Middle Mouse Button Double Clicks?

Jun 12, 2011

In browser, middle mouse button opens link in new tab, but instead of one, it opens two of them, just like i would click the button twice. I'm using opera and a razer mouse. Fresh windows 7 install.

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Mouse Double Clicks When Single Click?

Jan 23, 2012

when i single click my mouse will be picky, its a 120 dollar mouse so it shouldnt be this picky, i have been noticing lately that my os has been being effected by games and programs like audacity, i change mic volume, it changes my mic volume PERMINANTLY, i change speaker volume, same thing, i have to go back to the program i changed it in and change it back, well now my mouse is double clicking for no reason when i sing click, this may be part of the reason.

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Mouse Double Clicks Most Of The Time Whenever Single Click?

Nov 17, 2012

My mouse doubleclicks most of the time whenever I singleclick. This is not physical,happened to my old mouse too. must be driver

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Middle Mouse Button

Nov 2, 2009

I use a program that requires me to middle mouse click and sometimes holding the middle mouse button and clicking with the right one...

but it keeps coming up with a windows 7 open programs scrolling option in the middle of my screen... could someone advise me on how to remove it please.

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Middle Mouse Button Lost?

Jan 14, 2013

My middle mouse button doesnt work anywhere anymore. this mouse uses microsots own drivers so there is no software for it to change middle mouse button settings. after firefox updated it stopped working everywhere. and i mean everywhere even in games. like it isnt in there anymore at all. i have even opened my mouse and cleaned it so problem aint in there. tried replug the mouse. and cant find anything what says middle mouse button in windows 7 32bit settings

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How To Activate Middle Mouse Button On Windows 7 Laptop

Dec 22, 2012

I have a Dell Laptop and on Windows 7. How do I activate or find my middle mouth button? I have been into the 'Buttons' tab in the 'Mouse' option in the Control Panel. I cannot access my mouse from the 'Devices and Printers' as it is a laptop.

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How To Disable Automatic Alt Button Clicks In Application - Windows 7

Oct 16, 2012

How to disable automatic ALT button clicks in every application? Lets say if I have opened the MS word application - When kept idle or composing any matter automatically the control goes to "ALT" button which displays the File menu details. This happens on any application for example while watching a video or typing the emails. When I timed it, exactly every minute this automatic click happens. How to disable this?

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3 To 9 Second Delays On Most Mouse Clicks?

Jan 24, 2012

I have a situation on my computer where any time I click to run anything such as trying to scroll down or up like in a explorer list,a dialog box,a graphic,a web page,I have a 3 to 9 second delay in the expected movement!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows Ultimate 7 xTreme Theme 8™, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3071 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1), 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 657078 MB; K: Total - 953859 MB, Free - 654149 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., Benicia
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

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Mouse Clicks Does Not Work In Some Areas On VPC

Jul 6, 2009

I've installed Virtual PC Beta on Windows 7 and have installed Vista SP1 on it. When clicking with the mouse on the lower left corner (ie Start button) or top right corner (ie close button on maximized window) it does not work. Everywhere else mouse clicks comes through just like they should. Anyone else experiencing the same, or even better, has a solution?

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Mouse Clicks Stopped Working In Windows 7?

Dec 22, 2012

I have a dell latitude with windows 7. After a year of usage the mouse clicks suddenly stopped working. Left clicks stopped working all together, right click sometimes work, but most of time it does other things. I suspect it's some malware. I run avg, spybot and malwarebytes, which found nothing. Checked the mouse settings in control panel, and didn't fine anything strange.

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Middle Mouse Click Problem

Jan 11, 2009

In all releases, when you were hovering over the pinned items with more than one window open, pressing middle click to the thumbnails closed the windows....Now it's not happening anymore...

Is it just me or the feauture is off? i use Build 7000

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No Longer Able To Middle Mouse Click For Firefox

Oct 29, 2009

I just installed updates and now I cant middle mouse click to open in new tab for firefox.. is there a way to fix this?

