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Xp Activation Windows Wont Launch

Microsoft wouldn't give me any kind of answer. They just blamed it on the manufacturer. So, here goes: I've been trying for 2 days now to get the windows xp activation wizard to launch. I've tried the "accessories>system tools" shortcut, as well as the "run> oobe/msoobe /a" method countless times. Neither work. The pointer becomes an hourglass for 2 seconds like it's going to open the wizard, but nothing happens. I've opened the task manager, and sometimes the "msoobe.exe" process will appear for no more than half a second before disappearing

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Windows Xp Crashes Every Time Launch Video
windows xp crashes every time i launch video. i'm thinking it's some kind of plug-in problem...maybe java? any ideas to fix? maybe reinstall internet explorer or can someone give me some kind of idea which plug-in to load?

Posted: Sep 6, 2006

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Activation Expired
i'm using sp2 and activation has now everytime i boot the pc i can't login to win unless i activate it .i even can't access it in safe mode.....the problem is the product key i have i already in use and saved in their database

Posted: Jun 29, 2005

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Activation Key Not Working
I just installed Windows XP Pro on my new custom built computer, but the installation CD was not mine to begin with, but I do have an upgrade CD to Windows XP Pro that I thought I could use the activation code with, which eventually found out that It would not allow me to put the activation product key from my upgrade CD for the installation CD that I started with.Would anyone know the way around this problem? I certainly would not like to buy a new installation CD and start my OS again clean.

Posted: Feb 12, 2006

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Activation By Using License Key
After installing a windows xp in a system it shows an icon at the bottom of the task bar to activate with the license key and and we can activate it by using the license key and this is one way but instead of activating it by using that icon is there any other way to activate the windows xp internally with the license key.

Posted: Jul 26, 2010

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Activation Servers Down?
I can't activate any microsoft products today , i have tried on multiple machines at work seems the server is down anyone else having this problem?.

Posted: Aug 29, 2007

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Net Using Same CD - Activation Code
I have a authorised windows XP1 cd which had purchased from mumbai.Had formatted the system in the past and had reinstalled it again using the same cd and activated the windows over net using same CD and activation code.However this time it is giving a error that code is mistyped, which I have not. The shop where I had purchased CD is no longer open.

Posted: Aug 10, 2005

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Xp Activation On New Computer
I have just purchased a new computer without an OS to cut costs. I have an old computer that brought xp for and upgraded it and activated it. will microsoft let me install the same xp onto my new computer if i phone them up and explain?

Posted: Apr 9, 2006

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How To Product Activation
I've just been round to help my neighbour with her laptop... she's 80 (Bless!) Anyway, when booting up a message appears to say that before windows can log on the product (XP Home) needs to be activated. No problem, so I press OK. But then, in the Product Activation window it says, This product has already been activated, press OK. Which I do but then it shuts down. It's just a continual circle that I can't seem to get out of. By the way, it boots up okay in safe Mode.

Posted: Sep 5, 2005

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Unable To Activation?
Just have a quick question
Ive just bought an old pc off a "friend" who assured me his copy of XP was legit
I have gotten to the activation stage and it turns out its the wrong code
So what i was thinking was using my own disc that i have just bought, but i dont know how to format the hard drive from the activation screen.As i dont have the right code for the copy that is installed at the moment, i would prefer to use my own copy, but everytimne i start up, it just boots to the log in screen, then asks if i want to activate this copy. If i say no, it logs me off

Posted: Jun 22, 2005

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Activation Window Expired
activate and there is a button that says Resolve Now. Press the button and you end up back at the login. I can boot into safe mode and get the same message. desktop in safe mode. I've tried using the install disk and repair Windows to no avail. I've also tried rolling back.

Posted: Mar 9, 2010

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Expired Activation : DO NO RECOGNIZE
I reloaded Windows XP Pro I was asked to activate, which I didn't do at that time. I lost my Internet connection and sound at the same time. I did a phone activation and I thought it went thru. I had a message to activate. I did the phone activation and was told DO NO RECOGNIZE THIS AS A VALID PRODUCT

Posted: Jul 23, 2005

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Transferring Pro Licensing And Activation?
I installed XP Pro on an old machine for my in-laws (about a year ago). I have now purchased them a new computer, but it came w/ XP Home. I would like to upgrade the new machine from Home to Pro. I will be removing XP Pro from the old machine & reformatting the hard drive. The MS site indicates this is possible, but doesn't mention anything about licensing restrictions or activation. I tried to find the licensing agreement to see what it said about transfer a license to another computer but couldn't find it. I'm also curious how the activation process will go... Will I be able to just do the online activation or will I need to do the phone activation since I'm transferring a license.

