Laptop To Tv Hdmi Full Screen

Aug 24, 2011

I want to watch my laptop on the tv. iv pluged in the cable the screen comes on the tv but only small. iv tried to change the resolution and download a tv tunner but they arnt workking.

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Emachines Laptop Hdmi Not Full Screen?

Jul 31, 2011

how can i get my laptop to befull screen on my tv

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Choppy Audio/Video Using GT430 Full-screen Over HDMI?

Jul 30, 2012

i've just built a htpc using some old bits from a gaming pc, but when streaming videos full screen the audio and video are very choppy, with the audio including crackling sounds. for example, if i watch a 1080p video on Internet, it works reasonably well (with the odd pop from the audio) but as the controls overlay (with the play, pause and video slider) slides away the video slows down and there is a lot of crackling from the audio. there is an even worse problem with bbc iplayer and skygo when watching on fullscreen as the entire time the video almost seems slowed down and the audio is very choppy. if however i watch a downloaded video fullscreen, there are absolutely no problems at all.i have only just build this pc so i believe all drivers are up to date. i'm using windows 7 and have therefore disabled aero to see if that helps (it helped slightly). the hardware is as follows:

cpu: core 2 duo e8400 at 3ghz
graphics card: nvidia gt 430
motherboard: gigabyte ga x48 ds4
ram: 4gb ocz reaperx

for my old gaming pc i used all the same parts apart from using a gtx 460 for the graphics. this was then set up exactly the same way as this new htpc (into a samsung tv via hdmi from the graphics card) and yet worked absolutely fine. so the only thing that has changed is the graphics card, but the gt 430 is supposed to be able to easily handle hd video and audio.

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Laptop Screen Doesn't Work Via HDMI?

Dec 17, 2011

My little brother came home from work one night and now is screen doesn't work at all. no flickering, backlight etc. I connected it top the TV via HDMI and even that didn't show up anything.How high are the chances that his graphics card has died?

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When Connect HDMI Cable To Laptop And The TV PC Screen Goes Black

Nov 4, 2012

When I connect my HDMI cable to my laptop and the TV my PC screen goes black. When i take out the cable it becomes OK

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Laptop Does Not Have Full Screen On Anything

Dec 6, 2012

i deleted something yesterday to free some space but when i deleted this programme my sides of the laptop have gone black and i have tryed changing the screen resoultion and stuff but it does now go back to full screen so basically i have a normal screen but the sides have gone black was wondering if i have to download something to get my laptop back to my normal start up screen

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Laptop Connect Tv Full Screen?

Jan 31, 2012

I have a 42-inch LCD Sony Bravia TV. I connected my laptop to the TV via VGA cables, but cannot get the television to display across the full screen.I've tried all available screen resolutions through the Control Panel on Windows 7, but none of them fill the full screen. My HP laptop does not have HDMI output so that is not an option.The specific TV brand is not recognized on the computer when it is connected with the VGA cable. Its called the Generic PnP Monitor. Has anyone encountered this and knows of a solution?

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Nfs Mostwanted Not Coming In Full Screen In Laptop?

Apr 26, 2012

where is the game settings in nfs mostwanted and nfs mostwanted is not coming in full screen in my lap top.

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Full Screen Net Game In Laptop Windows 7?

Dec 10, 2012

how to full screen my net game in my laptop windows 7 i3 supported intel(R) HD Graphic? in Graphic setting at scalling only "maintain display scalling" are category

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How To Make Full Screen In Gaming Application In Laptop

Nov 24, 2011

How to make the gaming application in laptop to work in full screen

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Get Display On Acer Laptop Back To Full Screen Mode

Jan 31, 2012

How do I get my NEW Acer laptop back to full to full scrreen mode.

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Tv Does Not Cover Full Screan When Watching Movies Using Hdmi Setting

Jan 20, 2013

when i view movies from laptop using hdmi picture does not cover whoe screan

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Full Screen Games No Full Screen On Windows Seven

Sep 2, 2009

Full screen game will full screen when I use Vista and XP. When I use Seven, the side will become dark.

But when I use fraps to take screenshot, it appears to be full screen image. So, i have to draw it out. Any idea?

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Full Screen Videos Crashing To Black Screen And Buzzing

Mar 26, 2011

My computer has a problem with crashing while playing a video in full screen. When it crashes the screen turns black while the speakers give out a buzzing noise. Everything is unresposive the only solution is to turn it off with the power button. It happens in any full screen video online or offline and even visualizations from windows media player and iTunes, but only in full screen. I don't think it's overheating either because sometimes it takes 30 mins to crash and other times it will crash immediately when put in full screen. *I've tried setting it back to factory settings thus reinstalling windows. *All the directx features are working with no reported problem there.* I don't think it's a memory issue in the computer, as my specs are:

Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: intel core i5 3.20 GHz
Ram: 8 GB
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 220
Graphics card memory: 0.5 GB
Any other ideas?

