Ram Actual Memory Showing Up As Less Then What It Is ?

Sep 4, 2005

on my computer and on others like for instance i have 1024 memory in my computer but it shows up as 1.0 gig in the info tab when right click on my computer ,, and on other computers i have installed stuff for they had 128 ram but it showed up as 96 megs of ram ,does anyone konw why it does this just curious thx..

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Extra Memory Upgraded But Showing Nothing

Sep 14, 2008

I have a Sony vaio desktop v3s, pentium, 4 3.40ghz, I have upgraded the memory to 2gb but need more, but Sony say that is the limit, anyone know a way around this

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Correct Amount Of Memory Not Showing

Aug 25, 2005

i just installed a 512 meg stick of memory in my laptop that should have given me 768 meg but in "my computer" it only shows i have 736 megs of memory. is this normal? it is a toshiba satellite with windows xp.

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Computer Is Showing Low Video Memory

Jul 16, 2005

On the specs for my computer that is attached to the side, it says that my computer has 11 MB allocated as video memory. But, for some reason, when I last looked on my computer it said that I only have 4MB allocated as video memory. Why is this? And is there any way to bring it up, maybbe even past 11MB?

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Pc Runs Really Slow Showing Low Virtual Memory?

Feb 9, 2006

i have xp sp2 and i noticed within the last week if i have 2-3 programs open at a time the screen freezes for like 30 secs or so,but when i check its says the 3 programs use %32 of my cpu usage,does that really matter?Also xp keeps telling me bout virtual memory too low?how can i speed things up again?i defraged,registry fix,usual virus scans and nothings working

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Unable To Boot Without Seeing Blue Screen Showing Lack Of Memory

Jun 17, 2005

Im currently in the process of bringing my PC back from the brink. St present I am unable to boot because a system32/hal.dll is not present. Before this I was unable to boot without seeing a blue screen showing a lack of memory. I have been having problems for a few weeks now. At first just a little slow down and the occassional crash, but it has recently escalated to large scale slow down and fatal errors causing the pc to reboot. From the performances menu in Task Manager I can see large large CPU usage peaks with the processor running at 100% consistantly with no programs running. Simil;arly, on startup the PF usage is settled around 200MB but gradually increases over a matter of minutes until it is 2 or 3 GB+. This is usually about when the system declares a fatal error and reboots itself.

The only process that appears to be taking processor power at these points is svchost, that will usually run between 0-1%. I have been aprehensive to end this though as I know it to be a core process. I also had similar problems with lsass.exe. I researched and figured it could be the Welchia Worm or MSBLAST.D virus but have found no trace with any anti virus software. I tried the suggested treatments regardless with no success. A couple of days ago the problems got to the point where no prgrams would open and the system rebooted every few minutes. I managed to rectify this by reinstalling windows, but it appears to have been short lived. Now, after a fatal error the PC has been unable to reboot.

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Computer's Acting Wrong / Actual Site Won't Load At All

Jan 9, 2005

Most sites I go to that have anything to do with google whether it be ads or the actual site won't load at all. I've used ad-awareSE/SS&D, but it didn't seem to help very much.

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Default Memory Allocated To "system Cache" Is 10MB But Showing Over 1 Gb?

Oct 2, 2010

I read somewhere that the default amount of memory allocated to "system cache" is 10MB. However, on my system, it is showing more than 1 gb I'm sure I must be reading it wrong, because there's no way over 1GB of it is being allocated!

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My Active Directory Domain Is The Same As An Actual Web Domain.

Nov 2, 2006

A while back before I knew better I gave a client of mine an active directory domain that ended in .org and did not exist on the internet at the time. Now, I'm discovering in the DNS event log at regular intervals errors about how the computers in the internal domain are unable to register in the DNS server of the web domain of the same name. So, my question is whether there is something I can do to change the Active Directory domain so that I don't get those errors anymore.

They're running Windows 2003 server standard with Active Directory, roaming profiles, routing and remote access for VPN, DHCP server, standard fileserver, and print server. I may have missed one or two things but likely I haven't. The server has itself as the primary DNS server though it's not the 127 address it's the actual IP. The secondary server is the router but I have the DHCP giving out the servers for opendns.com as options 3 and 4 after the Domain Controller and the router but I had the problem before adding the opendns.com entries.

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Double Clicking The Actual File - "windows Cannot Find File File Name.exe"

Sep 19, 2005

When double clicking the actual file, Windows reports "windows cannot find file ... <file name.exe>"

This is only SOME exe's. Particularly, older programs. Word, excel, WordPerfect all work. Older apps don't.

I've tried the exe fixes on dougknox.com site and kelly's corner XP fix.

