System Restore Not Working: Wont Restore And No Changes?

Oct 16, 2005

anyone else have problems getting system restore to work at all? When I try it , I get a message saying something similiar to cannot be restored and no changes have been made. This happens no matter how far back I go. Had my computer (DEll) 2 or3 yrs with windows home edition.

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System Restore Is Not Working

Jan 22, 2007

i was advised to come here for support. i installed NAV2007 and my computer went straight to hell. My computer can no longer print. i cant reinstall my printer it always givers me a printer spooler error. i cant burn any cd's or dvd's anymore. When i run msconfig>services i have lots of services that have been stopped which i did not do myself i have tried to do a system restore and that doesnt work because for whatever reason this install removed all of my restore points except for the date that i install NAV 1-17-07. I downloaded NAV removal tool and removed norton and reinstalled to check for possible viruses

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System Restore Not Working

Dec 14, 2006

My computer has crashed and I lost everything except for what was created in a backup folder from My Documents. It's an XP OS and I remember creating a restore point sometime over the summer. But now I go to System Restore and it doesn't show any restore points available except for these last few days after the crash (12/2/06). The furthest back it goes is a point on that Friday (12/2) at 6:11:23 PM called "System Checkpoint". But it gives me an error message after rebooting that says it was unable to restore it to that point and no changes have been made. Is there another way to restore my computer or access that earlier restore point?

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System Restore Is Not Working

May 18, 2007

i installed "roxio creator" thinking that's what i needed to run my dvd!.i know i since figured it out!and installed the correct then i uninstalled "this Roxio...and even searched for any remnants. nothing...but now when i reboot it get this "sonic update manager" box that pops up and i have to cancel it 7 or 8 times before it gives up! i tried "system restore" but i get a message after i reboots, that it couldnt restore to that date! and i tried all the available days in "may" it also won't let me back up to "april"

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System Restore Still Not Working

Jun 29, 2005

I did what MVP Bert Kinney told me to do System File Protection should replace it. If it is replaced click on it and test System Restore.It replaced the file OK, but I still get the same error message. I can't even go through MY COMPUTER, System restore TAB. It tells me "Run a DLL as an APP has encountered a problem".

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System Restore Cannot Working

Jan 7, 2007

I tried to restore to a previous point, but System Restore keeps giving me the error message "cannot restore" to the point I specified. I tried several restore points, all with the same message. The program went as far as -- collecting information, shutting down windows, user log on window appearing, and then the error messages. Another strange thing, I had several user accounts in my computer. Only in one user accout, when I do Start->All Programs-> Accessories-> System Restore, a full screen of system restore shows up with various restore points showing. All other user accounts, a blanck screen of system appeared (just the title-- system restore and nothing else).The reason I want to restore to a previous point is that after updating Verizon Yahoo 4 days ago, IE 7.0 showed problems in display the "flashes" in my home page, and I cannot print Eudora emails -- internet explorer script error. The strange thing is that this problem does not occur in the user account that shows the correct System Restore screen, it occurs in all other user accounts that showed a blank System Restore screen.

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System Restore Not Working

Nov 28, 2006

I'm getting a faulting error when trying to run System Restore. I'm sure it being caused by the transfer of all my files to a new C drive. I used Maxtors Maxblast to move the entire contents of my C drive to the new drive.

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IE7 Not Working - Can't Do System Restore

Jan 29, 2008

I get this error when I try to run IE 7: The procedure entry point SHRegGetValueW could not be located in the dynamic link library SHLWAPI.dll. And when I try to do a System Restore, nothing happens. No System Restore window comes up at all. Some background info: a few weeks ago, my laptop suddenly could boot up, not even in safe mode. So I did a Windows XP repair using my XP reinstallation CD. It worked as far as being able to boot up, but I've had these 2 problems since then.

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XP System Restore Not Working

Jan 7, 2007

I am running Win XP service pack 2. I want to use system restore to a previous restoration point. The program ran somewhat--collecting information, shutting down windows, restarting, and welcome screen appearing. But when I tried to log on with my user account, it showed an error "cannot restore" to the point where I specified. Itried several earlier points with no success. Even when I tried to restore to the time just before the restoration process, I was not able to so either.

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System Restore NOT Working Properly...

