Can't Open Certain Websites - Three Diffrent Browsers Are Not Working

Feb 15, 2006

I have a couple networked computers and on one I can't open a particular website but I can open it on the other

it's and for the life of me, it won't open on one of my PCs. I have tried 3 different browsers on the PC: Explorer / Firefox / Opera and none of them can open on the one PC......I am able to open other websites on that PC, however, when I get a page that occassionally doesn't open now, I am wondering if there is something amiss on the one PC......I still can not open

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Way To Reading Websites In All Browsers

Mar 23, 2008

I woke up this morning to find something with my internet or windows is really messed up, but only on my computer, none of the others on my network have problems. When I go to a site like it shows nothing but a bunch of weird code, and on most other sites theres at the top of every page, and sometimes in the middle of pages there will be snippets of this weird code.

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Stop IE6 Condensing Open Browsers On Task Bar

Sep 10, 2005

IE6 'condenses' open browsers on the task bar but I want my open browsers to all be viewable on the task bar, like in win98.I got use to using 'ctrl alt delete' for restarts in win 98. XP doesnt so this. How do I restart using a simple keyboard command in xp?

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Cannot Open Links On Websites

Jul 29, 2006

This apparently just started when i go on some site and click a link nothing happens

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Unable To Open Some Websites

Mar 10, 2006

I am using xp and have a laptop with xp. I use a linksys router for the laptop. I recently switched from DSL to Cable, since the switch there are a few web sites I cannot get to open up.,, a few others. Most sites open fine but....I have checked my router, it's fine. I have bypassed it and gone straight from the modem still doesn't work. I have hooked someone elses laptop up to modem and guess what??? They opened them just fine. So I'm back to me. I'm so frustrated and confused. Please any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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Cannot Open Most Websites Now - System Slowed Down

Feb 19, 2007

I have always had Norton but accidentally deleted a file so that it no longer worked. I downloaded EZ Armor which is the freebie from Road Runner (My new ISP). I haven't been able to move around very much since that time.

My PC shuts down all by itself from time to time and I can no longer connect to OE to get my email. The computer seems so slow all of a sudden. I primarily use Firefox 1.5. On occasion I use IE. All of this started after I deleted the remainder of the

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Cannot Install Or Uninstall Any Applications/open Websites?

Apr 4, 2006

Recently I cannot install or uninstall any applications and have been unable to open certain websites. Alot of people seems to be posting these logs, so heres mine. Thx in advance.

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HijackThis Log & Ad Aware Log - Websites Wont Open

Apr 2, 2005

My desktop wallpaper changed and won't change back and all my folders and things that were on my desktop are gone, but when I search for them it says that they are on my desktop and I can't right-click on anything. And if I make a new folder it doubles. And certain websites won't open for me (, lavasoft support boards, and I've run Norton, Spybot, Ad-Aware,and Ad-Away.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 4:55:58 PM, on 4/2/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

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Websites Open Picture Text Is Blanked By Red

Apr 27, 2007

some websites that i open either the pictures or the text is blanked by red for example when i click on google where it says google or suppose to say google its just a red rectangle .

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Unable To Open Websites While Using Internet Explorer 6?

Jun 23, 2006

I have begun experiencing problem with IE6 not displaying pages for any url or IP address entered in the address bar.This occurs when there is an Internet connection (dial up). The browser will display web pages from files on the computer. (Windows XP sr2)I have concluded that this is an IE related problem, since Netscape 7.2 works properly.When I open IE6 with an Internet connection, the title bar indicates that my default homepage is (will be) displayed. There is no url shown in the address bar and no information displayed in the status bar. The mouse hourglass icon is displayed for as long as the browser is left open.

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Unable To Open Microsoft Websites - Firewall Turned Off

Jan 6, 2009

Iam anable to open any MS websites either with IE7 or FireFox. Able to open other websites. I have tried adding "s"to the "http"protocol,but no luck. Then went to internet options and unticked the "tsl"option in Advanced tab,again no luck! Thus iam not able to manually download updates.The XP pro has SP2 and SP3 installed. All the drivers are in place.To add to my woes ,SAS PRO and MBAM are not getting updates too!To survive i have installed AVG 8 Anti-virus and it too is not getting updated! I have turned off the windows firewall and the Comodo Firewall Pro. The KIS 2009 disk is not installing as it is not being accessed by the dvd drive( please see my post in "General security"). When i run the diagnostic tool--i get the message that the PC is unable to access the FTP and the http and https are fine!Please ask for any further info' which i've failed to mention

