How Do I Get Files Off Old IDE Hard Drive Onto New Computer ?

Dec 10, 2009

I just bought a new computer, i7 860 and have put 7 x64 on it.

my motherboard is ausus p7p55d and has one ide socket on the board.

I was using this socket for my cd and dvd drives but I have detached them so I can plug in my old IDE hard drive.

I was using the IDE drive just 2 days ago in my old system.

Sometimes when I boot up the drive is seen and sometimes not.

when the drive is seen I try and copy some files over to my new sata drive I have in the new system. some of the files copy over but the the IDE drive always gets stuck. when I try to cancel the copy windows stops responding partially and I cant get out of the copy window and the old IDE hard drive explorer window.

So I restart windows and normally it now doesn't see the IDE drive.

What is going wrong?

How do I get my files off this hard drive?


Get Files Out Of Hard Drive If Computer Will Not Boot?

Mar 19, 2012

I decided to built a new custom made computer and would like to know if I can just attached the old sata hard drive to the new motherboard?I read that I have to have the same motherboard for the hard drive to work or else it will reformat the hard drive, is this true?

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Transfer Files And Setting From Old Hard Drive To New Computer

Apr 14, 2011

Had a HP running Vista Home Premium. System board croaked and owner elected to buy a new HP with Win 7 Home Premium. I figured it would be a piece of cake to mount the old HD via a USB connection and run Windows 7 Easy Transfer to migrate things from there to the new computer.I had to copy everything over manually, one profile at a time.

This seems like an obvious scenario that WET should handle but it doesn't. Was there any other automated process I could have used? Just curious at this point as the work has already been done and the new computer is up and running.

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How To Transfer Files From External Hard Drive To New Computer

Dec 26, 2010

I am trying to transfer files on my external hard drive (Toshiba Canvio - Windows XP) to my new computer (Windows 7), but when I click on the file located on the external hard drive, I get the following messsage: "please select a valid job". How can I transfer all of the old files on my external drive to my new computer?

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Old Hard Drive In New Windows 7 Computer But Can't Access Files & Folders

Jul 28, 2011

I have an old hard drive with a ton of pictures and other irreplaceable files on it from a computer I had few years back. In case it makes any difference, the computer that hard drive originally was in ran Windows XP Pro.I recently got a new computer, with Windows 7 and had the hard drive put into this new computer, along with the hard drive that came in the computer.I can get to the drive itself, but when I try to access folders or files, either access is denied or folders which should contain more folders, are empty. I have tried changing the permission and ownership options on the drive, but no luck.

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Files Transferred From Toshiba Hard Drive To Windows 7 Computer?

Jul 4, 2011

My daughter has a toshiba external hard drive and is trying to transfer her Windows XP data into her new computer with Windows 7. It appears her files were transferred onto her new desktop, but when she tries to open the files, the computer tells her that it does not recognize the type of file and can't be opened. All the files are the same "file type" NRP? or NPR?

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Transfer Files From Bad Sata Hard Drive To New Hard Drive?

Dec 24, 2011

I have a virus infected sata hard drive with windows 7 on it. It has the win 7 anti virus 2012 on it, and it's a cybercriminal virus. I have lots of files I want to transfer to the new sata drive. I already have windows 7 installed on the new drive. How do I get the files from the bad drive to the new one?

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Software To Transfer Files From One Hard Drive To Another Hard Drive?

Jan 21, 2013

I have a USB Webcam 6.1.7601.17514 from Microsoft installed on a Fujitsu Laptop (Windows 7 ) and I want to copy and install it on another Fujitsu laptop (Windows 7).The other laptop the camera is not working and there is no webcam driver installed.

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Computer Is Not Booting Hard Drive/Unresponsive Hard Drive?

Jun 16, 2011

I have a HP Touchsmart IQ500. Turning my computer PC on today, all I got was a blue HP invent screen with setup, boot menu, system recovery, and system diagnosis, and I could not get past it. I entered the BIOS and figured out that the hard drive was listed as "not installed." Pretty sure that is the main problem.I tried a system restore (with the Windows 7 install disc), but I guess the computer couldn't read the hard drive enough to enter safe mode (I tried restarting and F8ing several times). I put in an external hard drive, and the BIOS read it; however, windows does not allow you to partition an OS on a hard drive.

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Make SFC Use The Windows 7 DVD For Files To Be Replaced Instead Of The Files On The Hard Drive?

May 22, 2010

Is there a way to make SFC use the Windows 7 DVD for files to be replaced instead of the files on the hard drive?

