Direct3D Acceleration Disabled

Apr 21, 2009

I'm running Vista Home Premium 64 bit and installed an Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT graphics card. I installed the current drivers but can't get Call of Duty World At War or FarCry 2 to run. I ran dxdiag, under the display tab I see the following:

DirectDraw Acceleration: Enabled
Direct3D Acceleration: Disabled
AGP Texture Acceleration: Enabled

When I run the 64 bit DxDiag,iIt tells me that all 3 are enabled. I also ran the System Requirements Lab Analysis on the NVIDIA site and it reported that I don`t have Video Card 3D Acceleration or Video HW Transform + Lighting. I had the card checked and it is working fine.

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Resolution Acceleration Disabled/not Supported

May 21, 2009

I just installed Windows vista 32-bit and it won't let me adjust the resolution and some programs are not working when I go into programs with graphics it says "Game is running in software rendering mode: Hardware Acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver, which could slow game performance. Make sure you have the latest video card driver installed and that the hardware acceleration is turned on." As far as I can tell it is turned on. I updated my generic PnP montior and my SGA video drivers. I don't know what else to do. Anyone have any ideas.

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How To Enable Direct3D,DirectDraw, And AGP Texture

Jul 10, 2008

how to enable Direct3D,DirectDraw, and AGP Texture? I think mine just got disabled my itself, I don't know how to turn it back on. I tried reinstalling DirectX10 and the nVidia latest driver.

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Bad Video Card, Can Not Use Any Direct3D Screensaver

Sep 14, 2009

A while back I began getting a BSOD about a nVidia graphics card driver. Finally (kinda) resolved that by going to the nVidia web page and Dling/installing the latest driver. However, two problems persist. minor - I can not use any Direct3D screensaver - keep getting "The screen saver can't run because it requires a newer video card or one that's compatible with Direct3D." major - my PC is MUCH slower - that is, for example, when I open Explorer, it takes ~ 45 sec. to a minute to open as opposed to nearly instantly before the BSOD. on startup, icons on the desktop show up as white objects and slowly change to the actual icon image a few at a time. Before this, icons initially (instantly) appeared as the actual icon.

HP had me reomve the video card and wait for a beep - none - and remove the RAM cards and wait for a beep - one short, one long. Now they want me to do a System Restore. I am not at all interested in this. Previous attempts have resulted in reinstalling programs/settings over several days - time I do not have. Any ideas on troubleshooting/resolving this? Can I confirm a good nVidia card? Could it be a driver problem?

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Start Menu Games Got The Direct3d Error

Mar 18, 2008

Thought I would take a break from work and see if there is a good demo to play on my newly installed Vista X64. Came across Painkiller Overdose Demo looked good downloaded it in about 7 min’s thought great lets shoot something. Clicked on the demo link in the start menu under games and got the error: Direct3D error: It was not possible to create the Direct3D rendering device. You may need to reinstall DirectX and/or update your graphic card. The graphics card is a Radeon x1950 (AGP) The annoying thing is I bought this like last year not realizing that PCI Express was the next thing and twice as fast. It has the latest Driver from the Radeon site 8-3_vista64_dd_59753.

I didn’t realise with the update to x64 that Vista automatically comes with Dx10. The thing is I have a game called Lost Planet Extreme Condition and on XP I would get weird graphic glitches this is one of the minor reasons I updated to Vista, because now when I run the game in Vista it runs flawlessly. This game comes with 2 launch modes LostPlanetDx9 & LostPlanetDx10. When on XP I would launch it with the Dx9 so when I installed Vista I had the game on my other drive so no need to install it, as I do with all my games. Anyway’ I decided to test it (not knowing at that point about Vista & Dx10) I launched it on Dx9 and it plays flawlessly as I said before

I installed this Demo on the Main Drive. So is it just an incompatibility issue with the Demo or is there some way to play this on the Dx10 Vista? One other thing I am annoyed about is that a while ago I bought GT Legends great game got it to play on my new Sony LCD TV and runs flawlessly on full everything? Also the only game for the pc where the PS2 controller I use through a Super Box 4 (PS2 to PC adapter) worked flawlessly, including the rumble. Well I had the adapter plugged in with the Controller connected and switched on when installing vista (tip for anyone installing vista have all the things you use connected and switched on cause Vista will recognize them saving you the process of hunting for drivers) didn’t recognize it. Does anyone know of a driver which I doubt, or even better a replacement to do the same job but on Vista.

