How To Convert MS XPS Documents To Word In Office 2010

Nov 26, 2011

I have Office 2010 installed. I often print an online news article to the xps format. Sometimes I have the need to convert this format to Word. The question is how do I make the conversion without using a free software. It is preferable to use a software that would retain the original format of the article.

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Office 2010 SP1: Opening Word 2003 Documents?

Sep 15, 2011

since I installed SP1 for Office 2010 I have problems with opening some (not all!) older Word documents created with Word 2003 (*.doc). I get a message that Word can't read the document and it is probably corrupt.On a other client (same OS, Office 2010 without SP1) I can open the same document without difficulty.

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Unable To Delete Documents In Microsoft Word 2010?

Oct 4, 2012

A Word document suddenly changes into a 'read only' file which cannot be saved or deleted. I have 'saved' under different file names as instructed, but as a result I now have 10 versions of the document, 9 of which I don't want! The 'Help' file says go to 'Properties' and untick the 'read only' box. The boxes aren't ticked, so I still cannot delete. How do I delete these files?

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Office 2010 Read Only When Opening Documents

Feb 16, 2012

This is a on and off thing, but when we open a document on a users personal drive (which nobody else has access too), it opens as read only and they cant make changes/save the file.Selecting "notify" when the document is ready to be edited doesnt respond.Document has no read-only attribute, nor does the folder level they have full access to it.This particular user is connected via wireless but the issue occurs on desktops aswell.We have tried restarting the computer and ending the process.Also closed the document via server but she still receives read only error.The weird thing is, if the document is closed and opened 2-3 times on the 2nd or 3rd time it will be in editing mode.

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Windows 7 Office 2000 All Word Documents Are Read Only?

Dec 19, 2012

I have Office 2000 and I like it, I moved it over to my new Windows 7 laptop and moved all my Word docs over and now I can't do a thing with my word files - they are all read only.

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Office 2010 Runs Product Configuration When Opening Word And Excel

Oct 20, 2011

Just started using a new workstation with Office 2010 installed by OEM. Everything worked fine for a few days, and then every time i attempt to open a Word file or Excel file i get the MS Office dialog box that states "please wait while windows configures Microsoft Office 2010". The dialog box stays visible for 30-45 seconds and then the program opens and works fine.

Ran a repair, four times, didn't fix it.

All of my research leads me to a solution of uninstalling and re-installing. I'm not buying that if everything worked fine for several days, that a bad install will make the program stop functioning properly.

I also noticed, while visiting help within outlook, that the product was still a trial version and not currently activated. I have entered the activation code numerous times with no luck.

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Classic Menus For Office 2010 Doesn't Work On Office 2010 Starter

Oct 21, 2012

Classic Menus for Office 2010 doesn't work on Office 2010 Starter.

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Converting ClarisWorks Documents To Word Documents?

Dec 1, 2011

Does anybody know of any file converters out there (free if possible) that can convert ClarisWorks files to Office Word files? I have a lot of old documents that I wish to convert.

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Creating A Task In Outlook 2010 From A Word 2010 Document?

Mar 27, 2012

Win 7 Prof 32 bit
Office 2010

I've been trying to create a Task in Outlook from a Word Document that I have created on this computer. The idea is that a shortcut to the document is created as an Outlook Task. Click on the shortcut, and voila - there is the document.The "Create Microsoft Office Task" icon DOES send the document to Outlook as a Shortcut in a Task, however, when I open the task, Outlook says:"Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments: Shortcut to 'document name'."It's NOT an unsafe attachment; Outlook WILL OPEN this document if I send it as an email attachment. Outlook will open .docx files types.

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Word 2010 Is Opening Word 2003 Attachments?

Feb 20, 2012

I normally use Word 2003 for documents, although I use Outlook 2010. This morning I opened a Word 2010 document and after quite a while of some sort of an installation, I was able to open the Word 2010 document. I did not think too much of it, except that later I was sending an e-mail and attached a Word 2003 document and when I went to check it (i.e. open it up) it opened in Word 2010. How do I disable Word 2010 as my default program to open Word documents. I do not want to uninstall the program, but at this point I am not ready to learn how to use Word 2010.

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Unable To Install Office MS Office 2010 On Windows 7 - No Sufficient Permissions

Sep 25, 2011

I am not able to install microsoft office version 2010 on my windows 7 ultimate x32 bit. It gives an error "that u don't have sufficient permissions to install text on your computer" or something like this.....

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Importing Template Files From Office 2003 To Office 2010

Mar 10, 2012

Having upgraded my desktop PC to Office 2010, I need to import three seperate letter template files for use in Word. These were lost during the upgrade but are on my laptop, which still runs Office 2003, as .dot type files and I also have them copied to a memory stick. However, I am at a loss as to how and where to save them into the new programme on my desktop PC. If it makes a difference, I should add that I do not use Libraries and have disabled them.

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Convert MS Word To PDF?

Dec 16, 2011

Looking for a nice little (and free) download to convert Microsoft Word Works documents into a PDF format. Right now I have a deskPDF download installed. It works when I select my printer. It then converts and saves the document into a PDF format. However, I get a "Your Free Trial Has Expired!" pop up prior to saving. My options are Activate (which I can't), Continue (which I do) and Buy Now (which I don't). My question is, how long can I continue bypassing this free trial expiration? I'm surprised I'm still allowed to convert to PDF for this long.

