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Windows Wireless Lan 802.11stop Working

I just bought Toshiba notebook a month or so ago with Vista Premium sp1. A day ago when I turned on notebook, I had a notice to the effect: Windows Wireless Lan 802.11 Extensibility Framework has stopped working.

-> Check for a solution later (recommended) next time you start system
-> Close

Those were only two choices. I believe I clicked the first one "Check for a
solution later." When I turned on notebook tonight, I got the same message. Does anyone know what could be wrong with this new notebook? I am using the wireless to get into IE7 and type this message. My husband and I are senior citizens and not too familiar with computers or computer language so if someone has an answer, please make it simple enough for us to understand. We hope this new notebook isn't broken already. We can't afford to buy another computer or have this one repaired.

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Wireless Not Working. Wireless Network Detection Has Stopped Working
I am using a windows Vista 32 bit home premium notebook computer for which the wireless network detection has stopped working. I updated the driver for the built in wireless card with out any results. I also tried a plug in wireless card which windows detected and said was working properly and this did not work either. This leaves me to believe that something is wrong with the OS. I can get on the internet via dialup modem and also by the ethernet connection with a DSL modem. I have been to several hotspots that I know have wifi and no networks show up. All critical windows updates have been installed.

Posted: Apr 11, 2009

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Wireless Not Working After New HD
I have problem with connecting to a network through wireless. I think I got it because I installed a new hd and vista, so my laptop is essentially new. But for some reason, I seem to not be getting any wireless connectivity to the internet. It used to work before my hd broke down, and now, my "new" laptop doesn't seem to know that I have wireless.

The only way I can connect through the internet is by using ethernet and connecting the laptop with my dsl modem.

Posted: Jan 10, 2009

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Screensaver Doesnt Work Using A Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse, Also Microsoft Wireless Keyboard, Windows Vista
I Just want to know why my screensaver doesn't work using a Microsoft wireless laser mouse, also microsoft wireless keyboard, windows vista.

Posted: Mar 28, 2009

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Internet Wireless Not Working
I recently had other problems with my personal notebook but now i have another issue i can't connect to the internet the diagnostics keeps telling me to reset or check and make sure everything is fine but im positive it is ; the other computer and notebook in my household has internet and is working fine.

Posted: Jul 22, 2008

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Wireless USB Mouse Not Working
I recently purchased a Dynex wireless optical mouse for my laptop running vista. after installing the driver and software I can not get the mouse to work. When I physically move the mouse the light on the receiver blinks but the mouse does not move on the screen. I tried plugging the mouse into another system I have running xp and have zero problems. When I open device manager and look under universal serial bus controllers, the standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller says it does not have enough free resources.

Posted: Mar 23, 2008

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Wireless Interent Not Working
My wireless internet used to work and one day i turned my computer on and it no longer worked. I have a HP pavillion dv6000 laptop, the switch for wireless networking is on and when i click diagnose the problem it says "This computer does not have a wireless network adapter installed and configured. Install wireless networking hardware and verify that the correct drivers are loaded."

Posted: Apr 15, 2008

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Wireless Router Not Working
I recently got a sony vaio laptop installed vista and my wireless router will not work. I had no problems using it when I had my previous laptop, a HP with windows XP. When i try to connect to the router I am trying to install I get a message saying the computer cannot find any connection and to try again, I can assure I have done all the steps correctly. I also tried to connect to other wireless connections in my area as a test because i can't i get a message saying cannot connect. (and I have checked that the WLAN is on everytime).

Posted: Jul 2, 2008

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Wireless Networking Can't Working
My computer no longer recognizes any of my wireless networks. But when I go into "manage wireless networks" all of them are there. I've tried resetting the adapter and command prompts but it says that I am denied/blocked from accessing them.

In my Device Manager the only thing that has a little yellow triangle is a 'Non Plug Non Play' item called npkcrypt. Is there any reason why I can't access the internet other then connecting my laptop directly to it? I'm using an Acer with Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit. Anyone know what's going on?

