Computer Boot Up Takes Too Long: 10-20 Minutes?

Jul 21, 2008

I have windows XP and it takes a while to boot up before going to the windows xp screen. While I'm waiting for it i see white bars that look like this:(they connect when it loads)Before this problem i had my power supply replaced. It worked normally when i got the computer back but i had some blue screens saying 'memory dump'Then the slow bar problem appeared. There was a problem with the system32/config file being missing or corrupt. It said to use the recovery console to repair but I didn't know how, so I just reformatted.

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Computer Takes Up To An 11 Minutes To Boot Up ?

Oct 31, 2005

Hello all, at the point of exasperation here and am requesting any assistance or insight which can be provided. I Am up to 11 minutes to boot my JetBook laptop with Win XP pro I also have trouble with and reappearing in the registry and starup, as I understand it these are malicious things too. I have used registry mechanic, trend micro, spyaware, adaware and no adware to try and track these things down, apparently to no avail. There is a message I receive when booting up looking for a registry item which is at least four (4) boxes which makes no sense, how to do a registry search to delete the value?

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Computer Takes Five Minutes To Boot

Dec 12, 2004

I have a new IBM x40.It came with 256 RAM. Booting up was SO slow (4 to 5 minutes) that I added another 256 of RAM. The operating speed improved but NOT the speed in booting up. It still takes about 5 minutes.

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Computer Takes Too Long To Boot

Aug 28, 2005

Running XP Home, SP2 w/1 gig. All of a sudden my machine is taking too long to finish a boot. I've not added any soft or hardware before this started.Specifically, the Welcome screen stays up for 30 seconds. Then I get a blank desktop and 30 seconds more elapse before the icons appear. Finally, it takes 1:40 before all tray icons are in place so my total boot time is over 2 1/2 minutes.I've reviewed all Start up items in MSConfig and in my Start up folder, and have run a non-destructive restore. I've used Registry First Aid to check on registry content, and, of course, a virus scan (NAV), and have also defragged.

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Laptop Takes 10-15 Minutes To Boot Up?

Jan 3, 2009

I bought a laptop in 2006 from my school board. It came with Windows 2000 Pro but I was not given the disk. I no longer work for that schoolboard but the laptop takes 10-15 minutes to boot. I don't know what to do.

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PC Takes 30 Minutes To Boot While Having No Connection To Internet?

Nov 27, 2007

When I turn on the HP laptop, I see the IVENT logo, then the screen goes dark for 30 minutes, then boots completely to reveal Windows XP. I can use the cd/dvd drive but cannot connect to the internet. There is a warranty, but Best Buy advises there are no hardware issues. They said re-loading Windows would fix the problem. I have performed all the restore and windows trouble shooting start-up fixes and those do not work. However, under device manager, the 1394 adapter "has a problem" and there are yellow ? under Ethernet controller, Multimedia Audio controller, Network Controller, PCI Device, PCI Modem, Video Controller and Video Controller (VGA Compatible)and an exclamation pt under SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller.

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Computer Takes Several Minutes To Do ANYTHING

Jun 25, 2010

Im running Windows XP. I've encountered an extremely frustrating problem. My computer takes several minutes, sometimes a half hour, to do ANYTHING except open My Computer and the Explorer. Now I've looked at several posts on this site and I've tried things like CCleaner and Ad-Aware (which pretty much freezes my computer now whenever I turn it on) and neither of these have solved the problem.

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Takes A Long Time To Boot

Apr 11, 2005

Last week i turned my computer on and windows xp took so much longer to boot up. when the windows xp loading screen (with the blue progress bar) appears, its there for a few minutes, it used to be a few seconds. I scanned for viruses with Norton, scanned for spyware etc with Ad-Aware and Microsoft's Anti spyware, everything is all clean. All programs are up to date in definitions too. I cleaned my registry(registry mechanic), defragged my drives, done disc cleans, i have 2 programs in my start-up (norton and mcafee firewall) and still no joy. I have also used winxp manager and tried optimizing and xp still takes a long time to load.

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Computer Takes Five Minutes To Shut Down

May 2, 2006

I run Windows XP had to recently restore my laptop.Things are getting back to "normal" except that now when I click on the "start" button and then "turn off computer"I have to wait about 4-5 minutes while the hour glass icon spins before I get the "log off, shutdown, restart" menu. Once this appears and I select "shutdown" everything goes okay and shuts down pretty fast.What might be causing this long delay?

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Computer Takes 5 Minutes To Shut Down

Jun 24, 2007

Whenever I start up XP, or shut it down, it takes literally about 5 mins to do either. Any ideas what might be causing this?

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Computer Takes 5 Minutes To Restart

Feb 16, 2005

When I do a restart it takes 5 minutes.I have cleaned the reg. all temp files and defraged the hard drive.