Posted: Sep 8, 2005

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Xp Activation Backup / Restore
I have been having ALOT of trouble with my computer lately and it has been relating to an MBR virus. I ran 4 different low level virus wipers and 3 low level formats on my drive to get rid of it and it worked. Before I did all of this i was sure to backup my windows activation information. So I looked up what to backup online and the general consensus was to go to the system32 folder and backup wpa.dbl and wpa.bak, so i did. I finnally got windows re-installed and stable and just how it was before all of this. So I went into safe mode, backed up the un-activated wpa.dbl file that was there and replaced it with the previosly activated wpa.dbl and wpa.bak files. I rebooted normally and when i arrived at the logon screen it told me that windows MUST be activated and do I wish to do so. I chose no and it went back to the logon screen. I clicked on my user name once more and it went straight through but once I arrived at the desktop it told me windows was still un-activated and my 30-Day grace period was still active. I need to figure out how I can get my version of windows re-activated with my back-up files becuase I have already activated my code twice in the last month and they will not let me do it again.

Posted: Jan 17, 2008

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Activation Of Numeric Pad Each Time
Each time I start my computer, the numeric pad is disabled. How can I force
my computer to activate the numeric pad of the keyboard each time it start ?

Posted: Sep 6, 2005

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Sonic Activation Module?
im having trouble burning DVD's and CD's. Everytime i log in to windows xp an install box pops up asking for a 'sonic activation module disk' i have no idea wat to do. i cant revert back to a previous state in widows because system restore was switched off when it box appeared. any ideas wat to do?

Posted: Jul 10, 2007

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Refuses To Connect On Activation
My comp got a little messed up, (alost acted as if I was in safe mode) nothin big (hopefully) so I decided to put in the cd and repair winxp.I reinstalled it entered the serial and all that, but when I log in it asks for activation again, I say yes and when it attempts to connect, it just won't. I know it's not my connections because I have a Mac on this network that work's great (Mac and PC connected through Linksys router) I tried going to my Router's source site with no luck. Someone suggested to me maybe the needed driver's the motherboard should have arn't there anymore.It won't let me have a 30 day activation to reinstall any drivers. 'm clueless as to why it won't connect, it's been a few days with a few tries.

Posted: Jun 22, 2005

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Product Activation With A New Motherboard
I would like to upgrade the motherboard in my computer, but I am worried that if I do this, Windows XP will not allow me to use the computer unless it is re-activated.Is this what would happen if I upgraded the board?

Posted: Aug 3, 2005

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Zip File Program Activation
I recently downloaded the WinZip 9.0 Program, and it is the first time that I am using Zip Files. My Question is, after unzipping the file, how do I initiate the program, in this case, eliminating a file when Windows states, that it cannot be deleted ? And what does, DOS, have to do with it ? My OS is Windows XP Professional.

Posted: Jul 4, 2005

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Re-activation Exceeded - Using EZGig S/w
I recently copied the image of my nearly full HD to a new, larger one, using EZGig s/w and windows XP runs fine, but required that I activate it. Upon attempting that it tells me I have exceeded the number of activations and will have only 3 days before it will no longer work, pending my action(??)So, I got on the MS live-chat site and though the technician tried to help me, was not able to activate the version on the larger HD and at each boot got a message that I had 3 days to fix it, somehow. I tried calling back, but couldn't get in and then 2 days later a lady from India(??) called me at 3AM!!! to ask if the problem was solved. I told her no and asked her to call back at a more descent hour. But, no resolution yet.
My workaround would be to reformat the new, larger, drive and let it be the D and leave my old "activated" one as C, but would rather have the contiguous larger one as C.I can see where they would not want people cloning their XP on hard drives for profit and didn't know there was a counter for # of activations, or what it is. I have had a couple different MB and 3 hard drives in the past 6-7 yrs, so apparently I met the limit.

Posted: Feb 14, 2009

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Vista Beta 1 Activation - WPA
Has anyone managed to activate Vista Beta 1 with any crack? I triedabout 3 different cracks in safe mode (since the 30 days period wasexpired), and none of them worked. Has anyone succeeded in cracking Vista's WPA thing?

Posted: Sep 4, 2005

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Home Edition Activation
I have a E-machine that had to be wiped due to a worm attack and now i restored it With a restore disk and i setted everything up and when i go to log on it says that "You must first activate this copy of Windows before you can log in". so i click on activate but when the activation window shows up no options appear.

