Loading Personal Settings Takes Too Much Time

Dec 6, 2008

I've recently developed this problem with a slow startup time. Everything else loads at a decent speed, but when it gets to 'Loading Your Personal Settings' it hangs for 2 - 3 minutes.

I'm willing to post more details if necessary.

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Stuck On Loading Your Personal Settings

Jul 24, 2008

I am running Windows 2000 Pro and it was working just fine yesterday. This morning I go to turn it on and it's stuck on the loading your personal settings screen. It acts like it's about to load and than it restarts and does the same thing over and over.I did read somewhere that it probably has to do with a corrupted file in my settings...but since I'm the only one who uses the computer I don't have it set up to have more than one account setting. I can't even go into safe mode..the same thing happens. I did try to go to last known good configuration and that didn't do anything. It there a way I can log on without loading my personal settings? I can't think of anything I did yesterday that would cause this problem except that I ran a spy ware scan with SpyBot and it deleted a few bad things. I also don't have a Windows boot CD since my computer was built by someone and he didn't give me the CD.

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Stuck At Loading Personal Settings - Cd Boot HD Not Found

Feb 13, 2008

I am having a major problem logging into windows. When I get to the log on screen, and click my user name (the only one available) it gets stuck on "loading personal settings".My first reaction was to boot from CD, at which point I could not get my USB keyboard to work during the boot which made it impossible to "hit any key to boot from CD", so I fixed that by plugging the keyboard into the default keyboard port with an adaptor.
When I managed to boot from CD, I tried to do a repair install and got the message "Setup cannot find Hard disks bla bla cannot continue, windows will restart".

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Unable To Login To System: Stops On Loading Personal Settings?

Jan 13, 2009

I have windows XP Professional edition with Service pack 2 I am not able to login to windows..on login screen when I enter my password it shows Loading Presonal Settings..after that Logging off and again Login screen.

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Loading Media Files Takes Too Much Time

Jun 12, 2005

About a week and a half or so ago loading media files takes forever. Whenever I click on a MP3 or AVI file it takes about 30 secs before it loads. In the meantime I get a Windows Explorer has stopped responding dialog and I can either shut it down or wait for it to load.

I've run Spybot, Adaware, and installed ZoneAlarm. I keep getting a message that my computer is trying to access another comp on my network.

I've also tried restoring to an older restore point with no luck.

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Boot Freezes At "Loading Your Personal Settings"

Sep 13, 2005

Most of the time my XP Pro Sp2 system freezes upon booting and will not get past the "Loading Your Personal Settings" screen. I can do a hard restart two or three times and encounter the same thing. However, I can boot into the desktop in Safe Mode, and when I restart after that everything is normal.I'm booting into an administrator account, using the welcome screen with no password, and loading very little upon startup, basically Norton AV and Firewall, that's it.No virii, no spyware, no trojans, etc. All hardware diagnostics perfect

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PC Has Slowed Down: Loading And Clicking Programs Takes Much Time?

Aug 19, 2005

This thing has always just flat out blazed since day one, but recently it suddenly slowed to a crawl, and I mean everything from loading windows to clicking on an application(example outlook express), and it just takes forever to load. And forget about trying to do 2 things at once! I built this machine a bit over a year ago, and it has been a rocket since day one, but now when I say SLOW, I mean my old P3 500 machine in the other room is 10 times as fast

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Startup Error For Personal User Settings

Aug 11, 2008

This has been an intermittent problem but becoming more constant. When I log in with my password (I am the only user on computer), if the hour glass doesn't come up immediately after pressing "enter", the computer then loads with the default profile settings instead of my own. If I immediately restart the computer (either after if is loaded or I shut down the computer while it is loading), I can log in & my user settings load properly. When this problem occurs, occasionally a window will pop-up after I enter my password at log-in, with something to the effect of user environment, personal settings unable to load due to insufficient memory. Also I do not know if this is related, but when I try to error check & is scheduled to start when the computer restarts, it usually states that it has been canceled after I have restarted the computer & doesn't go into a full scan. The reason I say that this might be related is that this is also an intermittent problem & seems to only occur when I'm having above problem (which is usually what prompts me to want to check scan). At other times, it seems to work okay. I have an HP dv8135 laptop, winXP media edition sp3, AMD 64, 2 GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon Xpress 200 (with updated driver), TrendMicroPro 2008, & Acronis True Image 11.

