HP Pavillion Laptop Start Up Disk

Jan 16, 2009

I have a laptop here that I forgot to make a boot up disk with. Now there is an important file missing and doesn't let me start windows. I need recovery disk for HP Pavillion laptop. Does anybody what site I can get it from for free?


HP Pavillion Will Not Start

Aug 5, 2008

I have an HP Pavillion a335w running Windows XP SP2 Intel Pentium 4 2.5 GHz/400 MHz..I've had this computer for a little over 3 years and I've never had a problem with it. But This morning when I tried turning it on it gave me this message:"We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this.If your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders, choose Last Known Good Configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked.If a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the Pwer or Reset button was pressed, or if you aren't sure what caused the problem, choose Start Windows Normally."

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Unable To Load Recovery Disk In HP Pavillion Xg843

Aug 24, 2005

The hard drive was replaced with a 20 gb and now when I try to load the factory recover program it keeps coming back with an error message- failed to find attribs.dat in any list file on cd1, proceed anyway? only when you do proceed , it does not work. This harddrive had been used with xp previously.

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HP Pavillion 553W - Computer Wont Start In Normal Or Safe Mode

Oct 11, 2006

I have an HP Pavillion 553W and for whatever reason tried to install Service Pack 2 on our computer yesterday and when we tried to get on the computer this morning it will not open in normal or safe mode. IT tried to start up goes to the HP screen then to the XP screen and starts over again.

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New Laptop With Pro No Recovery Disk

Oct 1, 2008

My old laptop died and I now have a brand new, factory sealed Toshiba Satellite Pro, model L300. It came with trial versions of MS Office. I don't want to use the trial version since I have a perfectly good version that I porchased a few years ago. (It's the Teacher and student Edition 2003.) At first I tried installing the 2003 version that I own. It seems to go through the install procedure to the end, but when I try to open OUTLOOK, I get an error that states the MAPI32.DLL" is corrupt.

I spoke with Toshiba but they were not a great help. The told me to go the ADD?Remove and remove the MSOFFICE trial version, which I did. I also removed the 2003 Version
so that I could "start from scratch", so to speak, trying to keep things "graceful".
The same error occurs after installing the 2003 software, and oddly, some of the
2007 software still seems to be there!. Probably residing in the registry somewhere.

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Reformatting An Acer Laptop Without The Disk!!

Jan 10, 2009

I have a friend who has a slow Acer laptop. I told him I would be happy to reformat his hard drive and reinstall everything back to it. However I told him if you don't have the XP cd then forget it. lol. Now let's say he can't find the XP cd.
What are my other options if I wanna reformat his hard drive?

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Can I Use A Xp Install Disk On My Acer Laptop?

Feb 20, 2009

i have a windows xp installation disk that came with my old dell pc.would it matter it i tried using that dell windows xp disk on my acer laptop? the acer has vista and it just doesnt run all that great with that os on it. do you think that windows xp would give me any trouble installing it since its not a dell machine?

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Laptop Won't Read Recovery Disk

Dec 5, 2005

Having problems loading XP home, and laptop will not read recovery disk. what do I do now?

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Rescue Disk For Gateway Laptop

Aug 21, 2006

Rescue disk for Gateway laptop, A friend has a laptop thats about 18 months old and had a HD crash.He can't find his rescue disk. Anyone know what the Gateway policy is on getting a CD?

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Gateway Laptop Says There Is No Disk In The Drive

May 20, 2010

Gateway laptop says there is no disk in the drive when i want to format it.

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No Sound HP Pavillion XP

May 21, 2010

Since last two days I don't get any sound from my HP pavilion notebook. It has win XP. Tried all the troubleshooting stuff, everything is proper and enabled. Not sure what's cause. Read on the internet that it may be due to corrupt registry. Did anyone face this, if yes how did you solve

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Hp Pavillion Hpsdpcoreapp

Apr 27, 2006

I am getting a problem when installing new software when I get the following 'please wait while windows configures hpsdpcoreapp 'Winows cannot find the file . This comes within a few days of a full application recovery from the HP recovery disk ,so i cannot understand why the file is missing.

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Need Recovery CD's For HP Pavillion 753 N

Jan 31, 2010

Hard disk wiped clean, HP can't supply anymore - anyone know where I can get a copy of CD set, either created from system or factory set?