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Computer Takes Few Minutes To Shut Down

Aug 18, 2005

Reduce the number of processes loading?and how can i improve The shut down time because I'm taking few minutes to shut down I'm using XP Pro.

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Getting My Xp To Boot Up Faster: Takes Long Time?

Sep 1, 2005

I have a Dell computer less than 2 years old a Dimension 4600 Pentium 4 3.2 ghz 120 hard drive before my computer use to boot up really fast but now it takes pretty long also I'm trying to remove all the junk I'm not using any more but I'm scared that if I remove something something else may mess up because sometime I see names that I don't remember my self downloading them

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Getting My Xp To Boot Up Faster: Takes Long Time?

Sep 1, 2005

I have a Dell computer less than 2 years old a Dimension 4600 Pentium 4 3.2 ghz 120 hard drive before my computer use to boot up really fast but now it takes pretty long also I'm trying to remove all the junk I'm not using any more but I'm scared that if I remove something something else may mess up because sometime I see names that I don't remember my self downloading them

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Turning Off Computer: Takes 4 Minutes To Turn Off?

Dec 3, 2005

windows xpwhen I turn off my computer it usually takes 4 minutes to turn off, no matter if I just turn the computer on and do nothing. I turned it on for a hour and did nothing and it took 3 minutes to shut off

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Turn Off Computer Takes Too Much Time - Up To Five Minutes.

Jun 2, 2006

This is a Pentium 4 with XP home.

I tried to reduce the start up programs but that had no effect when I turn it off.

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Computer Takes 3 Minutes To Start Up And Shut Down

Feb 15, 2008

My computer works really well, the only problem is, when I start or shutdown my computer, it's very very slow. It's appears to be frozen for a minute or so and then start or shutdown.It does start or shutdown properly but it's slow. It can take up to 2 - 3 minutes to either start or shutdown.I noticed that when I start my computer, I see the Windows Update yellow shield appear near the clock and then goes away. I'm not sure if it's related but thought I would let you know.

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Boot Takes Extremely Long Time - CAD Did Not Respond

Mar 22, 2006

A week ago my pc simply stopped responding while running, and before that moment, there was no indication that anything was wrong. CAD did not respond so the pc was turned off manually and rebooted. It would not load at all. After a few attempts I was finally able to get it to come up in safe mode and attempted a chkdsk which found some errors, then ran chkdsk /f and /r and was finally able to boot up the computer, but the process takes literally 15 minutes.

I've been trying the different troubleshooting suggestions I found at: "10 Things You Can Do When Windows XP Won't Boot Up". I tried bootcfg /rebuild but was scared off of that when prompted to answer some questions after the initial command. I also tried fixmbr DeviceHardDisk0 but came to a point that I received a message saying that "an invalid or nonstandard partition table signature was detected. If you are not having problems accessing your drives, you should not continue. Writing a new master boot record to your system partition could damage your partition tables and cause your partitions to become inaccessible" which also scared me off so I didn't continue.........

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Boot Up Takes Long Time To Display Desktop Icons

Jan 21, 2009

Recently my Windows XP HP laptop started taking exceptionally long to load the desktop Icons on bootup. Wondering if something in my registry got messed up recently. Looking for advise on how to troubleshoot this issue so I can fix the long delay in loading the desktop icons.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

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Computer Takes 3+ Minutes To Reboot / Slow Internet Speed?

Nov 25, 2004

XP Home reboots in the 3+ minute range. Once it gets to the 'Starting Windows XP' screen, it loads fine. Some damnthing is hanging.MY comp is running slow. Expeciially on the net. Task manager is reporting no excess network use. IE 6 acts like it's on a 56k modem. I use Mozilla FireFox, which runs fine, but my wife is a IE 6 fanatic. Shareaza and WinMX load slowly and take a minute or more to change tabs. BitTornado (latest versions all) loads and runs fine, but seems to hang after an hour or so. It stops updating speeds, seeds, peers, etc. It also closes slowly. Once I get online, the comp slams on the brakes. Mozilla is the only app that seems unaffected. Sygate is also logging a lot of portscans. 7 in the in the last hour or so. All from the same IP address.

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Clicking Turn Off Computer In Start Menu Takes To Long

Feb 25, 2008

After I click "Turn off computer" in the start menu, I get an hourglass and it takes over a minute for the Turn off/restart/log off box to come up. Anyone know why this is happening? I can still work with the computer and do other stuff, but it just takes a while for the box to come up. It's really annoying.

