Windows 8.1 - Getting Facebook Files In Videos?

Apr 18, 2014

I have windows 8.1 and for some reason I found a folder filled with Face Book files in my videos. I do not know how they got there. Can I move those or delete that folder?

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Debugging :: Windows 8.1 - BSOD While Playing Any Videos Or Media Files - Even In Games

Jan 27, 2014

I have done several installations of Windows 8.1 and I am an average computer user level. The PC is clean and correct, updated drivers and zero waste on my computer. Only Steam Games and downloaded files.

The point is that I can not find the reason for these crashes. Sometimes I do not even blue bug jumps, it just hangs me and I have to trace the RESET button.

I think it happens always or usually watching some video (streaming or video file on my pc) but it has also happened in a game during some cinematic but I think also in the normal course of the game, not sure.

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File Explorer No Preview Of Image Files Or Videos?

Jan 2, 2013

Have a new Windows 8 Pro setup. For some reason I do not get a preview of images in a folder just a generic thumbnail.

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Apps / Software :: Official Facebook App In Windows 8.1 (RT)

Jan 25, 2014

I say Windows RT but it's the Metro app and any version of Windows 8.1 can run the Metro app.

Many times, I tap on "comment" but it won't do anything or open the comment window. I have to "refresh" by clicking one of my groups (thereby changing the screen) and then go back to where I was before and then it will let me click on "comment" and work.

Many times when I am using the on screen keyboard, once I am done typing and the keyboard closes, the space at the bottom of the screen stays black and Facebook remains "up in the air". I have to grab and drag down the window to get the Facebook app down where it belongs.

Many times where it tells you in the upper right corner how many new notifications you have, typically it is red with the number of notifications. Sometimes it is just greyed out and sometimes it just has the number of new notifications with the number in white but with the globe still faded out.

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Windows 8.1 Facebook Video Call Not Working

Jan 13, 2014

Having problems with facebook calling on win8.1 RTM? Sometimes I get " The software that powers video calling is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

Other times I get " It looks like a program on your computer may have blocked your video calling software" reinstalled the plugin several times but i still get the same errors. Seems to be blocked by something inside Win 8.1 ...

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Browsers/Mail :: Can't Open Facebook In Any Browser On Windows 8

Aug 9, 2013

haveing Problem to OPEN FACEBOOK in any Brosewr on my WINDOWS 8.

i am using Windows 8 OS 64bit i here is details of my system

Processor : Intel Core i5- 2310CPU @2.90Ghz
RAM : 12gb
System type : 64 bit Os

i am using

quick heal anti virus

i tried to open FACEBOOK and MICROSOFT site in all my Browsers like

GOOGLE CHROM | IE | Firefox and safari also but i am facing same problem in all browsers same error webpage is not available and cant open this page.

i tried to re install all the browsers and even tried to do settings in internet options and changed the settings by unchecked connection setting of proxy and i already rebooted my router and re installed all the internet setting.

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Browsers/Mail :: Windows 8.1 And Uploading Pictures On Facebook

Aug 25, 2014

I have a FB page where I want to upload pictures and post them in a group.

When I opload them he will give an error or it looks like I'm uploading 646 pic's....

I'm totally new with Windows 8.1 ,before I had 7.

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Browsers/Mail :: Windows 8 Affecting Facebook Chat?

May 9, 2013

When I send a long message on facebook, it sometimes sends the whole thing, then little sections of it separately, this has only happened since I've had windows 8. Also when I use windows 8 built in chat, if I send a long(ish) message to someone on facebook, it splits it up into smaller messages, but sends them in the wrong order.

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Facebook Video Call Blocked By Any Program On Windows 8.1 X64 RTM

Sep 2, 2013

Having problems with facebook calling on win8.1 RTM? Sometimes i get " The software that powers video calling is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

Other times i get " It looks like a program on your computer may have blocked your video calling software" reinstalled the plugin several times but i still get the same errors. seems to be blocked by something inside Win 8.1....

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Browsers/Mail :: Windows 8 - Facebook Login Page Hangs

Jul 12, 2013

Ever since I installed Windows 8, I have had no issues, except just one.

I notice when trying to log into facebook, the page will just hang there and pretends I never pressed the login button. And when I do finally get into facebook, and I try to click on the groups I am apart of, it just seems to hang on loading the groups, it just doesnt seem to load any pages.

This happens on every browser I install. However all browsers act completely normal on any other web pages I go to.

I have jumped onto my Windows 7 computer and again I have no issues whatsoever.

I agree it would be weird that its just happening with facebook, however its the only website that just continually causes problems on my Windows 8 machine.

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Apps / Software :: Sync Facebook Events With Windows 8 Calendar App?

Nov 26, 2012

is there a way to sync my facebook events with Windows 8 calendar app?