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Desktop Shortcuts To Websites Dont Open Automatically

Oct 14, 2010

I have Win XP Home with SP#3.My wife and i each use individual accts, user ids etc.For no reason I can understand suddenly when i click on one of my desktop shortcuts to open a website...e.g. Facebook, Yahoo etc..instead of automatically opening the specific site I get the box which asks which program i want to use to open the site.It is usally always Int.Ex. and at the bottom of the box there is a checkbox to indicate that when you open that same site in the future it should always be opened using IE, but when i go to open the site again i have to again each time indicate i want to use IE to open it. I also went to my wife's side of the pc and tried hers and her website shortcuts open properly like mine used to

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Unable To Connect To Internet: Websites Wont Open?

May 30, 2010


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Internet Connection Is Extremely Slow: Wont Open Websites?

Apr 4, 2010

The problem I've got is this. About a week ago I noticed that I was struggling with internet access. Wifi connects to a known router no problem but actually accessing sites can be a pain. I often have to refresh multiple times in the browser (happens in Firefox, Chrome and Opera) to get it to finally load the page. MSN also struggles to connect, as do the likes of Dropbox and anti-virus. Most web pages / resources do finally load up if I try enough times but it's very, very time-consuming

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Computer Running Slow: Internet Wont Open Websites?

Jun 19, 2008

It is running really slow, have tried cleaning it,taking out things that are no longer used i have even tried system restore but to no avail it hasn`t worked!! A lot of times when online and am just browsing i get the message Internet Explorer cannot display this page even though i am connected!! very frustrating!! Also if i am on any site like ebay that displays pictures the pictures don`t come up i just get a small red cross that i have to right click and press show picture!

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Open With Programs Not Working?

Jul 22, 2009

I have a file with a non-windows extension (.LUP to be precise) which doesn't have an associated Windows-specific program. I have got a program called HexEdit (simple Hex and ASCII editor) which I didn't install (since it came from a colleague in a folder with just the .exe and files needed to run the program) and so Windows didn't populate the "Open With" programs menu with the program. When I try to add it (by Browsing for the .exe in the "Open With" menu) I click on the .exe, and click "OK" yet it doesn't get added to the list. I then tried to add the shortcut to the program to this list, but then I get the error message "[This program] is not a valid Win32 application". I've added the shortcut to the Programs folder in the Start Menu, yet still to no avail.So my 2 questions are: 1) How can I get rid of the shortcut which has now appeared in the "Open With" programs menu? and 2) Is there a way to get this .exe file to appear in this list (possibly by some Registry hack) without installing any 3rd-party programs (since IT at the company I work at gets really shirty about that sort of thing)?

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Browsers Is Not Opening Up

Aug 11, 2005

I just downloaded AOL's browser today, and it flagged me about some potential Spyware called "Searchit". I clicked the button to go ahead and block it, and this caused my attempts at opening other browsers to cause CPU utilization to spike, and these browsers never opened up.

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Explorer Open With Is Not Working Correct If More Then One

Jun 20, 2005

I have tested it on more then 5 computers with Windows XP Professional on it, with different applications on it. I got every time the same result. What I do: I select 2 or more files in the explorer by holding the CTRL or shift key. These files are all from the same type. Then do a right mouse click and select "Open With" What I get: I get at first for the first selected file a folder selection window with the headline MOVE. I cancel this action, then I get a 2nd folder selection window now with the headline COPY. I cancel this window again. Then I get the Program Selection Window I expect. I select for example Paint Shop Pro. Any other program has the same outcome. The program will start like expected. But now I must handle this procedure for any file I have previous selected inside the explorer. And the program will start again and

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IE Open Twice Using Upto 8 Gig Of Ram - Not Acceptable Working

Apr 2, 2010

Ever since I loaded MS-IE-8, I have found that '2' copies of IE open in Task Manager... I run a DELL-D800 (yes 7yrs old) w/ XP-sp3 and 1Gig RAM. With IE open twice - it is using upto .8Gig of RAM (not acceptable). Today (2010/04/02)I tried Google Chrome instead of IE - the first time it opened with only one copy in TskMgr - the second time it too now has 2 copies open... It went from blazing fast to as slow or slower than IE... And all the problems with IE are now returning with Chrome... What is causing this? Virus? Bug? Normal process?

