Low Disk Space On C?

Apr 4, 2011

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4300 @ 2.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3999 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1807 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 292216 MB, Free - 16441 MB; D: Total - 12826 MB, Free - 2145 MB;
Motherboard: Wistron, 3612, 09.66, 2CE9489BJP
Antivirus: None

My computer keeps saying it is running out of room on C drive. I don't feel like I have that much stuff on my computer. And I feel like seeing as it is a relatively new computer I shouldn't be having this problem. is there an easier way to clean out my computer then to go through every file, every picture, every song to decided if I should delete it or not?

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Disk Space To Use?

Jul 19, 2011

I'm using IE 9 and I am trying to set my "disk space to use" to 50. Every time I close the browser and re-open it it reverts back to 250.

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Out Of Disk Space - Volume D:?

Mar 9, 2011

I tried to install a .exe file (in order to support ArchiCad 12) onto my laptop (Gateway NV79). I get a message saying "Out of Disk Space -Volue 'D:'". It should be installing onto the C: drive. My D: drive is my cd/dvd drive.

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C Drive Low Disk Space?

Apr 17, 2012

C drive is showing "space free 1.49GB of 19.5GB" whereas when I'm selecting all the files inside C drive its showing 16.7GB on disk. So C drive has 2.8GB free, But showing only 1.47GB free. Where is the space allocated?

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Low Disk Space After Recovery?

Jun 11, 2010

I had to recover my system following an overnight system crash - don't really know what happened. Following my windows 7 re-install I started getting messages about low disk space. Looking at my disk space I have this:Recovery(C 20Mb free of 14.6Gb - nearly all of this is taken by windowsOS(D 243GB free of 284Gb - I have some downloads on there but also another copy of Windows 7Essentially my C drive, which seems to be far too small is full with Windows 7 and becoming constantly full. My D drive has all the capacity I need but isn't much use in day to day running

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Recovery C Disk Space Low?

Jul 24, 2011

I am very new to all this computer stuff; please forgive my ignorance. My daughters computer crashed so she took it in and the it professionsal stated that it was her operating system and if she had the disk she could restore it. So i did, now i keep getting "recovery c disk space low" error. I have read through some of the suggestions on disk clean up but and follow the instructions but its not working. I also had two os on it so i deleted one, but still not helping.

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Monitor Disk Space Is Going ?

Oct 24, 2011

Because I'm not even downloading into my primary C: drive, yet it is almost less than a gig to full.

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Lost Space On Ssd Disk?

Nov 13, 2012

I have a 120Gb Vertex III SSD disk on which I had 56 Gb free space space left untill the beginning of this week. Now, suddenly I seem to have lost 6 Gb. of space, without having installed any new programs. I can't make use of system recovery as on advice this item has been switched off from the beginning. What could be the matter and what can I do to recover the lost space? Are there any programs that would be advisable to transfer to my WD harddisk?

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Where Is Hard Disk Space Going

Feb 25, 2011

I have a solid state 80gb drive that I try to keep to a minimum. When I first built my computer (about 8 months ago), I easily had 40 gigs free.I haven't installed anything of significant size since, but my drive is slowly becoming full and I don't know why! Now I'm at the point where it's almost completely full.

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How Much Disk Space For Windows 7 Pro 64

Dec 31, 2011

I have completed my new build: i5-2500k, 8 GB RAM and a 64 GB SSD (Crucial M4).I want to install Win 7 Pro 64-bit on a partition on the SSD. I know the Win 7 64 specs say you need at least 20 GB of disk space to install. I figure I will reduce the page file to 1 GB and eliminate the hibernation file. If I do that, how much space will i need on the SSD partition?

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Free Up Disk Space?

Feb 21, 2013

i have 15 gb out of 52 i want my memory which is used should be 1

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Where Did All The Space Go On Hard Disk Drive C

Aug 17, 2011

Last night I noticed it had turned the bar to red, and said I had only 12 GB left of 135 GB. Im not into video, music, games or anything else I know of that would use that much space. I surf the web, and keep some scanned and some text documents. A few months ago I carefully installed Windows 7, instead of Vista which my PC came with. No problems. I just now deleted the old Windows stuff, and that freed up 47 GB, so thats good. I suspect that my hard drive was partitioned during that installation of Windows 7, and I dont know that that is necessary. Can that be undone?

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Local Disk Does Not Have Sufficient Space

Jan 18, 2012

So far I deleted most of programs but local disk C still does not have sufficient space, I need to do course work on my laptop but I can't even run simple tasks.

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HP Tools Drive E Has Low Disk Space?

Feb 9, 2012

I have a HP Pavilion g series laptop. There is a little box that pops up and says "HP Tools drive e is running out of space click here to see if you can free up some space". My recycle bin is empty. When I click on the box its shows me drive e. Drive E mostly consists of a folder name Hewlett Packard that has a bunch of **** in it that I cant even open.

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Not Enough Disk Space, But Only Want To Overwrite Files?

Dec 3, 2012

When I want to copy files over files on my external hard disk, windows 7 keeps telling me I don't have enough disk space, but I know that when I overwrite the subdirectory that I am copying to, I'll have plent of disk space.Can I force windows to copy the files without having to delete the old subdirectory on my hard disk? Can I force windows to copy so it only copies the new file?