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Screen Displays In Box Projection Not Full Screen After Downloading Windows 7?

Jan 3, 2013

My screen displays in Box projection not full screen after downloading windows 7 - how can I get the graphoics to fit the full screen please

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Screen Resolution Can't Get It To Change Back To Full Screen

Dec 9, 2008

i'm having some trouble with my screen resolution . i set it at (800x600) cause i'm using a 51 inch big screen hd tv. it go's full screen but then for no reason it puts the bars back on the sides of the screen. i checked and it still reads (800x600) and i can't get it to change back to full screen until i reboot. works fine in vista . i'm not seeing anything about drivers failing so i'm not sure what's happening.

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Dual Screen, Unable To Full Screen On Second Monitor?

Feb 26, 2012

I have 2 monitors set up,

Primary: Samsung Syncmaster 19 Inch widesreen 1400 * 900
Secondary: LG E2541 25 Inch Widescreen 1980 * 1080
OS: Windows 7 64bit
VideoCard: Nvidia Geforce 560 Ti

I use my primary mostly for browsing, msn, music players, Ventrilo etc etc,I want to use my secondary Monitor for gaming Watching Videos.However, when i want to use something Full screen on my secondary monitor it goes full screen on the primary monitor.
I cant also run it in windowed mode and stretch it out to full screen, it does not allow me to do that, it goes back to the size of my primary Monitor.

Ps.I want this since i play mostly with fullscreen borderless or in windowed mode so i can still browse the internet or adjust music/ventrillo settings. I dont want to have an Taskbar below the game, so thats why i need it on the Second Monitor.

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Horizontal Screen Tearing When Viewing Anything Full Screen

Sep 2, 2012

no matter what i'm viewing, be it a video on Internet/dailymotion/vimeo/wherever or anything on vlc, the second i go full screen i notice horizontal screen tearing across the entire screen. i managed to lessen it to an extent on vlc by switching to directx output, but it still pops up on Internet videos etc.have also just started to notice it on non full screen videos.if it makes a difference it's around 2/3 of the way up the screen on online vids and 90% of the way up on vlc.i know this problem is going to be hard to pinpoint since it could be any number of things, but i have the feeling this is all because i have a setting too high/low somewhere.

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Screen Show Box Display Rather Than Full Screen Size

Jan 3, 2013

My screen show box display rather than full screen size after downloading Microsoft Windows 7, how can I get Full screen size

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HDMI Works Before Windows 7 Log On Screen / But "No Signal" Once Hits Log On Screen

Jun 26, 2011

I am having an issue of HDMI working during PC boot, but TV loses signal just before Windows 7 log in screen comes up (TV shows "No Signal" at this point). If I use VGA to connect PC to TV, everything works fine. [code] One thing I noticed is that Windows 7 device manager sees my TV as a "Generic PNP Monitor". I have no idea if this is connected to my issue or not. The Intel website says my drivers are up to date when I run their update utility. The Intel Graphics utility on my PC sees my TV as a monitor, not as a TV, but it does list the correct model # (M260MV).I've tried connecting both the TV with HDMI and a PC Monitor with the VGA cable and the computer would only detect the PC monitor with the VGA cable.I have read on an Intel site that others with the Core i3 CPU had similar problems so this may be a CPU/CPU driver issue, but as I said, the Intel Update Utility says my drivers are up to date.

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Laptop To TV Via HDMI

Sep 4, 2011

I am using a Laptop with a dead screen by running an external monitor from vga port. I am trying to duplicate this monitor on Sony HD tv using an USB adapter to HDMI. On the first go around I got my desktop ...minus any task bars or icons. on the Sony plus sound but could not get the complete desktop to display. (I am thinking now this might have been resolution trouble and my icons were just out sight) Videos play fine on vga monitor but see just windows logo on Sony.

When I go to display settings I see "1/2 multimonitors" and it shows the Sony as 3. That is when I get lost. If I click on identify it shows a giant " 1" and "2" on my vga monitor. at the same time. Then my choices are duplicate, extend, and show desktop. Which should I use.? I am not sure if my vga monitor is 1 or 2.

There is also a "connect to projector". I messed around there and killed the vga monitor (my only one) Had to restore in safe mode to get back to normal vga output.

