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Roku XDS - Disconnect From Wireless Network?

How do I disconnect a Roku XDS from a wireless , not wired, network?

View 4 Replies (Posted: Mar 20, 2011)

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How To Disconnect Mobile User In Wireless Network
How to disconnect a mobile user in wireless network?

Posted: Jan 24, 2013

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Disconnect Wireless Printer?
I have a wireless printer which has been working fine. Now although everything is conected my printer has decided not to acknowledge it. I have to put the USB cable in to print. I have now uninstalled the printer ready to re-install it, but I don't know how to disconnect it from the internet.

Posted: Feb 7, 2013

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Print To Wireless Printer If Disconnect The Homegroup?
Can I still print to the wireless printer if I disconnect the Homegroup? I do not wish to share files and see no point in joining a Homegroup.

Would removing the Homegroup cause internet connection problems?

Posted: Oct 3, 2012

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How To Disconnect From A Network ?
When I press "Connect or Disconnect", it pops up an infobox saying "You are currently connected to: xnetwork"

However, there is no option to disconnect from the network. This is extremely frustrating; apparently I'm blind, but I've tried disabling and re-enabling the adapter to no avail.

Windows 7 x32, btw. (desktop, in my profile)

Posted: Aug 17, 2009

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Slow Network Transfer & Disconnect
I'm trying to transfer between my Desktop computer (XP) and laptop (Windows 7). When I do it wifi it only transfers at speeds between 1MBs to 3MBs. When I physically connect to my router I get better speeds at 10-11Mbs. However in both cases on large files it loses connection.It says that connection lost/failed and gives me option of retry/skip. When I hit retry it still doesn't work. When I disconnect and retry that method it starts up again from scratch however rarely does it fully transfer a file. These files are anywhere from 2GIGs to 4GIGS.I don't have anti-security on either computer. I'm using new Netgear router.

Posted: Mar 15, 2011

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Windows 7 :: Disconnect It From Network Computer?
I use Windows 7 Pro on our company LAN. I had to connect temporarily to another computer on the LAN to access some file shares there. Now I would like to disconnect. I haven't found any way to do this.

Posted: Oct 7, 2011

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High Java Cpu Utilization Cause Network Disconnect?
Can java utilizing over 80% of cpu cause intermitant network disconnects?

Posted: Aug 3, 2012

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Network Storage Drive - Cannot Disconnect / Icon Still Showing Under My Computer
I have a network storage drive that has seen its last day but I still have the icon under my computer when I try to disconnect from it it tells me the drive does not exist.

Posted: Feb 5, 2012

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BSOD When Streaming To Roku 2 - Ntoskrnl And Tcpip.sys?
This BSOD only started happening when we started streaming videos from our PC to our Roku 2 using PMS(Plex Media Server).Sometimes, not all the time, we will be 5 minutes into a video and it'll BSOD. The 3 most recent were caused during that time. The first 4 BSOD's in my attachment I believe were from driver issues. Maybe you can verify that as well.I've posted in the PLEX forums about it but didn't have any more info other than what bluescreenview provides. I'm guessing it's a conflict with avast AV or other third party software. I searched for an update for the NIC driver since tcpip.sys is mentioned, but there are none since 2009.

My specs:

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit Retail
Asus P5Q Pro
Intel Q6600 2.4GHz (OC to 3.0) quad-core
ATi HD3870
Seasonic 620W PSU
Western Digital 1.5TB Black HDD

Posted: Jan 10, 2012

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Configure Wireless Router WNR500 To Existing Wireless Network?
how to configure my wireless router WNR500 to my existing wireless network

Posted: Oct 19, 2012

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Cant Find Wireless Network Can See Other Wireless Networks?
how come can't get signal internet in my houese althogh have a wifi in theh building my computer is dell kind? what need to do or something.

Posted: Feb 10, 2013

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Network Card Name Reporting Incorrectly In Wireless Network List Area?
My rig uses a Centrino Advanced-N 6230 wireless mini half-card. It reports the correct name except within the wireless network list. Instead of 6230 it reports 6320. I searched the registry to see if I could find the error, but nothing found. It's only a nuisance, and a minor one at that.