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Loading Settings Saving Settings Startup

Sep 11, 2004

I'm having a major problem with XP Home Edition. When I start my computer, I get the Loading Settings screen, which automatically switches to the Saving Settings screen and then goes back to Loading Settings, Saving Settings, etc, etc, (the "Windows XP Startup" and "Windows XP Shutdown" sounds repeat themselves one right after the other). By the way, I have the XP tweak that skips the Welcome and log on screens at startup since I'm the only person that uses the computer. I've tried Debugging, Safe Mode with Command Prompt, Restore To Last Working Settings and a few others, but nothing is working. I ran Spybot just before shutting down the computer the last time it worked and got the "Congratulations! Your system contains no spyware" message. When I restarted the computer, I started having this problem. I also have Norton Anti Virus 2004 and did a Live Update (manually) a few hours before this started happening.

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Do Right Click Takes Too Much Time

Aug 2, 2005

When I double click over a file or right click to open it, it takes 30sec to 2minutes time. That really irritates me. Instead if i open the application i want and then drag the file over it...its really fine, no problems. but i am really fed up doing so...My exact problem....If i wanna listen to an mp3 file if i double click over that it takes 30sec to 2min...if i open the media player and drag the file over that....its fine

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Try To Do A Search For A Band / Show On Ticket Master / Takes As Far As Loading Screen

Mar 12, 2010

Every time I try to do a search for a band or a show on Ticketmaster, it takes me as far as the loading screen. No matter how long I let it load, it just wont move past that screen. Similar issue with IMDB, site works fine until I try to play a video. I get a whole lot of nothing. No matter which web browser I use, I get the same results.

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Desktop Takes Too Much Time To Load

Apr 8, 2010

My computer is very fast, intel q8300 etc... and used to load very quick. But after the windows update that installed internet explorer 8, the icons and start menu take at least 5 min to load, if they do at all(sometimes they don't even load at all). There is no internet explorer 8 to uninstall

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Does Not Shut Down Properly - Takes Too Much Time

Dec 6, 2006

I have Windows XP and recently when I click on turn off the computer to shut it down or re-boot it sort of slows down and it takes a very long time before it finally shuts down, if at all.
Sometimes I have to repeat and click on shut down/re-boot several times before it finally shuts the computer down.I have looked at my computer/properties/advanced/start up and recovery to make sure that the box for automatic restart under system recovery id un ticked and it is

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Starting My PC With Home Takes Too Much Time

Jun 25, 2005

I am having problems starting my PC. Each time I boot up, the PC is very slow and it can take up to 10 minutes to see desktop icons on the screen. At first, it displays the Windows Welcome page, and this is displayed for about 3 minutes. Eventually, the desktop is displayed with the background picture,
the cursor is also there, but there are no shortcuts/icons are on the screen.

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Takes A Long Time To Boot

Apr 11, 2005

Last week i turned my computer on and windows xp took so much longer to boot up. when the windows xp loading screen (with the blue progress bar) appears, its there for a few minutes, it used to be a few seconds. I scanned for viruses with Norton, scanned for spyware etc with Ad-Aware and Microsoft's Anti spyware, everything is all clean. All programs are up to date in definitions too. I cleaned my registry(registry mechanic), defragged my drives, done disc cleans, i have 2 programs in my start-up (norton and mcafee firewall) and still no joy. I have also used winxp manager and tried optimizing and xp still takes a long time to load.

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Computer Takes Time When Shutting Down

Aug 15, 2005

have a odd issue with xp pro, running sp2.it boots fine, doesn't complain of any issues, no spyware or viruses running.It makes any difference im running NIS.If i am at a blank desktop (no programs open) you can do a ALT+F4 to bring up the log off,shutdown,reboot menu or click on the start button click on turn off the computer. the time it takes to bring up that menu is over 2 minutes. if i hit ctrl+alt+del and shutdown from there it instantly shuts down.if i wait for the menu to appear and then hit shutdown or reboot it also works fine. It just takes an exceeding long time to do such.I also have had the task manager open when i do this to check CPU usage and such none of the TSR's or services go above 3 in CPU
usage.Anyone else having issue?

also tried a SFC /SCANNOW to check and it came up with no errors.
This only does this when i upgrade to sp2.

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System Takes Too Much Time To Boot

Feb 7, 2009

Alright, so I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop that runs Windows XP. It's a rather old computer, a few years old, but when I got it the specs were on the high end. Not top notch, par se, but certainly good. Now, however, I have a problem with it: It is agonizingly slow (I should, perhaps, also point out that it wasn't nearly this slow when I first got it...).

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Takes Very Long Time In Switch Off?

Jun 12, 2010

Over the past few weeks my computer has become very sluggish particularly on the internet. It also takes a very long time for it to switch off at night and invariably I have to switch off manually at the power source.

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Takes Long Time Logging Off

Sep 3, 2005

When i Log off from windows it takes a long time, i shut down all my programs but my firewall before i log off too. my firewall shuts down right away aswell but then it just sits there for a good long time. the other users on my computer do not have this same problem,

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Restart Takes Long Time

Feb 7, 2009

after years of restarting the last two times it seems to have taken a long time. i sign in, the screen eventually turns blue with only my mouse area on the screen. after about three minutes, i hit enter a couple of times, wait longer, hit enter, eventually all is well. but this length of time might be telling me the end is near?

