PC Freezes When DVD-RW Inserted In Drive

Nov 16, 2012

My PC often freezes when I insert a DVD-RW in the drive and only returns to normal when I take out the disk.

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D Drive Won't Recognize Any Discs Inserted

Jan 9, 2013

I'm not particularly computer literate, however my desktop computer won't read discs. Whether it be a DVD, a set-up disc or even music CD's, there's a 1 in 10 chance that it will see it is there. On the odd occasion it opens, it works fine.

Currently an issue as I am trying to install wireless stick software but the disc will not load.

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Drive Ejecting All Inserted CD / DVD On Windows 7

Apr 9, 2011

I recently installed windows 7 on my dell xps m1530 laptop. Till yesterday, the dvd drive was working perfectly fine, but yesterday, it just suddenly started ejecting all the cd/dvd i inserted. I tried using Microsoft trouble shooting, and when I chose that I was having a problem in playing the dvd, it started scanning for errors, and i inserted a dvd during it, it started working. But when the program ended, it found no problems. After closing the program, I inserted another dvd, and the same problem. The dvd drive is TEAC DVD+-RW DVW28SLC. I have tried reinstalling the firmware using device manager but it doesn't work.

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Autoplay Not Working When DVD Inserted Into Drive - Showing Generic In Explorer

Dec 6, 2011

Every time I stick a DVD (game/movie) into the drive it comes up with an autoplay box with 1 option, to open the folder to view files. In Explorer the DVD shows up just as a generic DVD - basically as if it were just a blank disc for burning. If I 'explore' the disc there are no playable files, just an empty folder and a notepad document. I can't play the DVD in WMP, or any other player and can't start a game from the disc. This happened once before after burning a CD, the system just wouldn't recognise DVDs. It sorted itself out pretty quickly last time, this time, again after burning a CD, I can't get it to work.

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Autoplay Fix Not Open When Inserted A Disc

Jun 10, 2011

I am having problems with autoplay, it doesn't open when I insert a disc. I get a message that tells me that I don't have a program installed as default when opening a dvd, same with audio discs but I have media player. I can still explore and install programs and have found i can open DVDs with Power DVD but I would like to find out why DVDs and CDs just don't open. I have autoplay ticked in default autoplay settings and have attached the message I get when I try to open from my computer.

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Windows 7 Dvd Player Not Running When Cd Is Inserted?

Nov 21, 2011

When I insert my music cd into the drive all I get in win media is a tract and 1KB showing , this is a new computer and I was wondering why it wont recognize my CDs I am a senior citizen and am very proficient in computers until I came upon this one

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Laptop Makes 'inserted Device' Noise But Nothing Put In?

Sep 22, 2010

I know this doesn't really give much away to my problem but i'm just as confused.

My laptop has recently started making the little beep noise that would occur when inserting a usb device etc. but i haven't inserted anything into the laptop at all?

I have checked various windows device programs but to no avail, there are no yellow triangles in the device manager, so i'm unsure as to what has caused this?

I have also system restored but it still proceeds to make the noise.

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Can't Find Photos After Inserted Memory Stick

Jul 5, 2012

I cant find my photos after I inserted my memory stick

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Cant Find Photos After Inserted Memory Stick

Jul 5, 2012

I cant find my photos after I inserted my memory stick

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Get USB Thumb Drives To Show A Taskbar Icon When Inserted?

May 17, 2011

I'd like an icon to show up on the taskbar whenever I insert a USB thumbdrive. Then I can click this icon to safely eject the USB. I'm not talking about the notification area. I'm talking about the taskbar where open programs show their respective icons.

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Sound Drivers Stop Working When NVidia Card Inserted

Jul 9, 2012

I am using HP DC 5850 system and I currently inserted nvidia gforce gt520 the sound driver I uses works perfectly when there is no nvidia card in the system but as I insert the card the sound driver stops working and it works only through hdmi and there is only single icon of HDMI in my pc sound control menu. I tried every sound driver but no one works to give me sound through the speakers.

