Headphones Dont Work

Aug 20, 2009

Yesterday I unpluged my headphones from the jack located in front of the computer because the wire became tangled, when I plugged them back in, I no longer got sound, so I restarted the computer thinking that was the problem and it still didn't work. I have checked the volume and sound card and they are fine. I can't even hear the test sound.

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Headphones Simply Dont Work

Jan 30, 2010

As you can see in this image my "Search" selection (I don't know what can I call it) is GONE. It's not in my "Start Menu". Can anybody please tell me how can I get it back, and where did it go in first place?

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Speakers Work But Headphones Dosent Work

Mar 23, 2008

Ive just bought some new headphones yet when i plug them in the sound still comes out of the speakers. I know the headphones do work because i use them with my mp3 player

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Sound Doesnt Work On Headphones To The Front Port

Dec 14, 2008

The problem is that when I'm listening to music or playing a game, the sound works just fine on my speakers. But if I plug in my headphones to the front port, the sound continues to come out of my speakers, and not my headphones. The only way to get the sound to come out of my headphones and not the speakers is to re-launch the application that is producing sound. The same is true vice-versa (going from headphones back to speakers). I have set my default output device to be the headphones and have played around with every setting in the Sound Blaster and Vista Sound control panels I can find - nothing seems to work.

I have read through other forums with similar issues, but they're all either a different issue (i.e. they get sound out of the speakers and the headphones - I only get it out of one, and not the right one), or the threads seem to have dropped off unsolved.

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Microphone Dont Work

Sep 28, 2008

here's the problem. My microphone dont work. I have the latest drivers soudn works, just microphone doesnt work.

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Window Update Dont Work

Dec 8, 2009

I dont have windows vista dvd so i cannot reinstall from it. I had a back up but its completely useless. I have a oem key that was coming with the pc.windows update dont want to work anymore.

"Windows could not search for new updates"
Errors found:
Code 80070490 Windows Update encountered an unknown error.

Curious thing is it sais i dont have any currently update installed in my pc anymore. Few days ago the list was full with updates and now I dont have any on the list. For make it worse now my system restore tells me that i dont have any system restore point so i cant restore to any point before i get all the errors and stuff.

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Printmaster 11 Plat Dont Work

Jun 23, 2009

My wife has printmaster 11 and will use this with windows vista, loaded this but it dont work.

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Internet Plug-ins Dont Work

Mar 10, 2009

I can't track down the exact thing that changed, but many of my internet plug-ins (QuickTime, Silverlight, Air) won't work properly. I will install the plug-in, then when I go to a site that requires it, it says it's not installed, despite clearly being the Program registry.

When I use QuickTime, I can go to various sites that have QT movies and they load fine, but if I go to Apple.com, it says I need to grab the newest QuickTime. Silverlight apps won't load at all. Any time I go to Adobe's marketplace for AIR apps, despite having one running, it says that I need to install Air. This is in both IE7 and Firefox.

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Dead Hd: Recovered But Dont Work

Apr 25, 2008

If someone could direct me to where that information might normally reside in Home Premium Vista.

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Custom Sounds Dont Work

Feb 27, 2009

So I am goofy and want my Vista Ultimate to play my own wav files instead of the ones it came with. but they simply don't play at all. I have done everything I know how to get this to work. I go to control panel sounds and the sound tab and have put the .wav files i want to use into the C:/Windows/Media folder and am able to select them through the sound menu... but the test option plays nothing for my wavs and it doesnt do anything when the system is supposed to make said sound...

I even checked all the properties to make sure they were the same the only differance I can see is that the sound files that work are owned by the system and the ones that dont are owned by administraitor. I do know how to change the ownership of files through the properties menu but even in Administraitor mode there is no option for system... I do not however think that it is the cause... is it that vista just doesnt want you using your own sound files?

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Device Working, Sound Dont Work

Jun 19, 2008

i installed Windows vista from xp. The sound don't work anymore. In the device status it says this device is working properly. What should i do to fix this? Please help me.

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Internet Works, Browsers Dont Work

Jul 4, 2009

I'm running Windows Vista Home Basic, and randomly my internet browsers just totally stop trying to connect and just spit out error messages, but everything else still works (usually). MSN, Steam, my antivirus updates on time, everything that isn't HTTP pretty much. The internet browsers will last anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours before keeling over. I've done a pretty thorough Google search on this and I'm at least not alone, but in another sense I am...

A lot of people have said "oh I disabled/uninstalled ZoneAlarm or Bitdefender or so and so a program and it worked" but I don't run those. Never have had ZA or anything on my computer. The only program I have in common with the most common ones is Spybot S&D, and I disabled that on startup and sure enough, didn't work. I do not have any Vista service packs, I don't think. Nothing explicitly called that anyway. I have a bunch of updates that I installed when I got the computer, so I can't uninstall SP1 to fix it since I don't think I even have it.

