Computer Screen Goes Blank With Only Curser For 5-10 Seconds At Log On

May 10, 2012

I have run into a little bit of an annoying problem while logging onto my computer. I get to the login screen, enter my password, it then says welcome and fades out like usual. But insted of it going to my desktop it just goes blank for five to ten seconds with only the curser in the center of the screen spinning round as if it was loading somthing.I have had this problem for a few months now and have lived with it. I know it is just my user account because I tried making a new account and it works perfectly.

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Computer Screen Goes Blank

Oct 21, 2010

Pc: g73jh-a1
Os 7 Ultimate build 7600
Cpu- i70-stepping b1
Gpu - Ati 5870 Catalyst 10.8
Anti virus - Eset Security 4
All window's and driver's updates are successfully loaded.

Ok last night i was bored so decided to re-paste my G7 so i opened her up and cleaned the Cpu and Gpu nicely. Did my thing re-pasted her up and put everything back in order.I downloaded some benchmark tools such as Hwinfo, Amd gpu clock tools, cpu-z, gpu-z and aida64.I also have ccleaner installed so far that is all i have as of now besides the bench mark and anti virus tools.

I was running hwinfo and checking my temp's earlier today everything seemed normal as i was curing my tim and making sure the temp's where ok.While i was checking the temps on my g7 i went ahead and downloaded some files on my other pc transferring it to my usb so i could plug my usb and download the files from there. All of a sudden my monitor goes blank and everything seem to be fine all the light's where on except the monitor.So i went ahead and dissembled the g7 to make sure that i wasn't pinching any wires that run to my monitor nothing was wrong there i double checked took a look at all my wires and they where fine.I restarted the pc up 3 times before the picture came back so i decided to run a chkdsk scan and this is what i pulled up.

cleaning up 179 unused index entries from index $sii of file 9
cleaning up 179 unused index entries from index $sdh of file 9
cleaning up 179 unused security descriptors

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Computer Screen Randomly Goes Blank

Jan 30, 2010

every-time im on my computer after about every 15 minutes my screen just goes blank randomly and i have 2 restart it ,why is this I have a new hp computer for about a week now and it does this everyday but today its more often,its really annoying can someone please help me solve this?

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Black Screen And Mouse Curser

Apr 11, 2011

So i came home and turned on my computer, when it didn't wanted to go further than to the Login Screen, when i got my Black Screen and i could only see my Curser. What to do? Format it?

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Black Screen With Curser After Boot-up

Jul 1, 2011

A while ago my computer was acting weird. It would not let me go into this folder in the appdata thingy. So, I decided to restart. It took for ever to shut down, and booted back up and was working fine. That night, I went to turn off my computer but it was on the shutting down screen for about 2 hours, and sese its in my room, I could not sleep without it. So, it being 1 in the morning and me really wanting to go to bed I turned off the power strip.Today, I went to turn it on, and it went to the login screen. I logged on, and it went to a black screen with the curser. I waited there for a little bit but it still wouldn't work. The weird thing is that the screen saver came up. I have tried safe mode, and everything.

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Black Screen With Curser In Center?

Sep 26, 2012

Black screen with curser in center. Without clicking the mouse, dragging the mouse draws a blue box. Acts like the left click button is stuck. Control/alt/delete-task manager has Skype program running and some times another program. If I end all tasks, computer begins operating normally. Tried system restore to an ealier date would not complete. That was probably from not disableing virus protection.

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Black Screen With Mouse Curser

Nov 22, 2009

I wanted to upgrade from Vista to 7, but I didn't want all of my programs to save. I bought an external HDD, and put all of my games and programs which I didn't want to get lost into the HDD. Then, I reinstalled Vista, so I had no data on my PC, but only on my external HDD.

After that, I installed Windows 7. Everything went well, until I had to boot my PC. It said it was loading windows (7), and than the screen turned black, and I haven't seen nothing exept of the mouse curser.

What could the problem be and how could I fix it?

I think the internet drivers are lost too. How can I reinstall them to have my web working?

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Windows 7 Black Screen With Curser?

