Constantly Getting The Low C: Memory Warning

Oct 18, 2009

I am running Vista Home Basic. I have good computer knowledge and skills although certainly not an expert. I can't understand why I am constantly getting the low C: memory warning. I store all pictures and music, etc. on a separate hard drive, and I have carefully gone over my program files and uninstalled any that didn't seem worthwhile. I have a 70 gig hard drive which seems like lots and is more than any computer I've owned before. Sometimes it seems that if I delete files, etc. to clear up memory and the next time I come back to my computer I'm out of memory again. I often get the "could not complete back up due to insufficient memory" notice. I'm unclear on what is being backed up and if this is part of the problem. I have 3 GB of RAM and the Virtual Memory is currently set at 3242 MB

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I Turned Off UAC: Prevent That Bubble In The Lower Right From Warning Me Constantly

Feb 15, 2009

For various reasons I turned off UAC. Is there a way I can prevent that bubble in the lower right from warning me constantly?

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Slowing Down With Warning About Low Memory (2 Gig RAM)

Jun 12, 2010

I've been running Vista Home premium for a couple of years. Over the past months it has started to slow down, with warning about low memory (2 gig RAM). I defragment quite often.

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Exploring, Memory DiagnosticsIf Vista Detects A Memory

Feb 23, 2007

Memory DiagnosticsIf Vista detects a memory problem in your system such as a faulty RAM module, it will display a notification asking if you want Vista to try to diagnose the problem.Then again you may also recieve the sudden BSOD with the error MEMORY MANAGMENT at the top. You can manually run this tool anytime just typememory in the search box inside the start menu.This tool offers you two options: restarting immediately and checking for problems, or running next time you reboot your machine (the memory diagnostic tool must run at boot time).  

Network DiagnosticsWindows Vista also allows you to check the connectivity of your network connection using the Network Diagnostics Framework: An infrastructure and a set of built-in and extensible components that attempts to automatically diagnose and correct network connectivity problems. The usual way to run this check is to open Network Center and click the Diagnose Internet Connection link on the left Vista will either identify ............

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Total Memory Available 3.3GB With 4GB Physical Memory Under Windows 7 64 Bit

Nov 29, 2009

I had 4GB physical memoryon the PC. With Windows vista 32 bit, available memory is shown as 3.3GB. I asked and was told that only under 64 bit windows, will the available memory be 4GB. When I upgraded to windows 7, I chosed 64 bit, but the available memory shown in the system is still 3.3 GB. Why is this and is there a way to make the full 4GB available? It's possible that my video card is using RAM instead of its own RAM. If I install a video card with its own RAM, will the full 4GB be available?

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Memory With Ultimate X64 SP1: 10% Memory But Free RAM Sits At 0

Jul 3, 2008

I have a problem with Vista Ultimate x64 SP1, I always seem to lose all my free RAM within an hour regardless of system activity, even while idling. I have noticed an svchost.eve process runs each time I reboot which seems to bloat constantly although when I close it down it only frees up about 800MB, what's happening to the rest of my 8GB??? When I launch Task Manager it says I'm only using 10% Memory but free RAM sits at 0?!?!

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Total Memory Available Is Only 3.3GB With 4GB Physical Memory Under Windows 7 64 Bit

May 16, 2010

I had 4GB physical memoryon the PC. With Windows vista 32 bit, available memory is shown as 3.3GB. I asked on usenet and was told that only under 64 bit windows, will the available memory be 4GB. When I upgraded to windows 7, I chosed 64 bit (I did clean install of course), but the available memory shown in the system is still 3.3 GB. This is show in both task manager under performance->Physical memory->total, and 'property of My Computer'->Installed memory (4GB/3.3 GB usable)........

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Constantly Plugged In!

May 27, 2009

Will leaving my laptop plugged in 24/7, when computer is not in use, cause any harm?

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Constantly Crash's

Jan 5, 2008

it's getting kinda boring now surely those nuggets over at microsoft are aware of all the problems with vista since i changed over i have made it a point to make sure i only use vista compatable hardware and software but that doesn't seem to help as the only stable software that runs(without crashing) was programmed for XP now that is just silly and a software company's excuse is ''we had to rush it onto the market'' so what does that mean, did they not even test their software now wishing i got a mac instead as microsoft and software company's need to pull their fingers out and start doing things properly i would rather wait 6 months for a game or app that actually works than spend the money to find out that it doesn't do what it says on the box all this due to the fact that not one app or game designed with vista in mind will run without crashing repeatedly over and over again so what does vista do other than try to look good not alot just gives you a headache as you wonder yet again why your computer has either crashed or just shut down what seemed to be an app or game that didn't seem to have a problem when it all of a sudden ends the app or game it even closed chess on me as it encountered a problem i understand that these things do happen but not on this scale this is just to often and microsoft really need a shoe put up there rear for not addressing these issue's sooner.

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IE8 Is Constantly Closing

Nov 3, 2009

Using Vista Home Premium, IE8 is constantly closing - that is, a message box tells me something happened and IE has to close. Most of the time, I just 'X' out the message box and IE does NOTclose.

