How To Change The Top And Bottom Of My Computer

Jul 30, 2009

Changing The Color On Top and Buttom Of My Computer

I couldn't find how to change the color of this.

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Change Computer Name To Blank

Jan 30, 2010

i was wondering is it possible to change your computer to name to *Blank* because I tried it and it's just not possible. I like it to set it to blank because I like it blank,

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Ip Change When Restar Computer After 3 Or 4 Hours

May 29, 2009

1st when i open my computer i have the IP of.. then when i shut it down after 4 to 5 hours or even 30 mins or lower it will change how can i make my IP stable even if i shut it down.

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Fixing Windows Calendar Scheduled Task After Computer Name Change

Dec 10, 2009

If you change the name of your computer (under Control PanelSystem and MaintenanceSystem), then the scheduled task that Windows Calendar has will NOT be updated with the new name of the computer. The result is that this scheduled task does not run properly when it is supposed to, and when you open up the Task Scheduler, you get an error popping up in Task Scheduler:

"An error has ocurred for the task Reminders - {User Name}. Error message: The specified account name is not valid."

Where {User Name} is your user name.

Solution: ...

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How To Change The User Name On A Vista Operated Computer Without Completely Reinstalling

Mar 5, 2009

how to change the user name on a Vista operated computer without completely reinstalling the operating system software and all the applications that already installed? I need to put her name in as the user and remove mines.

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/W2000 Ethernet Connection, Directory Trees Did Not Change On Either Computer's Screen?

Mar 26, 2008

I have Vista Ultimate 64-bit on a new computer, and Windows 2000/pro on a much older (8 years?) computer. I have no difficulty transferring files from one to the other using flash memory units. Both systems are running fine. I was told, by a not always reliable person, that I can simply plug either a regular ethernet cable, or a crossover ethernet cable, into each computer and each will immediately recognize the other, and each will show up on the other's Window Explorer windows. Then, I'm told, I could drag and drop files from one computer to the other with a click of a mouse on either computer.

So, I tried it. Purchased a new crossover ethernet cable, plugged it in, and no visible response. No sparks, no smoke - nothing. Directory trees did not change on either computer's screen. The person who told me this would work doesn't "have time to check into it right now."

1. Is it likely that I caused any damage to either computer? Both continue to work as well as they ever did, so I don't think so.

2. Is it possible to connect the two computers together, via such an ethernet cable, and have them behave as I had been told?

3. If the answer to question 2 is yes, what else must I do besides plug in the cable?

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Cd And Product Key On The Bottom

Jun 9, 2008

i have a windows vista home premium cd. it came with a product key but i already used that. i wanna know if i can use that same cd to install windows vista but using a different product key that displays under my laptop.

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Can't See The Bottom Of The Popup

Apr 13, 2009

My max display resolution is 1280x800 (fujitsu generic monitor), and it seems I can't see the bottom of the popup where you change/edit signatures. Isn't there supposed to be somewhere in these options where you can click an OK or apply button?

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Msg Bottom Right Of Desktop

Apr 10, 2009

I just re installed Vista Home Premium. It is an upgrade copy. I did a clean install which I have done many times before. I just noticed this morning in the lower right corner Windows Vista (tm) Evaluation Copy. Build 6002 this caught my eye because I am also using Windows 7 on another maching and see the build number of that sysem. I bought the copy of Vista and thought everything was

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Put All Of My Icons In A Bar At The Bottom Of My Screen

Aug 7, 2009

I can't figure out how to put all of my icons in a bar at the bottom of my screen?

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Starts At The Bottom Of The Message?

Feb 6, 2009

is there a way to default windows mail so that instead of starting to type at the top, it starts at the bottom of the message? You only need two tools: WD-40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn't move and should, use the WD-40. If it shouldn't move and does, use the duct tape.

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Sp1: Remove That Watermark At The Bottom

Dec 12, 2007

I know that sp1 is for evaluation and for testing and all, but is there anyway we can remove that watermark at the bottom. I know its something with the .mui file, and i have been able to get rid of it in x86 vista sp1, x64 seems as if there is something different.

