How To Reset Or Delete Network?

Sep 30, 2009

My computer won't connect to the internet right now. My router shows that the internet is connected, but my computer says there is a network connection problem.

I want windows to start over and create a new network. This is my problem.

If I right click on the network icon in the taskbar and open "Network & Sharing Center" it opens and I click on "Connect to a network" it opens a window in the taskbar giving me an option to open the network & sharing center?! Which just starts the cycle over again.

I wan't to be able to see the network that windows has set up and delete it or create a new one but can't seem to figure it out. Windows 7 is too user friendly now that I can't find any of the advanced controls?

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Delete Entire Networking System In Windows 7 & Reset To Factory Settings

Sep 23, 2012

i've totally messed up my network in Windows 7 and now want to reset it to factory settings (delete ALL present network adapters & then install only the basic default adapters)

i mean a fresh networking system

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How To Reset Network

Mar 23, 2011

Brand new PC with Windows 7/32 pro SP1 on with following spec (Gigabute motherboard h55m-usb3, Intel I5 750 3.6 GHz cpu; 4gb Crucial RAM; Samsung 500GB Hdd; Samsung S223 DVDrw; OCZ 600w psu; Silverstone FP34 card reader. AVG 2011 free AV. BT ISP, connected via ethernet cable to Netgear router. No problems installing Windows 7/32, and installing Adobe, AVG, and Win 7 SP1 initiallyDate on PC is correct. This is a wired network using the onboard nic. Started off by seeing security certificate errors. When trying a different router saw in the network and sharing centre that there was no connection to the internet, however strange as it seems I was connected and could do limited surfing, but couldn't for example download Itunes. I then noticed that the network was defined as public. No other PCs on the network now, but XP laptops have been able to connect to the net okayI have been able to change this to work, but PC now won't see the router - when I enter ipconfig, I do not have any connectivity at all.

I have also tried using the netsh command to reset int ip and winsock which were okay but still no joy. Maybe I need to undertake things in a different orderperhaps while not connected? I would really like to go back to starters amd start over, but while on wireless one can do this, there appears no easy way to reset the wired network settings back to original

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Microsoft Explorer Network Permantly Delete Network Locations

Jun 7, 2012

how do i keep microsft explorer from trying to surf and find other providers and stay on one instead of showing every provider it can connect too

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How To Reset Wireless Network Preferences

Oct 1, 2012

I am connected on a hotel's network at which I am staying. When I connected I opted to use the basic free connection type. Essentially I learned the speed is too slow and I should have choose to upgrade my wireless option to the quicker paid version. I have removed all settings from my browser, Chrome. I disconnected my wireless on my laptop and restarted windows. I can't figure out how to reset and have the option to upgrade wireless speed. I can go to the page but it just says you are connected no options to upgrade. I just need to reset my options.

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Reset The Home Group On This Network And Create One For Myself?

Nov 17, 2011

I share my apartment with 5 people and one of them has created a homegroup on the wifi network that we use. And now does not remember the password. i want to be able to create a homegroup and share it with my roommate but unfortunately i cannot create a second homegroup. is there any way i can reset the home group on this network and create one for myself?

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Reset Password Without Having A Flash Drive Equipped With A Reset Wizard?

Jan 28, 2012

I have a Toshiba Laptop that after installing Dragon speech hardware somehow after shutting down my laptop it lost the password.Therefore I cant boot my laptop. How ca I reset my password without having a flash drive equipped with a reset wizard?

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Reset The Popup Blocker In Explorer But Can Find Tools To Do The Reset?

Feb 20, 2012

I'm trying to reset the popup blocker in explorer but can find tools to do the reset.

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Can't Delete AD HOC Network?

Mar 3, 2010

I recently created an ad hoc network to share the internet connection with my laptop.I've now stopped using it but cannot seem to delete it. It still shows on the list of available networks on my pc and network. I didnt save the network so it doesnt show in the list when i click "manage wirless networks".It goes if i remove my wireless usb dongle but then reappears when i plug it back it. Also it's still there after a restart. Is there anyway i can get rid of it? Maybe a command prompt to clear network history or something?

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How To Delete One And Only Network Connection

May 28, 2012

I am doing some troubleshooting and I want to completely remove my network connection. I remember with Windows XP when I did this, it would re-detect the network card and reload the drivers and settings after I rebooted.

I can disable the connection but not delete. How do I remove the connection in Windows 7 x64?