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Websites Dont Work Right, Change My Font Size

Aug 24, 2009

There are websites that i visit that dont work right and i dont know if it is Vista or just my computer. I just got this computer, it is brand new. My old computer had XP. There is a site called BabyCenter.com. When i comment in the forums, it wont let me change my font size, color or anything. I could do all of that on XP. And when i go to game websites like playtopia.com, the game will load, but it wont show up. Is this Vista doing this, and if so how can i fix it??

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Pinnacle PCTV Rave Software Dont Work On Vista

May 22, 2008

I have Pinnacle PCTV Rave card and the old software dont work on vista,whitch software and drivers can i use for this card on vista? I try to find on official site but nothing.

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3D Mark 06 Dont Work, "Open AL32.dll Mising" Error

Aug 19, 2007

when i try run a 2d mark 06 i have a message that "Open AL32.dll mising" error. when i install new drivers 162.22 and enable sli some of process have bin closed and i think that is should for this error. have some patch to resolve this problem or something else?

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Explorer Files Dont Work And Can't Delete Files

Jul 14, 2009

While installing a program, the process was interrupted and the install created 62000 files using 160gig in my syswow64 folder virtually using all my hd space. However when you go into the syswow64 folder, there is only about 2000 files and 1 gig of space used. I have set the folders to show all hidden files. When I go into the ms dos prompt and do a directory, the files match the 1 gig data.

I can't delete these 62000 files and free up the 160 gig space because I don't believe they are actually there on the hard drive but explorer thinks they are there. Is there any way to rebuild, sync, or otherwise get windows explorer to recognize the correct amount of files that are actually in my syswow64 folder.(2000files 1gig and not 62000files 160gig)

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Headphones Are Not Working

Jun 7, 2008

About 2 days ago i installed SP1. After installing i noticed my headphones not working so i checked them on my mp3 player - everything was alright. Then i thought it could be the jack port, so i tried to clean it - no results. My dad was gone so i had to handle myself. Googled and found this forum. Then i thought it could be drivers, because many people are encoutering this problem. I downloaded Realtek drivers and nothing! It is possible that i don't know what drivers i should download. And motherboard is Gigabyte a micro model, don't remember the numbers.

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No Sound: Headphones

Dec 26, 2008

i unplugged my speaker jack to put it into a laptop (didnt work), i then plugged it back into my PC and the sound didnt work. I also tried plugging in headphones (into the rear panel, the front panel has never worked for headphones), they also didnt work. I plugged my speakers into my ipod and they worked, so im guessing its to do with the computer. The speakers are definatly wired up correctly. The speakers are labtec pulse 350. I have vista 32bit home edition and have never had any problems with these speakers before.

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USB Headphones Not Working

Jan 29, 2008

USB headphones. if I plug in the 360 controller, all the audio in my USB headphones Plantronics 550 DSP Plantronics )) Computer )) Computer Headsets )) .Audioâ„¢ 550 DSP Ultimate Performance Headset & Software

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Swapping Headphones And Speakers?

Mar 27, 2008

I like to use speakers for listening to music/radio and I like to use headphones when playing games (TF2, Counterstrike, etc). It would be really nice if I could swap between the two easily, but I can't seem to sort this out. Before I moved to Vista I could get a signal to both my speakers and headphones at the same time. However, when I upgraded to Vista x64 I also upgraded my motherboard (to a GA-P35C-DS3R) and it now provides Realtek HD audio. However it seems my case only supports AC97.

What I would like is either:

1. A physical switch to switch between them (preferred)
2. Both playing audio at the same time

I want to buy some Creative Gigaworks T40s to replace my old speakers. Also my old headphones have recently broken so I need to buy new ones. I am looking at some decent gaming headphones - either Medusa 5.1 ProGamer or maybe Sennheiser PC161. (Any better suggestions?). However, the switching thing is the real problem. Considering I am shelling out for new headphones and speakers I don't want to spent a huge amount beyond this - maybe another £50.

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No Sound Come Through Speaker Or Headphones

May 18, 2009

No sound will come through the speaker or headphones in Vista, I checked the drivers in control panel's device manager utility. Does anybody know what could be blocking the signal?

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Headphones Setting CSS Doesn't Allow

Apr 17, 2008

Why isn't there a headphones setting like XP has? Stereo, Quad, 5.1 and 7.1 are there but no Headphones? CSS doesn't allow me to choose headphones in game and resets itself to Stereo. I have an X-fi and have the Audio HQ installed and I have it set to Headphones but CSS isn't as distinctive as it was in XP. I find it harder now to pin point enemy location. In XP it was a lot more distinctive. BTW, I'm using Vista now because I got fed up with the datacache.dll error in Source games.

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Speakers And Headphones Disabled!

Feb 8, 2010

I accidentally disabled my speakers and headphones in Vista Home Premium. I tried to enable them, they aren't even listed in sound devices. I'm on a HP G60 laptop. I went to control panel, clicked on sounds. Then i got a window with 3 tabs but no speakers or headphones anywhere. The volume icon says there's no sound device installed. I'm about to freak out!