Posted: Sep 10, 2008

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Activation Key Required For Repair?
A friend of mine had some files on their computer corrupted and they couldn't find their copy of XP that came with their computer, so I used mine to just do a system repair. I've done repairs before on my own system and it didn't ask me to activate it, so I thought this would help solve the problem. Unfortunatly, it is asking for an activation and we still can't find my friends copy. Is all hope lost? or is there something else I should try first? Both of us have valid copies of XP, so I didn't expect to have this
many problems by just doing a system repair. Thanks in advance

Posted: Aug 16, 2005

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Unable To Download Due To Activation?
I'm currently building a new system and I also want to upgrade one of my Win98 systems to win XP. I have a genuine copy of Windows XP (SP2) which has never been used. Looking around for a second OS I can see very cheap downloads of XP professional from commercial sites. (much cheaper than the amount I paid for the XP home edition). If I download the zip files I couild create an ISO image for a CD install on the new system .... but will there be a problem with activation?

Posted: Dec 25, 2007

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Activation After Restore Using PCAngel
It's been infected with some new malware which AV vendors have a generic detection but could not repair.To save time, I decided to use the O/S restore function (replace system files, retain user data) using PCAngel, which seemingly worked ok.However, on system reboot I receive the Windows Product Activation error message, asking me "Do you want to activate Windows now?". If I reply NO, of course I get logged off. But if I reply YES then it goes briefly to a blank version of my desktop and then logs me off.In other words, I never get the chance to activate. I never get anywhere near to getting into windows.To compound the issue I can't boot into safe mode, it attempts to boot, but part way through loading the drivers it restarts without any error messages..I've flashed the CMOS by taking the battery out & putting it back in again & this made no difference.

I'm able to load the O/S partition using ubunthu & see no evidence of WPA_Reset5.I do NOT have any install CD's, the PC came pre-installed & I assume the OEM figured users will restore using PCAngel if required. It is a valid XP install with a valid prodID. If any of you know how I can bypass this state to get the system up & running.

Posted: Oct 14, 2009

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Launch Pad Shell
I downloaded some drivers from Canon for my scanner,which included the software.But when I tried to install them,the drivers installed fine,but the software didn't.Now in my system icon tray I have an icon saying "LaunchPad Shell",just sitting there doing nothing.And in device manager,it says I have a scanner that is working properly,but without the other stuff,I can't use the scanner.I un-installed everything and tried from scratch

Posted: Dec 28, 2004

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Activation Trial Expired And No Clue What's Next
The install went fine, until I was prompted to activate. The key wouldn't work, obviously. It wasn't long until I found out why. One computer per key.Now the trial has ended
The OS uninstalls itself and I have to wait to get a legit copy before I can continue on with the work I have on my HDD. The uninstall program formats the entire drive, leaving me with NOTHING left.

Posted: May 11, 2006

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Licensing - Call Microsoft For Activation?
I recently did an install of Windows XP pro on a few boxes. The key I used is supposed to be a volume license key. As far as I know, volume keys require no activation. However, upon booting up the machines it does in fact require activation. Am I missing something here? Should I just call Microsoft and have them activate them?

Posted: Aug 13, 2008

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SP3 Sudden Shut-down - Asking For Activation After Reboot
So I reinstalled XP Home on an MPC Pentium 4 HT. After installing all the windows updates, including SP3, and some basic programs, I was up and running. The pc was running fast, and it was a joy to use. Then, just 1 week after the initial install, I'm on the computer playing a flash game, when it suddenly shuts down. I reboot, and instead of going to Welcome screen, then desktop with all my icons, it's showing the factory default resolution (you know, huge mouse cursor and all), and asking me to activate Windows, which I did about 6 days ago

Posted: Oct 4, 2010

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Activation Glitch - Incorrect Product Key
i have a 2 year old pc that i bought with windows xp media center edition 2005 pre-installed and activated. only a week ago, it started asking me to activate windows before i could log in every time i restarted my computer. i would click ok and then it would ask me to activate. i would activate over internet and when it did, it say i have an incorrect product key. i don't know why this happens because the computer was pre-activated and i didn't do anything to my computer when it started happening except played some games. something even more wierd is that 1 in 5 times it boots up perfectly normal without asking me to activate. it is really annoying to have to try restarting my pc until it randomly lets me log in.

Posted: Mar 24, 2008

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