Apr 7, 2007

I did system restore, and after my pc restarted, I was waiting for the system restore box that will say "Restoration Completed/Incomplete...", i waited for it for about 30mins or so and got frustrated... I turned OFF my pc manually... and when i restarted back my pc is working but there are problems.

-My system restore will open but it only has a clear white window.. nothing in it but white screen.

-I am not able to use the USERS window under control panel, getting the same thing for it, just a white window.

-My mcafee security program is also not working, getting that same white window.

i am able to see the title bar of the window but nothing else aside from that.

Any suggestions on what I can do?

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WMP11, Help And System Restore Not Working

Sep 26, 2007

I turned on my computer and several windows

programs aren,t working.
When I try to turn on Windows Media Player 11, Help and

Support or System Restore nothing happens.
The same problem occurs in safe mode.

System: Windows XP Pro SP2

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System Restore Not Working: Restarts But No Changes?

Mar 13, 2005

I'm running Windows XP, but when I try to restore my system to a previous date it goes throught the motions, restarts fine and then tells me that it cannot restore to that date and that no changes have been made. I've tried various dates and get the same answer.

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F10 Not Working For System Restore On Startup

May 5, 2010

I am trying to do a system restore to reset my computer to the day I bought it. It does not give me the usual 'F10' option. I can't load windows because an error comes up that says 'floppy diskette seek failure'. I am on my ps3 trying to find answers so i can at least load windows. I am running windows xp on a Dell Dimension system.

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Disk Defrag And System Restore Not Working?

Aug 14, 2009

I have tried to disk defrag and I keep getting the error message "Disk Defragment could not start." I've tried to reinstall itAlso, System Restore is not working. I get to select the point which I want to restore to, however when I select the continue / next button, nothing happens. Anyone have an idea as to what could be wrong? I've run anti-virus, anti-malware, (AVG, Malwarebites, Hijackthis) and I've re-installed things just in case a program may have erased it, my comp was last defragged 2 days ago.

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System Restore Is Not Working: Calender Wont Appear?

Dec 14, 2004

Welcome to System Restore screen permits 2 options: Create a restore point. I can do that, but it does not appear on the calendar. I have set Windows to set a restore point once a week, Restore my computer to an earlier time. Next screen "Select a restore point" does not display a calendar as it should. It displays a box reading "There are no restore points created for this day. To restore immediately, pick another day and restore point andtry again." But I do not see any previous restore points, no calendar.

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System Restore Not Working: Operation Is Incomplete?

Mar 27, 2005

i have been trying to do a system restore for the last week but every time i try i get an error after it's rebooted to say system restore was unable to restore my system as operation is incomplete.i have tried many different restore points but i always get the same error msg

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System Restore Application Has Stopped Working

Sep 18, 2009

My system restore application has recently stopped working within the last month. I have attempted to restart this application as instructed through Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Services & Applications/Services/System Restore Services.I have tried to do a system restore to a previous date in July2009 in safe mode and when the system reboots itself, I get a message saying the system restore has not been done.I have also checked to see if the system restored was disabled, which it was not.If a file that is associated with this application has become somehow corrupted, how can I fix that?

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BSOD Erros And System Restore Not Working

May 7, 2006

First of all, System Restore never works. Ever. Not a single time in the 2+ years I have had this machine. I have it set to automatically make restore points, but when I try to restore to them it just tells me that it was incomplete and no changes have been made to my system. Then, recently (in the past few days), I've been getting BSOD's with errors of either win32k.sys (0x08E) or NDIS.sys (0x0DI, DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL). Microsoft Crash Analysis has twice told me it was a RAM issue, and twice told me it's a driver issue.

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Unable To Connect And System Restore Not Working

Aug 27, 2009

My prob is with a desktop It goes like this:1. Internet stopped working on system - noticed "search.iMesh" in address bar, with "IE cannot display the internet page" message displayed. Finally found and uninstalled iMesh stuff. 2. Now have Google back in address bar but unable to go online - even via Microsoft default.
I've tried 5 diff. dates with System Restore but no luck. So used flash pen to put ComboFix on and it shows up with "This machine does not have the Microsoft Windows recovery console installed".