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HP Pavillion Running XP Pro

Feb 19, 2008

I have a HP Pavillion running XP Pro. After a Microsoft Auto update IE7 refuses to display any webpage. I have tried restoring to an earlier date but none of the restore points work. I downloaded Mozilla Firefox on my Acer laptop and installed the downloaded file onto the Pavillion. Firefox took all of it's settings from IE7, and works the perfectly. When I shut down my laptop the same Microsoft auto update occurred and promptly killed IE7 on the laptop. I tried removing the updates and have completely removed IE7, downloaded a fresh version from Microsoft and re-installed it but the problem remains the same neither the Pavillion or the Laptop will display a webpage using IE7, but Firefox works perfectly on both. I have also tried turning off the firewall. I am using Kaspersky Internet Security suit.I like Firefox better than IE7 but I want to fix the problem as a matter of principle, any help would be much appreciated.

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Reformatting Onto Laptop:reinstalling Disk To Be Loaded?

Mar 5, 2008

I was given an old Dell laptop to try to see if I can fix it. I'm not sure what was done to mess it up, but I thought I'd stick the reinstallation disk in and see what happens. When I put the reinstallation disk into the laptop to reinstall it won't kick in and automatically play. The laptop just sits there. I try to get windows xp to reload using F5, but still nothing. I tried every option under F5 and nothing will load. Its like the computer doesn't have anything in it. How can I just get the reinstallation disk to load?

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Recovery Disk For Laptop Windows - Virus

Nov 7, 2008

I have a Fujitsu Lifebook N Series. I have a virus that freezes everything up. Nothing works and I would like to start fresh. However I can't find my recovery disk or Windows Disk. My labtop still has the Windows XP Home Edition sticker on the bottom with the code.

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Compaq Laptop Does Not Start

Apr 2, 2010

my laptop doesnt open to windows there is a message on top of the screen NTLDR is missing below is a message to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart but when i try this it doest work.

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Laptop Froze At Start Up

Nov 25, 2006

My laptop froze earlier today.I shut it down and then restarted it sit on the windows loading screen forever.When i try starting in safe mode, is also take a long time then instead of starting it turns off and on again i also tried starting in the other safe configurations no luck i put the recover xp cd in and did a fixboot still no luck.

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Upgrading OS On HP Pavillion 521n

Jul 27, 2008

I tried to upgrade the OS on my girlfriend's computer (HP Pavillion 521n) from XP home to XP pro w/ SP2. I refomatted the drive and the now when the computer restarts to initiate installation of windows it comes up with the error: invalid operating system. The recovery partition is gone. Did I just brick her computer? She doesn't have the recovery disks. I tried clearing the CMOS to no success. The motherboard is an ASUS a7v-ve made specifically for hp pavilions.

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Hp Pavillion 524w Home Xp

Jan 5, 2005

parents just bought a hp pavillion 524w desktop. My ? is since hp dont include a window install with there computers no more its on the partition on the hard drive. How can i make a copy of it incase the computer crashes and cant recover it from the hard drive. My dad said when he first started the computer it told him to make a back up copy of windows. I called hp and they want another 40 dollars for a back up copy of something my parents already paid for.

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HP Pavillion Home Troubles

May 15, 2007

My laptop has been operating fine without any issues until two weeks ago when turning on the computer, Windows XP Home edition wouldn't load. The computer would then not load Windows XP in safe mode, previous successful configuration, etc. I do not have recovery disks.I got a copy of XP and tried to load it from disk.

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Upgrade HP Pavillion Win98 To XP

Jul 27, 2007

HP Pavillion 8485Z.I've tried a couple of different things here.When upgrading from a plain disk (no OS) or when booting from the XP upgrade CD (with or without OS). The application loads some stuff and then proclaims "Setup is starting windows" and there it sits forever.When launching it from the system with Win98 installed, it tells me that the CD is for upgrade only (in spite of what the written instructions say) and that it can't install because it can't find C:WindowsWINNT32Win9xUPGW95UPG.DLL. Never mind that Win98 doesn't have a WINNT directory.So what's the next step? Do I create this directory and attempt to find the DLL and copy it to it?

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Drivers For Hp Pavillion W5070.pt

Jun 18, 2005

I formated my hard drive and re instaled windows hp profecional, and now I dont seem to have any drivers for my computer ( HP pavilion w5070.pt), sound card, etc.Sistem recovery disc is not working!What should I do?

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Pavillion 713 HP Recovery Partition

Mar 9, 2005

A friend's HP 713 was badly trashed by trojans (various) making it just possible to get the user data off and ready to use the HP_Recovery process to re-install Windows XP and the standard apps. I started everything going OK and then we encountred an electrical blackout.When power returned and I powered up, the dreaded "hal.dll is missing " came up. I used the windows XP SP1 CD I had received with my HP laptop to successfully re-install XP but I haven't got the correct calls (short-cuts) to activate the HP_RECOVERY and I am not sure that the root directory of HP_RECOVERY is still OK..There are several folders one called MiniNT which has within it a system32 folder.I suspect it is a cutdown windows system that rebuilds the real system.

