Jump Lists - Change Number Of Recent Items To Display

May 27, 2009

How to Change the Number of Recent Items to Display in Windows 7 Jump Lists ?

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Start Menu - Change Number Of Recent Programs To Display

Jul 15, 2011

How to Change the Number of Recent Programs to Display in Windows 7 Start Menu ?

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Jump Lists

Feb 13, 2009

How to Open and Use Windows 7 Start Menu and Taskbar Jump Lists ?

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How To Tweak Jump Lists

Feb 19, 2010

know of a way to tweak jump lists, so that instead of disabling them system wide, you can just disable them for specific programs?For example, I would like to turn off jump lists for IE and Notepad, but leave the jump lists for RDC and VPC enabled.

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Pinning And Jump Lists?

Jul 19, 2012

I have Win 7 64 and I have created a vbscript file to launch Windows Media Centre - the script tweaks the registry settings for WMC window size and position (so it always opens in the same position and size on my second montor) before shelling to WMC (which also includes command line swtches to open in the TV Guide).The trouble is that I have created a shortcut to the vbscript file and put it into the start menu - but when I right click on it, it doesn't give me the option to pin it to the task bar. If, however, I edit target for the original WMC shortcut to point to the vbscript then I can pin it. Interestingly, when I do it this way, the Jump List on the pinned shortcut on the taskbar still retains the WMC Jump List which is great(although the Jump List doesn't appear to work on the Start Menu shortcut).So the question is - is there any detailed information that someone can point me at to help me understand how the shortcuts, pinning and jump lists work? Specific questions are:- How does Win 7 tell the difference between the short cut I created for the vbscript file and the "standard" shortcut for WMC?- Why does the pin-to option not appear on the vbscript shortcut?- Can I programmatically, or manually, add shortcuts to the "pinned" area on the task bar?- What controls the Jump List and can it be customised?

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Which File Controls Jump Lists

Nov 8, 2010

If you remove a folder feom the Windows Explorer taskbar jump list, the folder never appears in the list again. That indicates there must be a file that remembers the names of the folders removed. I want to permit folders I previously removed to appear in the jump list again.

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Taskbar Jump Lists And Customization

Apr 1, 2010

In this tutorial, it's time to explore the new Windows 7 Taskbar further. We'll look at jump lists on the Taskbar and take a look at some customization options. Want to go back to the old style Taskbar with labels as well as icons? Want to add toolbars to your Taskbar? We'll show you how to do all that and more in this video.

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Jumplist Launcher - Create Custom Jump Lists

Jun 22, 2009

How to Create Custom Jump Lists in Windows 7 ?

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Stop Advanced System Care Free From Deleting Jump Lists?

Apr 21, 2011

after running Advanced System Care Free (latest version), I noticed that my windows explorer pinned folders jumplist disappeared. Is there a way I can prevent that from happening again? I can't find a specific setting for it.

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Recent Items Do Not Show Recent Mp3's

Aug 4, 2009

I have recently installed Windows 7 RC and was happily using the recent items to access a particular mp3 I use often. Now, for some reason, Recent Items on the Start Menu only seems to display links to documents and saved web pages. It will not store the mp3 I use or any piece of music for that matter. I'm assuming it won't display media items in general.

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How Many Items Show In Jump List

Sep 14, 2011

I know, in the Start Menu/taskbar customization area, there's a place to set how many items show in the jump list....my question is, why does the jump list stop taking new items after about 35? (Even though my "number of recent items to display in jump lists" is set to 60?) I know it's probably a PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair)

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Recent Items - Turn On Or Off

May 16, 2009

How to Turn Recent Items On or Off in Windows 7 ?

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Stop Recent Items Being Stored?

Aug 28, 2011

I have noticed lately that even though I un ticked the option in the taskbar/menu properties for recent items to be displayed, the items in the "recent items" folder are still generated, and can be viewed by running a simple search for a file.

So what I mean is, if I open a document called "private documents.pdf" for example, then close it, anyone could do a simple broad search for pdf's on your computer, and it would find "private documents.pdf" in the "recent items" folder...

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Can't Open Recent Items In Windows 7

Aug 29, 2012

What is causing me not to be able to open Recent items?

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How To Remove Recent Items From Programs

May 8, 2009

I followed the tutorial here but that's not necessarily what I need, I wanted to know if there was a way to turn off recent docs that can be viewed when highlighting on a certain program. For example, Paint in the screenshot.

