Can Not Delete Spam Message In Mailbox

May 10, 2008

I can not delete a spam message in my mailbox

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Receive Email Message Is Not " SPAM" Can't Delete

Mar 23, 2008

From time to time I receive emails which have been marked as SPAM (in the subject line) I have a rule set up to delete such messages. Whilst that works well there is on occasion a message which actually isn't SPAM after all. I can copy the email to the desktop and edit it with notepad to remove the word SPAM from the subject line and then save and drag it back into Windows mail but the situation I have is that I have a (mail) folder which has a large number of needed emails incorrectly marked. Does anyone know of a utility that can be used to rename the subject line (specifically to remove the word SPAM) from all messages in a given folder?

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French Spam In Inbox, Set Up Message Rules?

Feb 28, 2009

Over the last couple of weeks I have been inundated with loads of French spam in my Inbox. This is probably because my BB provider (Orange) is owned by a French company (I live in the UK). But what's really annoying is the sheer amount that I am receiving. I have been trying to set up message rules to keep it out of my inbox (looking for certain words or phrases in French etc) but I'm starting to lose the battle against. I don't want to change my ISP as (for now) my speeds are pretty good and I don't pay a lot per month for it any way.

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Mail: Right Click On Spam Email To Delete

Mar 25, 2009

1- I put my email into Vista mail works great but now I can only get my email by going through vista mail. If I go to It says NO MESSAGES, but there are because I can get them when I go into vista mail.

Also I got an email from a trusted sender and Vista mail pt it throug to spam and said it could have been phishing, I am 100% it was not. I right clicked on the email and put it in trusted sender. Why didVista mail do that Finally I hate how when I go into vista ,mail even if I right click on an email It will open it (so say I right click on a spam email to delete it, vista mail will open it?

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When Delete A Message Do Not Want To Open The Next Message In Inbox

Mar 23, 2008

When I delete a message, I do not want to open the next message in my inbox. I want to back to the inbox. Is this possible? It is is Outlook.

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Safe Mail Going Spam Folder Message"Red"

Apr 17, 2009

Some valid, safe mail is going to my spam folder. Often it's plain text messages that are coming from people in my contacts. The message is higlighted in "Red" as possibly unsafe and placed in my Spam Folder.

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Getting Spam IN Spam Folder

Jul 9, 2009

The problem is Gmail? I am getting so much Spam, IN my Spam folder? everyday, around 50 or more. I have created filters, to delete the individual spam, but it keeps on coming? Is there a spam filter, or a free spam software, that I can use with Gmail?

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Can't Delete The Message From The Outbox

May 13, 2008

I know this is the Vista forum for Outlook Express but I can't seem to navigate to the one for XP. Anyhow I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. When sending a message in Outlook Express 6.0 in Windows XP, the message will say there were errors but in the details section it is blank. There will also be a copy of the message that stays in the outbox BUT the message is being received by the recipient. Also, I can't delete the message from the Outbox and the message keeps getting sent every time OE is openned.

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Delete Sent Folder Error Message

Jul 29, 2009

I get an error message - an unknown error has occurred - when I try to delete anything in my Sent folder. The folder has almost a year's worth of mail and I'd really like to clear it out!

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Can't Open The Message Or Delete It An Error Occured

Apr 4, 2008

Can't open the message or delete it an error occured

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Can Delete Multi-part Message In MIME Format?

Sep 9, 2009

I have three messages in my inbox that I can not delete. A box saying unknown error pops up when I try. I can delete the rest of them without any problem.

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Cannot Get Mail Through: Mailbox Full

Mar 23, 2008

I only have 80 small size messages in my windows mailbox but cannot get any mail through because of a message that says my mailbox is full. Anybody know why and short of deleting everything how to expand the memory

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Mailbox Full Even Quota Available

Apr 28, 2009

I have a desktop and a laptop and I'm trying to send 3 jpgs from one to another. These are big files but I have sent a dozen emails with as many pix as contained in the one I am currently trying to send with no problem. I keep receiving the below message on mail. I have nothing in my Inbox,deleted or junk on either PC yet it keeps returning the message? A message was sent to you that was returned to the sender(bounced) because it would have caused your mailbox quota to be exceeded. The following is the reason that the message was over quota:

Quota Type: bytes in the mailbox
Quota Available: 96893
Total Quota: 102400000
The following is the information on the message that was bounced:
Sender: Mail Administrator
Subject: Mail System Error - Returned Mail
Size: 1777260
essage ID:
Date: Tue Apr 28 19:59:29 2009
The message was bounced from the following folder:
To fix this problem, delete some messages from your mailbox, and contactthe sender to resend the message.

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Increase Size Of Mailbox In Windows Mail

Mar 23, 2008

I have only had Vista for 10 days and already I'm getting messages that my mailbox is full and some messages are being blocked. I used Outlook Express for 6 years and never had this problem. A tiny mailbox is no use to anyone, how can I increase it's capacity ?

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How Import The Mailbox Setup Of Folders From Windows Mail To Outlook?

Feb 11, 2009

Is there a web page that I could use to import the folders in my Windows Mail to Outlook 2007 somewhere? I am not sure what to do with the Import feature, what to choose, etc.

