No Boot On An HP Pavilion Machine

Aug 6, 2009

Got an HP Pavilion with Vista Home Premium on it that suddenly doesn't want
to boot up after being perfectly alright for over a year. Nothing has
changed and I've not installed any new software (unless something has been
set to autoupdate and a new update has been pushed without me noticing).

It POSTs OK, then goes on to the black screen saying "Windows is loading
files" with a white progress bar moving left to right, and then moves on to
a black screen with the "Knightrider-style" progress bar (green bars moving
left to right) and the words "Microsoft Corporation" below it.

It then moves onto a blue screen - and stops. The machine doesn't freeze
because there's a cursor (normal white arrow) there and it can be moved with
the mouse, but no matter how long you leave it, the machine will go no
further. No error messages; no lockups; it just will not continue the boot
process any further.

I've tried booting into Safe Mode and it gets as far as a black screen with
the words "Safe Mode" in each corner of the screen but nothing else; no
icons, no text, nothing at all, no matter how long you leave it.

I've tried booting from the Vista DVD, selecting "Repair Installation" and
allowing the automatic Startup Recovery thing to try and fix it but it just
came back with the message that it could not fix it.

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Starting The Virtual Machines From The Console Leads To An Immediate Reboot Of My Host Machine (I Can't Even See Any Boot Screen Of The Virtual Machine - It Is Like Clicking Start In The VPC Console -- > Reboot Of Host)

Jul 5, 2008

I have the following issue and hope that somebody can give me a hint about what might be going on! My system has two raid 1 arrays - one is running on XP Professional SP3 the other one is running on Vista x64 Ultimate SP1. When I start my virtual machines (either from the Virtual PC console or when double-clicking the *.vmc files) than everything is working fine on XP and the virtual machines are booting and running as expected. However, on Vista the following is happening (and I hope somebody has an idea):

1. Starting the Virtual machines from the console leads to an immediate reboot of my host machine (I can't even see any boot screen of the virtual machine - it is like clicking start in the VPC console -- > reboot of host).

Now I tried the following:.........

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Vista 64 Machine Wont Boot After SP2

May 28, 2009

I cant seem to boot my Vista PC AFTER installing SP2 last night. I had my PC on Automatic Updates and it asked me to restart my PC. Instead i shutdown and went to bed. i didnt shut down the power supply because i figured it might do the install process when i shut down.

This morning all i get is a black blinking screen with an error message

*!! 0xc0190036 !! 4081/75104 (ServiceModelEvents.dll)"*

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Repair XP Installation An Dual Boot Machine (with Vista).

Apr 10, 2008

I have a PC that had XP pro installed 1st. Then I installed Vista using the dual boot option on the vista DVD. Everything went well and it all worked fine. I've been happily using Vista for months now, and I've not used XP for some time. But now I need to use it, and it won't boot up.

It gets as far as the log in screen. But the keyboard and mouse don't work. (they do during boot up as I can use the keyboard to choose the OS). Same thing in safe mode. How can I repair the XP installation (or do a new one from scratch), with out messing up the Vista installation and keeping the dual boot option.

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HP Pavilion Dv6000 Won't Load

Apr 12, 2009

This is what happened I woke up at 6 to go work, i left my laptop on all night, so i decideto shut it off before i go to work.I JUST came back, and when i start it, the HP loading screen works,then it loaded in my vista home premium. i type my password, but it wasfrozen already.

So i restarted my laptop. and it loads teh HP screen, then blank screen. I tried to wait for 10-15 mins. still blank screen.

I tried to use the PHXBIOS and did a Hard Disk self test.

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Hp Pavilion Media Center Can Not Find

Aug 31, 2008

Where can I find a hard copy, pdf version of my mobo? I have an HP pavilion Media Center m8300f desktop. I went to hp site I could not find one, also did a live chat with them and they informed me they could give out the information. I tried google and came up empty. I must be looking up the wrong stuff/way.

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HP Pavilion Laptop Keypad Isn't Compatible

Sep 21, 2009

I bought a HP Pavilion Laptop which came with Vista Home Premium 64bit installed on it. There are however a number of 16-bit DOS applications that I need to run for college work. I tried using DOSBox but it seems that the HP Pavilion laptop keypad isn't compatible. I can't even get my C drive to mount because there's no key that prints the ':' character. So I guess the only option is to install 32 bit vista. A friend of mine has a 32 bit vista installation. If I install a copy using his activation key and then later (after installation)change it to my 64bit key, will it work?

