How To Unhidden Public Desktop Folder

Jul 22, 2009

how to unhide the Public Desktop on Vista Enterprise 32bit?

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Desktop Vs Public Folder Shortcut

Jun 18, 2008

When I want to share a folder, but also want to get it accessible right from my desktop, should the folder be located in the "public folders" , and have a shortcut on my desktop ?

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Public Folder Appears Automatically In Private Folder

Jun 17, 2008

When I put e.g. documents in my publick folder, do they appear automatically in the private folder too? Do I really need 2 folders to see all my docs in vista?

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Public Folder File Sharing

Apr 13, 2009

Two machines on my network, Mine is Vista 64 and my wifes is Vista 32.
My wife machine has Network descovery on File sharing on (does NOT say a password is required) Public folder sharing on (anyone with network access can open, change
and create).

The public folder share property confirms "everyone" has access write delete access.and If I ask her machine to show me all shared folders - it shows the "public" one.

When look in network places on my machine - I see hers, but when I tray and access I am prompted for password. If I give her machines Admin password (it used to be my machine) I get in to see and access the public folder.

Why is the public folder on her machine not accessible without a password?

Sorry for such a noob question - but it does not seem sensible behaviour.

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Public Folder : Access Denied

Jan 7, 2009

My problem is this: I can access the Public Folder on the PC from the laptop but not the other way round. All access is denied to the laptop from the PC . Both computers have public/sharing switched on and AUC is off. From Internet Explorer, if I can click on network on either machine I can see the whole network, but if I double click laptop from the e-machine I get the error message. Clicking diagnose the problem results in: Nothing wrong with the network. All settings on each computer look identical yet I cannot resolve this access problem. I have searched high and low for a solution without success and then I thought the Bitlocker Drive encryption on the laptop might prevent access from another computer. Without actually turning off Bitlocker, can any of you gurus out there shed any light on the matter? I don't know whether this is the problem because I can remotly connect to the laptop via PC Anywhere from the internet.

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Public Folder: No Options To Move Or Delete?

Dec 11, 2008

I have a public folder that has appeared on my desktop. I had updates to install, I did so, re-started and hey presto there it is. What now? I don't want it on my desktop but there are no options to move or delete it

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Documents Folder Hidden In Public Folders, But Cannot Unhide

May 17, 2008

I have what appears to be an odd issue, and I can't find reference to it on the web anywhere. Under the Public folder on my Vista machine, I can see the folders Public Downloads, Public Music etc. BUT Public Documents is missing.

If I use the cmd shell, I get the same effect:
Directory of C:UsersPublic
11/05/2008 16:54 .
11/05/2008 16:54 ..
13/04/2008 08:37 Downloads
11/05/2008 16:54 3,403,458 Library.xml
11/05/2008 17:13 Music
15/02/2008 18:16 Perl
12/02/2008 19:15 Pictures
26/04/2008 08:25 Recorded TV
05/04/2008 11:11 Videos

HOWEVER the documents folder does exist. I can CD into it and see my files. From within explorer, I can enter C:UsersPublicDocuments explicitly and get to the folder, but is does not show up under C:usersPublic.....

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Norton 2008: Access The Public Folder On The Vista Pc From The XP Machines

Apr 20, 2008

I can access the other pc's from my Vista pc but I can only access the public folder on the Vista pc from the XP machines.I have shared the C drive on the vista pc but when I try to access it I get told about not having permissions etc.

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Public Folder To Share A File, "Network" Window

Feb 2, 2009

I have both a Vista 32 & Vista 64 Acer laptop on the same LAN. Both connect well with the Internet. when I try to see the other computer's Public folder to share a file, I can't even find the other computer in the "Network" window, only the router and the computer I'm working on.

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Can't Delete Folder On Desktop

Jun 14, 2009

I create an Administrator account which I did and then delete it but it still says it's in use by another program and won't delete. Also tried booting in safe mode as administraor but still can't delete the folder (1.3Gb)

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NOT Allow To Delete The Folder From The Desktop

Apr 7, 2008

Using vista 64 and I have a folder that contains another folder with a small file inside. Vista will NOT allow me to delete the folder from the desktop. I have tried everything that I know to do:

1. I tried to delete from the command prompt.
2. I tried renaming to folder.
3. Downloaded a "unlocker" program as suggested in other posts, doesn't work on 64 bit.