Jan 10, 2013

I was using my computer yesterday, plugged in a usb and began to notice some strange things. Firstly, my computer began to lag really badly, so much that it took over 2 minutes just to open a word document. So then i decided to restart the computer. It did its normal thing but after the windows loading animation, instead of showing the log in screen, i see a black screen and cursor. I tried to find a solution; system restore, safe mode, taking out the usb , none of them seemed to work.

p.s ctrl+alt+delete does't work on the black screen p.p.s In safe mode, when it's loading drivers, it stops after having loaded "avgidseh", I don't think its this drivers problem but maybe the one after.

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Windows 7 Black Screen With Curser After Login?

Jan 22, 2013

When user inputs credentials and hits enter it goes to windows log in screen but when it should go to desktop the user just gets a black screen with movable courser. This has happened to about 4-5 different pc's so far. My current fix is to backup their files on the network, delete their local user account and have them log in as if it was the first time again which creates a new profile and they can then log in with no problems. I saw a thread on this here already but it was about 2 years old and didnt give me any information on what is causing the problem.

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Recently Upgraded To Windows 7 And Since Then Computer Screen Will Randomly Go Blank?

Jul 29, 2011

I recently upgraded to windows 7 and since then my computer screen will randomly go blank and after I restart I get the following error message:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:BlueScreen
OS Version:6.1.7601.
Locale ID:1033
Additional information about the problem:


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Blank Screen After Booting If Turn On Computer With Power Button?

Jan 1, 2012

OS : Win 7 Ultimate SP 1

Problem :I can not log on windows with power button.So, for the detail :

1. When i turn on my PC (use power button)

2. It's on then go to dual boot menu then I press enter on windows 7

3. Then, the normal boot appear (windows logo with "starting windows" text)

4. After that, the screen goes blank, just black screen without cursor

my vga and ram is ok, I already use the latest driver for my vga card I can start my win xp normally (my dual boot is win 7 and win xp) I can start my win 7 with safe mode and low resolution I also can start my win 7 normally after I force restart my PC with reset button?

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Blank Screen After Booting If Turn On Computer With Power Button?

Jan 1, 2012

OS : Win 7 Ultimate SP 1

Problem :I can not log on windows with power button.So, for the detail :

1. When i turn on my PC (use power button)

2. It's on then go to dual boot menu then I press enter on windows 7

3. Then, the normal boot appear (windows logo with "starting windows" text)

4. After that, the screen goes blank, just black screen without cursor my vga and ram is ok, I already use the latest driver for my vga card I can start my win xp normally (my dual boot is win 7 and win xp)I can start my win 7 with safe mode and low resolution I also can start my win 7 normally after I force restart my PC with reset button?

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Screen Shots When Putting Curser Over Taskbar Not Work

Nov 23, 2009

For some reason... When ever I put my curser of an icon on the task bar, windows 7 doesn't show the screen shot of the window in use... Instead it just names the titles of my window!!

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When Turning Off Computer & Turning It Back On Again Screen Is Blank

Dec 31, 2012

when my computer goes to sleep after it's on for a while when I move the mouse to get the screen back up it shows the backround no icons or anything to click. Same if I turn it off and turn it back on. I have to turn it off and on many times then go to safe mode and shut down then turn it on again for it to work. Just now I had to turn it on/off 4 times for it to show the icons and task bar. Usually it is left blank with nothing to click having no choice but to turn it off. Norton says no viruses. My computer is HP with windows 7. I bought it in 2011.

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Black Screen For 5-10 Seconds Before Windows Login Screen

Nov 16, 2009

i recently just installed a clean install of windows 7(instead of a upgrade from my vista.i got the free upgrade),now everything works fine expect when after the windows 7 splash occurs there is about a 10 second delay were the screen is just black with a cursor.

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When Put Computer Into Sleep Mode, The Computer Turns Off For 5 Seconds And Turn's On Alone

May 7, 2011

when i put my computer into sleep mode, the computer turns off for 5 seconds and turn's on alone.

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Startup Delay After Login Screen - Blank Screen With Cursor?

