Reinstall Vista: "computer Not Have Enough Space For Temporary Files."

Apr 29, 2009

When I try to reinstall Vista, I get an error saying "This computer does not have enough space for temporary files." Windows needs at least 405 megabytes (MB) of space on any partition for temporary files. To install Vista, free enough space and start the installation again." I have 174 gb free on my C: Drive.

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Where Are Cookies And Temporary Internet Files Kept Under Vista??

Feb 28, 2009

Where are the cookies and temporary internet files kept under Vista? I tried to open the cookies and Local Setting folders, but got a Not Accessable error. If they are really there, how do I access them? I'm the only using the computer.

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My C:/ Is Out Of Space, While My Temporary Internet Folder Is 13 GB

Feb 27, 2010

I have Vista Business. Recently I found out that the space on my hard driver C: is reducing day by day. I check and found out that my temporary internet folder contains 13 GB of info!!!. I was not able to clean it!!! I tried to scan it for viruses - no effect. I tried DISC CLEAN - no effect. I try manual cleaning the files - no effect. I found out that there is a LOW folder in my TEMPORARY INTERNER FOLDER. This LOW folder is filled with files without extension. The name of this files is EIGHT DIGITS DESH EIGHT DIGITS. The names look like this: "00000012-00000000" without extension. The dates of this files are after each time I turned on my explorer. Please help me. Is this some kind of worm?! How to removed it. I am out of options.

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Repair/reinstall Vista 64, Computer Freezes

Aug 3, 2009

My computer freezes from time to time and I think I tried everything to locate what the problem could be. The event logs show nothing, I ran a memory test with no problem, (I have 4Gb), I checked my drive and had no problems. All my drivers are up to date and I have all the latest updates/service packs. So my last hope is to re-install Vista. Are there any easy steps to re-install Vista? Or do I have to format my machine and start from scratch? I don't want to re-install office and so on.

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Computer Running Fast/loud After Vista Reinstall

May 7, 2010

I've had some trouble with my system - Dell XPS 630I - hibernation problems, not being able to set or go back to a Restore Point, etc. So I've had a Microsoft tech help me solve my problems in the last few weeks, and after finally coming to the 'Reinstall Vista' as the only solution, I reinstalled yesterday. I have not yet installed any drivers or Dell software, but, obviously, did get my internet capability back.

I'm not worried about getting my system back to normal working order eventually, but one thing has me concerned: My system is running so loud and fast constantly. Previously, when I turned my computer on, during the startup phase, it ran like this (loud and fast, noisy) until it reached the black screen with the colorful, Vista circle in the middle, at which point it quieted down completely and continued with the Windows startup. Does anyone know what it is that has my computer sound like its running so fast, and sounding so loud constantly. Is it going to be one of the system drivers that I will eventually load that will 'calm' my system down??

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Reinstall Vista: Delete The Files

Mar 24, 2009

I want to reinstall vista, if i choose the option 'install clean copy vista' will it delete the files i have in my harddrive?

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Cannot Get Temporary Internet Files

Feb 6, 2008

I can not get my temporary internet files to work. How do I get it to work.

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Temporary Internet Files

Sep 14, 2009

My friend has Windows XP and when we stream songs the mp3 shows up in his temporary internet files. However, when I do the same thing on my computer which uses Vista, the MP3s do not show up in my temporary internet files. Is there a way I can find them in another folder?

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What Happened To The Old Temporary Internet Files

May 26, 2009

I am fairly new to Vista but noticed that there are relatively few files in
the Temporary Internet Files folder compared to when I was running XP. I
subscribe to an internet based business messaging system (GoSolo) and used
to be able to drag the audio messages I had listened to from that temp
folder into an archive folder. But now they don't show up at all. I can
still "save" those messages from GoSolo but the process is a lot more
tedious. Are there IE settings that will allow them to be saved to disk and
show up in the Temporary Internet Files folder in Vista?

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Recovered From The Temporary Internet Files

Jun 1, 2008

Using Windows98 when surfing, one did not have to save every picture (a sometimes laborious process), as they could be easily recovered from the Temporary Internet Files folder. One just searched the T'I'F' Folder for jpg's of a certain approximate size and date/time (and name), and then copy/pasted them into wherever. Also, saving individual pictures whan surfing was easier as a "save" icon appeared at the top left corner of the picture when the mouse pointer passed over it. How do I use these facilities in Vista?

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How Do I Clear Out The Temporary Files Directory?

Aug 19, 2009

I'm used to doing this in Windows XP where the folder location is "C:documents and settingsusernamelocal setting emp".On my Dell laptop which has Vista Home SP2, It *appears* that the location may be "C:usersusernamelocal settings??" but "local
settings" is a link rather than a subdirectory, and when I try to expand it I get "C:usersusernamelocal settings is not accesible. Access is denied".I'm logged in as administrator, and I have set folder options->view to "show hidden files and folders" and to not "hide protected operating system files".I get the same error when I try to expand "C:usersusernamestart menu". What do I need to do to be able to navigate these links and view and edit the folder contents?