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Cannot Delete Desktop Folder

Mar 23, 2008

I have Vista on my laptop. I copied a folder on my (Windows XP) desktop onto a CD and from there onto my laptop desktop. I cannot now delete that folder, as I am told I need permission. How do I give myself permission,

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Desktop Folder Name Not Accesible

Mar 23, 2008

Can see the laptop from the desktop and can drag files acroos the wireless network. Can see the desktop from the laptop but when I click on any of the shared folders I get an error message in Vista saying: \DesktopFoldername is not accesible. You might not have permisson to use the network resource. Etc, Etc. I have turned off the firewall on the desktop. As I say works fine accessing Vista laptop from XP desktop, but not the other way round.

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Folder Keeps Popping Up Desktop

Oct 25, 2008

My problem is that I have a folder that keeps popping up on my desktop for no reason. I delete it all the time, but it always comes back within minutes and I have no idea what program is causing it do to this..It is a custom music folder that I had made, but no music is inside anymore. How can I stop it from coming up? I have never had this problem before and is driving me nuts lol... Folder called "The Eagles" (music folder I made) keeps popping up on desktop for no reason Delete it many times, but always comes back

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Desktop Folder Not Able To Delete

Apr 13, 2009

ive tried deleting it but vista doesnt say anything and the folder just stays there. ive tried restarting my computer and it still doesnt work. I can't rename it or anything. when i made the folder i did alt+2+5+5 on the numpad.

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Desktop Folder Views Not Saving

Aug 16, 2009

I have only one item on my desktop, which is a "Tools" folder, and every so often, the views reset to folders first, then apps, in alphabetical order. I've set the folder options to "Remember folder views" and it still doesn't save. It's not a big deal, just really annoying, because the way I organize everything is much easier to access, then randomly, windows resets the folder view...

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Deleted The 'desktop' Folder By Accident

May 26, 2009

i deleted the 'desktop' folder by accident from the My Documents window (or just above my documents folder)...

Now the 'Desktop icon' at the top of the folder list shows a different set of shortcuts/folders (incl. RecycleBin, Network etc etc)... the now 'yellow' desktop folder that is under the 'user' is messed up.

I've attached 2 screen shots because i'm sure my explanation is poor. Anyway, this is driving me crazy - can't figure it out. I've been messing around with it for hours - at one point i had 'desktop' with about 15 'desktop' subfolders......

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Desktop Icon In Video Folder

Jun 22, 2009

how do i hide that desktop icon/link of my PC that is shown inside the Video folder?

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'Desktop' Folder Deleted: Restore?

Jul 27, 2009

I use Vista Home Basic and out of nowhere I realised there was a 'Desktop' folder in the Favorites tab on IE. Since I have no need to have all my desktop shortcuts messing up the arrangement of my fave webpages so I went ahead and deleted it. Warning bells should have gone off in me head when File Operations was asking for permission but I persisted. And now all the files that I have kept on my desktop are gone i.e. pics, pdf, resumes!! I have checked the Recycle Bin but they are not there either. I tried using a software that downloaded online -> WinUndelete but it made me more confused.

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Documents Folder Keeps Reappearing On Desktop

Feb 15, 2009

When I got my laptop just last week, I deleted the "Links" file and apparently my "Documents" went with it too. I somehow got both back, but now once in a while a new "Documents" folder pops up on my desktop. I keep deleting it, but it just keeps coming back.

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How Delete Folder Permanently Off Desktop?

Mar 2, 2010

I am running vista home premium 64 bit, with all updates complete. I have a placed a folder (contacts) on my desktop that I placed there for temporary use, I am now finished updating and backing it up, so I want to delete it. I can delete it, but then when I restart the computor it is there again. I have deleted all the files in the folder, but how do I delete the folder permanently off my desktop.

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Ended Up Multiple Desktop Folder

Sep 23, 2009

I have more than one Desktop folder on my computer. Where generally does the Desktop folder reside? Is it held in my 'Private' file folder/ or is it an entity of it's own on the hard drive? I need to know which desktop folder is the real one and then figure out how to get rid of some of the others. how I may have ended up with multiple desktop folders?

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Folder Appears On Desktop - Cant Delete

Jan 8, 2009

been a while since ive posted but i have a problem i just recently installed nero 9 and had a problem installing so reinstalled and it worked but since then i have a programs folder appear on my desktop at startup, i can delete it but it only stays gone until i start up again and bang its back also on a side note, my objectdock wont load on startup, works fine but not on start up anyone have any ideas on how to delete folder from desktop PERMANENTLY??