Dec 31, 2010

Everything shows up fine until the welcome screen after that it normally used to fade to the desktop but now it goes blank. The screen in Black with only the mouse pointer. Its not hung, i can move the mouse pointer. Then after a minute or so it advances to the desktop. Everything on the desktop loads up in less than 5s. The PC runs fine, it is really fast as there are only a few programs, but only boots slow. My total boot time is about 3-5 min. I think it should be like in a minute or so.I have not tweaked much with the system but have installed a few programs like MS office, Nero, Acrobat and Photoshop. These are the only heavy programs in the PC right now. The only games on the PC are AC1 and AC2. I have uninstalled my graphic driver and reinstalled. I already minimized the programs in the msconfig>startup to the minimum. I have run ccleaner, spybot s&d, Antimalware and i also have a trial copy of Kaspersky AV (upgrading later to 1-year license). there are no peripherals attached during boot except the USB keyboard and mouse. A printer is attached too but is most of the time turned off.

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5min Delay On Welcome Screen, Then Blank Screen With Cursor (windows 7)

Jul 6, 2012

After leaving my comp on overnight i wake up to non-responding programs, i shut down manually and then as i restart this happens. 5minute lag on welcome screen and then it turns blue with a moveable cursor. i have used system restore and created a new user but neither works. i can run perfectly on safe mode.

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Laptop Screen Goes Dark After A Few Seconds?

Nov 24, 2012

my laptop's screen keeps going dark after being on for only a few seconds. When the screen goes dark, I have to move my mouse around to get the screen to come back on which it usually does. After a few minutes of doing this, my screen stays on. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I do have McAfee anti-virus protection. I just recently ran a virus scan which came up clear of any viruses. I also tried adjusting when the screen goes dark

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Blue Screen Of Death After 40 Seconds

Feb 16, 2013

Why not get a new computer? Because my dad wants to keep this computer going for as long as possible to not spend money for a new computer.How can I fix this blue screen of death?

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Monitor Screen Blanks For A Few Seconds

Jul 8, 2011

when i open a browser like internet explorer or windows live mail. The monitor screen blanks for a few seconds.I have an Nvidia Gforce 260, running windows 7pro. Amd dual core processor.The trouble started after updating my video and DivX drivers to play duke nukum.I think it may be a driver issue because it happened about a year ago as well but eventually stopped. I have changed resolution settings with no effect to the blanking screen.

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Windows 7 Took Almost 30 Seconds At Logon Screen?

Jul 18, 2011

I am running Windows7 Ultimate 32bit for almost 1 year.But now for approx one month i am having a problem and the problem is that when I enter the password at login screen the welcome screen appears for at least 30 second and after desktop appeared, the icons appear after 5-6seconds.I have applied all the fixes from Microsoft and also searched the internet but none of them solved my problem.I also uninstalled unnecessary programs, disabled startup programs, turned off Aero but none of them work too.

Here is list of programs installed on my PC: [URL]

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Windows 7 PC Going To Login Screen If Idle For About 50 Seconds

Apr 2, 2011

I am have a problem with my windows 7 pc. My computer goes to the log on screen (enter password) if it sits idle for about 50 seconds. I tried to change the sleep settings but it does not work.

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Blue Screen A Few Seconds After Desktop Shows Up

Dec 3, 2009

On startup, the Windows desktop shows up, but after a few seconds the screen went blue, with no text of any kind. When I turned my computer on and off manually, I get a black screen that asks me if I want to go into safe mode. It says to use the arrows keys and press enter to choose which mode to go into, but the keyboard is unresponsive at this screen.

What do I do? How do I get into safe mode? Do I need to bring my computer in to the computer repair shop?

My system is:

Intel Core i7-920
Diamond Radeon HD 5970
Patriot DDR3 6GB 1333MHz Tri Channel
Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R
Corsair CMPSU-650TX- 650W
WD 750GB Serial ATA/300HD, 32 MB buffer
Cooler Master HAF 932
Lite-On 24X SATA DVD-RW Gen II
Netgear WG311 G PCI 54 Mbps Wireless-G PCI Adapter
Windows 7 Home Premium

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Windows 7 Loading 15 Seconds At Login Screen

Apr 2, 2012

My Windows 7 - 64 bit takes about 12-15 seconds loading in the login screen before it loads the desktop. I only have three startup programs running, Avast 7, Realtek Audio, and Catalyst. I don't have a password and only have one account (admin). I know that 12-15 seconds is not so much of an issue but I think that the normal waiting time is only less than 5 seconds and I think 12-15 seconds is not right because I am running Windows 7 on a Core i7 950 3Ghz and 7200rpm Hard disk. I already defragged my hard disk using Auslogic Disk Defrag and scanned my computer for virus.