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Restart During Partition Process - Inserted Recovery Media But Keyboard Not Working

Jun 15, 2012

I tried to break the disk on several parts with Partition Manager, but at the middle of the process it froze and I forced the computer to restart. After resetting it says to "Insert the Recover Disk or other Recovery Media". After it I put the disc with the Windows 7 and at the menu where you have to choose to move (by keyboard arrows) to installation, the keyboard does not work, so I can't move to the installation and it jumps directly to the Local Disc. I also tried Windows XP disc and the same problem - there is no chance to reinstall the system. The keyboard is working in the BIOS, but after does not work.

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"ntoskrnl.exe Is Missing Or Corrupt"appears Unless Disk Is Inserted

Jan 17, 2013

When I installed Windows 7 Pro x64 today, I did a custom install but I didn't format my drive beforehand. After it restarted the first time, it came up to a screen that said this: Code: Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:< Windows root>system32toskrnl.exe.Please re-install a copy of the above file After several failed attempts my Dad somhow got it to install properly, and it worked fine until I needed to reinstall updates. When it restarted again, the same screen came up. I put in the Windows 7 DVD and restarted, this time it booted without any problems. My boot is setup as "Boot from CD/DVD Drive" first, and "Boot from HDD" second. But when it said "Press any key to boot CD/DVD" I didn't press anything, and it just moved on normally.

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DVD Drive Freezes Computer

Aug 5, 2009

I recently install windows 7 RC and when I tried to put in the cd to install some sound drivers my computer just froze. explorer.exe just stops responding whenever I put any disc in the drive. If I open the drive to take the disc out it instantly unfreezes and it's completely fine! I have tried reinstalling drivers and several other things and I'm at a loss.

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Freezes Up In Installation Drive Problem

Jan 3, 2010

ok there is another thread about this problem but that is my friend helping me out this ir really my computer i built. i have never built one before so there might be hardware issues who knows, but in the selection screen where you choose where you want to install windows to it has my 500 gb western digital (blue ranked) drive and if i try to click next ot creat a partition it will freeze up plus i cant seem to get into bios because the wireless keyboard i bought gives a error message in startup.

so i have to wait untill windows installer opens to plug in the wireless transmitter i think there is a solution in repair my pc but i dont know it sry for the wordy question but i realy need this pc to work because of it being my first one ive built. if you need the specs ask but im honetly to lazy to get the paper work from frys and type it all up right now please repond and answer will do i will try anything!!!

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Laptop Hard Drive Freezes Randomly?

Dec 20, 2011

A random times, often not long after startup/wakeup my hard drive appears to freeze. The hard drive light lights up solid, any programs accessing the drive freeze and resource monitor says the disk is "100% active" yet also says "0kb disk I/O" is occuring.After a couple of minutes it fixes itself and anything ive attempted to do during the time it was frozen all happens really quickly.The nature of the problem makes me believe its the hard drive at fault, but its smart readings are fine and ive ran the dell diagnostic tool that came with the laptop without finding any problems. Ive also done the ususal routine of updating drivers and the BIOS etc.

Dell XPS L502x
Intel core i7 2ghz (2630 i think)
8gb ram
Nvidia GT 540m
Toshiba MK6461GSGY 640gb HDD

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Hard Drive Clicks, Windows Freezes When GPU Plugged In?

Dec 26, 2012

Neither of my hard drives work in normal windows with the gpu in. On a fresh reformat they work for a short while before starting to click and freeze up. On an older installation this freeze is instant, as soon as the desktop loads.It works as it should in safe mode leading me to believe that it may be a software problem but I haves no idea.The hard drives work as intended in normal windows without the GPU.I don't think it's my PSU as it's 750 watts. If it's software I have no idea where to begin.It may be worth mentioning my mobo (MSI z68 gd55 g3) was sent away to get a BIOS update for compatability with ivy bridge, but I have installed the drivers for the update.

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Win 7 Freezes When Copying Files To LaCie Network Drive

Jan 27, 2009

Having a weird problem with a LaCie 1TB Network space. It is plugged into my router and i can see it on my windows 7 computer, map its folder as a network drive and even create folders/new word documents on it.

However whenever i try and copy a file larger than a few kB my entire computer freezes (completely unresponsive). The computer recovers fine on a hard reboot.

