Hidden File Won't Unhide

Oct 19, 2007

I've just hidden a file. Changed my explorer tools to 'Do Not Show Hidden Files and Folders'. Applied it (file hid as expected). Changed setting back again and applied (file didn't come back!).Tried a few more tests - same every time. As far as I'm concerned, hiding a file is the same as permanently deleting it!

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Unhide Hidden Folders

Dec 7, 2007

i have 450 gb of music files but my problem is that having been infected by a virus, most of the folder were hidden and i can only accesss after unhiding them from Tools menu, folder options, go under view then i show hidden files and folders first, then i have to go to the second option of unticking the hide protected operating system files(Recommended)i have tried to deactivate them by right clicking a folder, go to attribute in properties in order to deactive the hidden but unfortunately it is faint not active but with a tick i cant deactivate it. i have also tried attrib command in DOS PROMPT -s -h to deactivate but some folders are not shown. i have also formated drive C: and installed windows xp pro three times but still the same problem.

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"unhide" A Folder Hidden By A "hidefolder" Utility?

Apr 9, 2007

I used this "hide a folder" program called "folder lock,".It unhides the folder containing the files, but the files are still hidden. They're still there, because when I copy and paste the folder, it shows that the files are being copied, but in the new folder they will be hidden again. Checking the "property" of the folder shows the correct size as well. How can I get windows to reveal them?

The hidden files are listed in this folder called "n|+|-n" or something like that I think, but when I type that in dos or windows it won't let me access them.

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Set All Of One Certain File Type Is Hidden?

Feb 9, 2008

I recently bought a piece of audio hardware and after installing the software on my computer it now has duplicate files of all my .WAVs and .MP3s So for example, if I've got Section 78 - Dronodome.wav right below that is Section 78 - Dronodome.tqd

So if I open a folder with 50 files, there's 50 of these .tqd files right beside them.

I'm wondering if there's a way to set it in XP so that ALL .tqd files on my computer are 'hidden'.

For now I've just been holding down 'ctrl' and highlighting all the .tqd files in a folder, then right clicking and going to properties and setting them as hidden. Works great but there's no way I want to do this for every folder

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Can't Unhide Folders & Files

Mar 19, 2008

To unhide a folder, I do Tools>folder options>view & click on the 'show hidden files & folders' radio button. But when I apply or say 'OK' & exit. The folders are still hidden!When I check Folder Options again, the button is back to 'Don't show hidden.'So I'm not able to unhide files or folders!

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Installing Programs After Format: Hidden Files Are Not Hidden?

Dec 14, 2006

i had to reformat my computer and when i was reinstalling my programs suddenly my hidden files where not hidden anymore if i clicked properties it said hidden but they just appear translucent.

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Cant Unhide Folders / No Folder Options In Tools Or Control

Aug 5, 2005

When looking for some files, I tried to unhide a folder and it just made more folders disappear. I checked the Hidden folders option (in the properties window of the folder that contained the files I was looking for)
and the folder I was in became hidden. I cleared the box for hide folders but it is still hidden.

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Admin Not Hidden, Make It Hidden Again?

May 15, 2007

i started working on my friend's grandmother's computer and ive cleaned up all of her junk but , there's 2 administrator accounts, but they both come up in the welcome screen and i dont want one of them to because itll confuse her. somehow one has been unhidden so how can i make one hidden from this list so that it can always be safe and clean?

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Hidden Programs / Cannot See Those

Jul 12, 2005

I hid some files in the start menu so that my dads boss couldnt see them and get upset. I right-clicked, selected properties, and then checked the "hidden" button. Now I cannot see those programs in the start>programs menu, even if I go to tools>folder options>show hidden files and folders. Does anyone know how to make these start menu programs visible again?

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Specifying Hidden Folders?

Nov 21, 2006

Is there a way to get windows explorer to hide all folders that begin with? Eg, the folder .myfolder would be classed as a hidden file and not viewed?