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Opening Programs Takes Lots Of Time?

Mar 22, 2008

it enters a kind of loading spasm which can go on for several minutes, making this repeating, rhythmic pattern of loading noises, before everything goes back to normal. Foxit Reader and McAfee Security Center are the worst, but right after booting most programs cause it, as does merely logging on which now takes about ten minutes. It doesn't exactly make the computer unusable but it's incredibly frustrating. Outside of the spasms it's perfectly normal.

I haven't installed anything recently, except for a demo of Penumbra: Black Plague which I've since uninstalled . I have very little free hard disk space (1.5 GB of a 60 GB disk) but that's been the case for some time, while this only began a few days ago. I've done full scans with Ad-Aware, Spybot and McAfee which turned up nothing more than a few tracking cookies. I'll paste a HijackThis log if someone reckons it'd be of use, but I'm uncertain whether this is a malware problem (hence my not posting this in the malware section). It's occurred to me to just format and reinstall windows, but perhaps there's a likely simpler solution?

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Takes A Lot Of Time To Open Data Files

Jun 9, 2006

I having trouble opening data files such as Word or Lotus 123. They eventually do open but it take forever (probably 20 seconds). Sometimes they open fast but most of the times I have this long delay. Also printing files is a another task that takes a long time. It seems that the printer isn't recoginzed for at least 15 seconds. I am running on a local network using a Linksys router and also am sharing the printer through a computer on the network with a computer that is running Windows 98SE.

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Deleting File Takes Too Much Time - Re Installed

Jun 28, 2005

Im using WinXP pro. when i right click for a menu sometimes it takes up to 45 seconds for the menu to appear. Also when i delete a file (any size) i takes anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds for my delete file prompt to come up.
ive also reinstalled XP to no avail.

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Turn Off Computer Takes Too Much Time - Up To Five Minutes.

Jun 2, 2006

This is a Pentium 4 with XP home.

I tried to reduce the start up programs but that had no effect when I turn it off.

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Internet Explorer Takes Too Much Time To Close

Sep 15, 2007

Sometimes (but not always) when I click on the checkbox in the upper right to close Internet Explorer, it takes a long time to close the window--up to 3 minutes. During this time I can't get to my desktop by clicking on the "show desktop" icon on my toolbar either.

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Getting My Xp To Boot Up Faster: Takes Long Time?

Sep 1, 2005

I have a Dell computer less than 2 years old a Dimension 4600 Pentium 4 3.2 ghz 120 hard drive before my computer use to boot up really fast but now it takes pretty long also I'm trying to remove all the junk I'm not using any more but I'm scared that if I remove something something else may mess up because sometime I see names that I don't remember my self downloading them

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Getting My Xp To Boot Up Faster: Takes Long Time?

Sep 1, 2005

I have a Dell computer less than 2 years old a Dimension 4600 Pentium 4 3.2 ghz 120 hard drive before my computer use to boot up really fast but now it takes pretty long also I'm trying to remove all the junk I'm not using any more but I'm scared that if I remove something something else may mess up because sometime I see names that I don't remember my self downloading them

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Explorer.exe Takes 90-99 Percent Of Processor Time

Aug 8, 2005

Very often, explorer.exe takes 90-99 percent of processor time, and renders my system usless. I then have to end the explorer process and then start it back up as new task, using windows task manager. I am using WinXP home sp2.

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Add And Remove Programs Takes Too Much Time To Open

Aug 26, 2005

When I open "Add and remove programs" from control panel, the window appears but the list content takes a very long time to open. When I talk about very long time, I means hours I open the "Add and remove programs" and after I go to sleep and in the morning, the list is filled.

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VERY SLOW START UP / Rebooting Also Takes The Same Time

Jan 15, 2008

Currently i am having an issue with the my PC where it is taking arrpox 8-10 minutes to boot from dead. Recycling / rebooting also takes the same time. PC takes around 8-10 minutes to boot, the XP logo screen comes and goes, hangs for around 2 minutes on a black DOS like screen, no commands etc present, then hangs on the desktop image for a few minutes, then get the Window media sound, a few minutes later explore.exe process starts bring up the tool bar. then a few more minutes, may be 5 waiting for it to start and become active.

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Opening Control Panel Takes Much Time?

Apr 26, 2006

It happens even opening the control panel, like 20 seconds. On the internet it's even worse. I have a cable connection. My puter was really fast before. I have a Pentium 4 - 2.4 - 512 Ram. It also seem to use a lot of high % of usage and I don't know what it is.

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