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System Restore Not Working For Permanently Deleted Folder

Sep 22, 2007

I accidentally deleted my entire "My Music" folder from the "My Documents" folder after moving a bunch of files from it to an external hard drive. It was permanently deleted - did not go to the recycle bin first. System Restore did not bring it back.

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System Restore Wont Work: Previous Saved Points Unable To Restore?

Jul 29, 2005

I recently downloaded some drivers as I was trying to install a new printer who's software would'nt load. This did'nt solve the problem. I decided to get a printer that I had had before, Brother DCP-110C as I knew this had worked well. I tried to install yesterday (28th July) but could'nt and my PC keeps switching itself off near the end of the installation. I then thought I would use System restore to go back to a happier time when I had the first Brother printer. previous saved point wont let me to restore

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System Restore - Uses System Restore - Point Prior To Running Virus

Jul 6, 2005

If someone downloads and runs a trojan and then uses system restore to back
to a system restore point prior to running the virus, is that computer still

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Restore Registry Using System Restore? Blue Screen, PC Won't Boot?

Sep 15, 2006

I was messing around with CCleaner and deleted something to do with an old version of McAfee (which isn't even on my computer anymore) from the registry. Yes, it was stupid to mess with the registry I guess because I failed to make the backup and now my computer won't boot. I get the blue screen that says there was an error 0x0000008e, or something like that.

I have tried using F8 and choosing the last known good configuration but it doesn't work. Also, I can boot into safe mode and I tried running a system restore but after it finished and I rebooted, it said that I couldn't restore from that point.I haven't really tried another restore because I am a little afraid to do anything. I don't want to risk losing access in safe mode because I need to be able to back up some of my files if in case I have to do a reformat.

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System Restore Won't Restore: Blue Screen Error On Start-up

Nov 4, 2006

My computer had a turn yesterday and kept giving me the blue screen error on start-up, so using my windows disk I managed to run chkdsk. So I can get on now, but certain things won't run, like Media Centre, Firefox has forgotten my settings and also my iriver doesn't get acknowledged when I plug it into a USB port.So I am trying to run System restore to go back a couple of days.I can get into restore, and go through everything up to the point where you click 'next' in order to restore it.I click on next but nothing happens, it just stays there.

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System Restore Wont Work: Unable To Get Restore Points?

Feb 13, 2005

I am unable to acess any of my or XP's restore points. When I went to restore to an earlier date. All appeared to be going as it should. However, when I got to my profile a message window came up that said unable to restore to (chosen date/time) etc. I chose 3 other restore points over the last month, thinking it might be some recent problem, still a no go. Any help would be greatly appreciated? Is there a utility to use to check and see if there is something corrupted?

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System Restore Wont Work: Unable To Use Restore Points?

Apr 8, 2005

I'm trying to do a system restore without success. It goes through the motions but after it restarts always say "cannot use restore point, no changes have been made to your system". I'm trying to correct a font setting change that happened without my knowledge.

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System Restore Stops Working - Enter Save Mode

Feb 5, 2010

The operating System is Windows XP with SP3. The system restore stops working at any point. To run the system restore has to enter the save mode. Do you know what the problem looks like and how to fix the problem?

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Restore Shut Off: System Restore In Safe Mode?

Apr 26, 2006

i want to restore my laptop. had restore turned on until about 3 weeks ago shut it off. question:if you shut off restore does it still keep the last restore points? and is there a way to restore in safe mode (cant boot in reg mode) if restore is shut of. when i try and turn on sys restore in safe mode it say "i cant"

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System Restore Finding Manual Restore Points

Nov 10, 2007

My comp has been experiencing several problems and is running poorly. I bought an external HD, completely backed up everything important and was about to run a system restore as I had created a manual restore point following the resolution of previous problems. The link to the thread is found below. However, when I use the system restore wizard, I can only select November 8th, 9th, and 10th and today is the 10th. I created the manual restore point back in March 2006. I cannot change the month and I have no idea where to find manual points.

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System Restore Wont Work To Any Of The Restore Points?

Nov 26, 2006

My system restore is enabled but no matter what bold restoration point I choose I am told system can't be restored to that date, choose another restoration point. I do, the system shuts down and restarts and I get the same message.

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Full System Restore / Restore Factory Settings

Jul 25, 2005

How do I do a restore to factory settings? The only thing I have been able to find is a system restore to an earlier date, could someone help me please?

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