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Computer Turns Off After Few Seconds?

Jan 24, 2012

i hav this friend of mine whose computer turns off itself few seconds later after turning it on,it has been running perfectly before this,until he installed another 1GB DDR2 ram..i cant figure out what the problem is.

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Computer Lags Every 5 To 10 Seconds?

Feb 29, 2012

lately i have been having alot of trouble with my pc, it crashes for about 0.5 seconds every 5 to 10 seconds and makes a weird buzzing noise which has different pitches depending on the sound of the video/game. this is only when viewing Internet videos or playing games. the games i play i am 100% sure i can handle with my pc since i have played them before this problem. if it helps, my graphics card is my brothers old graphics card which he didnt have any trouble with but my old graphics card (ati radeon hd 5670) was having a different kind of lag problem which made almost any game play slow, even 2d games. it can be stopped if i keep restarting my computer and in the end it will stop lagging for like an hour or so but then the lagging starts again please help! i will leave my computer specs below.

os version: microsoft windows 7 professional, 64 bit
processor: intel(r) core(tm)2 duo cpu e8400 @ 3.00ghz, intel64 family 6 model 23 stepping 6
processor count: 2
ram: 4095 mb
graphics card: ati radeon hd 4800 series, 1024 mb
hard drives: c: total - 115302 mb, free - 13666 mb; d: total - 300997 mb, free - 48894 mb; f: total - 298999 mb, free - 46097 mb;
motherboard: asustek computer inc., p5p43td
antivirus: none

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Computer Powers Off After Being On For 3-10 Seconds

Jun 20, 2012

Ok well we had some lighting today but power did not go off, maybe made some of the things flicker for half a second.After PC shut down went to go turn it back on, would boot for a few seconds but then turn off, never got the beep from the mobo or anythings..Things i tired.

-Different power supply (same thing)
-Removed CMOS and put back in (same thing)
-left all but 1 ram in (same thing)

I am thinking its the mobo but i want to be 100 % sure before i go out an buy a used one, as for some reason 1366 mobos are expensive.

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Computer Powers Off After A Few Seconds?

Jul 20, 2012

I built a computer for a friend. I used the $500 build, found here: I kept everything the same except I got a core i5-2310, and a zotac GTX 560ti, instead of the ECS(due to mail in rebate). It powered on initially fine. I installed motherboard drivers and video card drivers off the cds provided. I rebooted once, and began running windows update. I noticed performance was slow. So I checked task manager and CPU usage was at 100%, and then it just turned off. So i tried to reboot it, with no luck. I removed video card thinking that uses the most juice, and it still did the same thing. Reseated everything, put new thermal paste on cpu and still same thing. System turns on for 3-5 seconds then everything turns off. No beeps, etc. Im kind of at a loss. I did think it was odd that the PSU was only 450w, and gtx 560ti says 500 minimum. Could that be the issue with the core i5 i threw in there over the celeron g530 Edit: some odd behavior I noticed. When I pressed shutdown. It said windows is shutting down, but the PC restarted. Though that was weird.also tested with my 500w raidmax psu.

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Computer Stutters Every Few Seconds?

Oct 20, 2012

recently my computer started having this issue where it stutters. as in ever few seconds, the screen freezes and my mouse jumps. sound and video also have the stutter as well. this stutter is ongoing no matter how many or few programs i have open, even while sitting on just desktop.

what i'm working off of:

8gigs of ram
amd 6800 x 2
samsung 1T 7200rpm
corsair 650W

all my cores are <40C, but i do notice that difference cores will randomly just to 100%. I opened up tasks manager and put update speed to fast. I and can see that my overall cpu jumps to 100% for a fraction of a second, yet indivual cores are jumping all over the place from 0 to 100 and back. i have defragged the disk and done a full virus and malware sweep with no results.

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Computer Freezes For A Few Seconds Regularly

Jan 15, 2012

My computer freezes for a few seconds every now and then and I clearly have no idea why causes it.

System Details:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5


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