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HP Pavilion Laptop BIOS: How To Get And Install The Latest Version

Oct 21, 2009

I'd like to keep abreast of the latest BIOS for my laptop - but I don't know which version I have, the manufacturer - or how to get and install the latest version.

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Sharing Printer Attched To X64 Machine With X86 XP Machine

Apr 4, 2010

When I browse for a printer on the network I can see the workgroup, I can see the PC with the printer, but I don't see the printer show up under the PC in the Add Printer Wizard dialog. This was easy for me back when there were two machines running XP.

I have installed the x86 printer driver on the Vista machine. Would this be easier if I upgraded the Vista machine to Windows 7?

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XP Machine Drops Network Connection To Machine

Feb 6, 2009

Computer 1 is my home desktop running Vista Premium SP1. It is on the 'workgroup' workgroup. Computer 2 is my work laptop (on docking station) running XP Pro SP2. It is on a domain called 'amer'. There is an HP LaserJet 2100 connected to the Vista machine. It is shared. This is a wired network with D-Link router. At first I thought it was a sharing issue when I could not print from the XP machine to the printer on the Vista machine. But then I realized it is a network issue because if I try to browse the Vista machine from the XP machine I get the 'no access, you may not have permission', etc. message. To make it work, I :

1. start the XP machine (assuming the Vista machine is already running)
2. wait about 15 minutes for the Vista machine to see that the XP machine is there.
3. Browse to and open the XP machine from the Vista machine
4. Go to the XP machine, open its workgroup (amer) and then open the XP machine
5. Wait a minute or so, then while still on the XP machine, navigate to
Vista machine's workgroup ('workgroup') and open the workgroup. If the Vista machine appears I am good to go. I don't need to browse it, it just needs to appear.........................

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Label Printers That Use Serial Ports - But My New Vista HP Pavilion Doesn't Have Any

Oct 17, 2009

I have two label printers that use serial ports - but my new Vista HP Pavilion doesn't have any. Is there some connecting cord I can purchase to get the job done?

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4 Go RAM Won't Work With Motherboard Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion Dv9000 (GA075UA

Mar 2, 2009

I changed my 2 Go RAM for 4 Go RAM to boost Vista and to run Vista 64 bits. The OS woks well, but when I want to reinstall it by booting the system with the DVD, I get a blue screen with the 4 Go RAM, due to a lack of voltage.This is what Evrest gives me with the 2 Go Ram :Mother Board: ...

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Network My Vista Machine With My XP Machine

Jun 24, 2008

Its been about three months since I've given up trying to network my Vista machine with my XP machine, but I thought I would try it again. here are my symptoms again:

*Vista (Ultimate) machine cannot see XP (Home SP2) machine.
*XP machine can see and access the Vista machine.
*Xp machine shows up in the Vista Network Map, but not the Network Folder.
*Both machines can ping each other.
*I can access the XP machine via IP address, I can access the shared folder but not a shared printer.
*IPConfig for Vista shows that NetBIOS over TCP/IP is disabled even though it is enabled in the Network Adaptor Properties dialog. (NetBIOS over TCP/IP always enabled, the middle radio button)

Other information:
*Everything worked as it should once apon a time, then it all went to Hell. It could have been an update, tweaking software, or antivirus setting, but I notcie too late to do anything about it.
*I know it can't be that I don't have the same User/Password on both machines (I tried it anyway but it still didn't work), because it worked awhile back without having the same accounts on both machines.
*I had Bitdefender 2008 on the Vista machine, the Firewall log had entries that the ports 138 and 139 were being refused, despite having the XP machine being on the trusted list (by its IP address). So I uninstalled the Antivirus, but the problem persists.
*The XP machine has Zone Alarm Internet Security.................

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Booting Up: Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device Or Insert Boot Media In Selected Boot Device And Press A Key

Jan 1, 2009

I went to turn it on this morning, I just had a black screen showing the following words;

Press F2 to run
Press F11 to boot menu
Auto detecting PRI Master Atapai CDROM.

It then went to reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. I went into the BIOS to change the boot order and inserted my Vista home premium 32bit. I then got windows is loading in files. After a short while I got the black start up screen with Microsoft Corporation but after a few seconds it just froze. Moments later it went to a blue screen with white writing part of which said the following; A PROBLEM HAS BEEN DETECTED AND WINDOWS HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN TO PREVENT DAMAGE TI YOUR COMPUTER.

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Get SP2 Off My Machine

Jun 4, 2009

It now takes minutes between key presses to type words. I went and made coffee while waiting for the machine to type '0109' And it eventually typed '00109'.

