Ram Not Showing Completely?

Mar 23, 2011

i have installed 4 gb ram but it shows only 3 gb usable

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Toolbar On Taskbar Should Only Be Showing An Arrow But Is Showing Icon?

May 18, 2012

I have a toolbar on my taskbar titled "Programs". It has about eight folders in it. I made another toolbar, and placed it directly adjacent to the Programs toolbar, to obscure the eight folders and force it to be a dropdown menu.Trouble is, as soon as I lock my taskbar, right next to the arrow that displays the eight items of my Programs toolbar in menu-form, one of the eight items is showing up as an icon, as if the other toolbar isn't close enough to the Programs toolbar in order to completely obscure the eight items.

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Pendrive Is 4gb Showing 3.75 Gb Data But Showing 576 Kb Only?

Jul 14, 2012

i protected password for my pendrive it is kingston 4gb then it showing 3.75b, but in properties it has been showing 576 kb how to get my original size (3.75gb)

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How To Completely Get Rid Of A Trojan

Nov 2, 2011

i stupidly downloaded imesh and my mcaffee detected the trojan but it doesnt detect it as a threat which is so confusing because isnt mcafee is suppost to be a security software...? anyway i downloaded other softwares like spybot, super anti spyware emisoft, avg, malwarebytes and all kinds of other ones but they dont detect anyting! i finally downloaded trojan remover 6.8.2 and it renamed the file or quarantied it or something and i shred those but how am i sure that its wiped off my pc? i shred some files named imesh and idk what else but i just want to make sure my computer is safe!

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Cmd File Is Completely Gone

Nov 11, 2012

We fixed it, and although I had some photos and whatnot wiped out.. the damage wasn't too bad.The only issue is that I still have this window open up with certain things that says "I need to use one of these programs (Below is listed: iTunes, Internet, etc.) to open up the cmd file.I have tried searching for this file in the start search box, but it says..C:Windowssystem32cmd.exe Application not found It has caused my iTunes to stop downloading any of my videos or movies, too.

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PC Keeps On Completely Freezing

Dec 31, 2010

i built my new pc a couple of weeks ago, with mostly new parts (kept my psu and hdd). my pc keeps on completely freezing (no audio, can't move the mouse), forcing me to force shutdown and turn it back on again. sometimes after turning it off it works fine, other times it freezes again at any point during startup (once during bios, sometimes during windows setup, and sometimes minutes after it is fully started). the problem is, this freezing happens randomly. so far it's occurred while the system was idle, while watching a Internet video, and while opening google chrome. what is weird is how it rarely happens during gaming. i played 6 hours straight of bad company 2 on max settings with no problems. i've also played about 10 hours of the witcher this week and have only had it freeze once. sometimes the pc will freeze multiple times in a day, and sometimes it will only freeze a few times a week.i've run memtest 86 and memtest86+ when i initally bought the computer, and it found no problems. i ran these tests again two days ago and it still found no problems. i also ran a couple of stress tests (using prime96) and the pc never crashed when it was under full load. when i use speedfan, my system is normally 29c, my cpu is 36c, my video card is 40c, and the "core" is 35c. the only thing it has a problem with is something called "aux" which changes from anywhere between 40c and 130c. i read on the internet that it shouldn't matter, but... that's what it is.i've also checked the error logs, and so far i can't really find anything that corresponds to the times that is freezing. i've also ran my computer with all the startup items turned off, but it also froze that way too.

i've messed with ram timings, and gskill says they should be set to 9-9-9-24-2n with a voltage of 1.5. i've done that in the mobo, with the exception of "2n" which i don't really understand.at the recommendation of someone else, i've started running my pc with only one stick of ram at a time. i just tried the first stick yesterday in the first slot, and it froze at the very end of the day (after i had already played the witcher and watched a movie on it).it was suggested to me that i run memtest with one stick in it at a time (which i haven't done yet). is that really necessary? i was under the impression that memtest simply found errors on all the sticks, if there were any.finally, as just a side note, i built my brother a pc very similar to mine (everything except the case and the hdd are the same) and he has had no problems with his yet, telling me that everything is physically compatible and that the memory timings must be right.

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How To Change Mac Address Completely

Mar 6, 2012

I am using acer as 4738z(intel pentium p6200). os: windows7.my adapter name is Atheros AR5B97 Wwireless network adaptor. i want to change mac of my adaptor completely.My mac address is 1C-65-9D-C2-68-AB. I want to put the value 70-F1-A1-5C-BE-7C.

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Search Function Is Completely Gone?

Apr 2, 2011

when i tried to search for something, I noticed my search bar was gone from my start menu.So I went to google, searching for an answer, and...No go.I looked in my "Windows Features", and it is completely gone.without doing a system restore, or re-installing?