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Windows And Direct3D, Game Doesn't Load

Sep 16, 2009

I have just upgrade to vista from xp, and now none of my games work, i used to have directx 9.c (i think) now i have 10, which i think is good. i had windows service pack 2 now i hve windows service pack 1 and i no longer have directx. when i try to play a game (from steam) it doesn't load were as it did before, and when i load world of goo it says i am missing direct3D, but i have no idea how to fix this.

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Mouse Acceleration Could Not Be Removed

Dec 3, 2008

I have a Toshiba X505-Q830 and it came with Windows 7-64 bit, I play Counter-Strike competitively and the mouse acceleration could not be removed which completely ruined my ability to play the game. So I popped in my copy of Windows Vista-64 bit and formatted and installed. Now my laptop is without the proper drivers for the internet and I have searched high and low for them but nothing is working.

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Direct X And Hardeware Acceleration?

Sep 26, 2009

I could not find this post elsewhere, but I can't get my directdraw to enable or mess with my hardware acceleration. Its just not active...any suggestions would be great. Latest Drivers Wiped and reinstalled all around. Regedit timeout is at 7.

I downloaded and loaded the latest, and older, drivers from both Nvidia and EVGA, my card manufacturer. Non of which has fixed the issue. Everything reads fine, as to the correct versions, but it always remains
with the same problems. Are there some sort of special privileges that I am missing, or possibly an included program with my card that controls these functions instead of windows? I have installed everything I can find from the Card Manufacturer and chip Manufacturer, I have updated my board bios to the latest and so on,
but nothing seems to make ANY difference.

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Wheel Scrolling Acceleration Vertical

May 17, 2008

I have a Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 and I'm having trouble getting the wheel scrolling tuned just right. I'd like to have a small scroll amount when I move the wheel slowly (to get really good precision) but then go really fast (screens at a time) when I "flick" the wheel to roll it quickly. The Intellipoint 6.2 software doesn't give me enough of a difference between slow scroll and accelerated fast scrolling. In fact, I don't see much of a difference, if any. I have the vertical scrolling speed almost set all the way to the left (slow). I have Enable accelerated scrolling checked, and under advanced, I have the slow/fast slider all the way to the right (fast). Seems as if this should be VERY exagerated--the dif between slow and accelerated should be VERY obvious.I searched the regsitry for any hint of settings. Nothing interesting or obvious under HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftIntellipoint, HKCUControl PanelMouse. Under HCKUControl PanelDesktop I can see WheelScrollLines but this seems to be the slow scroll rate.

It is at 2 and it changes when I change the slow/fast slider under the Mouse control panel vertical scrolling speed (nothing to do with acceleration).I can't find any registry setting that changes when I change the Accelerated Scrolling slow/fast slider. I find this very odd. Can anyone shed light on this? Is the vertical scroll acceleration a per-app setting? Is it something to do with how many scroll wheel interrupts happen per second and have to be set in a HID or mouse driver somewhere? I've tried MANY Microsoft mice to see if it something peculiar with this particular mouse and I see the same symptom with the new Natural Laser mouse, the Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0.

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How To Disable Mouse Acceleration In Windows SP1?

May 4, 2008

I'm a Counter-Strike player. Before Vista SP1, I use game parameter "-noforcemaccel" and the following registry to remove mouse acceleration. I works fine in Windows XP and Vista(With no SP1). But after I updated to Vista SP1, it does not work anymore. I've asked all around but still no solution there. Can anyone do me a favor that how to disable MOUSE ACCELERATION in Windows Vista SP1?