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Switch On The Bottom Cannot Back

Nov 8, 2009

My laptop inspiron 1515 (I know it starts with 15) has below it, a switch you can make "lock" in place and also has a picture of a lock next to it. I pushed it all the way and it locked in place, and I can't get it to go back where it was or unlock. Felt like breaking the thing but I thought maybe someone here would know what it's for.

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Product Key On Bottom Of Laptop Faded

May 17, 2008

I have had a corrupted system for some reason so had to remove everything and restart. However. The Vista Product Key on the bottom of my Laptop has faded so a few of the letters look unrecognisable. I have tried what I believe it to be and it doesn't work. As I have not exactly lost my Product Key, Is there a way to get this product key from somewhere without paying for a new one ?? I have activated it with microsoft and provided my details so should it be registered to me somewhere ??

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Bottom Toolbar No Longer Accesable

Jul 29, 2009

On my desk window my lower toolbar is no longer accesable. The on with the clock, network e.d. in. Also the quick launch icons the minimized windows are no longer clickable. If I click on it I recieve the error sound. Only the windows main icon works on the lower left side. It is very irritating to need to open a window that is minimized via the taskmanager to activate the window. What's wrong with my toolbar and how can I restore it?

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Insert The Signature On Top Of A Reply Instead Of At The Bottom?

Apr 29, 2008

I created a signature in windows mail and it is inserted in every mail and reply at the bottom of the mail. However, I always reply on top of a message so that the person who receives my reply doesn't need to scroll down to read the (latest) reply. Now, I have to move the signature from the bottom to the end of my reply, above the original message I received. Is there any way to insert the signature on top of a reply instead of at the bottom?

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During Boot Logo Comes Up At The Bottom Of The Screen

Mar 23, 2008

I am unsure what has caused my problem, so I was hoping someone may be able
to shed some light on it for me. I am running, Vista Business 32bit. Everything had been working fine, but without any changes to hardware, software or drivers I now have resolution problems. Firstly, when I boot my pc up it all goes well until just after the ???Windows Vista??? logo at the bottom of the screen comes up (during boot) the monitor goes into standby mode. Now the only way I have found to get my monitor out of this is to unplug the DVI cable from the back of my tower and plug in back in. The monitor then runs as normal ??? SO THATS ONE PROBLEM. Secondly, when the above problem first happened (and this is still happening) my resolution is stuffed. My monitor can go up to 1680x1050 and my Video Card can easily handle this. (Which it had been doing). But now I can only achieve 1024 x 768.

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Intel Logo On The Bottom Right Corner

Jun 27, 2009

i have a dell xps 630i thats running windows vista. on friday, around 230 eastern time, my computer crashed. when i went to turn it back on tho, i saw something different with the dell writing, and the intel logo on the bottom right corner. they both were covered with dots eveywhere. After that screen passes by, i got a different new screen that i never got before. it was a phoenix awardbios screen. and below that it said, floppy disk(s) fail (40).

never seen that before. when i try to start my computer up, i can either go to start up repair or start normally. when i do the start up repair( ive done it 9 times already) it says my computer cant fix the problem, and then i can either send or not the error report. and when i start it up normally, it goes to a blank screen. and then my computer goes into power save mode. anyone know whats up with it and how i can fix it.

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Vista Screens And Cannot Access The Bottom

Jun 28, 2008

I can't see all the text in certain Vista screens and cannot access the bottom of the screen (i.e. sounds, DPI settings). I couldn't install the Vista SP1 because I cannot access the area to check off "I Accept". These screens cannot be made larger and have no sidebar sliders. In DPI Scaling box (which also does not show all text), the "Default scale 96DPI" choice has a strikeout line through it and it is grayed out. The only choice is "Larger scale 120DPI". My monitor is about 4 years old, 17" LCD Flat, eTronic brand 1710. Monitor settings in Hardware is PNP Generic.

