x86 program) and I cant change this no matter how far I go into the owner/permissions rigmarole .

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Create VBscript To Copy Folder To Network Drive?

Jan 7, 2011

I have VBscript to copy folders or files to other location. But this doesn't seem to run on windows 7 machine. Any help in why this might be.Reason for this is we want take backup of just one particular folder every month on C drive to network drive. Now can set backup to do this but way it does it you have drill down to find the folder.

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Copy Multiple .wma Files In Different Folders To Single Folder?

Dec 27, 2011

I need to 'extract' .wma files from within many different folders to a single, main folder. It looks like this: Main Folder>Artist>Album>Track (.wma) but there are many artists. I want to get all the tracks from within the two subfolders into a single folder.

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Copy Firefox Profile Folder From Older PC To Windows 7 Netbook

Sep 13, 2011

I am trying to copy my Firefox profile folder from my older pc to my Win 7 net book. In the past i used the "run/%applicxxxxxx/profile" syntax to reach my profile. Now, when i do the same in Win 7, i had to create a new folder "profile' and then paste my older profile. In doing this I get the message that it is not accessible. Access Denied. Is there a different way to do this in Win 7?

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Cannot Open PDFs From Specific Network Folder / Must Copy To Desktop

Jul 10, 2012

In one particular network drive I cannot open any PDFs.

* PPT - opens fine
* JPG/TIFF/etc - opens fine
* DOC - opens fine
* XLS - opens fine
* ACCDB - opens fine
* PDF - Acrobat Reader opens and then I get a pop-up "Error: Access denied."

To open any PDF I have to drag it from the network folder onto my desktop and open it from there. I can open PDFs from any OTHER network folder; it's just one specific path and subdirectories thereof where they won't open. Doesn't matter which office computer I use, I get the same error anywhere. I have R/RX/W/M (everything but full control) on the network folder. Same permissions as everyone else in my office.

I have:
* Reinstalled Acrobat reader (no luck).
* Disabled offline files (no luck because I didn't even know what that feature was for and never used it.)
* Double-checked permissions on the directory.

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Cannot Copy File And Hdd Goes On Crashing

Dec 30, 2012

I think my windows and hdd are going to crash soon. i want to back up my files. but i could not. i could not copy the files as they are taking a awful lot of time. and sometimes it just stops copying and my pc freezes. what can i do?

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Unable To Copy File?

Mar 21, 2012

I'm having trouble trying to copy a file into a folder.Every time i try to it say's i need "special permissions",I have went into properties to try a check the box,but it will not let me.I also tried turning off the UAC,but didn't do nothing

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Cannot Copy Specific File From Usb

Dec 17, 2009

since two days i am trying to copy a exe file from a usb stick to my machine.

i tried everything. completely disabled uac, logged on as "superadmin", gave all permissions that i could think of. but still.

the strange thing is that explorer does not even display the icon correctly. it shows only the "generic" exe icon.

everytime i try to copy the file windows tells me that i do not have the permission to make changes to the file.


- the file is not broken, nor is the usb stick. i tried it on another Windows 7 machine and it works just fine.

- tried to copy it on D: drive too... same problem.

- zipped the file. copied the zipped file successfully to the drive but when unzipping it the folder is empty without an error message.

- turned off defender and AV. just in case it thinks it's a bad file.

well, i never had this problem before. any ideas?

edit: i forgot to mention that this file on the usb is in the same folder with several other files which i can copy without any problems.

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Cannot Copy Onto USB Flash Drives / SD Cards - Destination Folder Access Denied

Aug 15, 2011

My laptop is not letting me copy anything onto USB flash drives. I'm using windows 7. I have already tried system restore and uninstalling the drive in Device Manager and Disabling write protection in the registry but to no avail. I am able to format the pen drive and also access files on it and copy files from it. But I am not able to paste files from my laptop onto the pen drive. It says "Destination folder access denied" and "You need permission to perform this action". I am running an administrator account. Also I am able to do everything normally in the case of a external HDD but again face the problem when trying to paste something to SD cards. I have taken ownership, run as administrator and also tried to drag-drop but to no avail. This not for just 1 particular file/folder. I am not able to copy anything to the USB and at the same time I am able to copy anything to the external HDD.

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Copy Text From A File/document And Then Paste It Into Another File/document?

Sep 23, 2010

With my Windows 7 Pro 32bit laptop(fully updated) I have issues with copy and paste. When I copy text from a file/document and then paste it into another file/document I have one of three things happen. One it will copy the text correctly, though if I press enter to go to a new line its as if the clipboard was emptied because I cannot paste again, two it will not paste anything as if I didn't copy before, or three it will paste a screenshot of what is currently on my screen into the document.If it does copy and paste correctly then when I open a new file or folder, the clipboard will empty so I can't paste the same thing into two different documents unless both documents were open when I fist copied the text.This issue also occurs whe trying to copy/cut files and move them to a new/different directory(if the paste location is not already open then the clipboard appears to empty).

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Admin Rights To Copy File?

May 14, 2011

I am trying to move a *.dll file from one location to another. It keeps on asking me for admin rights. Not sure what to do. I am using windows 7.

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Can't Copy And Replace Existing File

Mar 25, 2011

I cannot copy a file and replace an exiting file:No messages, not even "file exists"; this includes drags and copy/paste.Get "file exists" on "Save As.On "Cut" "Error 0x80070490: Element not found"I have to physically delete the file and paste the new one. This is not a protection problem, it is just a simple text file that I created for the test in 2 different folders. This is the first time I have ever seen this including Win 3.1.

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Control File Copy Priority?

May 12, 2012

I basically copied 276 GB from my hard drive to another external backup drive that is connected via eSATA on my computer. My motherboard and the hard drive support SATA II. File transfer took, I don't know how long I'm guessing 1 1/2 hours.

During the file transfer, my whole system halted to a crawl, well, worse than that. According to my resource manager, the CPU usage wasn't too high, and the RAM usage was 100%, with 15%-25% of my memory being used for "Standby" memory. The Disk usage was 100%. I was unable to open or close applications while the file transfer was in progress. I couldn't even type.

Is there a way to set priority while you're doing file transfers, thus leaving resources open to still use your computer?

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