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Copy Of FSX Acceleration Expansion Pack

Jun 24, 2008

I installed the latest driver for Ge Force 8800GS as suggested, adjusted sliders in settings and clicked the antialiasing ect checkbox. The problem was that my copy of FSX was not as new as I was led to believe and kept informing me that it had been registered before. So off I went and bought a new copy from P C World along with a copy of FSX Acceleration expansion pack. I had problems trying to uninstall the old FSX or at least to install the new one. I had to revert to System Restore before being able to install the new copy. After installing new copy I again slid sliders and clicked checkbox in settings I have not yet installed any service packs as I am led to understand that acceleration pack will not install with SP1.Not sure about SP2. Since new install curser is now black and throttle on joystick(old Logitec wingman force feedback) will no longer shut down.

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Receive Message: Hardware Acceleration Is Turned Off

Apr 4, 2008

When I try to use some programs I receive a message saying my hardware acceleration is turned off. How do I turn this feature on.

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Want To Find A Slim Case Graphics Card With Some HP: Able To Use The Windows Flight Sim Acceleration Software

May 8, 2009

I have a dell 530s slim tower Inspriation desktop. All I want to do is be able to use the Windows Flight Sim Acceleration software. The card that comes with the computer doesn't have enough Horse power. I need a card that would be like a ge Force3 Radeon 8500 or better. The problem is getting a card that will fit in the case and slot. I'm told its a half card or slim profile. What will work? I would rather not spend more than $75. Is this doeable for something realiable. The Flight Sim without loading the Acceleration software that provides carrier ops, pylon racing etc. As I am a retired Marine Corps attack/fighter pilot it would be nice to try these.

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Screensaver "Incompatible With Direct3d" Error Message?

May 22, 2008

Recently, for literally no odd reason my screensavers decided to stop working. I'm getting the "Incompatible with Direct3d" error message, but the thing is is hat my screensavers have worked before on the exact same Drivers I'm using now. I'm running Intel 965 Chipset Express Family graphics, with the latest drivers also the ones recommended by Windows Update)

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Encryption Disabled

Oct 9, 2008

I have just added a new router on my computer. I am still having trouble with a laptop upstairs. On the laptop utility card it says encryption disabled. Is this a problem with my computer or their laptop? If it is what can I do? I just had my system crash and had it fixed at Future Shop. Everything works fine but the upstairs computer.

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SP1: DISABLED In The Startup

Mar 24, 2008

After a long debate with myself, I went ahead and downloaded SP1 for my old system. I had installed a new Logitech camera that was using the Lv? .exe driver or something. Anyway, unplugged the camera and deactivated the Logitech programs in the startup for all users. Installed SP1. Rebooted. Came back after several hours. Re-Attached the USB devices. Everything works. For the moment, I have the Logitech entries still DISABLED in the startup.

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Disabled Pop-ups Keep Appearing

May 26, 2010

The wife has her Vista 64bit box which uses dial up set NOT to check for and automatically DL updates because it is not online always plus user account controls are turned off. Updates are installed every couple days when available while she is at work by me. Because these are disabled pop-ups keep appearing about checking setting and such when I know what the setting are!! Is there a way to keep these notification pop-ups from coming up?

Evertime these things come up the wife gets all paranoid and is calling me to come check because the thing crashed once and now the warning pop-ups or whatever are getting her all bent out of shape even though I tell her to ignore them and they will go away. We know what the settings are and do not need the stupid pop-ups telling us that something is not set the way the damn system thinks it should be!

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Alt-F4 & Shut Down Disabled?

Jul 19, 2008

i recently bought a laptop which was on display in Comet in the UK. After having the laptop for a short time i noticed that certain items were disabled, such as the function Alt-F4, when you try and use it, it says the admin has disabled the feature which confuses me as i'm the Admin... and also when you go to the start menu and click the arrow next to the lock key, restart and shut down are not there as was expected. The only way to shut down is by logging out and doing it from there, i thought this was possible from the normal screen?

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Many Devices Disabled?