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Tool Bar Is Hidden

Mar 8, 2010

Upon hitting a sequence of keyboard keys in error, my tool bar at the bottom of the screen has disappeared. The space for it remains, but I cannot find the correct path (or set of keys) to bring back the tool bar at the bottom of my screen. Can someone offer the path or keys I should use to get the hidden toolbar to reappear?

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Can't See Hidden Files

Dec 6, 2007

when I choose to "see hidden files" at folder options and apply it and even when okay it, I can't see them..what should I do?

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Hidden Files In Xp

Oct 2, 2010

I cannot access my hidden files and folders even though i went folder options and gave show hidden files and folders.i cant see the files and folders. give me a way to access my files and folders really i need it.

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How Access Hidden Files?

Aug 21, 2007

I am using Windows XP, Sv. Pk.2. on a 3 year old Dell desktop. I recently had to do a complete uninstall and reinstall. I backed up everything on an Iomega external hard drive using Acronis True Image software. Everything worked fine and I have all my files back, except for my email address books (7 Of them) and my saved email folders (about 20 of them). I use Thunderbird for my email. The email data are all in my hard drive but are in hidden files. I can locate them but cannot figure out how to open them and read them - and neither can I import them. Here is an example for just one file: abook.mab C:Documents and SettingsWilliamApplication DataThunderbirdProfiles|zvcjz11s.default
All files are "Read" files and this is the message I get when I click on "Read" : Adobe Reader could not open 'abook.mab'

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CD ROM Hidden But Showing Dvd Room

Sep 25, 2007

I have both a DVD COMBO and a CDRom on my computer.The dvd combo shows up on MY computer list but there is no sign of the CD ROM.The properties say it is working correctly and is enabled. Not on device manager either. It does work though If I call it up on run an type in the label it had (G): how to put it back on the MY COMPUTER list?It used to be there

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Cannot See Hidden Folders Or Files

May 16, 2008

I want to see my hidden files in my computer but i cant make it happen i tried go to folder options/view/show hidden folders i apply and the ok but it doesnt work i go abck there and the do not show is thicked I am runing xps2 , is just reformated computer

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Cant See Hidden Files And Folders ?

Sep 23, 2005

I am using windows xp pro, now when I go to my computer- tools-folder option and try to select the option show all files and also uncheck the option below it that is show system files and folders still I could not see my hidden files and folders, is there any other thing that can be done to see hidden files and folders.

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Hidden Files In ZIP Folders

Aug 10, 2005

Is there a way for me to keep a hidden file "hidden" in a ZIP folder?

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Hidden Folders Not Opening

Aug 17, 2007

i have got winXp sp-2 i have got to open hidden files when i go to view and click "show all files" i am unable to view the hidden files again when i go to view folder options and click "show hidden files and folders" after saying apply again it the tickmark goes to "donot show hidden files and folder".

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How To Get Back Hidden Folders?

Nov 2, 2008

I marked a folder hidden in win XP plus i dont remember where it used to be located before being made hidden.Is there any way to recover that folder and its contents?

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Unable To See Hidden Files In The Pc?

Apr 15, 2008

I had my PC (athlon 2300, winXP sp2) set so I could see hidden files, just so I could know what was going on in my hard drive. As of yesterday I can't, and re-setting the see hidden files option doesn't work anymore. Last major change I made was uninstalling Norton SystemWorks, a.k.a. ResourceHog, which was giving me a huge headache, and have been using Activescan and Kaspersky online scanners and CureIt free antivirus.

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Taskbar Is Gone Not Minimized Or Hidden

Nov 8, 2009

I was on my Windows XP account and I accidentally opened PowerPoint and then a little notice speech bubble appeared on my taskbar so I clicked the little [X] and it didn't close. Then I ignored it, thinking it would close sooner or later, closed PowerPoint and then my computer froze (but i could move the mouse) and then the taskbar went black! I can't access the Start or Taskbar! Help me this isn't even my computer, it's actually my mom's and I'm afraid I broke it!Then I wanted to completely close my account, so I went on my mom's Window XP account and tried to close it but I'm still logged in! Are there Hot Keys I can use to log off without using the Start button?