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Downloaded Music Went To Temporary Files

Mar 23, 2008

I just downloaded some songs and I hit "open" instead of save each time. Now they are all in my temp Internet files. How do I get them to my music files? I tried dragging but its in the worng format and my media player won't play them. I just paid $15 for all these songs and would like to know how to retrieve them!

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Deleting Temporary Internet Files

Jun 6, 2008

I have Vista software, and I would like to delete temporary internet files. I did this before, but didn't write down the directiions.

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Temporary Internet Files Not Saving Webpages

Mar 4, 2009

I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I can see the history when going through the star and then clicking history. It shows websites visited, UNLESS the person who visited them has deleted them from the history. I want to be able to monitor what my son is looking at, even if he knows how to delete from history by right-clicking in IE. reviously I had Windows XP, which would show the history by going through tools, internet options, browsing history, settings, view files. Even if the person had deleted the page from history while viewing, it would still show up using the method I'm describing. This doesn't work with Windows Vista. In fact, Windows Vista doesn't show ANY webpages that have been visited at all if you go through tools, internet options, browsing history, settings, view files. Is there some setting that I need to change to make it show the webpages, or is Vista incapable of doing this?

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Move The Temporary Internet Files Folder

May 17, 2010

By default Internet Explorer stores a user’s temporary internet files within a user profile typically located under C:Users or C:Documents and Settings. This setting can be easily be changed within Internet Explorer.

Configuring Temporary Internet Files in Internet Explorer: ....

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Explorer Doesn't Show Temporary Internet Files

Mar 5, 2009

I have an email in my inbox with an attachment. When I open the attachment my text editor reports the following path :UsersMYNAMEAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5JTQYLO9PNathaniel Moore Descendants.txt If I try to open this directly in my text editor (EditPad Lite which stores recently visited documents) it reports that the file cannot be found. I have searched my computer and the search cannot find this document. Windows explorer doesn't even show a Temporary Internet Files subfolder in the Windows folder. Can anyone explain what is going on here? I don't appreciate Microsoft retaining information on my computer that I am unaware of. Can I get rid of this attachment without deleting the email?

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Having Two Copies Of Vista On One Computer: Install Vista On The Smaller Drive, Boot With That, And Access Files On The Other Drive

Dec 25, 2008

Right now I have a single 640 gig HDD that everything's on. I've got a laptop too that I'm gonna be taking out on rotations eventually. I wanted to get a new smaller (250GB) HDD and put my Vista on that, so my 640 will be data only (then I could take it with me in an external enclosure and leave the desktop for my mom to use til I come back and collect it). I was gonna DBAN the 640, but I wanted to get the data off of it first- about 170 GB of stuff that I'd rather not lose.

My question is-

Can I install Vista on the smaller drive, boot with that, and access files on the other drive? Would it work if there's another Vista running on the other drive? (both SATA).

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Reinstall SP1 Not Show In Computer Properties

Jul 29, 2009

I had to reinstall Windows Vista Ultimate which prior to the reinstall had SP 1 installed. After this reinstall SP1 does not show in computer properties. Is SP1 still available somewhere on the computer for upgrading or will I have to use Windows Update to apply it?

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Space On My Computer Being Eaten Up

Nov 7, 2009

I hope someone can help me. Ever since the latest service pack update, something is eating up the space on my computer and I didn't have that problem before that update. Right after the service pack downloaded on my computer, for some reason, it appeared that I had even more space than before that update. Of course, that excited me. But, ever since that update, as I said, something is eating up space on my computer. I have not downloaded anything new nor done anything that I don't usually do. But every time I turn my computer on, it seems I find a smaller number than when I turned it off. But even while I'm on it, it seems something is eating up the space.

I have cleared my internet caches as I know that seems to take up space at times. I do scans and everything and clear anything that isn't wanted.

As I said, I did not have that problem before the latest service pack update. Can someone please help me? I waited too long to get this laptop and I don't want anything to happen to it.

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Missing Space On Computer

Mar 26, 2010

I can't account for around 200 gb of space on my computer. C folder is 450 gb I've been looking through my files and folders and I can only account for about 200-250 gb and I am almost out of space. I am trying to defrag my hard drive and I started compressing file folders which is saving some space but I am not sure if this should account for the entirety of the problem. I haven't downloaded anything in a while and still I've just watched 5 gb disappear in about a two week period of time. I've been deleting files and I have been clearing out the trash bin but it doesn't seem to be helping.

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Free Up More Space On Your Computer

Apr 16, 2007

The Windows Disk Cleanup utility does a good job of deleting old Microsoft temp files, logs, memory dumps and other OS related junk files. It can free up a lot of space on your computer but it often leaves a lot of junk behind.  A great program that I use all the time on my computers is called CCleaner. Not only does it clean the Microsoft OS related junk files from your computer, it also removes junk files from other popular applications such as Firefox.  Additionally, it is very good at locating other temporary files.....