Any Ideas?

Also my computer freezes after being left on for a while (this may be due to utorrent, saw some mention of it causing windows to crash after an hour).

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Windows 7 Randomly Freezes - Swapped Out Hard Drive For SSD

Mar 13, 2012

I am running Windows 7 on a Dell XPS L502X. The only modification I have made to it is swapping out the spindle hard drive for a SSD (Crucial Technology 128 GBl RealSSD C300 Series). I have had this computer almost a year and it works very well except for the fact once every few days it will completely freeze. I will be able to move my mouse, but nothing is clickable and all the programs I had open will just stay up, not doing anything. The only way I am able to get out of it is by hitting ctrl+alt+delete and waiting for the option screen to come up (Lock computer, change password, Task Manager, etc.). Once that happens, I just click cancel, and then everything is working perfectly again, without any programs crashing.

Also, here is a hardware/software snapshot of my computer: [URL].

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Hard Drive Light Stays On And Computer Freezes Randomly In Windows 7

Feb 11, 2012

I am little bit worried about my harddrive. Previously I had 80 gb harddrive and then I upgraded it to 320 gb. I have dell latitude d630 laptop with two operating system. Windows 7 and XP. When I use Windows 7 then my computer specially hard drive light stays on and mouse is busy and I have to restart my laptop however in my XP this problem is never seen. I also installed vista and deep formatted the hard drive but the problem still persists in windows 7. The system is normal but when I surf internet via mozilla or chrome. This problem arises. I have done everytrouble shooting I can chkdsk and everything but when I use chkdsk in my western digital harddrive, it says error. I am thinking its harddrive issue what do u say?

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Hard Drive Light Stays On And Computer Freezes Randomly In Windows 7

Feb 11, 2012

I am little bit worried about my harddrive. Previously I had 80 gb harddrive and then I upgraded it to 320 gb. I have dell latitude d630 laptop with two operating system. Windows 7 and XP. When I use Windows 7 then my computer specially hard drive light stays on and mouse is busy and I have to restart my laptop however in my XP this problem is never seen. I also installed vista and deep formatted the hard drive but the problem still persists in windows 7. The system is normal but when I surf internet via mozilla or chrome. This problem arises. I have done everytrouble shooting I can chkdsk and everything but when I use chkdsk in my western digital harddrive, it says error.

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Windows 7 Installation On XP Hard Drive Freezes When Loading Bar Gets Half Full

May 18, 2012

I just turned on an almost new build pc to install windows 7. The entire pc is a new build except the hard drive that has a good copy of xp installed. I am trying to install a new copy of windows 7 on the hard drive. So I turned the pc on and go into the bios to set the DVD to boot first. So windows starts to install and the window is loading bar comes up. After the bar gets over half full, the screen drops and there is a line of h's on the left side of the screen and the installation freezes.

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Random Freezes, Sometimes Glitchy Freezes And Rarely BSOD

Nov 28, 2012

i have random freezes sometimes they are glitchy and rarely bsod all on bootup or up to about half hour in (which also turns of the mouse). also Internet doesn't autoplay playlists and all sugestions next to the video are black. this started a few weeks to a month ago, first it seemed just a minor annoyance but it started to become more often the last few days. i've tried some checks but without success.
also i remember the week before those crashes that twice the screen driver crashed for a second or 2 and then a message popped up about how a monitor driver crash was adjusted, always when i played a certain game that is still in beta so i taught it was the game.

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OS Freezes, Audio Freezes To After Installing USB Audio Device?

Aug 5, 2011

My audio was working well, but i decided to start recording find a way to improve my outbound audio quality (i'm an audiophile). I purchased a Fast Track Pro. Unlike other threads I've read, I'm not seeing any BSOD and its not crackling. My operating system will just stop functioning, or freeze for a half a second at a time. This can become frequent at about 10 times in a thirty second period requiring a restart. I had installed the latest x64 driver for my W7 x64 system from M-audio's website.

I uninstalled the driver and restarted, the issue persisted. I then installed the on-board audio driver and restarted, no system lag is present. The audio device-driver is acting up and I'm not sure why. Because i bought it used M-audio's support is a no-go. Are there any additional steps I can take which may troubleshoot this issue?

