Can't Get Rid Of The Picture From Desktop

May 14, 2006

I have a question here concerning a picture on my desktop.I came across a picture on the net liked it and clicked on it to "set as background" well, it had to stretch it too much to make it fit, and I didn't like it, so I deleted it then I right clicked on the same picture again "set as desktop item" (and I don't know what that means, but I thought I would find out by clicking on it.then it asked me if I wanted to set it as an ACTIVE desktop, and I again said yes.Okay the picture is fine...the size is good, but I can't get rid of the picture it stays on my desktop ALL the time.Is there a way to delete this picture so that it isn't on my desktop anymore?

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PC Acting A Little Weird / Desktop That Doesn't Go Blank Desktop Picture

Dec 17, 2006

When I have either firefox browser or IE6 up and when I minimize my browser or exit out of it, my whole screen goes blank. Every thing from my desktop items and my taskbar disappears for a second or 2. The only thing on my desktop that doesn't go blank is my desktop picture.

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Xp Desktop Background Picture

Jul 22, 2005

i went to a website today and downloaded a winxp backcround picture and when i clicked the picture to set as background it set it okay, but it was showing the picture as multiples of small pictures that filled the screen.can some tell me how to make it one whole picture that fills the screen.

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Desktop Picture On Computer

Jan 2, 2006

Well i have this problem and its not HUGE but its ANNOYING! well yeah here the pic and yes i know i have a lot of end up on my computer.

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Desktop 1/4 Picture The Rest Is White

Jul 14, 2009

I have a Toshiba, Laptop, it's Satellite A60, and I use Windows XP home edition. After a power outage i had an active desktop error page come up, i clicked the restore button but now 1/4 of my screen is wallpaper and the rest is a bit white block, I have tried to fix this problem a number of ways but it just wont change. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If something new got added to desktop could that affect it

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Getting Blank Desktop And Icons Without Picture?

Feb 7, 2006

My desktop on my computer is blank. It still has the icons on it, but there is no picture, only white.I went to the Windows XP Control Panel and made sure that a theme was selected and it was. When the computer reboots, the picture will be on the desktop momentarily, but then it will turn white.The only thing unusual that happened today was some viruses being stopped by my McAfee. After the viruses were blocked, the desktop turned white All programs work and I've run a utility check that Dell provides with the laptop.

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Setting Background Picture: 2 Pics On Desktop?

Dec 5, 2007

Somehow in trying to apply a pic to my laptop background, I got two is the full screen background which I want to keep.. the other pic is imposed over the right side of the display! These are two different pics. How do I get rid of the other, which shows only partly.Somehow I got to the multiple monitor setup, but I can't get rid of the 1 -2 screen setup.

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Desktop Picture Replace Just Blank Screen Comes

Aug 30, 2009

How to keep my desktop picture of Stonehenge from leaving, & being replace by just a blank black screen. What is wron with my computer? Want it to stay as Stonehenge, but it continues to just go into black screen.

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Can't Change Desktop Picture - Actually Select Image

Apr 14, 2005

For some unknown reason, I can't change my desktop picture. When I go into the Display Settings, everything in the Desktop tab is grayed out. I can still use the customize desktop button and the position drop-box, but I can't acutally select an image.

I've tried going through the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesSystem , but none of this helped. I had at one stage lost all the tabs, but I managed to retrieve them through the registry. It's not urgent that I get the desktop tab working, it's just really annoying.

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Picture Looks Fine In The Preview -on Applying Half Picture Is Off The Screen

Aug 12, 2010

i've had problems with my computer background for months -.- and it's really getting on my nerves. i'd like to find a solution to my problem.. when i right click my desktop, click properties, click desktop.. and browse and find the photo i want to set, it looks fine in the preview but when i apply it, half of it is off the screen in the corner. i tried changing it to stretch, center, tile, i re sized the image to my exact desktop size, i also tried different resolutions and still no change! please if someone can help.. i've googled this Many Many times but none of the solutions worked for me, i've also tried multiple images... I'll post some screenshots now

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Picture As Wallpaper Color Around Words / Under Icons Doesn't Blend In With Picture / Stays Solid Color

Sep 9, 2007

This may seem trivial, but it's bugging me. I have a windows XP and i have the windows classic theme. Every time I put a picture as my wallpaper the color around the words under my icons doesn't blend in with the picture but stays a solid color, so there's like little boxes of blue of white. How do I make those icon words blend in with the picture?

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First Should Be A Picture

Sep 1, 2006

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar"/></a>If this comes out as two links if you click on the first there should be a picture if their is not just ignore.I'll go back to the drawing board.

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Get Rid Of My Welcome Screen With The Big Picture

Apr 2, 2007

I'm not a computer wizard and I did something screwy, not that I know what it was. So if you can answer me, 1st of all thank you, and second of all you have to speak to me like I'm a child with this computer stuff. The problem is that I wanted to get rid of my Welcome screen with the big picture and my whole name splashed a cross it. Man, I wish I had it back. Now I get an instant log on error once windows loads which has a Yellow Yield sign and says that I can't log on and I should check if I have the right domain and User Name, then I can type in the password

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Take A Picture From A Web Cam Show?

Jun 27, 2010

How do I take a picture while watching someone on their web cam?