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Task Status On Top And Bottom: No Display

Nov 8, 2008

it only has 'task status' on top and 'end task/switch to/new task' on bottom, if i Right Click on the tool bar icon i get 'close/always on top' no other functions. how do i get the old display back, and how'd this happen to begin with i did a restore to an earlier date. the good box came up, but after i deleted the ASUS crap off it this one returned.

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Newsgroups: The Bottom Status Bar Will Say Something Like '151 Message(s), 0 Unread, 23 Not Downloaded'

May 6, 2008

Using Windows Mail on Vista Business SP1. Version 6.0.6000.16386 (vista_rtm.061101-2205)
(But I remember this same issue on Outlook Express)

Some newsgroups, like microsoft.public.cert.itpro.mcitp always show as having unread messages. The bottom status bar will say something like '151 message(s), 0 unread, 23 not downloaded'. So, I do a catch up, and the next time it updates, it shows as having unread messages again, but it won't download them.

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Windows UI Bugs: Task Bar Dragged From RH Side To Bottom

Mar 23, 2008

This is a list of Windows Vista User Interface (UI) Bugs we need resolved before upgrading from Windows XP. I have also added a list of Flaws I think are important (before I use windows Vista personally). These were found within the space of 3 hours when I first used Windows Vista, and had to customise it.

1. CRITICAL BUG: When untick; Start Menu Properties ??? Keep the taskbar on top of other windows, windows do not always go in front of task bar ??? this makes this customisation function useless as there are times when you will be working on a document and the text you are typing in is not visible as the taskbar lies on top.

2. BUG: task bar dragged from RH side to bottom, task bar no longer dragable (workaround: have to lock and unlock taskbar)

3. BUG: Start Menu - clicking 'favourites', then clicking 'recent items' stops showing content. (workaround: need to close and reopen start menu to fix this. This bug assumes favorites menu has been made visible on the start menu......

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Download A Torrent In The Bottom Of The Screen Shows Me A Yellow Sign

Aug 4, 2009

when i download a torrent in the bottom of the screen shows me a yellow sign and then a red sign in the yellow telling connection problems and in the red not connectable but it still downloads...what kind of problem is this and how can it be solved?????

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Cursor In My Vista: If Move The Cursor To The Edge Of IE, The Double Head Arrow Will Apear At The Bottom-left Of The Edge

Nov 4, 2008

The coordinate of the cursor in my Vista is not at the tip of the arrow, instead it is at the tail of the arrow. When I click a file name, the file underneath would be opened; if move the cursor to the edge of IE, the double head arrow will apear at the bottom-left of the edge.

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Computer Shuts Down: Run CHKDSK /F And Check For Hard Drive Corruption And Then Restart Your Computer"

Sep 30, 2009

Before the computer actually came to the point of "shuting down just before it tried to load the o/s" it literrly kept shuting down on its own randomly for a week or so. Then the blue screen appeard with this error: 0x0000007BC , 0x84C5DBA0, 0x0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000 "Run CHKDSK /F and check for Hard Drive Corruption and then restart your computer"

Basically it's telling me the DRIVE is corruptet! Well, I plugged that SATA 2 HDD into my other computer (windows xp), detected it correctly and actually formated the drive and reinstalled XP on it without any types of problem. Does it still mean - SATA 2 is corrupted or broken!? How about the RAM then ... indeed, I did run the MemTest for 7 times and no errors were found. So the RAM are ok in this case, or am I wrong?! Maybe it's the PSU... ermmm no that cannot be 'cos the computer never shuts down, if I leave it run for (e.g 5 hours) and even if it's comes to "overheating" that cannot be the case eather, as its *again" never shuts down when you leave it run on the power.........

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Reboot Computer Through Windows The Computer Shuts Down Correctly

Jun 16, 2009

When I reboot my computer through Windows the computer shuts down correctly, but then the monitor remains black and the bios starts beeping out the error code for "VGA not detected". Why would this be? I am forced to press the power button and wait from 5 to 10 minutes to reboot normally. (I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate x64, have an ASUS P6T Deluxe motherboard and a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 280. 800 watts ZION power supply) Is this a BIOS settings or GPU problem? I already reseated the GPU. Could it be a power supply failure?