Everything is now 'not responding'. I have to exit the TV just to regain control of the keyboard.=20

How do I unload Vista's SP2 ?

It's screwed up what security did exist. Now there's no way to tell if it's a virus or Vista causing problems.

Whatever it did, I can only assume it made everyone decide anything's betterthan Vista's SP2.

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32 Bit On 64 Bit Machine

May 28, 2008

I've just purchased a new computer and the system is telling me that Vista OS is the 32 bit version on a MD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 4400+. Was the manufacturer cutting corners by not installing the 64 bit Vista? And does this present any problems on system performance?

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Get Fax To Work From PC To My Fax Machine

Jun 19, 2008

get my fax to work from my PC to my fax machine.

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Accessing Other XP Machine And NAS

Mar 23, 2008

I have a problem with new vista machines unable to access existing machines. I used to have two desktops and a laptop all running XP and a network storage device. Each machine could share with every other machine and everything was fine.

One of the desktops and the laptop died, to be replaced by two new laptops running vista. So I now have:

1 desktop running XP Home SP2
1 laptop running vista home basic
1 laptop running vista home premium

Everything is networked via a Speedtouch router with built in firewall. The desktop can access all machines. The two vista machines can share both ways between them. However, the vista laptop machines cannot access the desktop or NAS. They can see the available shares, but when you try and access anything, you get the following message:.............

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Machine Becomes Unresponsive

Oct 12, 2009

HP Pavillion DV7 Notebook PC

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9000 at 2GHz (64-bit)

6.00 GB RAM

64-bit Vista Home Premium SP1

I am a computer application programmer and have a lot of experience with XP, but mostly as a user. This is my first Vista machine and I have little experience with Vista, but I can find my way around it...eventually. (I'm used to finding configuration options in XP and have to search a little to find the equivalent option in Vista.) Quite frequently, when I am using my machine, it goes into an "unresponsive" or "thrashing" state. By this I mean the hard drive light goes on continuously, and some or all all runnin applications become unresponsive (they don't respond to clicks and keypresses,eventually showing "Not Responding" in the title bar). Usually Explorer and the task bar and start menu remain functional but sometimes I get the spinning ring of death. Control-Alt-Delete causes the screen to go black for a few minutes before the prompt comes up.Sometimes this happens with the Task Manager open. Sometimes Task Manager becomes unresponsive too, but when it doesn't it appears to show only 30% processor usage, and only about 2Gb of RAM are in use.The most frequent program I use when not programming is Windows Live Mail, and the problem seems to crop up when I'm reading and browsing e-mails, and Windows Live Mail seems to be the first to exhibit the problems, but that's probably coincidence.No error messages. Is there a system log that I should be looking at? Sometimes in Task Manager I've seen WERfault.exe running - does this mean a background process is crashing? How can I get more info on that?

The problem started soon after I got the machine. The first time it cropped up, I turned off SuperFetch and the problem seemed to disappear for a few days, but after a windows update, the problem returned just as bad as before.

The machine never totally hangs -- if I wait around for a few minutes, eventually it finishes whatever was tying it up and all applications become responsive again. But this occurs quite frequently, 5-10 times per hour, and thus it is very hard to get work done.

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How Move From Old Machine To New?

Mar 26, 2008

how move of an old machine to a new one

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Router: Cannot See XP Machine

Jun 1, 2008

I have a laptop running Windows XP SP3 and a desktop running Windows Vista SP1. After connecting them to access internet through a router, they both work well. However, when I want to share files between them, despite proceeding all the steps outlined in the following link, the desktop still cannot see the laptop yet the laptop can see and access the desktop shared folders.

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Cannot Ping Machine

Mar 23, 2008

I have an XP laptop (Wireless) and a Vista desktop (Wired) connected through a liksys wireless router. I can't get the xp machine to ping the vista machine. All firewalls are disabled and neither machine has any anti-virus or software. They both have connections to the internet and can even share files.

On the vista machine I have the network discovery turned on, the network is set to private and I have all the sharing options turned on. I even unchecked the "local area connection" to unprotect it from the firewall. (Even though the firewall is off). What would keep vista from responding to pings?

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Cannot Ping Own Machine

Mar 23, 2008

I have VISTA Home Premium. I recently uninstalled Symantec Security. After that, I could not access my home network. Now, I cannot even ping my own machine.

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Moving ANY From One Machine To Another.

