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Assertion Failed Visual C++ Runtime Library

I'm playing this game called Titan Quest. It works fine in Single-player and in Multi-player whenever I host. However, when I begin a search for games to join I get this error.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Assertion Failed!

Program: ...ilesTHQTitan Quest Immortal ThroneTqitD.exe File: .commongsPlatformSocket.c

Expression: theSocket !=INVALID_SOCKET

Abort, Retry, Ignore

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Hp Recovery Manager: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error Program C:windowssminst Estore7.exe Abnormal Program Termination
whats wrong with my recovery manager program in HP pavilion laptop... when i run the program, a window appears: microsoft visual c++ runtime library runtime error program c:windowssminst estore7.exe abnormal program termination...

Posted: Jun 14, 2008

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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library...spoolsv.exe
I keep getting this error message in any condition even after I have just turned on my HP G70-258US laptop; Running Vista Home Premium, SP1, Pentium(R) DC CPU T4200 @2.00GHz, 4GB RAM, 64 bit OS. Additionally, it doesn't seem to matter which program (IE, Word, games, Excel, etc) and I have not sent any print jobs to my wireless printer. I'm using IE7 which came preinstalled. I did upgrade to IE8 and hated it, so went back to IE7.

The error message pops up in an "Interactive services dialog detection" and displays "A program can't display a message on your desktop". Program Details: "(Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library, Program Path:
C:WindowsSystem32spoolsv.exe, Received today)

Posted: Jul 29, 2009

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Firefox 3.0 Assertion Failed When Trying To Download Files
Lately whenever I try to download any file from anywhere I get the following "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" error: Assertion Failed!

Program: C:WindowsSysWOW64verclsid.ex
File: D:
Line: 979
Expression: false

For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts (Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled) The thought just occurred to me that there might be conflicting mozilla settings, since I'm using a hard drive (d that previously had mozilla on it, but I didn't remove the data.

Posted: Jul 26, 2008

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Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE 6 Update 17)
Information Java SE JRE 6 Update 17 is now available. Release Notes..

For 32 bit, select Windows

For 64 bit, select Windowsx64

Posted: Nov 3, 2009

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DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer?
I tried to respond to the topic about DX above but wold not allow as the topic is 208 days old so thought I would start a new thread. My OS is Vista SP2 with DX11...I need DX9 to be able to play some older games as I am missing some dll files and wondered if it is ok to install this 'DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer' (link below) which seems to be the latest version 5th feb 2010. On the systems requirements though it says nothing about SP2 only SP1. Do you think this will be ok and not cause a conflict with DX11?

Posted: Apr 15, 2010

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Java SE Runtime Environment Vista Sp1
I want to know that what's the final and last version of Java SE Runtime Environment for Vista SP1 32bit please? And send me a download link if u know it ?!!!

Posted: Oct 20, 2008

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WMP: Quite Library Sharing
My Vista and XP and Housemates computer all successfully share to my Xbox 360

My XP, will not share to my housemates XP.
My Vista will not share to my housemates XP
My Vista will not share to my xp

However they will all quite happily file share thru shared folders, just cannot media share. Each does not show the other in the 'allow this device' list in Windows Media Player. I have trawled around the internet extensivly but not been able to find a solution. I have tried cutting internet, leaving the lan on and killing all local no avail.

Posted: Aug 4, 2008

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TIF Files Not In Media Library
If I right click and use the 'Open With' option Media player will display my
tif files, as well as Photo Gallery, but they will not go into the library.
If I rename the file from .tif to .jpg it will load into the library and
display the file fine. The files are tif not jpg. I would think I shouldn't
have to rename the file to get this to work. I want to use Media Center and
if there not in the library they won't be in Media Center.

Posted: Mar 23, 2008

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Icon Library Location?
On both my Windows 2000 Pro system, and on my XP Home edition, there is an icon library under C: system32progman.exe

On my Vista Ultimate, 64-bit, I cannot find that collection of icons. I can find a nice collection at C:system32shell32.dll but it does not contain the specific icons I'm seeking.

Are there other icon libraries "hidden" in Vista which I can access and then look for my favorite icons?

Former slayer of dragons; practice now limited to sacred cows. Believing we should hire for quality, not quotas, and promote for performance, not preferences.