Posted: Jan 30, 2012

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Wireless Connection Network Says It Is An Unidentified Network?
Recently when I try and connect to the internet my wireless connection network says it is an unidentified network with no internet access. This never happened before.

Posted: May 12, 2011

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How To Off A Pc Over A Wireless Network
How to off a pc over a wireless network

Posted: May 19, 2012

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Keep Having To Disconnect And Reconnect Internet?
Since doing a clean install of Windows 7 my internet keeps timing out. The icon in the task bar shows that it's normal, but I'll be online and after a couple minutes the internet just stops. When I click on the icon it says "connected" and "internet access."I have tried on both a Netgear and Apple router, so it's not a router issue. I reset the modem and routers a dozen times. I called my ISP and they said everything looks normal. My Droid phone works fine and so does a Macbook in the house.I have rolled back my Atheros5007 wireless card driver, which did nothing. And then tried upgrading the latest version, which did nothing. Uninstalled the driver then reinstalled, still with no luck.I was running Windows 7 fine all year and did the clean install as something I do every year to keep my computer running well.

Posted: Jan 19, 2011

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Can't Disconnect External Drive
Why is it that so many Western Digital products suck at what they do? Every time I tried using a storage device by WD it's been acting up. One time a drive wasn't even being detected by a computer (or other computers I've tried it on) and now this new 1 TB external drive is not wanting to disconnect safely from my laptop. I did a ton of searching online and apparently, despite it not actually saving anything it's still running processes as if the person who made it assumed you don't ever want to disconnect it from your computer (which is stupid for the fact one shuts off his computer eventually at one poine) and instead want to constantly back up weekly. I made one backup and that's all I want to do at the moment. I also want to shut off my computer, but if I do that while I still get the error message "can't disconnect external drive since it's still in use", wouldn't shutting the computer down then be equivalent to unplugging the drive before it's "safe" to remove? I literally waited a full day to get my 350 GB info on this drive, and I don't want it to get corrupted through unplugging or even shutting down the computer when the drive is "still in use".By the way, it says it's "in use" but I am NOT seeing it download or backup anything (because I already finished this hours ago). Could it be that it's saving something that I'm not aware of? Or is it simply "connected" to my computer and that is one of WD's definitions of "currently in use"? If the latter is true, I guess logging off/shutting down won't do anything then, but I'd still like to be sure.

Posted: Feb 18, 2012

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Internet Auto-disconnect?
Internet disconnects after using for sometime on my computer . The network icon on the task bar shows no Internet access.When I disabled the network adapter, but when I tried to enable it, windows just shows me the enabling window but nothing happens. So I had to restart the system but it also got stuck at he shutting down screen.So when I booted the system after a force shutdown, the network adapter was enabled but the same problem happened after some time.My modem auto connects to the Internet service so I do not dial for connecting to the Internet. I use the same modem to browse Internet from my iPad and the Internet works on the device.Recently installed a driver for a USB data card.

Posted: Jan 17, 2013

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Can See The Network But Not Connect (wireless)
I got a brand new HP with Windows 7 and it will not connect to my network. It sees it and I have another laptop connected to it as well as a desktop hardwired to it. Like I said, this thing is brand new.

Posted: Mar 28, 2011

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Cant Connect To Wireless Network?
as of today i am not able to connect to my home network it used to work perfectly before but now when i try to connect it says unidentified network no internet accesit does work on all the other laptops herei also can conect to my neighbours wireless internet fine and when i plug the cabel in its also workingany ideas on how to fix this (not so good with computers so try to be gentel) ?

Posted: Mar 31, 2011

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Shutting Down Wireless Network
I would like to know how I can disable and reenable the wireless network from within Windows 7, without having to get up and hit the button on the modem. I tried going to network and sharing\network map and disabling there, but it had no effect on the wireless connections.also, I can't see the wireless connection at all in the network map. I can see my computer and my wifes, but not the kids xbox (which is whats using the wireless)

Posted: Mar 10, 2012

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Wireless Network Adapter
im running windows 7 on my toshiba sattelite L15 S104 and and i cant find a driver for my T60N871 802.11 b/g WLAN wirless adapter. its made by intel but it says foxconn with it also. ive tried and and still cant find it. does anyone know where i can because i really dont want to go buy a new wirless net work adapter.