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Installing In HP Pavillion DV5-1120

Jan 26, 2009

I want to know if someone has installed XP in a HP Pavillion DV5-1120. I read many posts on how to install XP in similar configurations but I wanted to make sure before I buy the computer.

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Reinstall On Toshiba Laptop - Microsoft Disk Would Even Install

Nov 3, 2005

I want to reinstall Windows XP on our Toshiba laptop but I don't want to reinstall from the Toshiba disks due to the bloatware that the disks installs (like the disk utility, antivirus, etc software). I'd like to install the OS from a Microsoft Windows XP CD but wondered if the Microsoft disk would even install onto the Toshiba and if so, would the laptop function properly? Thanks.

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Reformatting A Laptop Without A System Disk (cd Drive Is Broken)?

Jan 21, 2008

I have a laptop that I just got my hands on, it's a Dell Inspiron 8200, has windows XP Pro (service pack 2) on it. I need to reformat it, however, the cd drive doesnt really work anymore (this is the second cd drive its had). I would rather not spend money on a cd drive or anything, and was wondering if there was anyway to use a boot disk to format it, then if there was any way to install network drivers and use a network to install windows. That at least is my present theory of how to go about this, but I'm not sure if it's even possible, and I'm searching around online right now.

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Laptop GATEWAY MX6453 - Hard Disk Sound

Oct 20, 2009

I started facing a problem recently with my 3 years old laptop GATEWAY MX6453.
I have looked in the forum, but couldnt find someone with the exact problem.
My laptop suddenly started to freeze (temporarily) when I try to load any application. The freeze time could take 2 to 5 min (while the hard disk led is lit solid). I cannot hear the hard disk sound during this freeze. I could move the mouse but cannot click on anything. It just stops responding for about 5 min before the application loads and works normally.

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Hard Disk With Operating System Moved To Other Laptop

Apr 26, 2007

Thinkpad T41 with a OEM xp pro installed. This laptop is no longer usable, I would like to take the hard drive installed and install in another T41 with similiar configuration. I would assume XP will recognize the new laptop and cause problems.

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Transferring Hard Disk From One Laptop To Another For Data Transfer?

Jun 8, 2006

I am after help in that i would like to take hard drive, volume 27g from one laptop win xp pro, and place on another laptop 80g win xp home.I do have memory flash but only 256mb.I also think i will need to look at partioning drives do hope i get a reply/plural great support

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Laptop Will Not Turn On - Did Not Start Properly

Nov 18, 2009

I just cant turn my laptop back on. I press the start button, I get a message "Windows didnt start properly" with all the usual list of options. I have tried them all "start windows normally", press f11, start with last configuration etc.windows starts for a few seconds, then it cuts itself off and back to former screen.so i never get anywhere. I tried taking battery out, leaving laptop time to cool down.nothing.

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Laptop Freezing Start Up Programs

Aug 29, 2007

I am using Vista but since I don't believe this is a Vista specific issue, I thought I'd post here. A few days ago, my laptop froze and the monitor went to a random array of stripes and colors. I powered it off, and when I started it up again, all the lights went on and I could hear it turning on but the monitor never came on. All the lights remained on but I don't think it completed startup since I didn't hear any sounds. I repeated this a few times, and it kept happening. Then I gave up and let it sit overnight. The next morning, it turned on no problem. However, later that day the screen froze and messed up again. Now I am either unable to start it up again, or it starts up and later freezes. The freezing seems to correspond to how long I wait before starting up the laptop again. If I wait a few minutes, it freezes after a few minutes as well and if I start it up quickly, it doesn't get very far. I recently flew to Hong Kong (where I am now) and the problem started a day after I arrived. I have a feeling that the problem is related to the move. My laptop is an HP dv2320us and is about 4 months old. I'm pretty lost now,

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Laptop Really Slow Start Up & Shut Down

Feb 12, 2009

I've been reading thru posts & seem to have some big time slow down issues. I'll post as much info as I can to get started please let me know what else may be needed to help clean this laptop up.

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Ethernet Controller - HP Pavillion 522c

Dec 18, 2009

I have a HP Pavillion 522c and I just reformated it, everything went smoothly except I do not have the Ethernet Controller and the Multimedia Audio Controller. I went onto the HP site to try and find it but to no luck, maybe I wasn't looking in the right place.

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Hp Pavillion System Recovery Troubleshooting

May 30, 2005

i have a hp pavillion notebook. i used a system recovery cd that came with a hp pavillion desktop. when i got to the recovery screen it said im not using a hp pavillion system recovery disk or if i am to contact hp, when i press enter it disapears and shuts off computer. before doing that and wasting my time on the phone i was wondering if anyone had an answer. if i take the disc out and try to boot, it gives me an error saying i dont have the correct disc installed please insert it(or something along those lines), and i cant load windows at all. its just a white text on black background warning. if i put the disc 1 in ,however, it does as it did before and wont let me proceed with the recovery.. what do i do!? is it because the recovery disc for a desktop is different from a notebook?