Posted: Apr 21, 2009

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MSDN Library Installation
I am using Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1. I have installed Visual C 2008 Express Edition. It came with MSDN Express Library. So I downloaded the complete MSDN Library 2008 iso from Microsoft Website. But when I try to run Setup.exe for the library, it crashes with the following error:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: setup.exe_Microsoft? Visual Studio? 2008
Application Version: 9.0.21022.8
Application Timestamp: 47316ce5
Fault Module Name: sitsetup.dll
Fault Module Version: 9.0.21022.8
Fault Module Timestamp: 47316ce2
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0009aa9b
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 16393
Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 16393

Posted: Jun 19, 2008

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Transfer ITunes Library To Another Computer
Most of us have pretty large iTunes libraries and our iTunes libraries take up a lot of hard drive space. The size of these libraries presents some challenges when you're trying to back up your computer or transfer iTunes library to a new computer. After all, you spent all that time importing your CDs once ? you don't want to do it again. There are a few ways to make you transfer iTunes library easier. Here are some ideas for you:

1. USE IPOD COPY OR IPOD BACKUP SOFTWARE One of the easiest ways to transfer iTunes library is by use software to copy the contents of your iPod to a computer. ......

Posted: May 27, 2009

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WMP Media-library Database Corrupt
Almost every week I have it that the media-library database of WMP gets corrupt. I throw out everything in the map Users/benergy/AppData/Local/Microsoft/MediaPlayer And let WMP build a fresh database to have the same problem again a couple of days later. I'm running Vista64x, all updates are installed.

Posted: Apr 13, 2009

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ITunes Download Songs Does't Show The Library
I've got a problem with iTunes, aparrently when i download new songs, it dosen't show it the library,

Posted: Feb 17, 2009

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Windows 7 Beta: Unable To Get Library Search To Work
I'm gonna post this here because there is no Win7 usenet group (yet). Plain and simple: library search doesn't work for me at all. I've done the steps exactly to the tutorial: add ONE folder with subfolders (and I kept it to one tree for now) Then I tried searching, even for most primitive combinations like c*.* or c* but absolutely no search results. Does library search happen to be still broken in current public beta? (7000)

Posted: Feb 19, 2009

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Fix Dll For Microsoft Works, Dynamic Link Library Wkwbl.dll, Entry Not Found
I went to use word processor and received a message, dynamic link library wkwbl.dll, entry not found, so now I can't use the word processor for microsoft works.

Posted: Sep 3, 2009

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".NET Runtime Optimization Service Wants To Connect To The Internet"
When I first set up my Firewall on my new computer, I kept getting a warning pop up from the Firewall (AVG) that said ".NET Runtime Optimization Service wants to connect to the internet" and it wanted to know whether to block it or allow it.

Not knowing what it was, I blocked it. I did research on google and I found nothing that explains what it does or why. One site said it is malware and I should block it, another said it is important to keep my computer running well and I should allow it! Anyone know exactly what this is, why it is here, and whether or not I should uninstall or block it, or allow it?

Posted: Apr 5, 2009

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Adjust Visual Effects
The Windows Experience Index was 2.0, held down because of "memory operations per second." So I just added two 1 GB memory modules. Now the score for Memory is 4.6 (yay!). But the score for "Graphics" is still 2.4. I went to "adjust visual effects" and clicked "adjust for best performance." And so my screen looks ifferent now--I gather this is "Classic Windows," as opposed to "Aero." But the score is still the same: 2.4! What do I have to do to make it go higher?

Posted: Jun 10, 2008

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BioShock & Microsoft Visual
I just recently bought a new computer, and a few days ago I decided to install a BioShock demo through Steam. Everything went right just until I decided to try the demo for the first time. In the loading process, I see BioShock logo, and then the screen goes black and nothing happens: no visual, no sound, nothing, and I have to close the program / process.

I saw in Steam board, BioShock section, advices to solve some problems, and one was to uninstall the Microsoft Visual C++, and the game would reinstall them again automatically in the reinstallment process. The problem is that the game won't install nothing at all, and, in truth, not even starts, cause it goes all black just like I said previously.

Few questions here: a) I can't remember right, but it seems my computer already came from the store with two versions installed of Microsoft Visual C++: Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (it didn't said the version, but I presume it was x86) and Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x64).........

Posted: Nov 28, 2008

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Visual Master Messed Everything Up!
I've been "using" this forum for a long time, as a guest. I finally decided to register My problem is, I downloaded and tried to use Vista Visual Master (v1.0.2) to change my boot logo as mentioned in this forum. I also had to change the input languge to en-US. It didn't workout anyway. After closing the program i realised that my explorer settings have been changed (While browsing locally, every single folder opens another window.)

As well as my OEM info beeing deleted. So I opened the Folder Options to change the settings to the default position. I clicked Apply then OK. I logged off and on again and opened Computer. I double-clicked Local Disk and it opened another window. So I decided to download the theme program again. I downloaded it but i encountered an error saying that windows has blocked the destination (which is the Temp. folder) and now i can't even save a file I downloaded from the internet. I think this is a self-protection behavior becouse of the changed settings. P.S. I also tried to reset folder and desktop options from regedit.

Posted: Aug 27, 2009

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Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable.
I bought vista ultimate 32 for my new build and I have had nothing but problems. When trying to install 3 different games, i get an error when it is "configuring visual c++ 2005 redistributable. i am very angry that microsofts own plugins dont work with their own operating system and I must pay $60 to have them fix it. I am not going to pay them to fix their own problem. I have spent $180 on 3 games and NONE of them work...