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Constantly Freezes While Using IE Or AOL

Feb 12, 2009

I am a novice home user in need of a solution. My computer constantly freezes while I'm surfing on either IE or AOL. I get the circle that just keeps turning. the only way to get out is to reboot every time.* *This is a new HP Pavilion dv7 which is about two weeks old. Got it from Best Buy.* *I'm not sure what info is needed to help identify a problem so I'll try & provide as much as I can.*...Here is a copy of the last IE problem report~ *description*a problem caused this program

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Windows X64 Constantly Crashes

Apr 5, 2008

I've installed windows vista ultimate x64 in a brand new Gateway GT4220m that originally came with Windos Vista Home Premium. After the drama to find the required drivers for it, all seemed to work fine. All updates for the system and the drivers where downloaded. Anyhow, suddenly the system started to show a warning telling that there was a problem with the STacSV.exe

Now it does not appear very often, but the system freezes and it is needed to reinitiate it turning off the machine. I've noticed that it hapens when I use itunes, WM or play pictures in a presentation mode. If the machine goes to hibernation mode, it won´t wake up, so it is needed to turn it off again. I am unable to use the windows media center as well. Would it be OK to reinstall all the drivers? Do I have to run the Windows Vista installation in repair mode or reinstall it clean again ?

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WMC Popping Open Constantly

Oct 19, 2009

I reformatted by Dell Inspiron 1721 laptop a couple of months ago and everything's been working perfectly until a Windows SP2 update automatically installed itself last week - now Windows Media center opens up constantly (very distracting); I've removed it from services and from startup, but it continues to pop open....

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Explorer Crashes Constantly

Sep 24, 2009

Recently, it seems, a lot of vista machines are experiencing explorer crashes. Mostly mine are from ntdll.dll but they are all split. It also mostly crashes when I move files, open control panel, or right click, the latter being the most significant. I have disabled every programs' context menu to see if it was that and nothing. It still crashed. ShellExView doesn't seem to do any good either. I've been using autoruns from SysInternals. I'm going to upload all the crash information.

Other than that there isnt much else to explain. Usually I'll be working along then boom, explorer is restarting... It even did it to me just from adding a quick launch icon. I have no idea what the cause is. Well here are the crash events in order of occurrence, top being most recent:......

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CPU Running Too High Constantly

Apr 1, 2007

CPU is running a constant 50%. I have only had this computer for a month and at first it did not do this. then it started every couple of reboots then almost every reboot, but for a while i was able to boot to safe mode and tool around for a bit and then reboot normal and everything would be in sync. I can tell when the comp is booting up if the CPU is going to act up or not, the circle thing by the mouse during the boot up gets jerky and the intro music will be off from the visual..

i have tried turning off the OC but this has no effect. i have to have the OC or the system severely lags. right after this started if i would adjust the OC level it would have some effect ie.. make the cpu normal but now i can do what ever i want and it sits at 50%. While this is happening there are no apps running. and the standard processes but none using more than 04% of the cpu......

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Windows Constantly Reboots Itself

Sep 15, 2009

recently windows has started to reboot itself after sitting idle for a while. I just got this computer in January of this year so it came with Vista preloaded and I am relly getting frustrated with this. I thought it might be virus associated but Norton does not report anything.

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Constantly Rebooting After Updates

Mar 19, 2009

my laptop is dell XPS 1530 The message appears when i switch on my laptp "ista constantly rebooting after this week's updates - "Configuring updates stage 3 of 3"

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System Crashing Constantly

Feb 15, 2008

i have this very bad problem with my laptop, a vaio ar41l, it has been crashing constantly even during a virus scan and all that for the past 2 days, it even crashes in safe mode. so today i called sony support and they told me to do a complete factory settings restore, so i started that, it deleted everything off my hd, now it is on the second step, which is initialising windows for the first time, but on the screen which says please wait, it has got stuck, sort of, and it has been like that for almost an hour now

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Connection Constantly Dropping

Apr 7, 2008

I recently purchased a new PC with 64 bit vista installed. When I first got started connecting my entertainment center, everything seemed fine with my network. However, the automatic update seems to have overwritten my network configuration from the original. The PC automatically loses its connection about every 1 minute, then establishes a new connection for about 1 minute. After resetting the modem and router, the problem went away; that is until I had to reboot my machine. So, now I have to reboot my modem, router and PC at roughly the same time to get an internet connection that doesn't constantly drop and reconnect. how to keep the connection good between boots, so I don't have to reset the modem and router?

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Stop Getting Updates Constantly?

Oct 18, 2009

keep getting SP2 update in my Windows Updates, I uncheck the box, DONT want to use it.
How do I keep it from coming back into the updates constantly?

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RapportService.exe Constantly Running

Aug 5, 2009

I noticed that my curser kept having the little blue circle come up to signify something is working in the background, this has happened for the last 2 days. I have checked and RapportService.exe is constantly running even when not connected to the Internet and uses up to 50% of CPU. Following advice from previous threads I downloaded Malwarebytes and it has found 2 things and deleted them, they were Adware and Wormp2p. However RapportService.exe is still wirring away. I know this is the software from the Banks so am worried that someone is trying to attack my PC and that it is why it is constantly going. I upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 yesterday so dont know if that has any bearing on it. Also have Norton 360.