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Apps / Software :: Windows 8 Messenger App And Facebook - Double Posts

Apr 13, 2013

I use the built-in Messenger app to chat on Facebook. For some reason, I create double posts in the app when the other person's status is "available" for chat. However, if I message someone who isn't online on Facebook, I don't double post.

These double posts aren't seen on Facebook's site, by the way. It's only me that sees it and is really annoying.

I've tried uninstalling, re-installing, signing out of my facebook on both People app and Messenger app then signing back in. I don't know what is causing it.

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Browsers/Mail :: Facebook Video Call With Windows 8.1 X64 RTM - Software Temporarily Unavailable

Sep 2, 2013

Having problems with facebook calling on Windows 8.1 RTM?

Sometimes i get " The software that powers video calling is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

Other times i get " It looks like a program on your computer may have blocked your video calling software".

I reinstalled the plugin several times but i still get the same errors. seems to be blocked by something inside Win 8.1 ...

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IE10 And Facebook / Picture Pop-Under Instead Of Pop-Up

Nov 6, 2012

I'm using Windows 8 Release Preview and found a strange behavior when using IE10 with Facebook.

When I click any picture, instead of Pop-Up and bring the selected photo up front, IE10 put it behind main screen as Pop-Under.

This problem is taking place with IE10 only, no problem with Chrome.

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Facebook App Blank After Login

Apr 30, 2014

Facebook app blank after login - any info about that problem ?

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Apps / Software :: Win 8.1 - Facebook App Won't Login

Mar 29, 2014

I am running win 8.1 and used the Facebook app for a while the I stopped using it. When I tried to login again after a while I can't login and it shows me an error !!! What should I do ?

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Apps / Software :: Can't Install Facebook In Metro

May 31, 2014

I just picked up an Asus B121 tablet and Windows 8.1.1 so far seems to work quite well. This is my first time with that update. I like the changes except I don't like the boot into desktop by default.

I can't install Facebook on the Metro screen. It's stuck on pending. I have waited a while and it just sits there at "Pending". I have tried to change usernames in the store, I have successfully downloaded other Metro apps. I have cancelled the request several times and tried again to install it. Same problem.

Could this be because my tablet has no rear camera and therefore I am nor meeting some app requirement? If so you think it would tell me that.

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Browsers/Mail :: Acer Aspire Freezes On Facebook?

Aug 6, 2013

I have a New Windows 8 Acer Aspire V5-571P Touch Machine, Everytime I go to facebook homepage or a site that has a like button extention the whole system will freeze Things I have tried.

Clean Boot
ReInstalled Chrome
Removed All Extentions From Chrome (it worked for a few days then the problem appeared again)

It will freeze for 20-40 secounds then everything will be normal untill I reboot the system again?

This issue has been coming and going for the past month and the PC is only a few months new.

I'm starting to think its a hardware or major software issue sinced ive tried everything even re-installing Windows 8 that fixed it for a few days and then the issue re-apperaed and no I haven't downloaded anything that would of conflicted.

The issue does not appear in safe mode or firefox the last time I checked a few weeks ago.

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How To Clear Facebook Sign In Information From Sanyo Smart TV

Mar 18, 2014

How to clear facebook signin information from a Sanyo Smart TV? this user is already in use on another account ...

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Browsers/Mail :: Facebook Sidebar GONE On Internet Explorer

Aug 14, 2013

My IE was working properly yesterday, then all of a sudden I hit refresh and there's no sidebar. Not in 32/64 bit, not in incognito mode, gone on both the metro and desktop versions. It's gotten quite frustrating now as I am unable to have any kind of interaction with chat, there's just nothing there.

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People App Doesn't Connect To Desired Facebook Account?

Sep 2, 2013

I have 2 different facebook accounts, when I click "Add an account" in People App for the first time, it connected to my first facebook account. Then I remove this one by going to the online setting, and completely remove this account. Now I want to add my second facebook account but everytime I choose connect to facebook, this app automatically connect to the old one?

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Debugging :: BSODS While Browsing Facebook - Error 0x1000007e

Jun 9, 2014

I've been receiving some strange BSODS as of late . They seem to be occurring when I either have a Facebook tab open in my Google Chrome, or when I'm browsing my Facebook timeline.

Here's some PC stats in case you need them:
8 gigs of ram
Windows 8.1
PSU: Corsair AX760 760W
GPU: Sapphire R9 290
CPU: Intel i5 4670k
Motherboard: Gigabyte G1 Sniper Z87

I've had 1 BSOD related to my atikmdag.sys, which I assumed was my display driver, so I uninstalled my gpu drivers using DDU, then reinstalled the latest version from the AMD website, after that I had 2 more BSODS, 1 without a bug check string, and one with, as you can see in my diagnostic tool upload.