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Get Files Off Of Old Hard Drive?

Feb 26, 2011

my wife broke our laptop, i had all of my music on that hard drive and hadnt yet backed it up. the hard drive is still good, so i bought an external hard drive enclosure and put the old hard drive in it. i hooked it up, but am not able to get to any of my files off of it. computer recognizes it is there, shows folders, but wont/cant read files. wont open itunes or any other programs i had on it.the old drive was in windows vista, new computer is windows 7. does that matter?what do i need to do?

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How Can The Contents Of A Hard Drive From An Old Computer Be Transferred To New Computer

Sep 18, 2012

How can the contents of a hard drive from an old computer be transferred to new computer when hard drive is out of the old computer?

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How To Recover Hard Drive And The Files

Feb 23, 2012

I am using Windows 7 OS. I had two logical partitions, E & F. I saw an unallocated free space on my disk. I tried to to mount unallocated drive to another

logical drive , it asked for the folder,where I wanted to mount I gave one folder in E drive. it asked if i want to format...i said

no. and thats all,process completed! And just then I saw there was no other logical drive left...neither E nor F. Now I can see only C drive and nothing else. how to recover my hard drive and the files now?

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List All Files On A Hard Drive?

Feb 9, 2012

I know there is a command in dos that you could you use to list all files on a hard drive

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Hard Drive Shows Some Files, Not All

May 28, 2011

I am a salesman in a tech department of an office supply store, and I had a customer issue stump me today. She had an external drive with lots of files on it she wanted to access. I took the drive, plugged it into a Windows 7 machine (HP quad), and all of the files appeared, no problem. But, then I plugged the seagate drive into her new Toshiba laptop (also Win 7), and only some of the files appeared. Missing were all photo files, and many other types. I could not figure out why some were missing and some showing. I took the drive to a third computer with Win 7, an MSI all-in-one, and behold: files were missing. Now it seemed almost arbitrary. Could it be a matter of some Windows updates not yet installed? Why would the exact same drive work differently on three different computers in regard which files were seen and accessible? None were "hidden" files.

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Why Are Files Not Being Found On Hard Drive

Jul 20, 2011

why when i try to burn my music files to a cd it tells me the file is not located on my hard drive or anywhere else

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Not Able To Access Files On Hard Drive

Aug 11, 2012

I can see a generic storage device listed under the universal serial bus controllers in the device manager and am able to see the 'safely remove hardware' icon in my tray. Unfortunately, the only thing that I see in disk management is an 'unknown' disk. The hard drive is listed by manufacturer in the device manager; however, I am not able to open it from this site. And, when I look at the items 'attached' to my computer, the drive is not visible.

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Another BSOD After Copying Files From Hard Drive?

Feb 15, 2012

its been a long time since i last posted about my bsod and after i fixed them i began to get more of these. the only way i can replicate the problem is when i move or copy+paste files in the computer, mostly if it is from my computer to a external hardrive or usb... i attached the latest minidump file i got

Edit: Go another bsod... if it helps i uploaded the minidump from that crash

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Copy Files To An External Hard Drive?

Jul 10, 2011

how to copy files to an external hard drive( photos and music0 there dosent seem to be a "copy to " option on windows 7

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Moving Files From OS To Data Hard Drive

Apr 23, 2012

I've had this laptop for a few months now and I got another hard drive called Data which is empty, my other hard drive called OS is where everything goes and I wondered if I can move games and other files to my Data hard drive without corrupting them. And if possible can I move a file called Program Files to my Data hard drive without causing any problems. My pc takes a long time to restart which I guess my OS decides. My OS got is 80gb of 238GB and my Data is 332gb big, with no files in it.

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No Files Or Programs Showed On Hard Drive

May 26, 2011

When I turn it on windows starts fine but no programs show on the desktop or start menu. I originaly thought everything was gone but all of the virus protection loaded and seems to run fine, and I can run the programs that appear in the notifactation toolbar. When looking at C: it is empty, no folders, nothing! In the add/remove programs it shows everything is still installed. So i am making the assumption that all of the files and programs are still on the hard drive and intact. So at this point i am trying to figure out if this is a hard drive issue or most likely a windows problem.

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Hard Drive Failure And Lost Files?