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Change The Low Disk Space Warning?

Jun 7, 2011

I want to change it to something else but i dunno how

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Disk Space After Uninstalling Programs?

Apr 15, 2012

Prior to uninstalling several programs, the unused space on my C DRIVE (3 25 GB SSDs in RAID O), was 12.8 GB. After uninstalling around 1.5 GB, the unused space was REDUCED to 11.9 GB.

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IE 9 - Cannot Customize (Disk Space To Use) Option

Jul 21, 2011

I'm using IE 9 and I am trying to set my "disk space to use" to 50. I hit "ok", close the browser and re-open it and it keeps reverting back to 250.

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How To Clear Up Local Disk Space

Jan 27, 2013

How do I clear up local disk space?

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Free Up Local Disk Space?

Jan 27, 2013

how can I free up local disk space as I don't have any I have tried cleanup and defragment?

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How To Use Unallocated Space To Expand Disk C

Jul 11, 2012

I have some unallocated space, but I can not use it to expand my disk c, extend volume is greyed out. It is like Unallocated >> C:

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How To Install XP On Unallocated Disk Space

Feb 18, 2012

I have a Getac B300 laptop running W7Pro on a single partition. Through a rather bizarre mix of nostalgia and my love for sheer simplicity, I somehow got it into my head that I wanted to run an XP Pro installation on the same machine.

The next station of this (surely flawed ) thought process led me to wonder whether I could do just that with the already existing Windows 7 installation. I got around to shrinking the C: partition, which netted me some 51 gigs of free space that I figured I could use to create a new partition on which to install XPPro. So far, so good.

As you'd expect by now, simply sticking the XP CD into the DVD drive and restarting the machine just won't work: I got the "XP can't see the hard drive" message. So, armed with Google as my friend, I ended up educating myself about how to use nLite to create a copy with integrated iaahci and iastor. Problem is, Having prepared three copies already, after I start the installation sequence and the XP CD installer starts loading files, I'm ending up with the message "the file iastor.sys could not be found," even though I did make sure to include the file that I downloaded from somewhere in the integration process.

So what am I missing here? What am I doing wrong? (I know that the whole concept is "wrong," but there you have it.)

Here are some of the specs of the machine in question:

Getac B300
32-bit W7P SP1
320GB Toshiba MK2555GSX ATA HDD
ICH8M chipset.

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Upgrade - Why Over 100GB Disk Space ?

Dec 21, 2009

I install windows Windows 7 by upgrading from vista; using Windows 7 upgrade.

It takes for one hour and a half, then completed.

I go to check disk space on C, then it appears 117 GB used

therefore I find out system requirement of windows seven. It is just 20 GB for x64

So I think the remaining must be some updated files or required space for Windows 7 themes.

But what exactly are they from and what is it?

and how can I hand it.

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There Is Not Enough Memory Or Disk Space To Run Word

Nov 11, 2012

One day, seemingly at random (I know that it obviously was not), my steam client stopped working, so doing a virus scan malwarebytes returned a positive. So I removed it, but having done this I thought my computer was fine, but when I opened Word 2010 I got the error "There is not enough memory or disk space to run Word" I have 281 Gb of free hard drive space and 8 Gb of RAM. I even used the installation CD and used "repair" which didn't work. I also tried clearing the Temp folder, but the problem persists

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How To Extend Space For Disk C In Windows 7

Oct 19, 2011

my extend volume of partition c is disabled how can i extend the volume of my partition

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Upgrade Windows 7 Not Enough Disk Space?

Feb 25, 2012

I'm trying to upgrade from vista Home Premium to 7 Home Premium (32-bit). I keep getting error 'not enough disk space to store temporary files . . .' I checked at the MS site and find you need 16GB to do the upgrade and I have over 105GB! Is there something I'm missing?

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How To Use Unallocated Disk Space In Windows 7

Jul 30, 2012

it contains only 1 system drive c which is 575 gb capacity and other system, hp tool, recovery and all are basi partioni shrunk C into two now i have 291 c and 283 unallocated but i cant make it or convert it into drive as it only allows dynaic drive which will make system unstable or may be i can't reboottell me the solution to use unallocated disk space so that i can use it as a backup

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Free Up 0Mbs Of Disk Space?

Oct 28, 2012

How do I free up 0Mbs of disk space? And exactly what are applications and how do I close them.

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Hard Disk Space Reduction?

Dec 31, 2012

My hard disk space id 152 GB & my memory is 3 GB RAM. I have installed Windows 7. But my C: drive space has reduced.

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Disk Space C Drive Less Than Occupied?

Jan 25, 2013

I have a windows 7 system having a c drive partition of 52 GB. It shows 7 GB free disk space but all the folders(including hidden files n folders) on the drive total upto 27 GB. Plus i guess that my disk space is decreasing regularly. So wheres my missing 18 GB?

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Lost Free Space In Hard Disk

Jan 7, 2013

i have a problem with my laptop.70 gig of my hard space is missed . i know that it is in c:/user/sadra/appdata/local but when i check each subfolder or subfile in "local" i cant find such a huge space like that. i have read many posts about it but in fact all solutions were useless .

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