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End Program Shellcon Hidden

Oct 14, 2008

The thread about this problem has been closed (expired and solved) but I read it, and followed the instructions given to get rid of that message,(End Program Shellcon Hidden Window)which comes up every time I need to shut down my computer.But after I restarted my computer I got the following message:System Configuration Utility Window.You have used the System Configuration Utility to make changes to the Windows .The System Configuration Utility is currently in Diagnostic or Selective Startup Mode, causing this message to be displayed and the utility to run everytime Windows starts.Choose the Normal Startup mode on the General Tab to start Windows normally and undo the changes you made using the System Configuration Utility.

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Hidden Folders On Desktop

Jul 6, 2010

Any folder that I create on my deskop dissappears when I refresh. All shortcuts and files show on the desktop, just not folders. I my desktop properties is selected to "Show Desktop Icons", desktop folder is NOT hidden. Since I stated the issue, here are the facts Does not matter on SP. SP2 and SP3 are affected. It follows my profile. I have blown away my profile, recreated it (not copied it) and logged back in. This resolved the issue until I logged back in today July, 6th. Group Policy is on our network. Nobody else but my boss and myself are affected. He seems to feel this was a test about 5 years ago. You can view all desktop icons freely in Windows Explorer under my profile directory. I can setup shortcuts to the missing folders on my desktop and those will NOT dissappear. This issue reaccurs even after an FFR. FDisk, Format, Reinstall, do da do da. PLEASE NOTE***Nothing else in the system has been affected. Only view desktop folders.

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How Do You Delete Hidden Files?

May 14, 2007

how do you totally delete the history of internet explorer? hav been told tha windows also stores files on your hard drive that do not delete wen you delete everything in your temporary internet files? can any1 help? dan

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To Access The Hidden Drive

Nov 16, 2007

Someone hacked into my pc. What i try to access is my computer hidden internet security zone. This person created this zone accustomed to his needs and how i access this drive as is gone now and i read that key registry from 21-47 would make the drive visible but not able to locate that drive. Also there are signs of compression, encryption and password protecting of my files and folders and can i reverse the same.

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Hidden Files Not Showing

Feb 28, 2008

So at the first "Hidden Files not showing" thread, I did download the file that devil_himself provided, and it worked for a little while, but now they are back to not showing. Devil, you asked me to start my own thread.

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Hidden Program Running

Oct 2, 2007

I'm having a problem with my services.exe process hanging and utilising 100% CPU.It happens probably every hour or so and lasts about 30 seconds and freezes computer.I am running Win2K SP4.I have Avast anti-virus, Spybot, Spysweeper, AVG spyware and anti-rootkit, A Squared and Ad-Aware all installed with nothing showing up.

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Unable To See Hidden Files?

Apr 21, 2006

Can someone fill me in on the files ( content.ie5 & history.ie5 ). There are more than one instance of these files scattered about Windows. The primary one I am wondering about is in ... /[current user]/local settings/Temporary Internet files/content.ie5. The 2 things are this. 1) It is soo well hidden, that if you don't know it's there you will never see it. One has to make use of the command window and address it directly. 2) This file grows constantly as you use IE. It also grows when one tells IE to clear all cache and history files. It becomes unusally large, over 2 to 3 gigs, or more. I am using XP PRO /SP2, but these files are in all windows from 98 up I think.

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Getting Rid Of Hidden User Account

Apr 9, 2008

My brother has made a hidden user account on my father's desktop and I need to find away to get rid of it. If anyone knows how I might be able to do so, I would appreciate the help

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Hidden Startup Icons?

Aug 19, 2006

Ever since I installed the Panda Titanium Antivirus 2006, not all startup icons appear in the tray. And this includes the Safely Remove Hardware icon. To make this Safe Removal application available, is it possible to somehow disable its startup and then later only open it manually when nessessary (maybe from the Progams/Accesories folder)?

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