Nov 23, 2011

It occured when i tried to open internet explorer while google chrome was downloading a file. However, I have always been able to do this when I attempted it previously, so I am not sure what made this time different, but after i clicked on internet explorer, everything i had open got immediately closed, my screen flashed black, and when it was back at my desktop, all my icons were gone aside from Recycling bin, Microsoft Word, and Powerpoint, and like 50 little message windows opened one after the other saying that files may have been lost because of damage done to the C drive. I cannot preform a system restore because it says there are no previous restore points, and all of my files (documents, pictures, downloads, music, programs) are no longer on my computer for some reason? Is this just a problem with my C drive that can be fixed and restored? Or are all of my files gone for good? Also, my PCtools Spy Doctor ran a scan and said: Adware.BHO.GEN (20 Infections) - High Threat.

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Personal Files On An External Hard Drive

Jan 10, 2012

I consider myself relatively computer savvy, and I even talked to my IT-professional soon-to-be brother-in-law... but now I turn to you, BleepingComputer. I really need help here.Short Version:I keep all of my personal files on an external hard drive. That 1TB hard drive was getting full, so I bought a new 2.5TB hard drive. I start working from the files on the new drive. After about 30 seconds or so, folders just show as 0 bytes and "There are no files in this folder". The hard drive works on other computers (HP laptop) but not my Dell desktop. This has happened (sort of) with three different, brand new external hard drives. What would cause this?Super Long VersionI'm running a Dell Precision T5400 workstation with Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium. I keep two 1TB redundant drives at all times, synced monthly via SyncToy. The 1TB drives were filling up so I bought two 2TB Seagate external drives. And then this string of events happened:

1) Copied all of the data from the 1TB to a 2TB SEAGATE drive.
2) SyncToy'ed them to ensure that all of the data was definitely there.
3) Retired the old 1TB drive.
4) Began to duplicate the 2TB drive to the other 2TB drive.
5) In the middle of copying, I received the error, (something like) "Cannot copy files as the source file no longer exists".
6) Checked Disk Manager, and the 2TB drive shows up as RAW format now?! It was originally NTFS. Search Seagate forums and you'll find that this is a common problem.
7) Restart. Same problem. The other 2TB SEAGATE drive now has "USB device not recognized" errors.
8) Try restarting, copying over and over. Same results.
9) Plug both drives into my work laptop (Mac Bootcamp Windows 7 64bit). Both show up as "Drive needs to be formatted to proceed".
10) I format both of them and perform check disks on my Mac Laptop.
11) They're fine. Then I plug them into my Dell Desktop.
12) I run SeaTools on them. One has an error and can be RMA'd. The other is "USB device not recognized".I RMA them both and mail them in.At this point, I hate Seagate because they seemingly sold me two faulty 2TB drives.
13) I buy two new 2.5TB Western Digital Hard drives.(expensive. btw).
14) I un-retire my old 1TB drive and plug it into my Mac Bootcamp laptop. Disk has errors. Run the recovery tool. All seems well.
15) I copy my 1TB to one of the 2.5TB WD drives on my HP laptop (it's super old, and I had to go to work with my Mac)
16) I plug in the new 2.5TB drive to the Dell Desktop, and some of the folders show up empty?!?
17) Plug that drive back into the old HP Laptop all of the files show up.At this point, I'm super confused. There's clearly something wrong with my desktop?
18) I perform the following while checking the disk in between each new trial: system restore, uninstall USB drivers/host controllers, start in safe mode. Nothing works. Same problem. Folders show as empty.
19) Plug the drive back into the HP laptop. Files are there.
20) Re-install BIOS on the desktop. Folders show as empty.
21) Run Malwarebytes, HiJackThis... nothing out of the ordinary.
22) The computer doesn't fully start up when the 2.5TB WD drive is plugged in.
23) I run startup recovery. It spits out a bunch of errors. Fixes some, some not.
24) Folders show as empty.

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Cannot Restore Hard Drive Because Of Corrupted Files

Feb 13, 2012

At the moment, my Gateway M-Series laptop which has Windows 7 32bit will not do a system restore! It says my local disc ( C: ) has errors, it cannot check these errors so that I can restore the computer

My computer doesn't want to connect to the Internet also (lucky for me I have other means of accessing the Internet) and every time I open Chrome or any of my software it says there are corrupted files and the disk check will not run because there are corrupted program files? I haven't downloaded anything of late I keep a fairly clean hard drive, but when I went into system restore it set one of the restore points as 'DirectX Installed' which incidentally I haven't installed and isn't in any programs list.

After some tweaking I found I was able to check the disk and restore the computer but I would still like to know if any of you have any input on how to avoid future problems!!