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Recent Items Showing Programs As Well As Documents?

Oct 29, 2012

I'm having a bit of an odd problem with the "Recent Items" menu on the start menu. I have found many google searches on this topic but none that answer my particular question. the question I have is simple can I set it up so that the recent items menu only shows recently opened documents and pics and NOT recently used programs? Recently used programs just clutter up the list and feat the purpose of it being there at all as I have quick launch icons for the programs I use frequently. I'd like the recent Items list to function the way the recent documents list did in vista, as this is ALOT more useful and it only included recent documents and pcitures, not programs. The idea is that I have a short cut to documents I am using frequently without having to go the long route of locating them on my computer to opent them.

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New Feature: How To Disable Recent Items In Windows 7

Dec 1, 2008

The new Recent Items feature in Windows 7 shows recent the files opened by certain programs in the Start Menu and Taskbar. This tutorial will show you how to disable recent items in Windows 7.

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New Feature: How To Enable Recent Items In Windows 7

Dec 1, 2008

The new Recent Items feature in Windows 7 shows recent the files opened by certain programs in the Start Menu and Taskbar. This tutorial will show you how to enable recent items in Windows 7.

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Users Not Seeing Recent Items On Start Menu?

Jul 22, 2011

I'm configuring Windows 7 Enterprise for my office. I've gone through and installed all the programs. I then do the deal where I log in locally and copy my profile and make it the Default profile.

Anyway, when I log in using my profile (Domain Admin) no problems! When i log in as a typical user (without admin rights) I don't see anything on the left side of the start menu (recent programs). I open Word, Excel, etc. but nothing is ever added to the recentfavorite program list.

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How To Retrieve Deleted Items From Recent Places

May 10, 2012

I think someone copied a file from my laptop onto their USB stick while I was at work. I got home and started to work on the file, then when I pressed save it said 'cannot find location, insert removable storage device into drive d' (or something like that) so I 'saved as' in another location, then checked my 'recent places' folder. Sure enough there was evidence of a removable disk being modified on my laptop whilst I was at work. I confided this to my house mate, checked my laptop again later that night and it had been deleted from the recent places folder. I now want to confront that person about what happened as it is now obvious to me that they had copied my file, but wondered if there's any way I can get the evidence back. I have tried the undo button, but to no avail. This happened on Tuesday (8th).

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Limiting Which Programs Add To The Recent Items List

Jan 6, 2010

I've noted that Firefox has an about:config (browser.download.manager.addToRecentDocs) setting that is supposed to make it not put the downloads into the Recent Items list (I dislike how downloads clog it up). However, it doesn't work.

If I open the download, then it won't show up but that's a poor workaround. The question is if there's a per-program method to determine what will go into the Recent Items list or am I up the creek without a paddle?

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Recent Items History Not Updating In Taskbar?

Jul 14, 2010

I initially found the windows7 feature (used to various OS's, both Linux & MS, from '98 to Vista, passing through 2000, even ME, XP and so on...) of having the recent items list directly linked to the favorite programs buttons in the taskbar great.

The problem is that, since a while (I don't know what happened WHEN this stopped working) the list of recent files used with some programs (typically EXCEL) doesn't get updated anymore! I checked the %USERNAME%/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/RecentItems directory and there, for instance, I DO find files that, unfortunately, do not show up when I right-click the excel icon in the taskbar.

I double-checked the taskbar properties dialogs (right-click on the start icon and so on, as explained elsewhere here) and it is all in order...

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How To Find Recent Items (NOT Places) In Dialog Boxes

Nov 8, 2010

how do I add to the left of windows dialog boxes 'recent items'? I know how to activate recent items in the start menu and I know what recent places is about but neither gives links to recent _items_ i.e. files in dialog boxes.For e.g. you want to attach a file you have just worked on to an email in outlook. You click the paperclip icon and you get the dialog box. You click on recent places and all you get are the folders you have recently opened and saved to. If the folder is not there or you're not sure in which folder the file is in it does not help you find the file.

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Clear Recent Items And Documents On Exit Of Windows 7

Jun 3, 2009

How to Clear Recent Items and Documents on Exit of Windows 7 ?

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Windows 7 Recent Items List On Start Menu Fouled Up?

Dec 13, 2011

I unfortunately listened to the husband of one of my wife's friends and ran CCleaner on my Win 7 PC and now the Recent Items list on my Start Menu, which I use a lot, is totally fouled up. The settings are correct and I've edited the registry but the number of items displayed is never consistent, never more than 6, and sometimes disappearing completely, whereas I have it set to store 10 items.