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Is There A Way To Eliminate Japanese Completely

Feb 8, 2012

I upgraded a Win7 Professional 64 bit system to Ultimate, then downloaded Language Packs in Chinese and Japanese. Now I am able to switch between Display Languages as expected. But after my last return from Japanese as Display Language to English, I find that Windows Explorer shows date information in Japanese, and IE uses Japanese as its language. Yet the Desktop icons have English legends, and the Start menu is in English. So there is a mixture of languages. Is there a way to eliminate Japanese completely? Should I uninstall the Language Packs?

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Laptop Won't Boot Completely

Jan 29, 2011

One month old asus laptop just stopped working. Now won't boot up. Goes as far as choice between "launch startup repair" and "start windows normally".. Tried both options but ends with blank screen. Tried online suggestion for asus of using F9 when logo comes up.
does this mean the laptop is unrepairable.

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Websites Completely Not Being Able To Load?

Aug 24, 2011

I dont konw if this is a bug or what. But I can't seem to get certain websites to load that I was frequenting in the past weeks, but now find that the site wont load completely!Yes I am unemployed, trying to find work right now.

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How To Uninstall PLAYON Completely

Aug 31, 2011

I installed Playon on my computer. My trial has expired and I want to remove the software completely so I can reinstall it and use another trial period. Please tell me how can I remove the software completely. Right now it doesn't remove completely and when I install after reinstall it still show the trial is expired.

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Websites Not Completely Loading

Feb 2, 2012

I've got a fairly new Dell Inspiron ONE computer with Window 7. Every since I bought it new some website home pages intermittently will not load completely. Sometimes I can refresh the page and it will open. I keep the cookies along with defragging on a regular basis. After clearing cookies I can sometime reboot and the websites will load ok. Also sometimes the page may continue to load and sometime it will stop loading and only the website header will appear. Some days I can go all day and all website will load ok.

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BSOD Often Completely Random?

Jun 23, 2012

My pc BSOD's me very often. I've compiled a zip as stated in BSOD - PostingInstructions.t's an Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Complete hardware info is in the zip file.

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Personalize Completely Missing?

Jun 19, 2012

My "personalize" right cick doesnt not work, i get an unknown erroe or something like that i have ran scannow and it didnt fix anything, also it is not in my cotrol panel under either icon or catergory veiw.

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Completely Hide Taskbar?

Sep 13, 2010

Is it possible to completely hide the taskbar? So it is never visible at all (unless you hit the Start button to open the start menu, for example)?This is for HTPC use. I'm using an application called MediaPortal which runs in fullscreen and hides the task bar, so it's fine while MediaPortal is running. But whenever I launch external applications or start/shut down the computer, the taskbar is visible for a few seconds?

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Way To Just Completely Block Partition From Net?

Mar 4, 2011

i have 2 partions on my PC at home, I install things I trust on one and things i dont on the other. At the moment i install something go to my firewall (ESET Security i think it is) and block that application from connecting to the internet.I was wondering if there was a way to just completely block the Partition from the net?

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PC Shuts Completely Down Without Errors?

Apr 11, 2010

from a Pentium D 2.8Ghz, upgraded that to C2D 2.9Ghz. and from a 8600GT xxx edition 256mb ddr3 I updgraded to a 9800gt 1gb ddr3now my PC shuts completely down without errors, warnings, blue screens nothing, just completely shutdowns like if there was a power outage.As per the manual the vid card requieres a psu of min 400W, I have a 680W PSU unit.Computer starts fine, but I noticed that if I try to use something that uses heavy graphics thats when the shutdown occurs., two examples:1. I tried refreshing the windows experience index, and it shuts down right in the middle during a direct 3d ALU test, everytime..2. tried loading BFBC2 and shuts down when trying to enter a multiplaye server.

this leads me to believe it might have something to do with either a faulty PSU unit, or faulty Vid Card (doubts on the latter).As for Drivers I uninstalled and reinstalled everthing twice now and even resintalled Direct X just in case.Although it seems I have the possible problem pinned down I would still like to read your comments and suggestions...maybe I missed something ?[CODE]

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Any Way To Completely Disable Touchpad

Dec 12, 2011

Just got a new HP Pavilion Notebook. I didn't like using the touchpad, so I plugged in a mouse.Then, I went to the Control Panel and TRIED to disable the touchpad. The mouse works great, but the touchpad keeps enabling itself again.It really gets ugly when I'm using the mouse and stop to type something in and the weight of my hands causes the screen zoom to adjust and jump.Is there any way to completely disable the touchpad until I really want to use it?

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Any Way Of Completely Removing Windows 7?

Aug 15, 2010

i want to install another os - ubuntu but i installed it but wen i start up windows 7 appears next to ubuntu is there any way of completely removin win 7 and leaving ubuntu as the default os

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Completely Remove Windows 7 From A PC?