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Graduating From 98se To Pavillion 7950

Nov 20, 2007

Soon, now I will be given from my brother his old XP Pavillian 7950 which for me is quite abit faster then the 98 se. Here are the specs and I would appreciate any ideas on how to upgrade this Pavillian like like RAM and other parts.

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Cannot Start Laptop -missing Or Corrupt:windowssystem32?

Aug 16, 2007

My laptop has corrupted registry, every time I boot up the computer I get the following message "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: WindowsSystem32ConfigSystem".Followed by a restart only to lead to the same problem. I get a message saying something about cannot find the directory, I have tested which directory it meant and found out that it is the c:windows epairsystem that it cannot find, it also is not hidden nor anything. The other commands have worked fine.

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Laptop With Win Xp Home Wireless / Zero Configuration Does Not Start

Oct 17, 2007

I have an HP PAVILION ZV5000, running win xp home spk 2, it is weird, i have setup the windows zero configuration setup as automatic so the service should start when the computer is already on the desktop, so what happen is that it does not start, so i have to go and click on start a service so then it start, and then this allow me to go to the wireless card properties and allow me to see the wireless tab and i can get connected, so each time i shutdown the computer the service does not start again automaticly so i have to repeat all the previous steps, i checked the laptop for virus nad i found a couples and it was fixed is there any help on this issue what can be wrong ? the card connect to his full speed and while connected is great?

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Start Recovery Program For Toshiba Laptop

Apr 14, 2010

How can i start recovery program for Toshiba equium laptop with no disk. I know after restart is f1 or f8 or f10 do you know which one.

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Compaq Laptop Won't Start - Missing Files

Apr 18, 2007

I have a Compaq laptop that I bought about a year ago. Of course, I did not get a Windows disk with it and I cannot find the software that I did get. When I try to start it, it says that Windows cannot start because a file is missing or corrupt. The file is "windowssytem32configsystem". It suggests that I attempt to repair it using the original Setup CD-ROM, which, of course, I don't have.

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Laptop Wont Start Does Not Even Get To Windows Screen

Feb 4, 2006

It seems quite severe and I have no idea where to start.When power on my laptop, the screen comes up as usual asking me if i want to enter bios. the next thing i see on the screen, is it checking the cd drive for a boot device, at which point (if there is no cd in there) the laptop automatically restarts. I tried using the windows xp setup cd to boot, but that wont help, I dont want to delete everything on my laptop as all my work is on there! Ive tried using another boot cd (ultimate boot cd) but thats way to complicated, i dont know which utility to choose.I also dont have a floppy drive on my laptop, and im running winxp home edition.

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Laptop Wont Start - Automatically Shuts Down

Sep 17, 2005

i was using spybot search an destroy to get rid of some spyware and it said id need to restart to fix one of the problems so i tried but now my aptop is not starting. because of the spyware on it im not bothered about fixing it properly and just want to format the c drive and start again but i need to copy some files from my documents to the second partition on the harddrive first. iv tried using the xp start disc using the repair current windows instalation with repair console thing but that wont let me access my docs. i also tried starting in safe mode with command prompt but it has the same problem as starting normaly it gets to the screen after the scrolling loader bar but before u get the list of acounts to log into then it shutsdown. this is the first time iv had a problem with my laptop before i just had a pc and would use a win98 boot disc to copy the files but my laptop doesnt have a floppy drive is it possible to use a memory stick or something similar.

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Laptop Wont Start - Not Even In Safe Mode

Apr 9, 2008

On my way out to work last night i swithched my laptop off (or should i say hibernate) and came back to it this morning and windows will not start at all not even in safe mode

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Laptop Keeps Restarting - How To Start Up - Safe Mode?

Oct 28, 2007

I have a Toshiba Satellite A15-S129, and it asks me a couple of options on how I want to start it up1)Safe Mode 2) Safe Mode with Networking 3) Safe Mode with Command Prompt 4) Last known Good Configuration 5) Start Windows Normally. None of them work. It goes to the Loading part and a blue screen flashes and then it restarts.

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Hp Pavillion 873c No Sound Or Video Options

Apr 26, 2010

I just put a hard drive in this HP and installed a fresh copy of Windows XP Home. The only sound I can get is from Windows media player, no system sound at all! I have done microsoft update and installed realtek drivers and nothing happens after they install. Also all the options are faded so you cant test or change them. The video is the same way, I cant even change themes, The propeties button does nothing when you click on it.

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