Apr 20, 2008

I had my own motherboard start playing up on a machine I use with Vista Business on it.I upgraded it from XP Pro Feb 2007. When it started playing up I changed the motherboard and CPU and thought that I would have to do a repair install, then install motherboard drivers and possibly have to activate all over again the same as you do with XP in this situation.Nope.I could NOT do a repair install on it and in fact had to lose the whole thing and install fresh!I have my own image backup using True Image 10 Home version so can get data back from there but it isnt the ideal setup.What happens, in the future, when a business with Vista has the motherboard go bang? They have to lose everything the way I did and start again? Talk about a BIG problem for Microsoft if so.So, after I quietened down I thought - no it must just be my mistake. I looked around and I cannot prove I was wrong.If there is a way to repair install so you can move everything to a new machine the same as you could for XP.

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Installing XP Onto VISTA Machine

May 2, 2010

Have HP Pavioin with VISTA, one physical drive (C with four partitions on it.

C: is the one with VISTA

D: recovery

E and F - logical partitions for data storage.

Want to install XP into one of the existong partitions. However when the installation process come to the screen to select a partition it shows no partition at all. Instead it shows four things which look like drive placeholders, each saying that there is no drive in it.

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Cannot Activate Ultimate On New Machine

Mar 23, 2008

I was using my purchased Vista Ultimate just fine on my first PC. But I just upgraded the motherboard and pretty much everything else. Now it's a new PC. So I took my Vista install CD, installed it on my new machine. Now I can't activate it. It won't let me saying it's already been activated. I recall someone told me that Vista activation is tied to the initial hardware you install it on. Is this really the case? If so, there has to be a resolution to this as Microsoft can't be that stupid to restrict you like this. I mean how am I supposed to upgrade my fing PC!? What do I do? I don't want to spend $60 on a support ticket. I tried to put in my PID which also now it's saying has expired!

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Can The MRC Be Installed On A Vista Machine

Aug 13, 2009

Can the MRC be installed on a Vista machine?

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-Xp Network, Unable To See Xp Machine

Feb 6, 2009

Strange behaviour, Vista 64-XP 32 network using Netgear Router. At Vista start up when XP is already running I am unable to see the XP computer from the Vista computer, even though the XP is seen on the Vista Network Map.
When XP is started after Vista computer is up then all is normal and correct. At all times the XP computer can see and access the Vista computer, the problem appears only when Vista is booted after the XP bootup.

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Cannot Activate My Ultimate On New Machine

Mar 26, 2008

I was using my purchased Vista Ultimate just fine on my first PC. But I just upgraded the motherboard and pretty much everything else. Now it's a new PC.

So I took my Vista install CD, installed it on my new machine. Now I can't activate it. It won't let me saying it's already been activated.

I recall someone told me that Vista activation is tied to the initial hardware you install it on. Is this really the case? If so, there has to be a resolution to this as Microsoft can't be that stupid to restrict you like this. I mean how am I supposed to upgrade my fing PC!?

What do I do? I don't want to spend $60 on a support ticket. I tried to put in my PID which also now it's saying has expired!

Any help would be appreciated in terms of getting around this or how to contact Microsoft to get this crap resolved for my home PC.

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Moving Data From The Xp Machine

Feb 6, 2009

I replaced it with a Vista pc. I thought that I would have no problem moving my data because on my other setup, I had kept all of my 'stuff' on a separate HDD (partitioned into 4 parts). Once I had gotten my Vista up & running, I felt ready to move-in my data drive from the xp machine. When I cracked open the case, I found that it was a sata setup -- my data drive was ide.

I got this Addonics IDE to Serial ATA Converter to 'make it work'. This converter is a small circuit board that plugs into the ide connection on the hard drive. You use all leads from a Y power plug to power the ide hard drive & the circuit board (the circuit board uses the small floppy) a sata wire plugs into the circuit board & into your motherboard. I changed the mode select from cable to master. (as directed in the feeble instructions) On my motherboard there are 4 sata plugins. 1 is my primary HDD. 2 was my DVD. I plugged the converted ide drive into 3. When I started up Vista. I got a black screen. I let it set for about 3-4 minutes........

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Use XP Pro Upgrade On A Home Machine?

Mar 23, 2008

New PC bought with Vista pre-installed. I own an unused XP Professional Upgrade CD. Can I upgrade / crossgrade / downgrade from Vista to XP Pro using the upgrade CD ? I'm anticipating failure when it doesn't detect a previous complying product - is this so, and if so what media and licensing steps offer a workaround ?

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