Jul 12, 2010

My laptop originally had Windows Vista Home Premium x86 on it, but I upgraded it to Windows 7 Ultimate x86. Is there any way to return to Windows Vista Home Premium?

PS: I don't want to do this, I'm just saving it as a last resort because of this registry problem I am having.

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Can't Completely Remove A Screensaver?

Sep 7, 2010

I have deleted a screensaver from Syswow64 and System32 but the screensaver still appears in Screen Saver Settings and can still be used in themes. The screensaver was created using Screensaver Factory 5 Standard

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WeatherBug Won't Completely Install

Jan 2, 2013

I got a new desktop pc last aug. I installed WeatherBug on it as I have been using that program for years. Well it quit working about 2 months ago. Since then I have uninstalled and tried to reinstall at least 6 times. Uninstall seems to work well. Downloading the install program from WeatherBug.com seems to go well. Problem is: the install program seems to run appropriately, allowing personal preferences to be selected, but when the "finished" button is selected the flipping hourglass cursor functions for about 3 seconds then NOTHING. WeatherBug is listed in the start menu and "all programs"; but the same nothingness occurs when I select it from these 2 locations. Also, the only WB icon on the desktop is for the Install program. I'm using AVG Free Antivirus and the windows firewall. I can't seem to find whatever is blocking the fuctioning of WeatherBug.

Windows 7 Ultimate. Service pack 1
AMD Athlon IIx3 445 Processor, 3.1 GHz
64-bit OS

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Remove Windows 7 Completely From Pc

Jun 30, 2011

i have W7 and XP OS in my comp now i want to remove Windows 7 completely from my pc

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Computer Won't Shut Down Completely?

Feb 6, 2013

I was playing guild wars 2 then my computer completely crashed, at first it wouldn't boot up. I reseated my memory and restarted my PC it started up but now it won't completely shut down, it just sits kinda at like a stand-by but you can't come off of it an you have to shut down the computer from the PSU.

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How To Completely Remove OpenSUSE And Just Keep Windows 7

Jul 27, 2011

I have Windows 7 and openSUSE running on my laptop. Windows 7 was installed first and SUSE later.
Now I want to completely remove OPENSUSE and just keep windows 7. How do I do it.? coz Laptop boots viz grub. I heard if I remove Linux partition then windows might not boot because of GRUB. Can I do it with FIXMBR.

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Pc Freeze Completely When Playing Game

Oct 29, 2011

I've been having this issue for a while but it hasn't done it for a couple of months. When i'm on a game or doing anything on my pc really, it will randomly freeze up and the last sound note will play over and over. One of the times it happened I recorded the screen (URl)..layer_embedded when this happens everything becomes unresponsive and I'm forced to turn it off at the back. I've tried everything to solve this issue and nothing has worked.

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IE 9 Completely Unusable - Every Website Will Freeze

Jul 12, 2012

i am having a serious problem with internet explorer 9 every website i go onto will freeze i will have to recover it numerous times until its working again, i thought it may be a flash problem cause i couldn't play Internet videos page kept crashing, and websites that have a flashed based ad on them where crashing but i've uninstalled flash player and reinstalled, it's the most up to date, i have disabled the hardware acceleration option as thats been mentioned on other boards but the problem still exists.

i had to recover this webpage twice to get it working. i have ran malwarebytes and superanti spyware, as well as windows defender, malware bytes and sas both picked up trojans which have been removed and subsequent scans have revealed nothing else, so i am at a loss as to what may be causing this problem, its the same problem on chrome aswell. sometimes a video will play then the next one won't.

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Pictures On Laptop Are Completely Missing?

Sep 13, 2012

I am having the same problem as the original person who posted. All of my pictures on my laptop are completely missing. I went into tools, then clicked folder options, view and checked show hidden files and folders. The pictures returned but are greyed out

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Windowindexer.exe - Computer Completely Slows Down?

Aug 16, 2011

im at work and an employees machine is running windows 7 enterprise.. he says that almost everyday around this time (2-3pm est)that his computer completely slows down.when we opened task manager, windowindexer.exe keeps showing up. we went into services and stopped it and disabled it but it doesnt stop the problem and he is forced to hard boot to restart to make the problem go away. i am thinking it could be a malware issue so im downloading malware bytes .

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Windows 7 / IE 9 - Some Pages Will Not Load Completely

Oct 20, 2012

My HP desktop with Windows 7 and IE9 has had issues on some websites since I've had it. The issues are that some pages will not load completely or load at all and the back button sometime will work and sometime it will not. All of these issues are random and intermittent on the same sites. Sometimes the refresh button will work and sometimes it will not. It seems that if they work at all they should work all of the time but I don't know enough about computer systems to understand. Some say I should change to another browser. I've tried Google Chrome and Firefox and they have their problems as well. I know I can't be the only one having these type issues. I delete cookies on a regular schedule.

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