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Recovering Missing Files From The Hard Drive?

Oct 19, 2011

I am using windows 7 ultimate.Today I booted the computer and it went to a message that said preparing desktop. After windows loaded the normal software was present, but my customized links were gone and the default background was present. My files that were in my normal user folders were not present, but were later located in the users/username folder. I moved some of these folders to the desktop as that is where they had previously done. In the users folder there were 3 folders (public, my username and whatever the new default user was called). When I restarted the computer everything came back to normal, except the folders of files I had placed on the new desktop. I went into the user folder, but it only had my current user and the public folders.How do I recover the files from the desktop from the random corrupted profile that windows created which I can not manually log into? I searched for the files and the last record of them is linked to my user and says the shortcut is not valid.

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Recover Files From Formatted Hard Drive?

Oct 23, 2011

My harddrive have 3 partitions. I accidentily formatted the one that I need. The Windows files are not in there, but almost every programs that I installed is installed in that partition. Now, I could launch any program, it says Avast snxhk.dll is missing. If I try to launch a portable program from my use, I get this "file system error (-1073741515)" message. What should I do?

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How To Properly Wipe Files Off A Hard Drive

Dec 27, 2011

If you overwrite a file and disable windows shadow copy (system restore) service, is there anyway to recover the overwrited files? I've heard of people recovering data from wiped hard drive disks. I'm need to know because I accidentally erased a text file that had all of my passwords stored on it...

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Files Corrupted After Being Copied To A Different Hard Drive

Feb 11, 2012

I copied several large files (between 1 and 4 GB) from one USB hard drive to another. At the target destination several of the files had defects. They were in general not completely unreadable. Most could still could be opened but had clearly corrupted data. how can this be detected/prevented. Doesn�t Windows 7 have some kind of an integrity check when copying files? Also is there any good software to compare files for being exactly identical down to the last bit? Ideally with the capability to compare whole folder contents so that it hasn't to be done file by file.

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Moving All Hard Drive Files 4 Folders Up

Nov 3, 2012

I have 465gb of files and folders on a 500Gb hard drive that needs to be cut/pasted higher in the folder hierarchy.

Here's a visual:

The reason this happened is my HD broke down and I had to send it to a company (ChronoDisk) to extract the information to another HD. This is how they sent it.

I need to move those files because the path used by many programs/files are broken. Is it possible to do this without actually cut/pasting? My guess is it might crash half way or simply not work at all because there is not enough empty space to make a cut.

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Why 2 Sets Of Program Files On Hard Drive

Jul 7, 2010

When I open my hard drive there are two sets of Program Files, Program Files and Program Files (X86). There are a few duplicate entries, but they have different created dates. Program Files has 24 folders, Program Files (X86) has 42 folders. Here is a screen shot of both. [URL]

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Unmovable Files On External Hard Drive

Aug 23, 2011

I am trying to defragment my external hard drive, a Western Digital passport 500gb. A lot of space is being taken up by these unmovable files and I want to consolidate the free space.

The recycle bin is empty, I have deleted the WD folder, I have deleted the "system volume information" by booting into Ubuntu live. I don't know why there was a system volume information anyway, system restore is not on for this drive.

I have "show hidden files and folders" and "show operating system files" selected and cannot see anything other than the empty recycle bin (and of course all the data on there, the data is back ups of photo's, movies, etc.) what is there left that is "unmovable"? I can't see anything at all that would be considered a system file.

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Files Mysteriously Disappearing From Hard Drive?

Mar 24, 2012

A computer has a 1TB drive as the boot drive (C. It had 800GB of files on it. When the user booted recently, most of the files were deleted from the hard drive. I installed the drive in another computer, and the files show up as deleted. The computer passes malware and virus scans without issue.

I'm currently using Recuva to try to recover the available files (about 80% of the deleted files appear to be recoverable, but some critical files are not.) The recovered files are being saved to an external USB drive.

The only time I've had this problem before was corrected with chkdsk. I'm very cautious about doing anything with this drive until I have recovered all that I can manually.

It passed Spinrite with no issues. The computer is Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit.

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Boot Install Files From Hard Drive

Apr 28, 2011

I wish to have a method to install windows 7 (Or any OS for that matter) from a hard drive that contains just the installation files. I am aware of creating system images, ghosting and that whole scene but it's such a long winded process compared to just burning the CD again (Original is in storage and no I don't want to go get it ).