Posted: Mar 23, 2008

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Alright, I Have Visual Issues
This is my issue. I installed Vista Home Premuim 32-bit and at first everything worked fine and looked how it should. Then i purchased driver detective. I have a dell with the sigmatell audio and nvidia graphics. I updated all the drivers it said were out of date, but there is one that i've downloaded and didn't automatically install, so I manually stuck the driver files into the folder specified by Dell, specifically the R144920 folder. Now when I load Vista it looks just like xp. no black toolbar, no glass windows, just your basic classic windows look. I tried to go to to colors and appearances to switch it back to the vista look and it's not even an option anymore. I've tried everything I know to get it back to the vista look, set aside another whole system restore, which I really don't want to do again( just got all my programs installed and registered, took 1 whole day) but nothing has worked.

Posted: Mar 18, 2009

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Microsoft Visual C ++: Can Not Log On To Windows
I get this message when I turn on my computer: "Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library. This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information". I dont get the chance to log on to windows because of this message.

Posted: Apr 18, 2010

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Visual C++ 2008 Update X86 Or X64
I need to update my Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 to the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008. I need to know which version... either x86 or x64. My operating system is Vista home premium - 64 bit. The computer is an Acer6920.

Posted: Sep 18, 2009

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Which Boxes To Uncheck In The Visual Effects
Does anyone know which boxes to uncheck in the Visual Effects, in System/Advanced Options..

I still want to keep the image preview in thumbnails though ...

Posted: Aug 4, 2009

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Any Good Visual Styles/Wallpapers
once again I am sick of my Desktop wallpaper and Visual Style. I've tried deviantart ,but have have looked through the 'good' ones and used the ones I liked and then got sick of them very quickly. I want something that just Screams Wow when I turn my laptop on.

Posted: May 28, 2009

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Visual Studio Installation Crashes
Has anyone tried to install Visual Studio 2008 on Vista? Installation crashes and crashes. So does the installation of Express editions. Why cannot a Microsoft program run on a Microsoft operating system

Posted: Mar 30, 2008

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Execut Programme Visual 2005
I must devellope a programme with visual 2005 and I must ensure that it operates under vista. My program is working properly when I execute from visual, but when I use just the executable, the program crashes. Apparently, the error would be in the file glee.c but I use the last version. There is no probleme with XP. I work on vista 32 familial premium edition SP1, with visual 2005 SP1 for vista. Has someone already had the same kind of probleme?

Posted: Aug 26, 2008

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Visual C++.NET Standard Compatible Vista
About programming and is directed at the programmers and developers who may monitor this site. If this is the wrong forum in which to be posting, please direct me to the correct site.To provide a little background: a few years back when I was running XP I spent some considerable time learning the basics of programming using Liberty Basic. After some success with this platform I decided it was time to attempt to expand my knowledge using a more flexible and comprehensive platform. I purchased the referenced product version 2003. I had really just gotten into it when I accepted a number of contract positions that kept me out of the country for a number of years. (Construction supervision constantly on the move.) When I finally retired and went back to the computer for pleasure and learning, I switched to Vista as my O/S. I went back and brushed up on my knowledge using liberty Basic and have decided it is time to give C++ programming another try. I have installed the required platform, but I get a message telling me that there is compatibility issues.

My questions are these: is the 2003 version of this platform compatible with Vista? If not, can I update it or will I have to purchase a newer version? I have checked the links provided with the disks to update at least some of the components (there has to be about a hundred different upgrades and I'm not sure which ones I will require.)

Posted: Oct 30, 2009

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Slow, Visual Studio 2008
I've been working for days to speed up Vista performance, have been through all the usual performance tweak tutorials (appearance/performance, start-up apps, etc) and am frustrated... In general Vista is not too bad performance-wise, but is very slow to open Internet Explorer and to find the first web page (OK after that), and is verrry sloooow to bring up or close Visual Studio 2008. Intellisense and typing in a project is nearly unusably slow. I have to type a few characters, wait several seconds for intellisense to finally pop up, type a little more, wait again (and again and again.) This box is my new dev box and I'm going to drop it over a cliff rather than work with it the way it is (not! But the temptation is there...)

In googling around, I don't see a lot of other folks having similar issues so I'm assuming that there is a setup or config or software or services or 'some' type of issue that is specific to my machine that can very likely correct the issue and get me back on track. I don't know where to start however, and am seeking some advice on where to start. As stated, I've already disabled all the startups (start up menu, msconfig) that I can, I think, and have already played with the appearance settings, and have even tried raising the priority on visual studio to 'Real Time' via the task manager And yes, things are better than they were, but the slow response time for Intellisense and typing in VS08 is killing me

Posted: Nov 29, 2009

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