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Attempting Delete: "unknown Error Message"

Mar 9, 2009

deleted items file will only allow me to delete one file at a time, and now have 3500+ mails waitng to be deleted. when attemting the delete an "unknown error message" appears

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Spam, Spam And More Spam

Jun 30, 2008

Recently I've been getting swamped with spam. Windows Mail
segregates most but not all of the approximately 50 to 100 a day.
Most have Pfizer in the From field but most are different and seem
top be medical advertisements in general.
I feel as though I'm being attacked!
Is there anything I can do about this? Would it do any good to
complain to my ip?

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Get Rid Of Spam

Aug 15, 2009

I use Outlook Express to send and receive email. How do I get rid of a spammer who keep sending me junk email.? I have asked this person to stop...but he continues to keep sending my junk mail that I do not want. I have put him on on Blocker senders list but that does not help I send a email to my ISP about the problem and MSN abuse support (that is the email he uses)!

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How To Shut Of Spam

Jun 3, 2008

my mail deletes spam mail automaticly, but i noticed it delets mail from my friends that it shouldn't be deleting and leaves mail that it should can some one help me shut this off or figure out where my spam folder is.

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Consent.exe Spam Failure?

Apr 23, 2009

So there I was, infront of my computer about to install some software on my computer that I was missing, I opened the folder where the install file was and dubble clicked it like every other human being would do, the folder stops answering and I am wondering if that's just gonna take a while to load, after half an hour of loading the not-answering folder window I pushed ctrl-alt-delete, went to my joblist and disabled the folder that way.

Shortly after my folder finally is closed I feel some heavy delay on the computer so I checked my prossesses that my computer was running and it was not normal.

Normal uptime running prossesses: ~80
At that very moment after closeing folder: ~106...................

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Spam - Harmful Or Just Annoying?

Jun 11, 2009

There are emails that are not getting through to my computer. I suspect it is McAfee Total Protection's Anti-Spam. It is set to its lowest level. There is an Anti-Spam folder, but they don't go there either. My ISP (Roadrunner) is set to send all emails to me, so it is not them. We are very careful computer users and do not open attachments. How dangerous would it be to disable the Anti-Spam?

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Third Party Spam Filters

Mar 23, 2008

Any Spam Filters that are compatible with Windows Mail?

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Incoming Messages Go Into Spam

May 25, 2010

A number of incoming messages go into spam even though the senders address and domain are in my address book.

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Enable: Anti-Spam Error

Aug 24, 2008

I`m having a Anti-Spam Error. I don`t know how to enable it again, i already tried everything in the Options, Advanced Options, etc. (Btw, I have AVG Internet Security 8.0). How do i enable this bar on my desktop? I have an strange icon on my taskbar (i think thats the name). When i leave the pointer on the Icon, no names or something comes. When i try to install Language Packs ( Brazillian ) the setup never ends. It stays on installing Language Pack. ( for like 2 hours).

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How To Stop Email Marked **SPAM**

Jun 25, 2008

Vista Home Prem/SP1 fully updated/WM. Emails from my bro-in-law have suddenly (since 16/06/08) been marked **SPAM** in the subject line. Since his domain is "" perhaps this is triggering the subject renaming. Unlikely since other emaiIs from the same domain get through unblemished. Is this action likely to be through WM? Vista? or my email server? Bro-in-law is in my safe senders list. Any ideas how to stop this? A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

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Email View: Cant Get To Sent, Trash, Spam...

Aug 18, 2009

I lost my info column on the left side of my screen. I cant get to my sent, trash, spam, and etc. How can I restore that column or drop down box

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Email Not Moving To Spam Setup

Apr 13, 2008

When I click on a new message and try to delet it move it to folder or spam I get a message that says an unknown error has occurred. MY email is also not moving things automatically to spam as I hhad it set up.

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Trend Micro Anti Spam Toolbar

May 12, 2010

i'm having a problem where every approx third time i use outlook 2007 i get the following error after i quit it:

microsoft visual c++ runtime library error
Runtime Error!
Program C:prog...
This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. please contact the the applications support team for more information.

event viewer shows that this is the anti spam toolbar as faulting application. i also get a uac requesting permision for same toolbar every time i quit. i have contacted trend micro support who have told me that this is a microsoft problem and i should contact them - i'm not convinced about this hence this post. when i disable uac neither problem occurs. i have vista hp 32 bit and have also another pc with windows 7 ultimate with exact same problem

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Defeat Spam With Blank Subject Line?

May 5, 2008

I'm running Vista and I have Windows Mail. Windows Mail is filtering out Spam that has nothing in the Subject Line (blank). But - it puts it in my Junk Mail folder and when I'm away for a week or so, this spam builds up (in the 100's). I need to find a way to create a Rule that 'Deletes' it from the Server, so that it never reaches my email.......

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Diabolical Spam: Spoof Own Email Address As The Sender

Jun 22, 2009

I've been receiving hundreds of spam messages per day. Many of these take advantage of a diabolical trick: they spoof my own email address as the sender. Thus, if i try to block them, i block all messages that are returned to me from certain email lists that i participate on. How do i deal with spam that spoofs?

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Email SPAM From Random Valid Email Addresses

Jun 15, 2009

I keep getting these spam emails from random valid email addresses telling me I have X amount of dollars waiting for me in a online casino. Every time i delete and block the emails address i get another from another email address generated. Its obviously spyware, I have run AVG and spybot and it hasnt fixed the problem. I cant adjust my spam filters cause sometimes theres important emails which get IDd as SPAM by accident. Is there anyway to fix this?

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