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IE 8 Jump List Does Not Display History?

Jul 30, 2010

The Jump Lists for all other programs display recent items correctly. It's only IE 8 that isn't emembering/displaying recently browsed sites - History/Frequent.

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Can't Display Recent Messages In Word 2010

Jun 27, 2012

The threadClick the File tab. Under Help, click Options. Click Advanced. Under Display, in the Show this number of Recent Documents list, click the number of files that you want to display. simply does not work. The "Show this number of Recent Documents list" is grayed out and not clickable. (OS is Windows 7 Home Premium.)

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"Recent Items" Not Working

Aug 28, 2010

I've got Recent Items set to show on the Start Menu and to store 16 items, but it always shows <empty>. What's more, the spinner for Jump Lists is grayed out, as though Recent Items is disabled.

Over at C:Users<user>AppDataRoamingMicrosoft there is no Recent Items folder.

I tried to jog things by disabling/enabling Recent Items, but to no avail.

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Recent Change In Software/hardware?

Jan 8, 2013

I recently built a new computer with these specs


I had installed windows 7 on the harddrive prior to building the computer, I put everything together and I powered it up, it beeps, first screen is the Gigabyte BIOS page, then it seems it's about to start windows and then jumps to "recent change in software/hardware" screen, where I have the option to either start normal or safe, etc. (I cant go back to last know working config because Windows 7 was freshly installed.)I hit enter and again same thing.I have a repair DVD so I can boot from the disk and hit Repair. I put it in the drive, I powered on, hit F9 to change the BIOS so it will boot from the CD/DVD, then enter, again, same "recent change in software/hardware" comes up.So I decided to power down and power up, DVD-ROM light comes on and then beep, gigabyte bios screen comes up, scripts come up, says boot from CD/DVD and then windows logo for about a sec and again "recent change in software/hardware" comes up, this is an ever ending cycle.I have noticed that the DVD-ROM only lights up for a couple seconds only when I turn the computer on, when the screen shows Boot from CD/DVD I dont see the light on, this is a new SATA samsung DVD-RW that I had for about a year, I never used it before becuase my old computer didnt have any SATA. This new gigabyte motherboard is all SATA.I am not sure if the DVD-RW is working, either way I ordered a new DVD-RW SATA that should be coming in today.

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Windows 7 Taskbar Appearing Over Full-screened Items When Using 2nd Display

Jan 7, 2012

For years now I have been using multiple displays with reasonably little trouble when fullscreening item such as VLC whilst using the secondary display.

I just built a Windows 7 PC and it appears to a problem i've not encountered before.

When I full screen an item in my main display and click on my secondary display the taskbar appears over the full-screened application. (item stays full-screened from top to bottom but taskbar is now present) This never use to happen before on my Vista machine and I assume there is something quite simply i'm missing?

I can sort of alleviate the problem by 'auto-hiding' but this isn't ideal as you can still see the the taskbar slightly which is a distraction when watching video

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Recent Change To System - Can't Re-position Desktop Icons + More

Jul 18, 2012

A few days ago (16th July 2012) the Resident Shield of my AVG Internet Security 2012 reported an issue with the 'Services.exe' file located in C:WindowsSystem32 - specifically stating 'Trojan horse dropper.Generic_c.MMI' and saying that the 'Object is white-listed (critical/system file that should not be removed'.

I use the following command in the cmd box: "sfc /scanfile=c:windowssystem32services.exe". After doing this I had no more problems reported with services.exe.

Problem 1:However, now, my desktop icon arrangement has reset and grouped to the left side of the screen. I can re-position each icon however, upon reboot or the desktop Refresh command all Icons return to the left - to exactly the same position. Auto arrange icons is turned off and align to grid can be turned off however, it keeps turning itself on upon reboot.Icon re-positioning was always retained previously - this problem has only just appeared.

Problem 2:Upon double-clicking the desktop Computer icon I am now unable to permanently set the view from 'Tiles' to 'Details' (I can, temporarily) - this was never the case until the issue above (i.e. all explorer/folder views were permanently set to detail via 'folder options/view/apply folders').So, something has changed very recently. I've ran full scans using avg (virus,tracking and rootkit), malewarebytes mbam, spybot but the problem persists. I've re-checked system files using 'sfc /verifyonly' and no 'integrity violations' were found.

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