Posted: Dec 3, 2008

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Wireless Can Not Working Properly
One computer upstairs with modium and router right next to computer getting full bars and great signal. My computer, downstairs aprx 8 mtrs away, brick house getting only 3 bars. When the upstairs computer is turned on I get no bars hence no signal. If i turn upstairs computer off I than get signal. The range says indoors up to 46mtrs, 100 mtrs outdoors. Why would having the upstairs computer on effect my signal downstairs? Do I need a better router of better modium. What can I do?

Posted: Apr 26, 2009

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Wireless USB Adapter Not Working
I've recently installed Vista Business on a new Dell PC. I've had problems installing the wireless adapter but in the end, Vista itself installed drivers for it though now the utility provided with the adapter doesn't work at all. The connection works fine until you try and download large files/use more bandwidth. For example; using a download manager like Flashget to download several files. From then it dwindles straight to 0kbps and then the whole connection dies, disconnects and the router is no longer available, according to Vista and yet the router is running fine with other computers on the network going strong. I've tried installing, updating, reinstalling drivers, altering the power settings and other internet settings to no avail.

Posted: Oct 18, 2007

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Wireless Connection Not Working
Have installed vista over xp everything fine except my wireless connection press switch but have been told software update or driver needed for acer aspire 1690 anyone know where I can look? my belkin adaptor allows me to connect fine.

Posted: Aug 20, 2009

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Wireless Networking Not Working
My wireless internet used to work and one day i turned my computer on and it no longer worked. I have a HP pavillion dv6000 laptop, the switch for wireless networking is on and when i click diagnose the problem it says "This computer does not have a wireless network adapter installed and configured. Install wireless networking hardware and verify that the correct drivers are loaded."

Posted: Aug 18, 2008

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Connection Wireless Can't Working
I've been having this issue ever since I bought my new tablet pc. I am connected wirelessly to a network here at work. I've never had an issue with any other computer before until this one. I'm using a Vista 64 ultimate and this is my issue. I connect to the wireless network... I can browse the internet just fine. I have a shortcut on my desktop \ Once I click on that it ask me for my user id and password so I enter and I then get to the network folder. After a few seconds it says Not Responding and I can no longer connect to the network or the internet although I can ping all internet addresses just fine. Disconnecting from the wireless and reconneting does not work... Disabling and reenabling doesn't work either. I have to shut down the pc and restart for it to come back up.

Posted: Nov 24, 2008

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Wireless Network Can't Working
I had a network setup running well, consisting of 3 computers with each one running XP. I replaced my "main" desktop with a new Acer 5100 unit running Vista Premium. It is the only one connected to the router/DSL modem (Westell 327w). Even after reading all the previous posts and responses, I can't get this darned Vista box to see the two XP's that are also on the same network. Only the Windows firewalls (with sharing excepted) are turned on, same workgroup, passwords' use turned off. REGARDLESS OF SHARING SETTINGS, DRIVE PROPERTIES SHOW THAT THE DRIVES are "NOT SHARED." The two XP units show each other but not the Vista box. Vista shows only Vista. 'Bout ready to strip Vista off and reload XP

Posted: Mar 28, 2008

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Can't Working Wireless Connection
I have a Compaq Presario f730US. I run Vista 32bit. When I got the computer back the next day, I could no longer get wireless. The Wireless button on the front won't turn blue. I have tried installing the drivers. I can use the ethernet but I got a laptop so I woulldn't be on a leash.

Posted: Aug 29, 2009

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Usb Wireless Internet Not Working
computer:bought 2 weeks ago hp pavilion dv4-1220 us vista home premium x64
internet:baught 2 weeks ago alltel wireless hauwei ec168 rev a

connection drops while i am downloading files or tring to watch a video using flashplayer internet goes "dormant" sometimes if i am extremely lucky it will hold longer then other times. i have no problem surfing the net. just "buffering" videos and downloading files i.e. patching wow or watching videos on myspace,Internet, or anywhere that invovles a flashplayer. its seems to be at random.