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Cannot Delete Network Profile

Nov 25, 2009

I have a Lenovo T61 that I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate from Vista Ultimate. Wireless networking works fine except for one profile that was used in Vista. When I try to connect to that particular site, the network attempts connect but always fail. The network trys to connect to a profile that was previously used in this situation, however the properties indicate Windows Vista. I believe if I could delete the profile, a new one would be created and connection could be made.

The problem is: I cannot delete the profile. I cannot locate it on the system. The only time it appears is when trying to connect to this particular site. A text file is generated when I use the troubleshooter. Read more at the forum...

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Cannot Delete Files Over Network

May 10, 2009

I have Win 7 RC machine and i connect via network to a XP machine. I find myself unable to delete files from the XP machine. Trying to delete any file (either by shift+del or right click>delete) results in the file transfer window suck in the 'calculating' stage.

I am not sure what went off because till today it used to work like a charm. Any help would be appreciated!

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Cannot Delete A Network Folder?

Jan 17, 2012

I installed a program and then uninstalled it. However, I noticed there's a stupid shared network folder in my main "NAME-PC" network. How do I remove this? I would like to remove the "sbp" folder, but there is no "delete" option. No matter what I do, this folder cannot be deleted and is here to stay....even if I try to mess around with the sharing options. I am logged in as an administrator as well. I understand that my "Users" folder is the main one that I would like to keep, but I cannot get rid the other folder

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Delete Wireless Network Profiles?

Aug 22, 2011

I have the home edition. I'm trying to delete a "ZTE Proprietary USB Modem" profile. I've removed the program through device manager and it's gone, but it still shows up when I click on "connect to a network". My adhoc network is also there. How do I get rid of both of them. I'd like to start with a clean slate to get my Ad hoc network going. I've tried the "Manage Wireless Networks" but they don't show up there.

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Delete Unwanted Network Settings?

Nov 4, 2011

I've just installed a new draft N wifi router to replace my previous B/G router. Perhaps foolishly, I kept the same name for my home network. My new Acer TravelMate, which has draft N capability, was happy (but slow) on the old system and works OK when I connect it to the new router by ethernet. However when I to connect it via wifi it says "The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network".

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Explorer.exe Crash When Trying To Delete Network Location

Feb 27, 2012

Okay so I just tried to add a new network location in the My Computer.

I set the network address as \MYLAPTOP but the program didn't let me do that because I need to specify a folder. I don't want to specify a folder because I just want to use the root folder. So I then typed it as \MYLAPTOP\ with an extra slash at the end. The shortcut was made but it didn't work so I tried to remove it.

Now every time I press "delete" on the shortcut Explorer.exe crashes and restarts. I tried this in safe mode with and without internet access but it always crashed.

Now I'm just looking for a way to manually delete the icon through registry or some other editor.

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Change WEP Key For Saved Network (or Delete And Reconnect)?

Jul 8, 2012

I have a wireless LAN sharing internet through a Mac Book Pro, i have no problems connecting to this with Ubuntu, an android phone, and other Apple products. The only system that i'm having problems with is the windows partition....The network is listed in available connections, but seems to have the wrong WEP key because it fails to connect. However I cannot delete the connection and start again as the network is not listed in 'Manage Wireless Networks'.

I'm stuck!! I cannot scan for updates because even when the notebook is plugged directly into the router it will not connect to the internet. I can just about get onto my neighbours WiFi network, but it is very poor strength and cuts out, so can't really use that. I know the hardware in the computer is fine because the Ubuntu partition works.

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Delete Many Duplicate Virtual Network Adapters?

Sep 9, 2012

I have over 50 virtual networking adapters in device manager, I have posted this question in many forums, and still cannot get rid of these pesky unused extra adapters. I know they have been created by using Virtualbox, and by creating many virtual machines and updating virtualbox. Unfortunately, I have tried uninstalling virtualbox and the drivers all remain in devicemanager. DeviceMgmt also does not allow me to uninstall or delete the adapters, (When I do they just stay there, even after rebooting.)I most likely have to go into the registry and delete them, but they are in so many different places there, I need to know the correct place to delete them. I have a bet that this is the forum where I will get the answer for this even though I have posted in virtualbox forums, technet, MSDN, superuser, serverfault, and stackoverflow.