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Cursor Jumps When Right Or Middle Mouse Click?

Dec 13, 2010

I've had this problem with my mouse since I upgraded to windows 7. Whenever I'm playing a game, or anything fullscreen and I right click or click the middle mouse button, the cursor jumps across my screen, sometimes down or to the left. and sometimes, both.

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Middle Click Mouse Function Stopped Working

Oct 6, 2011

I my middle click function has stopped working on my mouse, at first I assumed it was a Chrome update and that I could no longer use it to "Open link in new tab" however it seems that it now does absolutely nothing and I am unable to reassign it. I used CAD software (Solidworks) that requires the middle mouse button for me to be able to pivot my view about the pointer on the screen (also a few PC games I play would be much smoother if I could do this).I have all the latest drivers and firmware installed.I did find this thread that I thought might help me; Middle Mouse Button , however the screen shot at the bottom shows the Mouse Options on the Control Panel having a lot more option than it does for me, the only options I have are switching the left and right mouse buttons, double-click speed adjustment and ClickLock.The buttons assignment window that I get using the Razer software gives no more options other than to assign the forwards and backwards buttons ("Windows Button 4" and "Windows Button 5").

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Middle Mouse Click No Longer Opens Or Closes New Tabs In Ie Or Firefox

Sep 29, 2010

All of a sudden I can no longer open or close new tabs using the middle mouse click (clicking the scroll wheel) it doesn work in ie or in firefox. Also seems like it doesn't work on the desktop or any other application. I have'nt installed new updates or new programs, I don't have any "mouse software" like intellipoint. This affects both my wireless keyboard with built in trackball and a serperate wireless scrollmouse. The only think I can think of is that a few days ago I changed the the speed of my cursor.. of course this shouldn't have affected anything else.... but it is really annoying as I mostly use my computer for web browsing and always open links in new tabs..

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Mouse Clicking Becomes Double And Pc Slows

Apr 15, 2012

Single mouse clicks become double, triple, or even quadruple clicks. I have tried going into Control Panel > Mouse > Double Click Speed and repeatedly changed the slider from fastest to slowest and vice versa without satisfaction.When trying to simply move a window by dragging it to a new location the window will suddenly jump up to take up the entire screen, even when I don't want it to.

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Double Mouse Pointer When Zoomed In

May 6, 2011

I am using sysinternals Zoomit. When I do the live Zoom, I am seeing two cursors. One is the zoomed cursor and the other is the regular cursor.

My machine is a Dell Optiplex 960 running Windows 7 64 bits i have a Nvidia Quatro FX 370 and 4 Gigs of RAM

Now, my computer at home is a HP Pavilion P6610F running Windows 7 with a Galaxi GeForce GT 430 This computer only shows the two cursor when I record the screen.

I tried recording the screen with screenr and camstudio.

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Mouse Won't Double Click To Open Programs

Jan 20, 2012

Have had new computer for a few months. Mouse worked fine until a few days ago. Will open some things by "double click" and some things I have to right click and open. I installed a new mouse and have same problems. Haven't changed anything or installed any new hardware or software recently.

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Mouse Pointer Opening Item With No Double Click?

Nov 14, 2011

Touch pad on laptopHoovering over an item opens it.What happened to double click.I have restored defaults in folder options, mouse propertiesand ease of accsess center.External mouse via usb port works perfect?

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Mouse Speed Slow And Double Click Disabled

Oct 27, 2011

I seem to have a problem, it keeps happening all the time with my Laptop. 4 times I have reinstalled to get rid of this error, and it has happened a 5th time! I log on and my mouse speed is slow and double click is disabled! I looked around in mouse settings and it doesn't show anything about it...

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Uncertain Double Click Mouse Action On Windows 7?

Mar 29, 2012

not only on win7 but other versions, different hardware etc, you cannot tell when you double click an icon if it actually launched the application.

slowing down mouse double click in the control panel helps somewhat but how can i get a solid reliable indicator that the double click was heard by windows.

am i the only one who is being driver insane by this common deficiency?