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Audio But No Picture With .AVI In WMP

Jul 17, 2005

I need to be able to view .avi made in a mini-dv video camcorder. Aim is to edit in Moviemaker and Power director and view in WMP.Unfortunately the .avi files will only play sound in all these applications, but appears to work fine in Quicktime. The files played on my old PC.Reading similar posts I just installed Divx player but this said the file contains "Fourcc code mjpg" and refused to play.

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Help With Picture And Fax Viewer

May 24, 2005

I've had this networked drive for photos going great for months. When I use the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, I can rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise and auto save on the spot.any ideas why? The properties an ALL jpg's are not read-only, File Sharing is still set to "allow network users to change files" - are there advanced sharing properties I should look into or do you think this is just another annoying MS bug? Very frustrating.

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Little Red X In Box - Picture Option

Feb 13, 2006

I seem to be getting more little boxes with a Red X in them when on the internet than I ever did before. When I right click on the X and click the 'show picture option' in the popup nothing happens on basement computer which has a new hard drive and WXP-Pro SP2. Rarely happens on upstairs computer or laptop and right clicking usually brings up the pic. I am asking 'where to look for what could be causing this'.

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Monitor Just Flashed And No Picture Comes

Aug 6, 2005

I have a problem with my computer, When i turn it on it sounds like its starting up like usual, but when i go to turn on my monitor the light just flashed and no picture comes on, ive tired unplugging it then a window pops up saying theres no signal so clearly the monitor does work, i also tried using a differnet monitor and the same thing happens, could i have a virus?

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Theme / Change The Picture

Jul 13, 2005

when i sign on with my password i would like to change the picture to one of my so do i do this.

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Read Only File - Picture In CD-ROM

Aug 10, 2005

I keep my pictures in a CD-ROM. I transferred some of them to my hard drive and started editing them using PaintShop 9. When I tried to save them a message showed up saying:Quote Could not save file because it is marked Read only. Chane the "read only" attribute" using Windows Explorer. UnQuote How should I do that?

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HP Media Centre TV Picture

Jan 25, 2006

I used to be able to watch a TV programme as well as doing other things on my computer but now all i can do is listen to the TV programme as the picture does not appear on my desk top when I want to work,say, on a spreadsheet.Any ideasas to what I have done to change my original situation?

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Right Click On Picture Then Disappears?

Mar 14, 2005

when I try to carry out certain tasks when right clicking. For example if I have a picture open and try and right click on it, it dissapears, the programme i am using will close and the screengoes blank. It then re-appears on the desk-top screen. This is driving me mad. I cant carry out any right click operations like save as or delete!

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Remove Picture And Fax Viewer

May 19, 2004

Better way to Delete Picture and Fax Viewer without any other effects.It can be removed as follows: [Start] [Run] type regedit.exe and click [OK]Navigate to delete the Folder ShellImagePreview under Context Menu Handlers. If you want to restore the Picture and Fax Viewer :Create the ShellImagePreview folder and create the String Value (Default)Assign it the value {e84fda7c-1d6a-45f6-b725-cb260c236066}

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Print Text And Picture

Dec 25, 2006

HP psc 2410 photosmart all-in-one printer. Whats happening is it's not printing the text of documents but if i insert a picture it will print that with no problems, even printing from the internet it will only print pictures. I scanned something that was only words and it printed that. I thought maybe it was the black ink cartrige so i put a new one in and it still isn't printing. If i put the words in a different colour it will print them just not in black.

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Only Have Background Picture No Icons

Oct 26, 2008

On my daughters old computer with windowsxp(home edition) which is slowly being updated from net (computer man set up automatically). Well computer slowed updates ready so I installed them then restarted computer for them to be activated now computer screen only shows background no icons, no start, nothing, can't get anything to come up on screen.

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Transfer Picture As Attachment

Sep 14, 2005

Email account is with a cable co. When I transfer pictures as an attachment they get sent too large for my dial up friends. How can I downsize them form 589kb to a more manageble 39.8kb?

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No Taskbar And No Icons Just Picture

Jan 7, 2006

at start up my toshiba laptop(winxp pro) will bring up my desktop picture but not my desktop icons or taskbar.

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Picture And Fax Viewer Folder?

Jul 15, 2005

It seems that whenever I view a picture it is saved in this folder, "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer". Where do I find this folder on my pc so I can delete its contents? And how do I prevent pictures from being saved in this folder?

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Disable Picture - Fax Viewer

Aug 12, 2002

By default, Windows XP opens all picture files (gif,jpg,...) with the included Windows Picture and Fax Viewer no matter what other picture viewers you have installed. To disable the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, unregister shimgvw.dll. This can be done from command prompt:regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll(Additional note: unregistering shimgvw.dll will also disable thumbnail view in Explorer and may cause problems changing user account and desktop background pictures. To reenable Picture and Fax viewer again type:  regsvr32 shimgvw.dll)

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Not Able To Standyby --- Grayed Out--picture Added

Dec 3, 2007

I noticed my standby button was grayed out.I haven't really tried to seek out an answer for this but sometimes I would like to put my computer in standby. I think it may have something to do with a power setting or a driver installed.

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Outlook Express Insert Picture - Not Sent Out

Apr 24, 2006

I'm having a problem with OE. If I create a new e-mail (either by clicking on a contacts name or writing a new one) and copy & paste a message into the main blank area or click the 'insert picture' icon on the toolbar - the mail is not being sent out. However, if I type a message in the main blank area or send a pic using the 'Insert >> file attachment' toolbar at the very top - they do get sent.

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