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Cannot Upgrade Memory - Blanck Sceen Appears After Installing Memory

Jan 15, 2009

I am trying to upgrade the RAM memory on my Gateway MX3230 notebook. It presently has 256 MB and I would like to upgrade to 1 GB. I have checked the Gateway website and and upgrade to 1 GB is acceptable. I purchased a memory module from Kingston which was listed as being compatible with my laptop. When I tried installing the module, the computer will not start, nothing but black screen. It's as thought there is no memory at all. I tried re-installing the module making sure it was inserted in as far as it will go, still no luck. There is no settings in bios that I can see that would prevent the acceptance of this module

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IEXPLORE.EXE Reside In Memory - Opening IE Window - PC Memory Is Lost

Sep 18, 2005

The IEXPLORE.EXE still reside im my PC memory after I close the IE window.

With task mamanger, I can see there are many IEXPLORE.EXE running. But, I already close all of them.

I ran 3 ad-ware, spybot, MS antispyware. Removed all the spyware by those 3 spyware detector.

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Free Memory - Used Memory Of The System Drive Problem?

Feb 10, 2009

I am using Intel pentium 4 cpu 2.40GHz, 1.25 GB RAM. Iam using 80 GB samsung hard disk.
I installed Microsoft Windows XP Professional service pack 2 on a drive of 10 GB memory space with NTFS file system.
After the installation of Win XP, the drive properties shows 4.9 GB of used memory and only 4.45 GB of free memory, but when I try to find total memory occupied for all the files in that drive (using "select-all" and properties) the used memory is only 2.3 GB only.

Now I don't understand the huge difference of this memories calculations. Where that extra used memory gone, when the total memory occupied by all the files is much less.

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Find Only Two Out Of Three Memory Modules - Increasing Original Memory

Oct 19, 2007

why my Windowx XP sees only 1024 MB memory while I've increased the original memory of 512 MB by 2x 512 MB ?My motherboard has three DDR-slots. It had from the beginning a Kingston K 512MB PC2700 module in slot #1. This week I've added two Kingston K512 UDIMM 512MB PC2700 modules in the slots #2 and #3.All three modules has the type name KVR333X64C25/512, so I thought they would be compatible.

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Install Won't Go Away / Install Went Into The Actual Install Mode

Dec 5, 2009

while trying to fix another problem, by repairing WP on an Averatec 3200, the Install went into the actual install mode, rather than the repair mode. As I don't have the security key (someone who will go un-named, but I have my suspicions, threw away the plastic CD holder with the key taped to the back) I can't continue the install and I can't get the install off the computer. The reason that I was trying to repair is that I have the Log-on Virus which makes it impossible to log on and do anything about the virus. Can't even get to SAFE mode to try to remove the virus with Spyware Doctor.

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Transfer DVD To Memory Stick Or Memory Card

Dec 27, 2007

I am running Windows XP in a Compaq Presario, with CD reader and CD/DVD burner. My question: How do I get a DVD(with photos and sound) onto a Flash Memory stick or an SD card??

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Weird Memory - Adding More Memory In Computer

Jan 19, 2006

I have a white box Pentium 4 CPU with XP professional service pack 2 build 2600 installed. The motherboard is an intel D865GLC with 512 MB RAM installed in Dual channel mode with 1 256 MB stick of ram in slot zero of bank 1 and 1 256 MB stick of ram in slot zero of bank 2. This memory is dual channel compatible. I tried to add another 2 sticks of the same type ram but from a different manufacturer.
Here's the problem: I can use any 2 of the 4 sticks of ram together, both from the same manufacturer or 1 from 1 manufacturer and 1 from the other for a total of 512 MB. Everything works fine. I can place one stick in slot 0 of bank 1 and the other in slot 0 of bank 2 or I can place 1 in slot 1 bank 1 and 1 in slot 1 of bank 2 with no problems. I can even place a 3rd stick of the same type ram in any open slot and all's fine (except the machine complains that this is not an optimal memory setup). Memtest86 reports no errors with any of the above configurations

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Virtual Memory Is Low - IE Takes Up Memory

Dec 6, 2004

I was running Outlook, AIM, and IE at the same. After a few moment, I'd get this following message:

Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your Virtual Memory Paging file. During this process, memory requests for some applications may be denied.

When I hit OK, all my applications would close, except my Outlook. I'm running Win2K with 512 memory. My computer is only 1.5 years old. I didn't play any games or download anything so it's not heavily used. But why the message then?

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Virtual Memory And Memory Leak ?

Jun 21, 2008

I don't really have a problem on my hands, but I would like to ask a few questions relating to Virtual Memory and Memory Leak.