Posted: Oct 14, 2009

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Wireless G Or N For A Network Printer?
I'm looking into purchasing a new printer. However, the one I am interested in only has up to wireless G. I'm just looking for some opinions. Do you believe I'd be better off with one that has wireless N?

Posted: Aug 17, 2012

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Cannot See Specific Wireless Network?
With my netbook Acer Aspire One 521 I have previously connected to both home and work wireless networks with no problems, however the work network no longer appears in the 'available connections' list. I get a variety of available connections from the local area (more than any other computer) but not the specific router I am looking for & sat next to!I can still connect at home no problems with the netbook (i.e the wireless adaptor is functional) and with my laptop I have no problems at work, nor do any of my colleagues - so the router is functioning correctly.I have tried:- restarting both netbook & router- checked the router is set to mixed (b&g signal type)- checked the wireless connections list for duplicate entries and tried deleting the saved previous entry for the work network- using a system restore point from when I could connect to the networkNo new software, antivirus/firewall etc.. have been installed since it has been working as I got all that up and running at home prior to taking it in to work.Laptop has Windows 7 Home Premium & netbook Windows 7 starter.

Posted: Oct 1, 2010

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Wireless Connects To Same Network Twice?
On 2 different laptops, one running professional, the other running Home Media, the computer tries to connect to my home network twice. The most frequent example is when I try to connect wirelessly, in network connections I will see my network named two time. "Connected to Network, Network1" When this happens I can not connect to the internet. I AM connected to the network and can see other PC's in the network. If I disable the device and re-enable it, this usually solves the issue.

Posted: Mar 10, 2011

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Can't Connect To Wireless Network
I can see the wireless connection on the laptop but it won�t connect.this networks no needed user name and pass to laptop is vostro 1015 os: windows 7 ultimate.

Posted: May 5, 2011

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Cant Connect To Wireless Network
I cant connect to my wireless network because it says no connections are available and theres a red X over an icon that looks like a computer

Posted: Jun 30, 2011

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Can See Wireless Network But Won't Connect
I have 3 computers all running 64bit Windows Home premium all have 802.11n cards. 2 have no problem connecting to the wireless network the 3rd can see the network but won't connect or has the dreaded yellow exclamation mark with limited connectivity.

This seems to be a windows issue but not sure. When I look at the wireless profile in windows it says the security is WEP but the router is set up as WPA-2. I have tried changing the setting in Windows to WPA-2 but that then generates another error in the network discovery window saying the settings are not correct or something to that effect.

1) I have reinstalled the driver didn't work.

2) I have removed the security altogether didn't work.

3) reset the router didn't work (Although as stated earlier the other 2 computers connect with no problems)

4) Deleted wireless profile and started again didn't work.

The following worked untill I restarted the computer but would not after that even if I applied the same steps.

1) Assigned a static IP - This worked but once I restarted the computer it would no longer connect. Tired different IP address from 192.168.1-149. No joy
2)Copied the network profile from both the other machines same result as #1.

Posted: Aug 25, 2011

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PC Unable To See Wireless Network
Prior to Saturday morning, my computer was able to detect the router and connect to the internet. However, as of yesterday, my computer is no longer able to see any wireless networks.My dad did change the frequency of the router yesterday, but all the other PC's in the house are able to connect again - except for mine. I've tried rebooting the livebox, rebooting my PC, pressing the wi-fi button, changing my adapter's usb slot and also reinstalling my adapter's drivers. None of these have made a difference.

Posted: Sep 25, 2011

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Cannot Connect To Wireless Network
I have just set up a wireless network, and my phone (android) can connect to it fine with the correct wep key, but my laptop (windows 7) cannot. it sees the network but when I try to connect it does not ask for a wep key, it just tells me it cannot connect. I have tried going into the 'network and sharing center' and connecting manually but no dice.

Posted: Nov 10, 2011

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