Apr 3, 2010

A friend of mine gave me a his HP notebook which recently developed a serious problem. It's an HP Pavilion DV6305 that uses an Nvida chipset and AMD cpu and runs Vista Home Basic. When he first bought it, I set it up for him with Eset's Nod32 anti-virus. The problem appears to be that at least 10 devices appear to be unable to load the associated device driver and in each case (looking in device manager) the error message appears to be: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (code 39)Googling on this error only turned up dozens of references to people having this problem with their CD / DVD drive but nothing like what is going on here.

Of course my first suspicion was a virus, since this seems to be the case with so many people having problems these days. I scanned with the installed Nod32 V4.0.x and it didn't find anything. Of course not that that completely rules out a virus. Next I tried running a disk test on the boot drive with both "Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" and the system log seems to indicate that the hard drive is clean with no problems.

The devices that are disabled include both the Ethernet and wireless controllers, the USB controllers, the HP quick Launch Buttons, the audio controller, etc. The only way to get files onto the machine is by burning them onto CD, since the CD / DVD drive is one of the few devices that appears to be working. I've tried downloading drivers for the Nvidia chipset and networking controllers, putting them on a cd and trying to reinstall them but while the installation appears to complete without errors on reboot the device still doesn't work properly. Does anyone have any ideas what I could do to fix this problem? If this is a virus, any ideas on how to remove it since the installed scanner can't detect it?

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Upgrading Is Disabled

Feb 7, 2009

I have just bought a HP notebook which has Vista Home premium 32bit O/S with Service pack 1. I tried upgrading this to Vista Ultimate with the Upgrade DVD. After entering the product key, I opted for the upgrade, after a while a message came up saying that the upgrading is disabled. I read somewhere that this trouble might have been caused by SP 1. So, one has to delete the SP1 and then upgrade. I looked into the add/remove programmes in the control panel, but there is no SP1 in the list.

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UAC Control Disabled

May 6, 2010

My friend recently installed some software, which was conflicting with Vista's UAC. Then a couple of days ago, I had a security alert prompting me to check my settings. Everything seemed fine except UAC was turned off. I turned it back on and restarted, it didn't appear. Then the next day it appeared. I can activate it - so it says it is on, but then once my computer is restarted it turns off.

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Upgrade Disabled

Jan 22, 2009

According to the specs of this maching it already has vista 64bit. So I thought I just needed the upgrade. When I put the disc in to upgrade it, it went funny kept restarting itself and told me there was an error and it couldn't complete the upgrade. Upgrade was then disabled.

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Bitlocker Now Disabled

Jun 13, 2008

I have been using bitlocker on a Sony Vaio - with TPM. Yesterday someone used my PC to check an XP installation CD. They booted from the CD and when they reached the setup screen, they exited. After that I had to enter my key as I booted the PC - indicating that bitlocker had detected a change. The way to stop having to do that is to turn bitlocker off and then on again.I turned bitlocker off, but when I went to turn it one again, it tells me that my system is not configured to use Bitlocker. It tells me to remove any bootable CD or DVD and reboot and if that doesn't help to upgrade my BIOS. There are no CDs or DVDs and my BIOS is the latest version - and was working yesterday with Bitlocker. I am assuming that the XP instalation CD has in some way altered my disk drive so that it no longer appears to be configured to use Bitlocker. I have run the Drive Preparation Tool,

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Disabled The Wrong Service!