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Desktop Folder Opens On Bootup

Dec 11, 2008

For some reasom this folder opens without promoting everytime I start my pc. A little annoying but is there a way to stop this ?

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Permissions: Cannot View The All Users Desktop Folder?

Aug 28, 2008

When logged on as Administrator or as myself with full admin rights why can't I view the All Users Desktop folder? My desktop shows the shortcuts that are in the All Users desktop folder. I am not paranoid but methinks there is a user predefined in Vista that is higher than Administrator.

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Documents Folder Renamed Desktop: When Open User File

Jun 9, 2009

I noticed my Documents folder has been renamed Desktop. It shows up as Desktop on the start menu. When I open my user file, Desktop shows up twice. One is empty and the other has my stuff in it. I can not rename it back to Documents.

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Perfect Upgrade From Home Premium To Ultimate, Extract The .iso File Using Winrar To An Empty Folder On The Desktop

Oct 31, 2008

Just finished my upgrade from Home Premium x64 SP1 to Ultimate x64 SP1. I've been lurking here on the forum for a while now and having seen quite a few folks having problems with their upgrades, I thought a post sharing the steps I took, which resulted in a Smooooth and problem free upgrade, might be of interest to some.

In no way am I advocating or recommending ANY of the steps that are shown here (i.e. turning off the firewall, etc.).

First phase:
-Purchase and download the upgrade to my hard drive ( was less costly than digital locker). Since I live 40 miles away from the nearest store, I preferred the digital download.

-Extract the .iso file using winrar to an empty folder on the desktop.
-Performed full system virus scan.
-Performed full system spyware scan.
-Performed full system backup to the removable HP media drive.
-Burn the downloaded iso file to dvd, and the extracted files to another dvd.

Second phase:....................

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How Can I Get Rid Of The Public Folders For Keeps

Mar 23, 2008

How can I get rid of the public folders for keeps. I don't use them and they are interfearing in my other programs. Well , I guess they aren't interfearing with the programs. The Kodak easyshare software I use insists on putting my pictures in the public picture folder. I don't want anything public on my pc. Any way to corect this?

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IE8 RC1 Released To The Public

Jan 26, 2009

As expected, Microsoft Monday released Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Release Candidate 1 (RC1) to the public. You can grab the download from the Microsoft Download Center: for Vista and Server 2008 32-bit, for Vista and Server 2008 64-bit, for XP 32-bit, for Server 2003 SP2 32-bit, and for Server 2003 SP2 64-bit and XP 64-bit. At time of publishing, the release notes have not yet been updated (but should be soon), though the Technology Overview for Developers is available. Please note that this build is newer than the one in Windows 7 build 7000 and cannot be installed over top of that version of IE8. Testers using Windows 7 will have to wait for a new build of the operating system.

Microsoft already gave testers an RC1 build (8.0.6001.18343) last month and then updated the build number 8.0.6001.18344 that same week, due to an out-of-band security update for the browser. The software giant gave the public IE8 Beta 2 in August 2008 and Beta 1 in March 2008. IE8 RC1 released to the public - Ars Technica

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SP2 RC For And Server 2008 Goes Public

Mar 4, 2009

Microsoft today released the Release Candidate build of Service Pack 2 (6002.16670.090130) for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 to the public. You can grab the standalone installer package from the Microsoft Download Center for 32-bit five languages and 32-bit all languages, 64-bit five languages and 64-bit all languages, as well as Itanium five languages and Itanium all languages. If you have Vista in English, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish, download the five languages package, otherwise get the larger "all language" version. There is also a five language and an all language.iso image available, as well as a patch that will allow you to get it via Windows Update. While this is a public release, it is still a Release Candidate, and Microsoft is recommending that the average customer "wait until the final release prior to installing this service pack" and reminding testers that "a Service Pack is not a feature releaseŚwe are not looking for new feature suggestions, only SP2 regressions, crashes, and confirmation of fixes we've made will be considered for this milestone." Full Story: SP2 RC for Vista and Server 2008 goes public - Ars Technica

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Deleting Public File

Apr 12, 2008

I just reinstalled my OS. To get a clean start.

And there are some 'things' I would like to do away with.

Starting with this file. But I am uncertain if deleting it will cause me problems and I should leave it alone.

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