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Random Restart With ALL Browsers

Jan 18, 2009

I hope someone can help me. I have a computer (compaq presario 5300 US) with 512 mem and 1.1 ghz proc. The machine runs fine and will run for days unless I go to the internet with any web browser, IE 6-8beta, Opera, Firefox etc. Generally it will access the net ok, but when it encounters a page running any Java, it seems to accumulate errors then just goes black and restarts.No blue screen, no dumps, just black and a full restart. Sometimes it takes several minutes of running the program, such as a game called Brick Blaster found on the Zoomtown site. I have played this game for 5 minutes before the restart, or it can restart after the game first starts to load. I have found some Java errors using the OPera debug reporter but cannot make any sense out of them.I have installed a new Power Supply, changed out my ram strips, done a ram test, done a cpu stress test, scanned for viruses. Nothing found in any case. I am about to toss the machine in the trash, except it belongs to one of my best friends and for him, money is very tight.

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Internet Browsers Not Getting Accessed

Jan 19, 2006

I keep getting the following error whenever i open an internet browser opera or ie and when i open up my computer sometimes it happens out of nowhere with message application error and click on ok to terminate or click on cancel to debug the program.

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IE Won't Bring Up Site Whereas Other Browsers Do

Mar 6, 2007

There is one particular website that I have been clicking on successfully in my Favorites for quite awhile. Now it will not connect. Often it will attempt to throw me into Acrobat Reader or just hang. Even when I Google the site and click on their link it will do the same thing. So far I haven't discovered any other site that acts this way. When I use another browser I connect easily. I certainly would appreciate any suggestions for a fix.

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Memory Fills Up / Browsers Will Not Connect

Feb 28, 2005

It seems if I leave my system on all night that sometimes if I gotot Firefox or Netscape my browsers will not connect to any web site at all until I power down and reconnect... is ther a fix for this I remember a program I used on my 486 called Memory Unfreeze that took care of this situation...I have 2700 512 installed in this machine.

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Way To Reset Way Browsers Display Popups

Sep 25, 2007

Whenever I open a popup window, especially in Firefox, it always opens in a skinny window that's too small for the content. Sometimes I can resize it, but other times I can't, so I'm unable to see the content I wanted to see. Is there a way to reset the way browsers display popups so that they appear the way they were intended by the site's creator?

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Good Browsers Besides Internent Explorer

Jan 31, 2006

I keep geeting this message saying explorer has incurred a problem and needs to shut dow. This is a a brand new pc and we even tried a full restore and still does this.

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Internet Browsers Not Showing Images

Oct 9, 2005

For some reason my browsers stopped showing images. I use IE 6 with sps and Firefox and nothing is working. I checked the settings for both and they say show images. There are no red x's or outlines either, it's weird. I'm not sure when it started happening but nothing was changed to make this happen.

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Display Settings Effect Browsers

Apr 30, 2006

Both browsers (IE and Firefox) display pages with no background on one of my computers (Sony laptop running WinXP SP1.) I have two more computers on the same wireless network and there is no problem there. Everything works fine on the machine in question, except of this problem. Since the problem is the same in TWO browsers, I think it might be some wrong setting in XP. Attached are screen shots from two of my computers. The image on top is how a web page looks on one of my other computers and the image at the bottom shows the problem I have on the machine in question. Every single Site (not just this one) looks like the bottom image, BOTH in IE and Firefox, on this machine. This looks as if some "global" command "do not show background" is set, but, as far as I know, there's no such command.

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Slow Loading Software & Browsers

Aug 14, 2009

I've read your recent response to a hanging pc issue & thought you might could also help me.My pc too has slowed down over the last 3-4 months. I use MS2000 w/Win XP Home edition,Due to a word issue, I downloaded & use openoffice org tools for this & now use firefox as a browser. As a result, I'm hanging at least 10 mins waiting for software or browsers to open.

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Opening Microsoft Sites Using Other Browsers

Aug 21, 2005

I was firefox which i find SO much better then IE. I was kept IE just
in case but set firefox as my default browser. However when i select
links like windows update and many other 'Microsoft' links it always
uses IE. Is there a way to force it to use firefox unless IE is manually

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Open Folder On Desktop Get Error - Explorer Don't Working

Dec 17, 2004

Whenever I try to open a folder on my desktop, I get the below error message. I have a feeling it has to do with windows explorer not working. I have Norton Antivirus, Spy sweeper (could this be the problem?), and SP2.

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Drive / Folder In Run Dialog Not Working / Wont Open?

Apr 28, 2010

I extensively use the run dialog, as a quick way of navigating to drives / folders in explorer, however this has recently stopped working.If i now type a directory (e.g. C:Windows) in the run dialog, I get an Open With dialog from which I then have to click browse and type c:windowsexplorer.exe every time

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