Feb 3, 2010

After using perfmon to determine what applications were hogging my internet connection at 2am every morning I found that AeLookupSvc and Appinfo were the culprits. After looking up what they did and deciding that it would be ok to disable them (!!) I did so, and now any activity that requires administrative privileges either does not respond, or returns the error "C:Windowssystem32services.msc The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. Perfmon, services.msc, windows firewall, system restore, accessing my registry, none of it works. I can still run programs and serf the net, but anything that needs admin priv will not work. I guess what I need is some kind of workaround, I need to enable Appinfo without administrator privileges so I can get my administrator privileges back. Thanks for any help you can provide, Tim **SKIP the FOLLOWING if you just want to help for said issue** Now time for the RANT: Jesus I have never been so frustrated! I have never had a prolonged experience with something so clunky, so ridiculous, and coming highly touted from one of the largest corporations on the planet! This is only one (and the worst) of the many problems I've had. While playing warcraft I'll suffer from framerate issues with a powerful dual core until the cpu's decide "hey, he's got 6 fps, lets stop whatever we were doing and help him out" and my framerates will jump to 60. I spent an hour in the registry working on my latency issues, I spent 30 minutes in the registry fixing a fallout 3 console problem, svchost will decide to go surf the net in the middle of me doing something myself and lag the crap out of me. My computer has a mind of its own and rarely is it doing something I want to do too! If windows vista wiped my a$$ it would be a 47 step process and have to stop and ask my permission to ask my permission. I went to microsoft support for help, entered in my product i.d. in order to determine if I could get support help WITHOUT having to PAY $49, and it told me the number was for vista home premium 64 bit instead of the 32 bit I selected, well, ok, I went back and changed the option to 64 bit, re-entered the SAME exact i.d., it gave me a product i.d. format error......the same, copy/pasted i.d..... I went and did it two more times both ways including opening a new browser window laughing my ass off!!! Way to go microsoft! Your $230 billion dollar organization wants $49 from me to help me with your problems! I'm so glad I was so frustrated I laughed, otherwise my laptop would have traveled through the wall. ( I know, anger issues, but can you blame me?!?!) There's some more I could write if you're still reading, but my finger's are getting cold, I haven't typed this much since my senior design project.

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Webcam Speaker Disabled

Jun 7, 2008

In order to use another microphone, I disabled the webcam microphone. Now the icon for the webcam mike does not appear, in the recording devices. How do I reenable the webcam microphone?

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Firewall Disabled On Startup

Apr 30, 2008

I am running Windows Live OneCare and the firewall is enabled. The Vista Firewall services are set to automatic, however on bootup the Vista Firewall is turned off. Shouldn't be a problem but whenever the Vista Firewall is disabled I am getting unwanted traiffic on my laptop which the Live OneCare isn't blocking.

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Disabled Network Connection

Sep 24, 2009

i was connected to the internet at uni and i went to the network and internet thing and noticed i was connected to 2 networks, i then disabled one of the networks that i was connected to by accident and am unable to connect to the internet now. i have tried to find out how to enable that network connection that i disabled but am unable to find out how to, please can you help me fix it so i can connect to the internet.

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Security Centre Keeps Getting Disabled.

Mar 8, 2009

Ok this is not the same problem as the security centre cant be started issue. I can start thee service by going into services setting it to automatic stat up and clicking start service.

My problem is it after i click ok and go out of the properties box the security center start up gets set to disabled again. No matter what i do i cant set it to automatic/automatic(delayed start) and every time i start the pc i have to go into services and enable it manually. its highly irritating.

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Aero Theme Disabled

Mar 5, 2009

I can't seem to turn on Aero in the display properties menu at all.

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Pcouffin Device Disabled?

May 3, 2008

I recently generated a system health report with my vista 64 bit system. In this report it told me that there was a problem with my pcouffin device. It said that it was disabled. It tells me go into device manager and either update the drivers or uninstall the device, if I am no longer using it. I looked in the device manager and was anable to locate this device. Did some fishing around and other people are saying that pcouffin has something to do with DVD burning software. I uninstalled
all DVD burning sofware on my computer but I still have this problem.

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Networking Map Disabled The Password

Mar 23, 2008

I am having an issue with seeing the computers I have networked together. All together there are five computers. All of them show in the network map on all of the computers. I have disabled the password, enabled the network locating (file sharing, etc...), and checked the TCP settings. The following are what I have found: 1) The 3 computers that talk see all 5 computers, but when you try to get into one of the two that don't talk it tells you that the network path is invalid. 2) If I try to ping the two computers that won't talk from any of the 3 computers that are talking my request is timed out. 3) If I go to view computers and devices on the two that don't talk only the three that are talking show up. If I go to view computers and devices on the three that are talking all 5 are there. However, If i try to open either of the two computers that aren't talking it tells me the network path is invalid. I need to get these two computers to comunicate with each other and with the three other computers.

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