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Clone Hard Drive To 64gb Flash Drive And Restore To Another Hard Drive?

Nov 14, 2012

I have a hard drive I want to backup to a 64gb flash drive and then restore it to another different hard drive than where it came from. I have windows 7 and office on my laptop and I want it on my desktop pc. There isn't close to 64gb of info on my laptop so it should be fine even though the hard drive says I have 160gb. It is all free space except for those programs.

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Freezes At 99%

May 12, 2009

Using windows7 rc-1 32 or 64 bit version, whenever I try to download a program from the internet, it stops at 99%.

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Dec 1, 2009

I am experiencing freezes constantly in Win 7 64bit. I eliminated some install freezes by not using my wireless mouse and keyboard on install and installing later. The install still freezes when it tries to update the ATI driver. I also have problems with freezes with

X-fi (probably drivers), ASUS mobo drivers and apps, and installation of many other common apps. The system invariably freezes on the first boot, but may work for a while after resetting. I will experiment by installing XP Pro 32bit to determine the hardware stability and will post my results on this thread later.

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IE 8 Freezes During Use

Dec 1, 2009

Intermittent issue. Brand new Dell Laptop with preinstalled W7 x64. Initially having issues with video playback not working, freezing IE. A system restore seems to have resolved that, but am still having issues where randomly visiting a basic webpage, IE freezes.

Really annoying when it happens, but it is intermittent. Once a weekish, a reboot seems to resolve it. Thought it was an issue coming back from Sleep mode but it happened today on a fresh startup. Here is the error message in the event viewer which has it listed as an Application Hangup:

The program iexplore.exe version 8.0.7600.16385 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel.

Process ID: 2e8

Start Time: 01ca865b9ed75f1f

Termination Time: 8

Application Path: C:Program Files (x86)internet exploreriexplore.exe

Report Id: dcd8cb41-f24f-11de-9138-0026b90cc10b

Since I'd rather talk with my 4 month old son than Dell tech support from my initial contact with their web support, I was hoping someone here might know of this issue or have any ideas.

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Win 7 Freezes

Nov 5, 2009

This is what they came up with after so many years? this is what Microsoft came up with and claimed it is been tested even with Steve ballmer's son? This is the best they can do? I have been on my laptop for 2 hours and had to reset 6 times.

And it seems to get worse day after day. the second day i installed it it only froze 1 time for being on it for over 6 hours. Microsoft may as well give up software staffs and may be focusing on making mouse pad and keyboard before the name "Microsoft" gets tarnished forever.

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Freezes Very Often

Dec 1, 2009

I'm having a serious problem for weeks now. Tried almost everything possible without result.

Tested the Motherboard (Asus M2A-VM-HDMI)

Tested Memory (4 GB) with memtest and uninstalling and reinstalling them one by one

Bios update

Unplugged all device such as USB's and video without result

Removed AVG scanner and replaced it with Microsoft Security Essentials

Did run an online scanner by Kaspersky, and others

Tried to delete all tasks in Taskmanager one by one

even closing down all tasks which were sometimes important

Running many safe modes

Repair of win 7

Check and repair all Hard disks also blank records

Did check device manager but no comments over there

Did a scan with Malwarebytes and even bought it because of real time security

Did replace Explorer.exe for disk maintenance by FreeCommander

Trying to stop some tasks in Source Controle

But still getting Freezes. Iíve noticed a while ago that when freezing, the hard disks are running 100% (lights of harddisks burning constantly and hearing diskdrives running) but the processor is running for 1% or 2%. There must be a process responsible for it but I canít get a finger behind it which one.

Iím getting nowhere and need this system every day. So if you could come up with a solution it would be very welcome.

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Laptop Always Freezes After A While

Sep 18, 2011

It seems to work great on safe mode.. but when I boot it up normally, it works great for the first 4 minutes and then after that it just completely freezes, no mouse movement or anything. Things Ive tried: Virus scan - clean chkdsk c: /f - didint help solve problem Closed some start up programs - didnt work either

Acer aspire one D250 running Windows 7

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