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Browsers/Mail :: IE11 / Win 8.1 - Unable To Put Password To Login For Facebook

Oct 19, 2013

Unable to put a password to log in for some sites like facebook,... I can post my users name but when i go to the password i try to type the password but nothing happens. So i must copy the password in word and then paste it., then i can log in. What can i do? Internet explorer 11 and windows 8.1

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Browsers/Mail :: Unable To Login To Facebook Directly After Running CCleaner

Feb 2, 2014

After running CCleaner v 3.27.1900, I am unable to Login to Facebook directly. Selecting the icon in my favorites, IE, only results in the loading icon, with no connection to the site. The same thing occurs when manually entering a search and selecting Facebook.

However, when I receive an email advising me of activity from one of my Facebook friends, I can select SEE COMMENT and go directly and quickly to the Facebook page.

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Apps / Software :: Deleted Facebook Account But Cannot Delete People Contacts

Sep 15, 2014

I used to have a Windows phone and attached my Facebook account to the Windows phone on my Microsoft Live account. I have since gotten rid of my Windows phone but then afterwards I permanently deleted my Facebook account. I bought a new pc with Windows 8.1 and logged in with my Microsoft Live account and saw that it kept all of my old contacts from Facebook and there is no way to delete them since I no longer have a Facebook account to delete them.

Is there a way to delete contacts that are associated with Facebook if I no longer have a Facebook account? I have an Xbox Live account associated with my Microsoft Live account so I do not want to delete my Microsoft Live account. Is there any way to delete my contacts without having to delete my Microsoft Live account?

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Windows 8 Search Cannot Find Any Videos

Dec 16, 2013

I thought that Windows 7 search was bad until I started trying to search for my many videos in my win 8 laptop. I even used KIND:= VIDEOS but the search came up empty???? This frustration never used to happen with win XP. I tried all manner of searches and although I have hundreds of videos still the search could not find a single one. Any third party search that is at least as good as XPs? I often do searches and need to use wildcards because of the plethora of files I have. If possible I would prefer a free search application.

I use the excellent Classic Shell. With my fast booting win 8 (fast booting is the only positive thing about win 8 I have encountered so far).

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HP Laptop Windows 8 - No Videos Playback

Sep 12, 2013

HP Laptop WIN 8, Does NOT play back any videos!!!!!!

I've sent my friend different video formats, but he can not open any of them.

Does he simply need to remove FLASH, and re-install the program....Does he also have to go into Flash settings, if there is one, and change to ALL FILE TYPES, like Windows Explorer has in it's tools, or settings? he and I also have DROPBOX, but without a player, he still can not play any videos.

What should he try next? He's not that close to me, and doubt if he knows how to download new programs like FLV, or another kind of program to work with this HP Laptop, or even go into ADD/REMOVE programs and delete the FLASH PROGRAM. If you need the model. I will get that shortly.

Does it also matter if he's using the ADOBE FLASH, or NOT? I'm not sure what his laptop has.

I use pinnacle Studio 15, so I can convert almost any video to a format, but playing on all computers can be challenging, with not everyone having the same video players. Mpg, Avi, .Mov, Quicktime, Flash

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Personal Videos Won't Play In Windows Xbox

Apr 22, 2013

The present file format of these personal videos is: .3gp. When I try to play them in Xbox video I get this error message: Can't play because the item's file format isn't supported. Check the store to see if this item is available there. 40 apps open when I did check. Which app will play this .3gp format? I can visually play them in Windows Media Player but for some reason there's no sound & it's turned up to full volume.

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Capturing Sony Handycam Videos To Windows 8?

Sep 18, 2014

I have a Sony Handycam DCR-HC30 (an older model). The video quality still holds up pretty well though. I am having problems though capturing videos onto Windows 8 though. I thought it was my camera that was not properly working, but after researching I found that a lot of people are having issues with Sony Handycams being recognized by Windows Vista or later Windows software. I have the Pinnacle MovieBox 710-USB to capture, and Pinnacle Studios as the software to capture/edit. The program will recognize the videos from the camera through AV cables, but the transfer isn't too great and frames get dropped. After a lot of trial and error, purchasing the Pinnacle device, and getting the cables needed, I am still unable to get my Windows 8 computer to recognize video through any IEEE 1394 Firewire cable. My lap top doesn't have any slots to add a capture card either, and doesn't have a 6 pin or 4 pin IEEE firewire slot (which is why I had to get the Pinnacle MovieBox).

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Windows 8 Browsers - Music From Videos Stops?

Nov 8, 2012

My question is about IE, Google Chrome and other browsers. The sounds and musics playing on the browsers I have installed, stops every time I switch to another application. For example: If I open a music video on youtube and switch to the e-mail app, the video continue playing but the sound and music stops. I wonder if any of you have already noticed that and if you know if it's possible to fix this issue (for me this is a problem since I like to play some videos and do other stuff while I listen to what is playing).

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Can't Play Videos On Windows Media Player

Apr 2, 2013

After upgrading to win 8, all of my videos were being played through x-box video app. I clicked one of my videos and changed the default to win media player and now this window appears when I try to open a video.

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