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Why Does The HDMI Out On Laptop

Sep 16, 2012

Look worse than the VGA out on my laptop? The HDMI out has black bars on the left, right, bottom and top. The VGA looks crisp and clear and fills the whole screen on my TV.

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Keep A Full Screen From Resizing To A Half Screen?

May 28, 2011

If I click on the maximize window, I will get the full screen that I want but the half screen will reappear in later use (during the same online session).

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Screen Dimming In Full Screen Videos

Nov 17, 2009

alright so just recently my screen has been dimming when i stream videos(south park studios, Internet). i have my laptop screen set to dim after three minutes of being inactive, but i thought watching videos was an active process. after five minutes my laptop screen turns off, which is how i have it set for inactive use.

i'm using an hp dv7t laptop with windows 7 ultimate 64-bit installed.

maybe this isn't a problem with windows, but a problem with the browser i am using? i'm using the latest version of firefox.

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Screen Resolution Cannot Give A Full Screen?

Apr 4, 2012

my screen resultion only gives me a wide screen, but i want the monitor to have a full screen. to fit top and buttom how can i do that ?

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Intel HD 1000: Map To Screen Over HDMI?

Jan 20, 2012

my computer likes to underscan when I connect to my 720p plasma tv over HDMI. it doesn't do this over VGA though. The problem is, In order to play Blu-Ray disks my software FORCES me to connect over HDMI, and my TV doesn't support DVI.I managed to get it close, but the pixel mapping is off. I can't get it any closer, as the adjustments only go by 5% increments.

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Lines Appearing On Screen When Using VGA But Not When Using HDMI?

Feb 6, 2012

I recently made a thread on this forum talking about how my new PC setup has suddenly started creating lines on my screen

Link: Wavy lines across screen, (usually grey-ish colours) on new setup.

After trying a full list of things; 2 different monitors 2 different VGA cables 3 different mice 3 different keyboards change power supply change graphics card used onboard graphics switched ram sticks and removed one at a time reformatted a dozen of times unplugged all sound from computer checked motherboard for any visual problems and couldn't see any updated all drivers I could possibly think of Ran Memtest for 7 passes with no errors I've finally found out the problem and that was when I connected my graphics card using HDMI to a HDMI compatable monitor it worked fine and I had no more lines!

So it seems that using HDMI is working fine but soon as I use a VGA cable its not working and the lines are back. It only confused me more when I connected a VGA cable from another computer to the monitor it all worked fine.

As far as I can tell it's something to do with my computers VGA/HDMI settings, I've tried onboard VGA and that still didn't work so it doesn't seem to be a graphics card problem just something is stopping VGA working properly but HDMI is working.

I'm gonna have to go buy an expensive new monitor with HDMI compatability.

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Laptop To TV Using HDMI No Sound?

Dec 29, 2011

I have a HP Compaq 2230s laptop and it has a HDMI port. I use a High-Speed HDMI cable to connect it to my LG 3D Smart TV. I finds the video but it does not get the audio (partially). Once I connected, I tested for sound using the volume mixer and the "ding" is played on my TV. But when I try to play a song from my laptop, it is coming from my laptop speakers!

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Laptop To TV Through HDMI To Surround, But No 5.1

Aug 8, 2009

My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv7-2078ca Entertainment Notebook PC

Specs here: Product Specifications*

I have my Computer hooked up to the TV through a HDMI Cable and My TV is hooked to a surround sound receiver through

red and white cables.

From Audio Out on the TV

The TV is a Toshiba 37HL57

I tried installing new Realtek and ATI drivers, but I still couldn't get the surround working.

I installed these:-


But working I mean, I go to control panel then sound and for HDMI is only lets me select stereo.

After some research I figured maybe its because the HDMI goes to the TV and the TV itself only has two speakers.

Still there must be a way to do this.

I can't do HDMI to the surround receiver as its a bit old

But, its seems to be surround when playing movies through VLC...

But I tried this surround test.

and you could defintiely tell there was "audio coming from different corners". But, when the test announced which speaker the sound should be coming out, it wasn't always accurate.

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HDMI From Laptop To TV Not Working?

Nov 28, 2012

My HDMI connection from my old laptops works but my new x64 does not want to work. I do see the chanel open on the tv when I plug in but dont see video or hear sound.Just a blank screen. Under sound setting, the HDMI option is there but It wont allow me to set it as the default

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Laptop Won't Connect To TV Via HDMI

Jan 6, 2013

My laptop wont connect to my tv via hdmi.

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