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How To Transfer Quickbooks 2007 Data From Xp Computer To A New Computer

Feb 22, 2009

How do I transfer my quickbooks 2007 data on my xp computer to my new vista x64 computer with quickbooks 2007? Can this be done? If so how do I do it?

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Importing/exporting Contacts From One Computer To Second Computer

May 5, 2008

I would like to export my contacts from my computer to my second computer. Both computers use Windows Mail. I tried exporting the contacts as CSV and vCard files. Using both methods, I was able to import my contacts into my second computer but they weren't neatly organized in files: i.e. business contacts, personal contacts, family, etc. Is there a way to export my contacts so they are still in the correct files and are neatly organized?

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XP Computer Disappears And Reappears Arbitrarily From Computer

Jul 29, 2009

I have a Vista Laptop that needs to access a printer on an XP computer in my sister's law office. I'm having trouble trying to even have the XP computer show up consistently on my sister's computer. I can ping it every time from the command prompt. I have all firewalls unenabled on both computers. Identical user accounts on both systems. File and Print sharing set up on both. The Link Layer topology is present on the Vista computer. When the laptop sits for a while the XP computer will show up on the map; but, Vista comes up with an error message when I try to access the XP computer.

Beyond that, the map will lose the XP computer on occassion. The Vista computer can access the internet well enough through the router. At this point I can't install the printer on the Vista computer for not being able to access the XP computer from Vista. I've networked Vista computers before on XP networks, and this is the first time I've encountered this problem. Additional info; net view will not show xp computer. Workgroup name is the same for both XP and Vista computer. The restrict anonymous registry key on the XP computer is set at 1. Was originally set at 0. (Norton's Systemwork altered setting)

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New Email Account: New AOL E-mail Account, Clicked 'Add E-mail Account' At The Bottom Of My 'Windows Live Account'

Aug 24, 2009

I have a Windows Live Mail account and a Yahoo account and they both show up on the left hand side of my Window Live Mail account so I can choose which account I want to use or, for example, which inbox to look in. At the bottom, also on the left hand side of my Windows Live Mail account, it shows 'Add e-mail account', which is what I want to do with a new 'AOL' account and I want it to show on the left hand side like the two other accounts.

So I made a new AOL e-mail account, clicked 'Add e-mail account' at the bottom of my 'Windows Live Account', then I put in my new AOL e-mail account and password where it showed me. Then I clicked next.

The next page was all about my email server. When I did this before with a new e-mail account, it was all filled out automatically for me, but this time, all the blanks were left open and I have no idea what to fill in. I believe once I have this information, the AOL e-mail account will automatically then show on the left hand pane of my Windows Live Mail account below the other two accounts.

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UAC Locked Me Out Of Computer, How To Salvage This Computer

Dec 11, 2009

I have a problem: I have a Windows 7 computer that is part of a Domain. By using System Restore, Windows has managed to ruin the trust relationship with the domain. I use a domain logon and am the only administrator on the machine (the Local Administrator is disabled). I cannot log in normally, due to the trust relationship issue. If I disconnect the network cable while logging in, I can (cached credentials), however I cannot change any UAC-protected settings because if I enter my credentials into it, connected to the network or not, UAC will simply show an error "This operation requires elevation". Nothing I try will work.

I cannot disjoin the domain, because those controls are protected by UAC. Logging in from a remote machine using my credentials will give me "Access is denied". Resetting the computer account in AD has no effect. I cannot format and reinstall because this laptop does not boot from CD by default and requires me to install a program to change BIOS settings (don't ask, it's a Toshiba, the usual way is broken). I cannot install this program because I am faced with yet another UAC prompt. I cannot remove the harddrive because of the laptop's design. how to salvage this computer?

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