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Lagging Computer / Messenger Takes A Really Long Time To Load

Sep 23, 2008

I been running this computer every little thing I load or do takes 3-5 mintues to load, Whether it's winamp or Yahoo Instant Messenger It takes a really long time to load any app of any sort. There has been no changes made to my machine and I scanned for viruses on this machine and nothing is found. Could I get some help in why this is computer is a lag-a-holic? It's been a good machine until it's started to lag.

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Slow Running Computer: Programs On Inter Net Takes Long To Open?

Oct 5, 2008

I have dem 8250 dell pent 4 2.4 ghz 512 ram its running very very slow... when turned on takes a while to load up and its very slow on my programs as well as the internet .........ive tried the spy ware, adaware, virus scans but none of that is helping ....

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Computer Running Very Slow Takes Long Time To Load Startup Programs

Aug 25, 2007

Operating System - Windows XP running on a HP Pavillion 761n - Missing dll files such as:mscvr80.dll and msvcp80.dll. Can't seem to find these files anywhere or I just don't know where to locate them.

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Pro Takes 20 Minutes To Reach Log In Screen

Jun 28, 2006

My Dell Dimension 4500 PC has Windows XP Pro SP2 installed. When I start the computer it goes through the DOS screen and then moves to the black Windows start up screen with MS Windows XP Logo and the blinking blue progress indicator. At the end of this cycle an error message in a square box appears for a fraction of a second making it impossible to read it. Then the blue Windows screen appears with the message Windows is starting up. It stays like that for about twenty minutes before the log on screen appears. After the password is entered the computer works normally.

Possibly if I could read the error message it would help. Is there a way of stopping the start up process at this point to allow the error message to be read? Would this error message be recorded by Windows elsewhere so that it can be examined? The other option is to reload Windows but I would like to try to fix this issue before I take this path.

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Laptop Takes 25 Minutes To Shut Down

Jan 28, 2007

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me out. I'm unable to shut down my laptop. It's HP branded and runs on XP Pro. What happens is that it sits or seems to be stuck on the process of "closing network connection" when trying to shut it down. It takes about 25 minutes to shut down because of this "closing network connection". I wonder if anyone might be able to tell me what may be the cause and how to fix this? If i can ask what's really happening in the event of "Closing network connection" during shutdown process?

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Start Menu Takes 30 Minutes For Pop Out

Nov 12, 2009

Well, while I was walking upstairs, I accidentally dropped the computer on the floor as it slipped through my fingers. When I turned on the computer, it booted correctly, except that its slower. I clicked on the start menu, and it takes about 30 minutes, just for it to pop out.

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Takes 5 Minutes Log On Message Appears

Dec 22, 2008

My moms computer is having issues starting up. It takes an extremely long time to boot up.It says windows is starting up.It takes a good 5 minutes to get to the page where she would normally enter her user name and password.Once you type in the password, it takes another 5 minutes before another log on message appears saying The system cannot log you on now because the domain is not available.I have tried logging in under safe mode, but the same log on to windows box always appears asking for her user name and password.I can't even get past that screen to get onto windows.The desktop was built for her by an ex bf of mine, and is currently running on windows 2000 professional.We do not have any disks to restore it.Plus she has a whole bunch of graphics and work she does not want lost.

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Desktop Icons Takes Approx 5 Minutes To Appear

Jan 8, 2008

Since a couple of weeks my PC (w. Win XP Pro) takes approx. 5 minutes before the desktop icons appear on the screen on startup. Everything is normal from turning on the power and logging into the PC and after logging into the PC the desktop background image (wallpaper) loads immediately - but then it takes some 5 minutes before all the icons appear on the screen and before I can even get the start bar to appear. But after these 5 minutes everything pops up nicely and the PC works perfectly. To mee it seems like the PC is trying to connect somewhere and probably fail after the 5 minutes and then proceed with the other tasks. Then thing is that it doesn't seem to be much activity because the harddrive lamp only blinks occationally during these 5 minutes. Have not got any Symantec virus warnings and I have not downloaded or installed any new programs at about the time this started to appear... As everyone here seems to add a HiJackThis file - I thought I better do it too - but I don't suspect to have a virus... Anyonw have any suggestions on what might cause this slow load of the desktop icons?

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PC Taking Long Time Of 10 Minutes For Startup?

Feb 17, 2008

A friend of mine got a newly built computer from a guy with a repair business. It takes over ten minutes to start up. HE tells thats normal. IT has 1.8 Ghz dualcore cpu, 2 GB RAM, Win XP pro, Norton and Acer logo flashes on the startup screen. I'm guessing some major hardware problems? Maybe something not compatible?

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Computer Is Taking 5 Minutes To Completely Boot Into Startup?

Aug 1, 2007

Starting a couple of weeks ago my computer has been taking just under 5 minutes to fully boot into windows and programs can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute to load.

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