Posted: Feb 20, 2009

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Wireless Desktop F Keys Not Working
I have a new Wireless Desktop 600 Keyboard and when I am using my autotext in Word F3 should finish the autotext but it is not working. When I click F3 after typing the beginning text it repeats what I have typed half the time, the other half it deletes.

Posted: Jan 26, 2009

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Ethernet-Works, Wireless - Not Working
I have a vista Home laptop and an xp home desktop. Router is a speedtouch 780 supplied by O2. If i connect Vista lap to router by ethernet i have no problems. However when I connect with wireless, I can see the xp desktop an the
shared directories, but when I try to open them the system hangs and says the folder name is not valid.

I am also running a Xampp server on the XP and can access the localhost webpage when connected by ethernet but not wireless. I have done all the usual stuff, same workgroup, same name and password, turned firewall off on both and router, set static ip's, changed everyone permission settings on Vista. Share C: drive, undo and redone shares after each change. As it is xp home I can't access security settings, but as I say, Ethernet-Works, Wireless - Not working

Posted: Mar 23, 2008

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Wireless Connection Stopped Working
all of a sudden my wireless connection stopped working, so i did a system restore and it started working again, then it made the updates, and it stopped working again, the system restore worked twice and then after the updates, not working again, this time more permanent, when the computer starts it tells me that the bluetooth is on, but no existence of the wlan, the driver doesn't even show up on the device manager.

Then after some time my computer became stuck it didn't respond (this due to a different issue) so I decided to force the computer to turn off, when it restarted i had a wireless conection, then I turned off the computer and when I turned it back on no internet again, then I decided to try the force turn off again, and again I had internet. also if i have the internet working and i close my computer the internet stops working as well

Posted: Dec 4, 2008

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Wireless Network Stopped Working
Whenever my wireless stopped working I would shut my computer down. I'd do a primary hard drive test. It would fix my wireless almost guaranteed. I tried it earlier today and it didn't work. Now I got this screen telling me I need the Vista CD to resolve a problem with one of the drivers. I don't have the Vista CD. My laptop came with the program not the CD. I checked with my manufacture website and I even downloaded an HP Support Assistant. It says everything is up to date.

Posted: Nov 20, 2009

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Wireless Printer Stops Working
I am running Vista Home Premium on my laptop. I have a Brother wifi printer (although it connects to the router with a wire). I have 2 desktops and my laptop that use the printer. The two desktops use the printer without a problem. My laptop only works during the period after I add the network printer. When I reboot, it will seem to print to the printer but it just gets stored in the printer queue and won't print it.

Telling the print queue to try again doesn't do anything. If I delete the printer from my laptop and add it again as a new printer, it works great until the next reboot. I have no other printers in my printer list, only the Brother. None of the desktops (one Vista Home Premium, one XP) have this problem.

Posted: Mar 16, 2009

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Volume And Wireless Button Not Working
Iam running hp dv6000 windows vista ult. after installing and getting the drivers from hp, now the volume control and wireless buttons not working(not even have lights) and also all quick play button not responding although they are blue(have lights)

Posted: Aug 31, 2009

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Running Wireless Connection Can Not Working
I Am running a 64x vista os and I've installed a linksys PCI adapter into it. well the problem is that i have connection to the internet, but the connection just keeps identifying, normally i would mind, but recently i've notice that all online games lags (not like once every five minutes, almost constantly). I'm sure that the computer can cut the setting, and my connection is 10/10 mbit so ain't that either.

Posted: Mar 7, 2010

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Wireless Connection Stops Working
Everything works just fine on my new Vaio laptop running on Vista home premium, connecting to my wireless network TalkTalk (the router is Echolife HG520s), until the connection stops working but still says I'M CONNECTED PERFECTLY!

I thought it was a typical firewall problem so i tried with disabling Windows firewall and the mcafee security center but nothing seems to work except disabling the network hardware and enabling again.