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Reinstall SP2: Files Are Corrupted

May 14, 2009

I'm trying to reinstall SP2 on my vista PC, I got a hold of some bad memory and I think some of my files are corrupted. anyone know how to do that?

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Reinstall Don't Mess Up Files

Sep 30, 2009

you put your OS on a separate partition so when one has trouble and needs to recover or re-stall it you don't mess up the rest of the files.

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Will Reinstall Delete Existing Files?

Sep 15, 2008

On a recent reboot from my desktop screen, I was confronted with a user login screen that asked for a password. I've never use a password for access, nor did I set my PC up this way. Don't know how it happened, but with no password, I can't get it. Dell says that I must reinstall my operating system. They also say that, unlike windows XP, a reinstallation will overwrite all of my existing files/folders. Is this true?

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The Files Take Up Space

May 26, 2008

I have a different partition for the recovery. i was doing a windows re-install for another back-up I stuck some of my files in the recovery partition side of the hard drive. When you explored that partition, they would be there like on the normal hard drive.

Once i re-installed windows i went in to find the files and they are gone. But, they are still taking up the space on the hard drive. a few of the small files i tried to put in thre again and it said it was already there, but it's not. I don't need those files, i just want to delete them from that partition so i can free up the space. They are not hidden files either, i checked that. How could they be gone but still take up space?

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Computer Deleted Lot Of Junk File Not Space Back

Apr 24, 2008

As I have been writing on here before. I am trying to clean it up and get some more space. How in the world do you see what is on there???? I have been all over my computer and deleted a lot of junk files, but not gaining much space back. What is on this thing----where is the list of what is there???

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No Space To Backup, But No Files In The D Drive!

May 15, 2009

I've been trying to back up my laptop since I bought it last year, but the
first time I did it, it said "backup failed" (I didn't look at why, just gave
up) and since then, every week when it does its sad little attempt to back
up, it says "last backup failed".

I finally decided to give it another crack tonight, but when I looked at the
D drive, it said that I only had 1.28GB free of just over 5GB. I looked in
the file to see if there was anything I could get rid of so I could start
from scratch, but apparently there's nothing in there apart from the little
RECOVERY file (87kb) which it says I shouldn't touch, so I'm not going to!

I am completely computer deficient and I have no idea about anything! I'd
be really grateful if someone could give me a clue (in Vista Backup for
Dummies terms) as to what's happening here and how I can FINALLY back up my
laptop, and maybe even begin to love it like I should!!

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Cannot Reclaim Hd Space By Deleting Files

May 15, 2010

My C drive shows 2.98 GB free. I have deleted tons of programs and files, and it remains at 2.98 GB free. I'm also getting messages that my D: partition is full (I have never messed with it, so ???). Have run chkdsk /f, ran the dell repair utility that took all day yesterday, said everything was fine. Tried to reinstall Vista from the DVD and got a message that I need 7 GB of free space, so it aborts.

You can hopefully see my problem, i.e., not enough space to reinstall Vista, but can't get the space I need no matter what I do. Have run disk cleaner and everything else, too. Hibernation is not turned on. System restore is not turned on. My c drive is 288 GB on a Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop with 4 GB of ram. Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

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Files & Folders Missing But Disk Space Still Used?

Mar 19, 2010

I was adding some files from my laptop to my desktop today, and after I was finished, all of my files disappeared. All the files in the folder I was adding things to, and the parent folder that held that folder, along with all the files in the parent folder. All the disk space is still taken up though, so they must still exist SOMEWHERE. I tried a system restore, and it got some of the files back, but not many of them. I'd say about 20 out of a couple hundred. I also tried this program called Disk Healer, and it said that the folders did not exist anymore.

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Bloat, Hidden Files Consuming Disk Space

Mar 31, 2008

I performed a Clean Install of Windows Vista Ultimate, on a new computer. I loaded all of my software in preparation of switching my production system from WXP to Vista. I then noticed something about the disk space.

I have 232 GB drive and C Properties indicated I was using 69 GB. Looking at the drive with Windows Explorer (Folder options are set to show all files), I tag all files and the properties show I am using 19 GB of storage. That is correct, as it is similar to the amount of storage used on several Vista beta systems. So, where is the missing 50 GB?

I found a program, WinDirStat ( which confirms I am missing 50 GB as it does the same math I do and it labels the missing amount as Unknown. That is not terrible useful, as one would like to know what the actual files are.

I did all of the usual cleaning up (Disk Cleanup, clear the Recycle bin, remove all System Points and turn of Shadow Copies). The System Volume Information folder has only 20 KB of files in it. I surfed the Internet looking for other file management software which would show the missing files. I did not find any.

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Deleting Files And Clean Space, Yet My Drive Shows

Mar 2, 2009

-> I started Deleting Files and cleaning space, yet my drive shows I'm -> losing space?? What is going on? Are you cleaning your temporary internet files, cookies and browser cache when you do you hard drive cleanup? You also might want to check and make sure that you uninstall software that you are sure you are no longer using.

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