I downloaded a game back in December, but hasn't been installed as yet. I heard that it is created using "C++" or "C" (whatever it is), and I learned that it has a memory leak. My Virtual Memory was running low (it may already have beforehand) by the time the game was installed. My computer crashed two days later as a result.

But some users haven't experienced any problems with the game. My question is, is it a better idea for me to install the game on a CD-ROM or USB Drive and play it from that media type (instead of from the hard drive) so that I can protect my PC from crashing due to low virtual memory?

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To Know Virtual Memory And Memory Usage ?

Sep 28, 2007

virtual memory and memory usage i need to know how to know this 2 perfomances and if we need to otuch something to upgrade memory and best usage for your pc.

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Swapping Memory - Memory Sticks

Aug 9, 2005

I have a Ecs P4vxasd Motherboard, Pga socket 423. The mainboard accomodates 2 DDR 184 pin 2.5v + 2 SDR 168 pin 3.3v Dimm sockets with a total capacity of
etting various blue screen errors, to go along with several reloads. I downloaded a memory diagnostic program from this site. My computer didn't pass the test, so I removed on stick and it passed this time. I assumed that the memory stick was my problem, and ordered a DDR 512 mb pc3200 stick from Curcial.com. I installed the new memory and got the same error from the diag. test. I began swapping memory around. all three sticks worked fine by themselves in either slot, but put two together & I would get a bad diag.

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Memory Could Not Be "written" 0x77f52b6a Referenced Memory At 0x00000067

Feb 28, 2005

anuyone ever seen this problem or know how to what is the cause of it or where it came from, and how do we fix it?

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Virtual Memory Low Message / Windows Virtual Memory Minimum

Dec 10, 2004

I keep getting the error message that my Windows virtual memory minimum is too low. I have Microsoft Windows 2000 and the following settings: total paging file size 205 MB; minimum 2 MB; Recommended 190 MB; Currently allocated 205 MB; current registry size 21 I'm not the system administrator so I can't change these numbers. I also couldn't find the pagefile.sys that someone suggested looking for. My IT guys don't know what's wrong; they reformatted my computer but I got this error message again. What should I tell them to do?

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Ding More Memory Can Put More Memory?

Mar 1, 2007

I have 3 memory slots on my motherboard. Two of them have 512MB DDR PC2700 chips. Can I put a 1GB chip in the third slot or would it have to be another 512MB chip?

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Unread Memory: 0xfe9ed428' Referenced Memory At '0xfe9ed428 ?

Dec 3, 2005

I am having major trouble with windows explorer. Microsoft doesn't even have the error on their website, at least that i can find. The error reads: "The instruction at '0xfe9ed428' referenced memory at '0xfe9ed428'. The memory could not be 'read'."

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Memory At 0x0000001 The Memory Could Not Be "read"

Apr 26, 2010

I was just playing a game I bought recently, and after I got up to the second level, the models in the game weren't rendering properly, (some of the people were invisable etc), then it froze and gave me the following errors:

First error ~
Quote: Rendering thread exeption:
General protection fault!

History: Adress =0x98aeb8 (filename not found)
Adress =0x2 (filename not found) Second error ~
Quote: The instruction '0x009d8bd2' referenced memory at 0x0000001 the memory could not be "read" After these errors occurred, my desktop reverted to 6-bit color, and the lowest possible resolution, then wouldn't let me change it back.

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All My Ram Not Showing Up?

Jan 1, 2009

I am using Windows XP Media Center, and i have 4 gigs of ram in my laptop, but it shows up as 2.6 when i right click my computer and check, but if i check my bios it says 4gb, if i install 64 bit XP it shows me as 4gb, what could be causes this? am i getting the full 4gbs?

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Language Bar Not Showing Up

Jul 10, 2009

I have looked through several threads about this problem and have tried the solutions suggested but so far no success. I hope someone maybe able to come up with something.I have XP Professional installed. On Control Panel/Regional & Language Options/Languages/Details/Advanced the "turn off advanced text services" always seems to get rechecked. Even if you uncheck it the language bar on the task bar does not appear (even though it is ticked on Taskbar/right-click/Toolbars). If the Language bar option becomes available on Control Panel/Regional & Language Options/Languages/Details/Settings, when you open it all the Language Bar Settings are greyed out.

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Run Command Not Showing

Aug 14, 2005

There is no Run command on my start menu and I can't get a disk to run.

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Desk Top Not Showing Up

Nov 1, 2008

On boots or reboots my desktop is not showing up. Comes up to the "my computer" screen. If i close this out my desktop is there.

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Unwanted Pop Up Showing?

Mar 14, 2010

I have a regcure billboard that keeps coming up saying 'please set dpi settings' even though I have uninstalled regcure.

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