Posted: Mar 26, 2009

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Wireless Connection To Printer Won't Working
i've spent the whole day trying to set up a wireless connection between a laptop running vista and a printer connected to a print server on a wireless router....The printer is connected to the USB port on the wireless router (and the wireless connection to the printer works fine with my old xp laptop :rolleyes. The printer worked fine when plugged directly into the usb port on the vista laptop. So I set up a TCP/IP local port with the router's IP address (network print server, 1 printer) and assigned the printer to that port. It worked! - once. It printed a short document from notepad but sometime in the next few hours its status went to 'offline' and it has since refused to print anything else. Print jobs appear to spool to the printer, come up in the print monitor window, etc, but it doesn't print - neither tiny things from notepad nor multipage word docs.

SO far I have tried: rebooting everything lots of times; setting the printer to 'use printer online' in the admin prefs; disabling bidirectional support; disabling spooling (i.e. printing direct to printer - this just makes MS Word hang); making a persistent mapping of LPT1 to the printer w net use (a bit out of my depth there so hope I haven't stuffed anything up, i just got a bunch of system error 66's).

Posted: Mar 23, 2008

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Wireless Can't Working And No Operating System
i just brought a new intel pc, the S-Series. with no operating system, atm has a trail of wondows vista, (im getting a real copie very soon) anyhoo, when i use the Ethernet Cable directly from my pc into the modem works fine. BUT when im not using it and using wireless and trying to search for any wireless rounters around, i cannot find none, i got a wireless card i think its: Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0), the 2008 version, theres a 2009 version (update), but every site i go to download they try and rip you off in buying membership and download it! so round it down cant find any routers when using wireless, cant find any FREE non riped off updates for my wireless card.. pheraps its not the card, and somthing else, and no no FIREWALL is blocking it.

Posted: Feb 14, 2009

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Wireless Printing Can't Working Properly
I have a dell inspiron 1525 running Vista home premium connected to a wireless network router wirelessly for use of the internet, i also have a dell PC downstairs (XP) which is connected to the same router with a wireless USB stick thing. The PC downstairs has a printer connected to it in the USB port. How can i use the printer from my laptop, do i need to set up some sort of home network? how do i go about printing on the printer downstairs from my laptop upstairs? i will provide as much info as i can to help, im pretty useless with computers

Posted: Mar 8, 2009

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Wireless Connection Not Working Properly
the internet in my house is ran of a router, every machine in my network including another laptop besides mine, a PlayStation 3, an ipod.. you get the picture, can connect too the internet except my laptop. my laptop shows that there is a internet connection and that it is connected too it as it shows me the two computer screens with the globe. i can connect to the internet for around 5-7 minutes, then it will the disconnect on my laptop only. i will not be able too browse sites, and it will tell me that i am connected local only, yet i can use applications like MSN? in order too fix this problem i need too turn my computer on and off, this will give me another 7 minutes of web browsing befor it happens again. i get this error message when i click repair on the network sign. cannont connect with ip) network diagnositcs pinged the remote host but did not recieve a response. reset the network wireless adapter "wireless connection" resetting the adapater can sometimes solve and intermittent problem reseting the network wireless connection does not help, i can get on msn still just not browse sites.

Posted: Mar 8, 2009

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Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Not Working
I need to get wife, who is bedridden with progressive MS, a laptop so she e-mail and skype with her friends. It will also keep her brain stimulated and away from watching tv all day. I was looking at one from HSN for $699 a Gateway,15.6,AMD Athlon II Dual Core,4GB ram, 320HD,Blu-ray Drive,and webcam but today I saw a Toshiba 15.6, Intel Core i3 proceesor,4GB ram, 320HD,webcam & micorphoneWiFi 802 for $699-$150 Instant savings at Fry's. I am looking for your input as to what is the better of the two or do you recommend something else. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard if she has trouble with her hand/eye coordination.

Posted: Mar 3, 2010

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