Anyway, I checked Programs and it appears I installed the deskPDF 2.5 Professional Edition back in June of 2011, so it's already been six months. Funny thing though, is I distinctly remember where I got the download from and that was at CNET Downloads. So that's what they give away? A trial edition for a paid upgraded version? I guess I don't mind the Buy Now pop up and if it lasts indefinitely, all the better. But aren't there other, more permanent alternatives that aren't trial editions of premium versions?

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Can't Open Office 2007 Files With Office 2010

Aug 16, 2010

I now have a new problem, before I managed to open 2007 files by opening Office 2010 and then from inside the application choosing to open a file. The problem I have though is if I just try to open an Office 2007 file then I can't open it, and I can't change the default program to open it. How do you get Office 2010 to open all the Office 2007 files such as word, excel etc?

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Open An Office 2007 PST File In Office 2010?

Mar 3, 2011

I've recently got a new machine and had copied my old PST file over. Whenever I go to open it I get "File access is denied. You do not have the permission required to access the file C:Users*username*DocumentsOutlook Files*pst file name*"I created a test archive and was able to open that one (same location ) just fine.

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Office 2010 Windows 7 64-bit Won't Open Office 2007?

Sep 24, 2011

Just bought a new laptop with Windows7 64bit installed-my first exposure to Windows7. I had Office 2007 installed on my old Dell 32 bit machine. I had also recently pruchased Office 2010 and installed that on my new machine.Now, when I try to open those 32bit 2007 files with 64bt 2011, Iget an error message that "no picture file is available", or words to that effect. When I try to "open with", the only option displayed is "Microsoft Office" with an icon that looks like a picture file. When I try to browse to the proper office program(Excel, for example), there are none of teh Office suite programs displayed, only "Microsoft Office".I can navigate seperately to the proper progran, Excel, etc., and drag the file into the application, and it opens, and all seems to work OK. I "save as" the proper application file, but it still will not open with double-click on the file name.

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Does MS Office 2010 Work With Access From Office 2003

Aug 16, 2012

I use now MSOffice 2003 but want to upgrade to the Student version 2010 which comes without Access.Does the Access from MS Office 2003 work in tandem with MSOffice 2010

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How To Load Office 2007 On Pc With Office Starter 2010

Jan 25, 2012

When I try to enter product key it states that it is an out of date version. Can Office 2007 still be loaded some way?

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How To Load Office 2007 On Pc With Office Starter 2010

Oct 30, 2012

My new computer came with Office 2010 Starter installed. I believe I activated it. Then I installed my last legal version of Office Home 2007. Now neither one seems to be working properly. I probably should have uninstalled 2010 prior to installing 2007. How do I remove 2010 without screwing up 2007?

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Convert A MS Word File To PDF?

Nov 10, 2011

How can I convert a MS Word file to PDF?

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Convert A Encrypted File To MS Word?

Aug 18, 2011

convert a encrypted file to MS Word?

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Convert Scanned Jpeg Into A Word Document?

Feb 4, 2012

I have a Epson OFFICE 620f printer/scanner/copier/fax m/c. I also have MS Office 2007 installed and operating system is Windows 7. The scanner gives me a jpeg file, I would like to able to get this file into a state such that I can work on it using MS Word . (This m/c that I want to do this on has Windows 7 Pro 64 bit installed)

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How To Convert Entire Pdf File Into Word Document

Jun 3, 2010

I am using windows 7 as the OS.I have installed MS Office 2010 Beta, and having Adobe Reader 9.I came know how to convert word documents to pdf files using MS Office 2010.I had seen an article " how to convert pdf files to word documents?" on a site.The given procedure is, by clicking insert tab in MS office 2010, and then by clicking Object button, and clicking "create from file" tab and then browse pdf file.I have followed the procedure given. But it is converting only the first page of the pdf file, but not all the pages.I am here to know "How to convert the entire pdf file into word document" using MS Office 2010 ( without installing any application).

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Convert Excel File 1997 To 2010?

Jan 11, 2012

I cannot open my file from Excel 1997 even though I tried to used your suggested converter what is the appropriate thing to use for me to read my file completely ?

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Can't Print Documents In Word Pad

Dec 27, 2011

I have a ASUS EeePC netbook (windows 7) and I cannot print my documents in wordpad. The printer goes through the motions of printing but the paper comes out blank. The printer and cartridges are brand new and it will print emails and anything off the internet okay, but not wordpad docs.

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Can't Open Word Documents

Jul 29, 2012

I tryed to open 3 word folders to print whay was in them ,now my computer won,t open any . the dialog box just keeps telling me to go to the control panel and repair the product?

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Windows 7 And Adobe Reader 9 - Cannot Convert PDF File To Word Document

Oct 24, 2012

I now have windows 7 and my adobe reader 9 does not work, neither can I convert a pdf file to a word document - use to be able to do this when I had window vista and Microsoft word 7. So much for buying update software.

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Unable To Open Up Word Documents?

Apr 12, 2012

My friend has a LEGALLY obtained version of word 2010 and the access code for it but is unable to open up .docx sent to him but he is able open word and begin a new document, and when i did a C drive search for the Word application there wasn't one.

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Will Able To Run Newer Documents E-mail / Word

Aug 30, 2011

I just purchased a Windows 7 Hp desktop-was that a good purchase. Will I still be able to run newer documents e-mail, word etc?

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Why Do Word And Excel Documents Move Up And Down By Themselves

Nov 4, 2011

why do my word and excel documents move up and down by themselves?

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Unable To Saving Documents In Word On Windows 7?

Feb 28, 2011

Cannot save documents in Word on Windows 7 - all other prorams allow me to save, ie. Excel, Publisher, Power point.

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