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Uncertain Double Click Mouse Action On Windows 7

Mar 29, 2012

not only on win7 but other versions, different hardware etc, you cannot tell when you double click an icon if it actually launched the application. slowing down mouse double click in the control panel helps somewhat but how can i get a solid reliable indicator that the double click was heard by windows.

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Mouse "clicks Through" Windows 7 And Taskbar?

Sep 5, 2011

At random times, the mouse becomes unresponsive to other windows. The pointer can be moved, and I can still use the keyboard to use the computer. If I click on a window, it becomes inactive. Also, if i put the pointer on the start icon, it doesnt glow. Also, sometimes the mouse won't highlight desktop icons. The problem can be fixed if I alt-tab to the desktop and use the keyboard to open a program that will trigger a UAC popup(Revo Uninstaller).

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When Left Mouse Button Pressed Keyborad Button Pressed

Aug 8, 2012

When i press my left mouse button it should trigger another button on the keyboard, and as long as left mouse button is pressed they key on the keyboard stays pressed (virtually of course).

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How To Set Extra Mouse Button

Apr 3, 2012

How do I set an extra mouse button as a key from my keyboard. Example, I want mouse button 5 (a button on the side of my gaming mouse) to be the keyboard key 5

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Mouse Left Button Become Right?

Nov 7, 2012

recently I've got an issue with my comp, my mouse left button becomes a right click and right button stays the same, I've searched for some solutions but have found nothing so far. I've reformatted my PC twice and the problem still persist, my mouse is Armaggeddon's Alien G9, I've tried it on another PC and it works fine, even after reformatting my PC the mouse left click would cease to work and would Right Click.I've checked in the Control panel to make sure that the primary keys haven't been switched!

P.S: Recently I've been playing World Of Warcraft, and is wondering if AddOns could be the cause, but this have been never heard of as the problem just appeared recently, but I've been playing for a month already, it appeared like 3 days ago?

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Cursor/mouse Button Lags?

Mar 20, 2011

I have an odd issue, that from my knowledge has only started recently. That is that my left mouse button lags quite a bit. This is most notable when i drag windows, as it would randomly select another window under the one i was dragging. Recently, it hasnt been clicking properly, i would have to hold the button down for a shot while (only a very shot moment, but it is very annoying and noticable) for it to click. I have an A4 Tech x7 lasermouse that has been working perfectly for years, it is only in the last few days that this problem has been occuring. I have ran virus scans and checked mouse settings in control panel without success.

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Computer Starts On Using Mouse Button?

Jan 10, 2012

I noticed that when I shutdown my computer through windows I can turn my computer on just by holding the right mouse button than the usually start button on the tower. Is this under Windows 7 64 bit home features? Because I can't find anything on google about this feature.

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Simultaneous Mouse Button Press Unrecognized?

Feb 6, 2012

I have two new Windows 7 computers (laptops) that I run 3D design software on. I have multiple programs that utilize a simultaneous pressing of both left and right mouse buttons (not double-click). This command goes unrecognized in my software and is used extensively to go into 3d rotational manipulation. I also have a mouse that has the central scroll-wheel button that will activate this feature, but the dual button press also goes unrecognized from from the mouse. My old XP computer recognized this input just fine. I have already been through mouse properties and found nothing obvious. I have also checked for updated mouse drivers.

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Mouse Left Button Work Unexpectedly

Apr 22, 2012

My mouse left button sometime work fine sometime not work. I need to know its a hardware issue or drivers issue. So are there any way to test it? Sometime i have to give more pressure to left click.

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Left Mouse Button Click Becoming Very Unresponsive?

Sep 26, 2012

when ever i click the left mouse button to open any file or programs,it doesnot respond.After clicking it for 8 or nine times then it responds.others all the keys of the the keyboard and the right mouse button are working fine..please help me how to get thru this problem..in short to say left mouse click is unresponsive.have to click 8,9 times to open up something?

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