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Don't Get Sound When Connect Headphones

Jun 14, 2008

I just recently upgraded my computer to an HP, model M8400f, running Windows Vista Home premium. Since I bought my computer I discovered a little annoying quirk: I often don't get sound when I connect my headphones to the jack on the front of the computer. This is not my 1st computer, and, of course, I made sure it was not on mute, I clicked on the icon for sound and toggle to its highest function and it made a sound as it was going up. So, there is sound, but when I initially put in a DVD (and I've tried w/it numerous, not just 1 single dvd), there's no sound. I literally have to take out the DVD and then put it back in, then I get sound. However, if I don't have a DVD in the computer and I click on a link that pops up a video, which is accompany by sound, I don't hear anything. It is here that I dont know what to do.

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Audio Through Headphones Without Speakers

Mar 9, 2008

I'm running Vista Ultimate and I recently dicarded my dell speakers that came with my xps 400 b/c only the back ones worked and those cables were too long to use efficently (I don't need help on how to arrange my speakers, thats OK). The real problem is that my Sony MDR-E828 headphones won't work with the computer/the computer dosn't recognize them (so essentially I have no sound, other than the beeps that come out of the PC itself). Before I uninstalled the other speakers (after I had disconected them), the headphones only worked for the sound config (wher the CPU makes sound come out of the different speakers to identify them). Now, I can't get to any mixer or any thing else (sound test, ect.) b/c no speakers are installed, and when I plug the headphones in, all I get is static. I went to the Sony Tech support and there are no downloads for the headphones. I'm completely lost and soundless.

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No Sound In Speakers (headphones Are Plugged In)

Sep 27, 2009

I have no sound coming from my speakers. I don't know of any specific trigger. A friend ejected my iPod and walked off with it, but that's the only action I can think of done on the computer for a while. Looking in the IDT Audio panel it says the following:

With no headphones in - it shows that I have a pair plugged in my middle jack.
With headphones on the left (mic) jack - it shows a mic plugged in and nothing else
With headphones in the middle - it shows both headphone jacks as filled (the one on the right shows up as filled too)
With headphones on the right - it shows both headphone jacks as filled (the one on the right shows up as filled too)........

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Headphones Plugged In Notification Not Appearing

Oct 9, 2008

i plugged in my headphones into my cousins laptop jack port thingy and vista popped up with a notification near the clock saying somethings being plugged into the jack port this doesnt come up on my laptop though. whys that? i have a fujitsu siemens amilo p1505 (or something like that) laptop intel dual core t2050 1gb ram etc...using REALTEK HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO sound or something

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Headphones Don't Connect Audio Jacks

Dec 5, 2009

I recently got a new motherboard for my computer to fix the BSOD's I was getting (the motherboard i had previously was faulty) however now Realtek HD Audio Manager has disappeared and i cant seem to get any sound out of my computer, apart from when I use a pair of USB headphones that don't connect to the standard audio jacks on the back and front of the computer (they connect to the USB). I thought this would be a simple fix just remove Realtek (did that) and go and find another copy to install but i cant find/work out what i need ... i downloaded several different drivers and they all did nothing. How do I reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager to manage my speakers?

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Switching From Headphones To Internal Speakers

Dec 2, 2008

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ11S, and every time i remove my headphones all sound stops working unless i restart the programme, for instance i can be listening to something off itunes, unplug my headphones and the music pauses and won't play again unless i close and reopen it. This also happens with firefox, and i presume other applications, though i have yet to try this. This is a recent development, everything worked fine until a few days ago when i deleted some old programmes i dont use, games and suchlike. I'm pretty much certain i didn't delete anything vital, though i guess its a possibility.

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Low Volume Using Headphones, No Sound In Speakers

Apr 12, 2010

A week back, while vista was installing a few updates on my laptop (Sony Vaio VGN-NS130E / Vista Home Premium 32-bit with SP1 running on Intel GL40 Chipset ), I happened to close the laptop by accident. Next time I logged in I saw that the update had failed (obvious.). Soon after I realized that there was no sound from my speakers, but I can still hear very feeble volume through the right channel of my headphones. These are the steps that I have done in an attempt to fix my problem (in the same order as I did it)

1. Rolled my system back to the immediately previous System Restore point (one created when the system was fine and these updates were not installed.) - No luck!
2. Checked, if my speakers were set to default. - They were.
3. Tried recording using Sound Recorder - the file plays fine on other machine, plays on mine but with no sound.
4. Reloaded the driver for the inbuilt sound card. (Realtek High Definition Audio)
5. Installed the latest Chipset Drivers for my motherboard.
6. Checked for the latest audio driver for my laptop model from Sony , installed it. - No luck!
7. Used 'Microsoft Fix It.................

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X-Fi No Headphone Setting: Shows It As A Speaker Icon And Not Headphones

Dec 23, 2007

Ive recently installed vista ultimate 64 and previously in xp i could set the speaker setup to be headphones in the sound options, however in vista there is no selection and its setup as just speakers. Ive set in x-fi modes and console etc to be headphones so everything is fine then but im slightly miffed as to why its saying speakers in the control panel -> sound section in windows not the x-fi. It also shows it as a speaker icon and not headphones so i dont know if this is conflicting.

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