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How To Reset Passwordwithout Password Reset Cd

Mar 2, 2012

74 deg here in Fayetteville Arkansas USA.for MARCH 1ST we still have a chance of a Freeze till April 15...6 Weeks!Windows7 Home Premium

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To Reset The Computer To Factory Reset

Feb 1, 2012

I had to reset my computer to factory settings a while back. I've done nothing to it except download advanced system optimizer and windows antivirus. This was a miracle alone due to the fact that my Computer locks up for extensive periods of time and will barely ever finish a task; such as transferring a picture to USB drive, scan, or any click command. It has never done this before the reset.

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Reset User Password Acer Aspire 5742 Without Password Reset Disk?

Apr 19, 2012

i bought a laptop from a pawnshop and its locked. how do i reset the user password without a usb flash drive or floppy disk

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Delete Computer From Domain / Delete Users Profile

Oct 29, 2009

I need to replace a W2K computer on a domain with a Windows 7 computer(laptop), but I want to keep the same computer name.I need the ip, username, profile to stay the same. Can I delete the computer from the domain and name the new computer that name I deleted and still keep the users profile on the new machine, as if it was the old one?

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Can't Find Option To Delete Thread On Phone Will Delete

Jan 28, 2013

Moving to general can't find the option to delete thread on my phone will delete.this thread when im home.

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How To Reset CMOS

Mar 23, 2011

Seems my CMOS data corrupted... Sometimes, I can't able to get into BIOS setup, as there is no option seen in the screen to enter by pressing DEL (I have a Gigabyte MB).. After couple of restarts, my MB showing me as normal that (Press DEL to enter setup).

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How To Do Factory Reset

Jul 15, 2012

im trying to factory reset my computer because i'm just tired of having a full HD, and random software from years ago. Anyways, my current OS is Windows 7 and I have an Alienware m15x. Now i've read up on a few ways to restore this specific computer, however, I don't have the installation disc, AlienRespawn/DellDataSafe does not appear when press f8 at boot menu, and i don't have a factory system image to recover from apparently. So with this being said, Is there anyway to factory reset? I have a bootable USB drive with windows 7 recovery on it, but I need a system image or something I believe. I've also tried download AlienRespawn Win 7 patch off of but when I try to use it it says "Change.MBR failed"

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Windows 7 Reset Itself

Jun 6, 2010

when I booted up my computer, it said 'Please wait.. Configuring your desktop'.And when it loaded up, everything on the computer was reset. Fortunately, after looking everywhere, I found everything (My documents, pictures, music, videos, etc). But if I go to the start menu, and click on a program, instead of opening it, it starts installing it. On the pics, as you can see, there were some programs on the desktop. But when I clicked on it, it started installing it. Also, as you can see, the Documents, Pictures, Music folder has been reset.

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How To Reset Password

Apr 4, 2011

my brother set the password into my laptop. how can i reset the password? i have a hp mini laptop without cd rom. i've tried safe mode, take out CMOS battery, i tried to open hidden admin (like windows xp do) but all are disappointed.

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How To Reset CMOS

Mar 18, 2012

reset my CMOS... Seems my CMOS data corrupted... Sometimes, I can't able to get into BIOS setup, as there is no option seen in the screen to enter by pressing DEL (I have a Gigabyte MB).. After couple of restarts, my MB showing me as normal that (Press DEL to enter setup)..

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Reset OS To When It Was First Installed?

Mar 22, 2011

I have a Inspiron 1545 Dell that came with Windows Vista at first, but then I put in Windows 7 Ultimate and got rid of the Windows Vista Partition. What I want to do now is to put Windows 7 Ultimate back to when I first installed it, as in have it to where I just got done installing Windows 7 Ultimate. Is there a way I can reset the computer to where I will not need the CD or the serial key to do this, because I no longer have possession of the CD or key. I do not have System Restore points at that time or any backup of that time either. If I reset it will it reset to Vista? I do not want to go back to Vista I want to be able to keep Windows 7.

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How To Reset IP Configuration

Oct 30, 2011

My Windows 7 tells me that " IP address has an invalid configuration" How can I reset it?

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How To Reset/wipe/install The OS

Nov 18, 2011

Lately i got myself a new computer. I use the wrong OS to install and installed Window XP and Got a BlueScreen mid way. Later i realize there was a Disc containing Windows 7. when i Put the CD in it does nothing. My Pc load all the way up to a black screen with a blinking underscore and stay there. I cant type and can only restart the PC.

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