Pretty certain this can be done with some kind of DOS program that is loaded from the drive: When it is selected as primary boot. However, I have no experience with programming DOS applications, or if this is even possible (Pretty sure it is given DOS boot rom's exist).


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Explorer And Avi Files On A External Hard Drive

Jan 2, 2010

I have a external hard drive with lots of movies on, now it takes explorer ages to display them all, I have set view to just details as I thought it would speed up the displaying of them. Is there any way to make them display faster? I have K-Lite codec pack installed if that's any help.

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Lost Files From Crashed Hard Drive?

Oct 30, 2011

I had to replace a hard drive on a new computer. It was not backed up. A recovery disk and new harddrive was sent. I transferred everything but got all the way to the point of configuring windows for new computer. Then it would state must re-install...then administrater locked screen would appear but with no way to enter password. A new recovery disc was sent and installed. Problem is i can't find anything from my old harddrive. Where can i look for files to recover them.Are they still on the old hard drive?

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How To Recover Files If The Hard Drive Is Corrupted

May 22, 2012

How to recover files if the hard drive is corrupted

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Unable To Open Old Hard Drive Files?

Jul 4, 2012

I had backed up (on my main hdd) several pictures/documents/movies from an old harddrive several years ago- recently i tried to access it and while i can see the whole file structure and names and even information im unable to open any of them- this is almost across the board with the exception of maybe a couple files. I wonder if it could maybe that these are from a different windows based os and maybe incompatible with this computer? could it be a 32bit/64bit problem? or maybe a different file system?

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How To Transfer Files From External Hard Drive To Pc

Aug 26, 2012

I have an external hard drive, I copied onto the computer but the files are confusing. There are 279 files and files within files. How do I get them back to their original format for example word, excel, etc.

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Can't Find Old Desktop Files On Hard Drive?

Nov 21, 2012

Got a new computer today, plugged in my old 500GB hard drive for back up storage. I went into it, can see everything fine, go through the program files, etc...Except I can't find my old documents, pictures, or anything that was saved on my desktop. A search won't even bring it up. How the heck can I get it back?

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Editing Text Files In Hard Drive C

Jan 8, 2013

i am using Win7 Professional, my problem is i am copying txt files to hard drive c, after paste the txt file, i suppose to edit the fiel, when i click the save button it is showing " access denied".

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Wd Elements External Hard Drive Files Are There But Cannot See?

Jan 23, 2013

I have a Seagate 1.5 TB Free Agent External Hard Drive . I have a folder with approx500 GB in this H.D. This folder have some other 3 -400 folders . Sudenly , when I open the H.D. I cannot see this folder ; when I check the H.D.'s properties the folders / files are in the H.D.

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Computer Can't See 2TB Hard-drive In Bios But Can Still Use It In My Computer

Jan 6, 2013

So What i am saying is whenever i boot up my computer there is a black with white text screen that says something about an unconfigured hard drive that is in my computer. But then again whenever i am on my desktop doing whatever i can use it perfectly fine. Also it does not show up in the bios. it just has my boot up drive and my optical drive.

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Possible To Install Old Hard Drive And Access All Programs And Files

Jul 7, 2011

So, I order a new custom computer and want to install my two old hardrives from my current computer. Both hardrives have lots of programs and info on them. The main on has windows 7 32 bit installed plus several programs. The new computer will have windows 7 64bit. Is it possible to install the old hard drive and access all the programs and files on it even though it has an operating system on it? Can I just transfer all those programs and files from the old one and reformat it to free space or is there a way to just remove the operation system and still access the the files and programs?

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External Hard Drive Is Showing No Files In Folders?

Feb 2, 2010

I am using a brand-new Dell Inspiron One model with a Lacie-model external hard-drive, on Windows 7. All of a sudden, when I click to view my folders, they are completely empty. When clicking on the My Computer option, my hard drive is there, showing 76 GB free out of a total of 232 GB, but everything appears to be gone. When I click on those files, I receive the error stating I am afraid to re-start or unplug my hard drive.

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Recovered Files From A Biohd-8 Hard Drive Error

Dec 13, 2011

I recently recovered my data from a biohd-8 error. Can someone please tell me which files can I copy back to a hard drive in order for my system to start again and make it useable again. I do not know if any of the files were damaged in the recovery process.

1) If I am able to restart my system by copying these files, will I need to re-activate Windows 7 again?
2) Would I copy the files to the root of the hard drive?
3) I also have the system restore disks that I made a while back, can I use these to install the files into a new hard drive and will windows 7 work?

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