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Constantly Reset The Time

Feb 12, 2010

since doing a re-install of the vista home premium os on my laptopyesterday i have had to constantly reset the time it goes back 1 hr every hour i have reset the time in the bios ,and made sure the time zone is correct and tried different time servers

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Vista 32 Thinking Almost Constantly

Oct 16, 2009

Vista Home Premium 32 Recently my pc seems to be 'thinking' almost constantly. That is, the hour-glass equivalent seems to always be active as if its trying to open an app or complete a task. How do I find out what it is trying to do?

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Sidebar Crashes Constantly.

Jul 5, 2009

Don't use it that often..I launch it, it freezes, I click on it, NOT RESPONDING, crash. Now what?

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Out Of Memory And Needed To Free Up Memory?

Aug 23, 2008

I am fairly new to the forums, and VERY new to Vista x64. The machine is new, and I was trying out some apps and games, I was in Secondlife when I got an error messege saying I was out of memory and needed to free up memory. I shut down the app and restarted it. Runs but I watched Task manager and saw my free memory down to almost nothing after an hour or so. The cached seems very high.

I did alittle research and decided to set a second page file on my 1TB hard drive, (OS is on the other HHD's )( regulated by system for size ) I'm not really sure whats going on. Example of just task manager and this page openis attached. Again, any help would be great in getting the memory set up on here optimal.

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DDR3 Memory Memory Maxing Out

Oct 17, 2009

I have 6gigs of DDR3 memory at 1600hz. Running on Vista 64bit and every now and again my memory performance just maxes out. The problem can occur around the time when I am installing something but I dont think its always this way. I have read forums where it could be the hardrives performing self diagnostics. I have all the latest patches for vista.

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Constantly Running Hard Drive

Feb 20, 2009

Even when my Vista 64 is idle, my HDD never is. I'm constantly hearing the crunch of working hard disks. I halt the indexing, but that never helps. Please advice where to look and what more to disable.

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Internet Connection Drops Constantly

Mar 25, 2008

I'm experiencing frequent problems with my Internet Connection. My computer is connected to the Internet through a Motorola Surfboard modem from Charter Communications. My computer will randomly disconnect from the Internet around every hour. The modem still says that it is connected as will my computer if I go to the Network and Sharing Center. Even though the computer says that it is connected, no program can access the Internet. Anytime I open a Firefox it will usually say "Cannot Find Server" and Internet Explorer will just say that it cannot display the webpage. Sometimes I will get popups from Windows (I believe, though it could be FireFox) trying to connect to a broadband connection. It never works, though, and it asks for a password and username. I do not have one, though. I have not set up any sort of password for accessing any Internet connection on my computer. When I first upgraded computers all I had to do was plug in the cable modem and Vista automatically connected. It was perfect and I had no issues for quite a while. The connection dropped on day and Charter walked me through a process which reset my cable modem and got me back online. Ever since then I have been having this issue where my computer randomly loses it's connection. I was not able to get online for about an hour today. I did a System Restore to see if anyone had possibly done something, but the problem presisted. I came back later and now everything is running relatively fine!? It's like the computer has a mind of it's own.

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Folder Icons Constantly Changing

Dec 10, 2009

I have a folder for all of my music and then subfolders for each type (country, random, etc).

When I go into one of the subfolders, my music is always listed in details.

I dont want it to, so I change it to view small icons.

If I then close the folder for several hours or even shut down/reboot, it goes back to the details.

I have since figured out how to change this by customizing the main folder, but it is now showing them in LARGE icons, which is just as annoying and keeps changing them back to large ones even after I switch it to small ones.

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X64 Constantly Freezing Checkdisk Not Working

Jun 24, 2009

Until just recently my x64 has been freezing completely on me randomly..I'm not sure if anyone else uses Cox Communications for the internet, but after I set it up on this computer it's gone bad on me... first if I were to listen WMP it stops midway song and everything stops working, then just browsing the net will freeze it, CTRLaltdlte won't work and I have to shut it down manually...

I have run chkdsk soooo many times, I have also downloaded a registry repair program, defrag, dsk cleanup, and everything imaginable. I want to avoid defrag because I don't want to loose my files and programs.

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Hard Drive Whirring Constantly

Mar 23, 2008

I have had this happening now for quite some time. Probably between 2-3 months now, and I'm getting a little fed up with it! Basically, I boot up my pc and for ages afterwards my hard drives are being accessed. I am getting a bit worried as I never had this happen when I had xp installed, only since I bought Vista x64 OEM. Now as I'm typing right now, the whirring has just stopped. :shock: This concerns me as I have 3 x 500Gb hard drives installed in my pc with a lot of data on. I don't want Vista to knacker any of these up! Just for the record, the hard drives are all newish and perfectly okay (at the moment! ).

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